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Chapter 11: The Holy Consort Revenge

The next day when Xiaofang had stepped into the outer courtyard, he was immediately besieged by numerous petite protégé sisters that were anxious about him. These protégé sisters simply did not believe that he would be a traitorous spy for Xiaofang had always been polite and respectful to them.

In the short one year that he had been at the Holy Citadel City, he had won the hearts of many of his protégé sisters.

While he was also popular with many of the protégé brothers but there were also many others that were envious of his good looks and talents.

One protégé brother even muttered aloud when he had seen so many protégé sisters surrounding Xiaofang and showing their concerns for him, “He may not get so lucky next time. I have heard that it is Elder Situ Ling that had pleaded for him.”

Another protégé brother was heard saying, “There is no smoke without fire.”

And yet another said, “No wonder his swordplay is steadier than us. He has received further instructions from the heretic clans!”

Several of the protégé brothers were already making eyes to each other and thinking, “Let’s go and beat him up. Even though this is against the rules but it is doubtful that the clan elders will take action for him. After all, he is only a traitor.”

Just when a group of six protégé brothers were about to walk up to Xiaofang to beat him, they were startled to see a peerless beauty appearing in the outer courtyard.

She was extremely breath-taking and causing all the eyes in the outer court to be on her instantly. Even the protégé sisters were all gasping at her alluring grace.

Ye Jing growled silently, “Why is everyone staring at me instead of bowing to me? Is there something wrong with my outfit or my grooming?”

Suddenly one of the Senior Master Practitioner that happened to walk into the outer court from the other direction shouted, “You idiots. Quickly pay your humble respects to the Holy Consort.”

Except for Xiaofang, everyone else was stunned and quickly greeted the Holy Consort.

Everyone was startled that this peerless beauty was their Holy Consort…

The Senior Master Practitioner apologized profusely, “These juniors are really disrespectful. They can’t even recognize our Holy Consort. May I know what brings the Holy Consort to the outer court?”

It was not a surprise that most protégés here would not have recognized the Holy Consort for the outer court was not the place that she would drop by. Moreover many of them were the junior protégés of the clan.

Ye Jing winked with her eyes, “I am here to look for Xiaofang.”

When she had said that, everyone could almost guess what would happen next.

Many actually thought that the Holy Consort would execute Xiaofang on the spot. As Holy Consort, she could take away their life without a second thought. Moreover Xiaofang was being suspected to be a traitor.

Xiaofang had actually broken in a cold sweat when he saw her jovial mood. He knew that she had thought of something unreasonable to deal with him…

When Ye Jing saw the many protégé sisters that were surrounding Xiaofang, there was a burning fire of envy in her eyes but she suppressed it and smiles enchantingly, “Xiaofang, come over here.”

Xiaofang walked quietly to her. There was no expression on his face but he had already broken out into cold sweat.

Ye Jing took out her handkerchief and started to wipe his perspirations, “Why are you sweating? Are you well?”

Everyone was stunned…

Even Xiaofang…

While everyone was watching, their Holy Consort was tenderly wiping Xiaofang’s perspirations off his forehead. It was really an enviable sight and this made Xiaofang’s protégé brothers even more envious and angrier at him.

Even the protégé sisters were watching with bleary tears in their eyes and their expressions were all saying that this sort of thing could not even be happening…

Ye Jing smiles, “Xiaofang, it is your birthday today. Am I right?”

Xiaofang nodded slowly. Why was it that he suddenly got an uneasy feeling?

Everyone else was flabbergasted that the Holy Consort would even know that it was Xiaofang’s birthday today. Their next horrible thought was thinking if they may be in a relationship?

Ye Jing giggled softly, “Since it is your birthday, I will cook something nice for you. Can you wait for me in the main hall?”

She turned to ask the Senior Master Practitioner, “Where is the kitchen? Take me there.”

The Senior Master Practitioner stammered, “Your Holy Consort, are you really going to cook? We have our own dedicated cooks…”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Of course I am. Shoo all the cooks out. I am going to have the entire kitchen to myself.”

The Senior Master Practitioner was stunned but there was no way he could disobey a direct order from the Holy Consort. So he said, “I will lead you to the kitchen. But the kitchen is a dirty place and may not be suitable for your noble self…”

But Ye Jing gleefully said, “It is alright.”

She turned around and winked at Xiaofang, “What are you waiting for? Wait for me inside the dining hall. I will be back shortly.”

Xiaofang slowly turned around and he was trembling with fear. He knew what was going to happen next.

All the protégé brothers and sisters were so enviable that the Holy Consort was going to cook for Xiaofang that they did not notice Xiaofang’s expressions at all. Moreover all of them were staring at the Holy Consort who had totally caught their imaginations.

One hour later…

The dining hall was actually a large hall where all the protégés of the outer court had their meals. Even Master Practitioners, Enlighten Celestials and even elders of the outer court like Elder Situ Ling would have their meals here.

But today there seemed to be no meals for the five thousand protégés here except for one person and that was Xiaofang.

Elder Situ Ling watched with stunned expression as the Holy Consort sat down with Xiaofang with all kinds of delicious dishes that she had prepared for him.

When everyone sniffed the aromatic dishes, their stomachs began to growl and they wished that they could partake in it…

Therefore the thousands of protégés could only watch with great envious at the tenderness of the Holy Consort and the disgusting good luck of Xiaofang.

Ye Jing looked coyly at Xiaofang, “I have prepared ten dishes for you. It can be considered a small banquet. What do you think? Is this your best birthday ever? You won’t be able to enjoy such a delicious meal ever again. Surely you cannot expect your Holy Consort to cook for you every day?”

Xiaofang said quietly, “Ten dishes…the pronunciation of ten sounds like die. Big Sister Jing, if you hate me so much then I will eat all the dishes up. I will have no regrets.” It was because he knew that she had poisoned the dishes.

What was Ye Jing thinking about at this moment and what did the Lady Consort Ye had whispered to her?

The Lady Consort Ye had whispered, “If you want him to suffer then you ought to be nice to him. There are always petty rivalries in the clan. Why don’t you make everyone envious of him? Then he would be the number one enemy in the eyes of everyone. Then he would definitely suffer.”

Ye Jing knew her presence would invite gossips and caused Xiaofang to feel uncomfortable if she were to single him out. And that was exactly what she was doing now, causing him to be singled out in front of thousands of protégés!

This was her bittersweet revenge on him.

Xiaofang took out a letter that he had penned as he said quietly, “Please read it when you are free…”

Ye Jing snatched the letter, jovially saying. “What do you mean when I am free? I am free now.”

Xiaofang gasped, “No wait. I don’t want to spoil the mood of the meal. Let me finish the meal first…”

Ye Jing hummed coldly, “So what if I want to read it now?”

When Xiaofang saw that she had started to open up the letter to read, he quickly began to stuff the food after food into his mouth!

All the thousands of protégés thought that Xiaofang should at least display a little eating manner in front of the Holy Consort…

In the meantime Ye Jing had curiously opened the letter and started reading silently.

The letter read, “I know that after taking this meal, I will no longer be alive. I know that what I did to Big Sister Jing is totally unforgivable. I don’t know what happens that night. I have totally blanked out.

I was silly to be upset with Big Sister Jing when you have cooked the phoenix eggs but I wasn’t really upset, just a little sad. I am actually very happy when Big Sister Jing comes back to cook for me.

At that time I was the loneliness person in the entire universe. My mother had left so suddenly and without any warning. From that point onward, I know that the only person that I love the most is my Big Sister Jing.

From that point onward, I have decided to look for Big Sister Jing and to protect her silently. I didn’t plan to let her find me but somehow she has found me. But our meet was uneven and full of heart pains. I am terribly grieved that Big Sister Jing hates me so much. Her once beautiful eyes are now terrible to behold for me.

Even if I know that it is a poisoned meal, I am still willing to eat it to atone for all the wrongs. I know that in her heart, she must feel terrible awful as well. I wish for her to be always happy. If my death can resolve it then so shall it be. I am simply not worthy of her.”

Ye Jing’s fingers were trembling as she read and her eyes had turned swollen.

She cursed silently, “No wonder he said my ten dishes sound like death dishes. This stupid brag…”

Then she raised her chopstick and started eating.

When Xiaofang saw it, he was shocked and quickly shouted. “Don’t!”

But Ye Jing said, “Don’t what? Do you think that I will poison myself? I can’t stand you eating all the dishes that I have cooked and leaving almost nothing to me. How is the meal? Is it nice?”

Xiaofang looked at her with a stunned expression, “This meal is…safe to eat?”

But he quickly answered, “Nice. Best meal that I ever have.”

Ye Jing smiled, “Good. This will probably be the last meal that I will ever cook for you. While I think that it is not enough to compensate for your phoenix eggs but after what you have done to me, we are quite even. What do you say?”

Xiaofang stammered, “Even?”

Ye Jing looked at him tenderly, “By the way, your handwriting is simply too horrible. Can you write more properly next time?”

Xiaofang was startled when she suddenly looked at him in such a manner. He quickly nodded, “I will improve.”

Ye Jing suddenly sighed, “Actually it is partially my fault as well. I know that the wines are strong but I can’t help drinking it all.”

Xiaofang said suddenly, “Some of the wines are spiked actually.”

Ye Jing was startled, “What do you mean?”

Xiaofang sighed softly, “I have found a hidden note that my mother had left behind. She had spiked some of the wines. She was planning to bring me to a brothel and knowing that I will refuse, she had planned to drug me.”

Ye Jing growled, “You really have such a horrible mother. If you are not careful, she will sell you to the brothel.”

But Xiaofang quickly said, “She is the best mother that I ever have.”

Ye Jing waved her hand, “Whatever.”

All of a sudden she got up and walked to Xiaofang, “Xiaofang…”

He looked up curiously and was startled when Ye Jing had quietly kissed him on his forehead.

She said tenderly, “I want a proper courtship. You are already worthy when you have saved my life from my Uncle Baitian that day. Prove it.”

She paused briefly, “Hope you enjoy your birthday today.”

Then she shyly walked off, leaving Xiaofang looking stunned behind her…

But for the thousands of protégés that included Elder Situ Ling, it was a totally unbelievable sight.

Did the peerless beauty Holy Consort just kissed him?

What was going on between them?

It was totally unbelievable that the Holy Consort who was the goddess in the hearts of many of the protégés had actually kissed a lowest ranking protégé in front of thousands of the protégés!

The entire dining hall broke out in pandemonium as everyone began to discuss incessantly!

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