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Chapter 7: Fenghuang

When Ye Jing woke up, her mother the Lady Consort Ye was holding her hands.

“Child, how are you?”

Ye Jing was still in a daze. Everything was just like a dream to her. Then she jumped up, “My coronation. How is it?”

Lady Consort Ye smiled gently, “It is smooth. You’re now the undisputed Holy Consort. If it isn’t for the masked young man then it won’t be so smoothly.”

Ye Jing muttered, “It isn’t a dream? He is really here?”

Lady Consort Ye asked, “Child, who is he? He is our benefactor. We ought to thank him.”

Ye Jing said angrily, “Please don’t ever mention him again. I hate him.”

Lady Consort Ye was perplexed. She asked gently, “Why do you hate him? Does he have a flawed character? Is he the father of your child?”

Ye Jing was stunned, “Mother, what did you say?”

Lady Consort Ye repeated solemnly, “You are with child now.”

Ye Jing was shocked beyond words and she sobbed aloud.

Lady Consort Ye really did not know how to comfort her, “Maybe the two of you should get married? He doesn’t look so bad to me. At least I can tell that his concern for you is genuine.”

Ye Jing said coldly, “He is nothing but a badass rapist and a brat. I don’t love him.”

But she quickly asked, “Where is he?”

Lady Consort Ye replied, “He is gone. He didn’t even leave behind his name. Come as quickly as he was gone.”

Ye Jing seemed to be in relief.

Lady Consort Ye asked, “What are your plans now? I mean, what do you plan to do with your child?”

Ye Jing said firmly, “No one must know of this. I will abort this unwanted child.”

Lady Consort Ye was shaken, “Do you really have to do this?”

Ye Jing cried, “Mother, I am going to be a laughing stock. It is his entire fault. I hate him so much. I don’t want the baby…”

Her mother suggested gently, “I have already told the clan that you will be in retreat for a year so that you can cultivate on your newly attained level. Other than me, no one else knows about this.”

Ye Jing looked at her mother before slowly saying, “You want me to keep the baby?”

Lady Consort Ye nodded gently, “I really do not know what happens but I am really lonely after your father had passed away. It will be good to have a grandchild to comfort me.”

Ye Jing said coldly, “I will do as you have said this time. But I don’t want to have any relations with this child. Since I cannot get even with him, I may as well get even with his child.”

Lady Consort Ye was discomforted by the coldness in her eyes but she was glad that Ye Jing had finally agreed to keep the child.

But there was something still blogging her mind. She asked, “Child, your inner core seems to be purer now. Why is that so?”

Like Ye Jing, her mother had also the secret Divine Sense ability and that was why she was able to know that her daughter’s inner core had undergone a transformation.

She asked further, “You’ve found someone with the Healing Focus?”

Ye Jing was suddenly sheepish but she nodded nevertheless.

Her mother gasped as she recalled that the young lad had secretly healed the wound that was on daughter. Was that also the healing focus?

She muttered, “Usually our bloodline ability is passed from mother to daughter. A fluke may occur when the male inherited the bloodline ability but it is almost never be able to pass on from the male. That lad is the one that help you to purify your inner core?”

Ye Jing shook her head, “That was his mother.”

Lady Consort Ye asked, “His mother?”

Ye Jing replied, “I’ve met a Celestial Yuehua. She has treated me. My divine sword is also from her.”

Lady Consort Ye nodded slowly. That explained some of the doubts that were in her heart. She asked solemnly, “Did she say where she is from?”

Ye Jing shook her head.

Lady Consort Ye heaved a sigh of relief but she quickly said, “Child. You must never tell anyone about your Divine Sense ability, alright?”

Ye Jing said, “Mother, you have already reminded me many times in the past.”

Then she saw the expression that was on her mother’s face, “What’s wrong?”

Lady Consort Ye smiled weakly, “There is something that I must tell you. Our Divine Sense ability is inherited from the bloodlines of the Goddess Palace. Let’s hope that Celestial Yuehua isn’t from the Goddess Palace or we may very well be in trouble.”

Ye Jing was startled for this was the very first time that she had heard her mother mentioned about the Goddess Palace. She quickly assured her, “That Celestial Yuehua is actually a Saintess. She had already ascended to the Immortal Realm. I doubt that there will be any troubles.”

When the Lady Consort Ye heard her, she had turned ashen immediately. “She had ascended? She is a Sacred Saint? Child, do you know how many Sacred Saints have ascended in the past 3000 years?”

Ye Jing shook her head. Her celestial clans history had always been very bad.

Lady Consort Ye said, “None. None have ever succeeded. Please tell me more about this ascension that you have seen. What kind of a sight and heavenly tribulation that you have seen?”

So Ye Jing described to her.

After hearing her, Lady Consort Ye was in disbelief. “It sounds too easy and she did not even use any soul jewels. Moreover she must have depleted plenty of her precious celestial energies in order to help you to remould your inner core. And yet, she is still able to make it through the transmigration…”

She paused a while to ponder before adding, “No ordinary celestial practitioner will be able to possess an immortal weapon like she did. I am convinced that she is really from the Goddess Palace. Only the cultivators from the Goddess Palace will be this formidable.”

Ye Jing was mystified, “It is said that the Goddess Palace is one of the three celestial consecrated places in the celestial fraternity but very few have actually been there. These three celestial consecrated places can be described as the Three Lesser Mysteries of the celestial fraternity. Does the Goddess Palace really exist? Where are their cultivators?”

Lady Consort Ye said with trembling lips, “The Goddess Palace really exists. You must be wary of them. Our ancestor escaped from the Goddess Palace 3000 years ago. You must never reveal your bloodline ability to anyone or else the consequences will be severe. Maybe that Saintess Yuehua had a change of benevolent heart because she was going to ascend soon but you must be extra vigilant to guard yourself against the Goddess Palace. The eyes and claws of the Goddess Palace are everywhere in the Celestial Fraternity. Throughout the many years, many of our ancestors were hunted down by them. I had lost your grandmother in this manner and had escaped here.”

Ye Jing could not believe what she was hearing. After a while, she said coldly, “No wonder he is such a badass. He is from the Goddess Palace and he is out to ruin me…”


10 months later, Ye Jing had given birth to a daughter in secret.

Lady Consort Ye was overjoyed and she said to Ye Jing, “Look at your daughter, she is so adorable.”

Ye Jing said coldly, “Hmph! I don’t even want to look at her. Take her away please.”

But when she heard the soft cries of her baby, she could not resist carrying her so she snatched it from her mother. “Hey you, don’t cry.”

Lady Consort Ye smiled weakly, “That is not the way to handle a baby. What should we name her?”

Ye Jing pondered for a while before she smiled warmly, “Ye Fenghuang.”

Lady Consort Ye asked, “Is there any reasoning behind this naming?”

Ye Jing suddenly laughed softly, “That is because I’ve eaten some phoenix eggs on that day…”

Lady Consort Ye smiled weakly, “Phoenix eggs are not for everyone. Really? You have really eaten some?”

All of a sudden Ye Jing was startled, “Weird…”

Lady Consort Ye was alarmed, “What is wrong my child?”

Ye Jing had felt the pulses of her baby and examined her inner core to ensure she was healthy, “Mother, check her inner core.”

Lady Consort Ye examined the baby girl’s inner core with her Divine Sense and was startled, “She is a born Xiantian?”

Ye Jing slowly nodded…

Most celestial cultivators were born Houtian and began practice at the Practitioner level. For a mortal to become a cultivator, they had to train themselves to attain the Houtian level first. It was very difficult and many mortals could only attain Houtian after 60 years old or more.

Once a cultivator reached the Master Practitioner level, they were considered to have attained the Xiantian level.

And this baby was a born Xiantian, rare among even the celestial cultivators. Those who were born Xiantian had a higher potential and could easily attain the Immortal Celestial level or higher as they had much purer inner core. Most of the detrimental impurities were actually accumulated during the Houtian period and were extremely difficult to purify.

As the baby was too young, they could not tell what was her attribute yet.

Lady Consort Ye said, “If she can have your Extreme Negative attribute body and cultivate with your divine sword then there is a chance that she may easily get a breakthrough to the Golden Celestial level…”

Then her voice dropped to a whisper, “Even a Sacred Saint is also a possibility. In the entire history of our celestial clan, other than our Ancestor Patriarch, there were only two other Sacred Saints and the last appearance was over 3000 years ago.”

Ye Jing was not paying any attention to her mother. Instead she was distracted by the baby and she was now trying her best to hold her gently. She held the baby girl as she chuckled happily, “Fenghuang, cheers! Shall your mother sing a lullaby to you huh?”

Lady Consort Ye shook her head, silently thinking. “Child, what you are saying always doesn’t correspond with your heart. You really like your baby even though you don’t want to say it loud.”

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