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Chapter 6: The Holy Consort

The alluring Ye Jing walked up to the aisle with her mother. Today she was going to be appointed as the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City. This was a position of power and this would give her the grandmaster authority over the lives of the 10 000 cultivators in the Holy Citadel City.

The grand hall was huge and there were thousands of protégés and honourable guests from many celestial clans. For the protégés of the Holy Citadel City, only those who could meet the minimum of the Master Practitioner level were allowed to attend.

There were a lot of buzzing and praises.

“Is she the new protégé grandmaster of the Holy Citadel City? What a peerless beauty!”

“So young and yet she is already one of the patriarch celestial leaders of the celestial fraternity.”

“Is she our Holy Consort?”

It was the first time that many of the protégés had ever seen the Holy Consort. It was because she had left at 16 and 5 years had passed. While there were rumors what a ravishing beauty the young Ye Jing was at 16, none had expected that she was this peerless beauty today.

There seemed to be a tinge of sadness in her eyes but her countenance was extremely mesmerizing.

Her mother whispered, “Out of twenty elders, only twelve is here today. It seems that your Uncle Baitian will make a move today. I have heard that he is extremely unhappy about your appointment. Only thirty leaders and elders of the various celestial leaders are here today due to the short notice. Also I have already sent out word to the eight patriarch celestial clans on your appointment to secure support. Don’t worry, you’re the rightful successor so there won’t be too much of an issue securing their nominal support…”

All of a sudden there was a tremendous shout, “Hold it!”

The martial shout was tremendous and everyone was forced to take a step or many back.

It was Celestial Baitian and he had stepped into the hall with many of the clans’ elders. Also with him is an elder from the Divine Sovereign Clan, one of the nine patriarch celestial clans.

When everyone saw him, they had to respectfully address him as Celestial Baitian for he was a Golden Celestial.

“Celestial Baitian, greetings to you!”

“He is Celestial Baitian? The most powerful cultivator in the Holy Citadel City?”

Ye Jing smiled coldly, “I have thought that Uncle Baitian is too buzy cultivating and won’t be able to attend my coronation.”

Celestial Baitian hummed coldly, “Do you still regard me as your uncle? You can’t even be bothered to inform me of your coronation.”

Her mother interrupted gently, “Celestial Baitian, why don’t we wait for the coronation to be finished? Why don’t you join the others…”

Celestial Baitian laughed loudly and coldly, “I am afraid that my niece cannot be appointed Holy Consort today.”

Immediately everyone was buzzing in shock. Even the various leaders and elders of the other celestial clans were also shocked and were exchanging whispers to one another.

Celestial Baitian pointed to the Lofty Pinnacle Divine Sword that was hanging around Ye Jing, “Do you think that you are good enough to lead the Holy Citadel City to future glories? Hand over the inheritance divine sword to me. Don’t force me to draw my sword.”

Ye Jing gripped the Lofty Pinnacle Divine Sword and lamented in her heart, “My uncle has really come to take the grandmaster from me. If I surrender the Lofty Pinnacle Divine Sword then this is as good as surrendering the leadership of the Holy Citadel City to him…”

The Lofty Pinnacle Divine Sword was a high grade earth-step divine sword of the Wood Element. It was the only divine sword that the Holy Citadel City ever got and whoever had it, wielded the leadership authority of the entire Holy Citadel City.

“May I say a word of fairness?”

Everyone turned to see that it was Elder Yuan Xiao of the Divine Sovereign Clan that had spoken. He had come with Celestial Baitian.

Elder Yuan Xiao laughed softly, “Selecting the leadership of a celestial clan is an important matter. Naturally everyone wants to see the clan is in a capable hand. Celestial Baitian had overcome the life and death tribulations of the Immortal Celestial to attain as a Golden Celestial. He is young, having many more centuries of lifespan. With no major tribulations for a long time, he can bring glory to the Holy Citadel City and earns the respects of the various patriarch celestial clans…”

Ye Jing interrupted coldly, “Elder Yuan Xiao. This is our clan internal matter. Thank you for your consideration.”

It was obvious that Celestial Baitian and Elder Yuan Xiao were in cahoots with each other.

But Elder Yuan Xiao continued to say, “But on the other hand, Maiden Ye Jing is just coming of age and I have never heard of someone this young that has ever taken on the leadership role in the celestial fraternity. Moreover the Holy Citadel City needs a strong bloodline like Celestial Baitian…”

Both Ye Jing and her mother said angrily, “That is enough!”

But Elder Yuan Xiao silenced their shouts as blue martial force flared around him, “Do you know the rules of the celestial fraternity? I am a peaked Immortal Celestial. How dare mere Enlighten Celestials interrupt me like this? If you insult me then you are also insulting the Divine Sovereign Clan!”

Immediately the elders that were standing on the side of Ye Jing began to grow afraid. That was because only a handful of the elders had attained as an Immortal Celestial and most of them were only on the levels of the Enlighten Celestials.

Moreover the Divine Sovereign Clan was in the top 3 of the patriarch celestial clans and they had numerous celestial experts while the Holy Citadel City was at the bottom 3…

Ye Jing held back her tears as a burst of martial force enveloped and lifted her two feet into the air. It was also blue!

Only those that reached the Immortal Celestial level had visible blue martial auras and could levitate while those on the Golden Celestial level had golden eyes and golden auras.

Celestial Baitian raised an eyebrow. It was because he had expected the mother and daughter to be only mere Enlighten Celestials. Also, only an intermediate Immortal Celestial could have the spiritual strength to levitate with their martial aura. He thought, “She has some rare treasures that can fake her aura and gives her the power of levitation?”

There were uproars from everyone when they had witnessed the Holy Consort’s aura.

“The Holy Consort is also an Immortal Celestial?”

“Is it possible at such a young age?”

“Normally that will take at least 100 years or more.”

Elder Yuan Xiao was also surprised that Ye Jing was on the same celestial level as him and was instantly speechless…

Ye Jing spoke coldly, “Today is supposed to be my happy occasion and my coronation. I know that I am young and there are many doubtful voices. But like everyone else, I’m also striving very hard to meet expectations. My benevolent father had passed away too early…”

She was suddenly emotional, “I wish to carry on the legacy of my father and to carry on his unfinished wishes.”

Her mesmerizing movements and voice had immediately swayed many to her as support. Moreover she had displayed herself as an Immortal Celestial, a qualifying factor in determining her potential strength.

Celestial Baitian did not expect to see that the mood would swing to his niece so he enveloped himself with a thunderous bursting golden aura to show off his martial power and might. The golden aura of the Golden Celestial had always been so imposing and awe inspiring that several of the weaker people in the hall were floored by it.

“This is the golden aura of the Golden Celestials!”

“It is so pressurizing and suffocating!”

Celestial Baitian spoke coldly as he raised his hand, “Surrender the divine sword now. I promise to treat mother and daughter with kindness. Don’t force me to draw my sword. You know that it is impossible for you to damage my golden body even with a divine sword in your hands. Your martial power is simply beneath me.”

Ye Jing asked, “What if I don’t?”

Celestial Baitian said coldly, “Then we shall duel. The elders of the clan shall be our witnesses. But of course, I don’t want to come to blow with you or this will be a matter of bullying.”

Ye Jing pursed her lips, “It is no different from bullying me outright.”

Indeed. Many that were in the hall were clenching their fists and tightening their swords. It was because they could see that Celestial Baitian was forcing his will upon the Holy Consort Ye Jing but they were powerless to act.

In this hall, no one had the power to challenge a Golden Celestial.

In the entire celestial fraternity, there were no more than a hundred of the Golden Celestials and the power disparity between an Immortal Celestial and a Golden Celestial was like the heaven and the earth!

Ye Jing said miserably, “We shall duel…”

The minute she had said that, many in the hall had turned ashen.

Even her mother quickly pulled her sleeves, “Jing’Er, we find a mountain and cultivate there. Let us go.”

Celestial Baiting seemed to be waiting for this word and did not hesitate to draw his beaming white sword in a flash of resonating sonic wave. The sword energies that were imbued into his sword was glaring and too frightening, causing everyone around him to move away from him.

He smiled, “Perhaps this is the best way to decide things. Draw your sword.”

Ye Jing surrendered the Lofty Pinnacle Divine Sword to her mother, “Help me to hold this.”

Everyone, including the Celestial Baiting was surprised that she did not use the divine sword. It was because if there was a hope of hurting the golden body of a Golden Celestial then it must be through a divine sword. Only a divine sword can help to balance the differences between their disparities.

Her mother quickly said, “Jing’Er, this divine sword is your only hope…”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I have a divine sword of my choice already.” With that, she took out a sword from her jade belt. “This is my Revelation Divine Sword.”

Almost everyone was startled, including Celestial Baitian. There was another divine sword?

Ye Jing slowly unsheathed her beaming divine sword with a resonating wave and the brilliant flare of her sword seemed to be draining the vitality of everyone in the hall.

Everyone could see that it was really a divine sword for only a divine sword could resonate with such awe-inspiring presence. Not only was this a divine sword but it was also an extreme negative divine sword that could sap away the vitalities of the opponents. The power of her divine sword was further enhanced by the fact it was a superior grade heaven-step divine sword!

Elder Yuan Xiao was stunned, “A superior grade heaven-step extreme negative divine sword!”

Even for a peaked Immortal Celestial like himself, without a divine sword in his hands, it was difficult for him to overcome an opponent with such a sword.

Ye Jing’s mother was stunned, “When did Jing’Er have such a wondrous divine sword?”

Everyone had heard that the Holy Consort was of the extreme negative attribute. This type of negative attribute was 30% stronger than someone with a pure negative attribute. And a pure negative attribute was stronger than a typical negative attribute by another 30%. Therefore her extreme negative celestial strength was 60% stronger than a typical negative attribute.

However because it was really difficult to find a corresponding attribute sword then the celestial energies that go into the sword would drop by ½. If it was other attributes then it can even drop to ¼.

Therefore, the Lofty Pinnacle Divine Sword in her hand was in actuality less powerful than an extreme negative precious sword.

On the other hand, if the same attribute sword could be found, then her celestial energies could increase. The increase was 30% for a normal sword, 60% for a precious sword and 90% for a divine sword, assuming that these increases were heaven-step grade. For earth-step, it would be 20%, 40% and 60% while for the half-step it would be just 10%, 20% and 30%.

Of course there were many factors as well but these were the typical standard in calculating an opponent’s strength.

In the hands of Ye Jing, her divine sword had the power to raise her celestial strength potential by 150% or 2.5 times. Since celestial strength and martial power was related, the strength of her martial power also had the potential of 2.5 times depending on her techniques.

That was why when Yuan Xiao saw her divine sword, he was stunned.

Celestial Baitian was startled and thought, “Where did she borrow that divine sword from?”

But he quickly regained his composure with a cold smile, “I didn’t know that niece has such a wondrous treasure. Unfortunately you are but a lowly Immortal Celestial. Your celestial strength is limited and moreover by attaining to this level at such a young age, your inner core must be terribly mess up. You may be able to pull a few fast ones with me but afterwards when your celestial energies begin to reverse, you will be soundly defeated. Uncle will be nice to you and give you a last chance to repent.”

Ye Jing’s eyes looked at everyone in the hall. Slowly she said, “I don’t know if I will be alive later but for the sake of my late father, I hope that my dignity will be preserved later.”

With that she had taken steps to the middle of the hall.

Many in the hall were instantly guilt stricken and were cursing themselves for being so useless and helpless. Even though many wanted to openly support the Holy Consort but if Celestial Baitian were to become the Holy Sovereign, then they would lose their positions and everything. It was a gambit that they dare not afford to make.

Celestial Baitian had also made a move to the middle of the hall and the duel was about to start!

Ye Jing had never expected to fight against a Golden Celestial. Under normal circumstances, she would have no courage to do so.

Celestial Baitian said coolly, “I will let my niece makes the first move as a junior.”

Ye Jing immediately displayed the Swallow Slash, charging forward suddenly.

Celestial Baitian smirked coldly and blocked off effortlessly with his sword. He did not follow up an attack even though he knew that Ye Jing would tumble backward after this stroke was done.

Ye Jing was instantly alarmed by this quick test. She had used the Swallow Slash to gauge the martial power of her forward attack and in order to know their power disparity. Even with her divine sword, he had blocked off her attack effortless.

Just when she was about to make her next move, Celestial Baitian suddenly release a series of sword energies bursts on her, causing her to move seven steps back even as she fended off the sword energies with her sword.

Celestial Baitian laughed coldly, “Niece I pity you. Don’t tell me you are not able to use sword energies yet?”

Ye Jing blushed, either admitting or denying it.

Celestial Baitian said, “Normally those who are on the Immortal Celestial level will be able to utilize their celestial energies to display sword energies. You must have advance too quickly and have not picked up the sword energies techniques yet.”

It was true. Ye Jing had indeed advanced too quickly and she did not have the time to practice on any sword energies techniques.

That was also the power disparities between an Immortal Celestial and an Enlighten Celestial. An Immortal Celestial would look down on an Enlighten Celestial because they would not display any sword energies and had to rely on their martial power.

Without the use of sword energies, it was difficult to penetrate through the golden aura of a Golden Celestial and Ye Jing knew it; his golden aura would absorb most of her martial power and techniques.

But she did not want to give up yet and continued to make her attacks.

She displayed the sword strokes of her master the Lofty Lady of the Nine Flute more than the sword strokes of the Holy Citadel City. It was because her uncle was too familiar with the swordplay of the Holy Citadel City and could easily negate her strokes.

After exchanging thirty strokes, Ye Jing was sweating and her aura had weakened while Celestial Baitian was still as imposing as ever.

Celestial Baitian growled silently, “She is tougher than I’ve expected. Her handlings of her sword strokes are precise and she knows her weakness. With every stroke that we have exchanged, her damn divine sword seems to sap away some of my celestial strength. Luckily I am a Golden Celestial so the effect of her divine sword isn’t bothering me too much. While her offensive is excellent but I don’t understand why her defensive is equally as strong? Her inner core should be weak but yet she is still able to absorb my sword energies…”

All of a sudden he had seen the weakening of her aura and immediately he had unleashed a piercing stroke through her defences, striking her down with a bloody slash!

Everyone was gasping with shock.

Ye Jing did not expect a miracle to happen and she knew that she had done her best. She just did not have the boundless endurance to fight a Golden Celestial. Moreover no one had ever heard of an Immortal Celestial defeating a Golden Celestial in a straight one to one combat.

“Jing’Er!” Her mother cried out to her.

If a person had a death wish, then Ye Jing’s death wish now was a silent curse. “I hate you Xiaofang!”

If her mother could hear her then she would be shocked because she was supposed to hate the Celestial Baitian.

Celestial Baitian smirked coldly, “It is over. I have won.”

He thought, “If she is alive then she will be a future threat. Better for me to finish her once and for all.”

So he raised his sword to her neck and just as he was about to deliver a death knell to her, his sword broke in mid-air by a sword arc. Not only that but his golden body was breeched and he was sent flying backward!

Celestial Baitian could not believe what had happening and when he got up, he was startled to see a masked young lad standing next to the fallen Ye Jing.

Not only Celestial Baitian but everyone in the hall was also stunned to see that this masked young lad had sent Celestial Baitian flying just by waving his sword!

This masked young lad had a refined air around him. His eyes were also deep and mesmerizing.

What was stunning was neither his refined air nor the fact that he had wounded Celestial Baitian but the low grade half-step immortal sword that was in his hands. The divine aura of this immortal sword was too imposing and everyone was staring at it blankly.

No one here had ever seen an immortal sword before. There were maybe 2-3 immortal weapons around but no one had ever heard who had got one. The appearance of an immortal weapon could easily spark a war between the celestial clans.

It was said that 3000 years ago, the appearance of an immortal sword from the Gods’ Realm had caused the destruction of nearly a quarter of all the celestial clans and no one really knows who got it in the end.

And this immortal sword was also the extreme positive type and it was glowing with the eight elements array as evidenced by the rainbow hues on the sword. If a sword had an eight elements array, it would mean that anyone of any element would be able to gain the enhancements from the sword!

Ye Jing could feel the killing intent that was from Celestial Baitian. When it had suddenly disappeared, she was surprised. She forced her eyes to open and saw a familiar looking lad in front of her. Even though he was masked but she had recognized the immortal sword that was in his hands.

She cursed silently, “Have you come to mock my downfall, Xiaofang?”

The masked young lad said coldly to Celestial Baitian, “You shall not touch Big Sister Jing, got it?”

Celestial Baitian was a little amused and just as he was about to rebuke him, he coughed out a bout of blood as two of his meridians had suddenly snapped!

These two important meridians were the foundation meridians of his golden body. Without his golden body, he would not summon his golden aura and his fighting level would drop to that of the Immortal Celestial.

Startled, he looked around him and saw that there were hostilities from everyone.

The masked young lad added as he bended over to examine Ye Jing to pop a pill into her mouth, “If anything happens to her, I will surely kill you and not let you live.”

With another hand, he had closed the wound that was on her. He whispered gently to her, “You will be alright. While my healing focus is weaker than my mother but I promise you that it will leave behind no scars. You will need to sleep for a while.”

For the first time Celestial Baitian was truly terrified and he knew that this young lad really meant what he had said. Moreover for someone that possessed an immortal sword in his hands and that he could even wound a Golden Celestial, he knew that his threats were not to be taken lightly.

Therefore he said to Elder Yuan Xiao, “Let’s go. We have lost.”

Ye Jing’s mother had taken a step toward the masked young lad to thank him but the masked young lad seemed to be afraid of something. Before anyone could stop him, he had dashed to the nearest window and had disappeared.

Many of the curious onlookers immediate rushed to the windows to see where he was going and were stunned to see that he had taken flight on a gigantic four winged blue dragon!

This four winged blue dragon was an 8th rank desolate saint beast!

The many parts of this desolate beast could be made into various rare items and alchemy!

“Who is he?”

“He seems to know the Holy Consort?”

“Only a heroic hero is a match for a peerless beauty like the Holy Consort.”

From this day onward, the stories of a mysterious masked lad with an immortal sword began to spread like wildfire throughout the entire celestial fraternity…

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