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Chapter 8: End of Spiritual Retreat

Two more months later.

The news that the Holy Consort had ended her reclusive retreat spread like wildfire in the Holy Citadel City and very soon, the five surrounding counties of the Holy Citadel City would also receive the news and from there it would spread throughout the entire celestial fraternity.

Through her Divine Sense, Ye Jing noticed the shift of excitement in the mood from everyone and said to her mother, “They were not as excited as when I was crowned the Holy Consort.”

Lady Consort Ye smiled, “That is because things are differently now. Your courage to stand against your uncle changes things.”

She resisted the temptation to mention about the masked lad to her daughter.

Ye Jing asked, “How is my uncle now? Any troubles from him?”

Lady Consort Ye answered, “He has been quiet. I have heard that he has taken to heavy drinking. I heard that he has not recovered his golden body yet. The blow to his pride must be heavy.”

She smiled as she added, “There are many things that are waiting for you to settle once you are ready to address the issue.”

Ye Jing growled softly, “Surely mother can settle for me. I am just your puppet.”

Lady Consort Ye laughed softly, “I wish I am able to but I really can’t. That is because while you are absent for a year, you have received letters of courtships and proposals from all the patriarch celestial clans as well as from numerous other celestial clans.”

Ye Jing was startled, “What is going on?”

Lady Consort Ye whispered, “You are now the hottest property in the entire celestial fraternity. Your beauty and renown have already spread far and wide since your coronation incident. If the young masters of the celestial clans can have your hand in marriage, then they will gain a maiden that has the potential to become a Golden Celestial and of course, your heaven-step divine sword is also a temptation factor in making them think so. Plus as the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City, you are like a delicious pie that any celestial powers will want to swallow.”

Ye Jing fell into silence and continued to walk.

Lady Consort Ye knew what was on her mind, “You are worried that they will question your chastity?”

Ye Jing stopped in her tracks and trembled. It was true but her pride prevented her from saying it out so she answered coldly, “Reject them all. I am still young. When I have attained the Immortal Celestial level, I no longer age. The passage of time now has no consequences to me. Moreover, I have not tortured that little Fenghuang enough…”

She quickly asked, “Where is my Yu’Er? I am going out to take a breather for a while.”

Lady Consort Ye nodded, “Yu’Er is well. She is in good hands.”

Ye Jing smiled, “That is good to hear…”

But that good to hear soon turned into a great horror…

When Ye Jing saw Yu’Er, she simply could not believe her eyes.

Yu’Er had become a big fat phoenix and she was lazily eating as she walked into her shed.

“What happens to her?”

Lady Consort Ye smiled weakly, “The servants love her and fed her well. Moreover other than you, Yu’Er don’t listen to anyone so she just idle here all the time.”

Ye Jing had already stormed to the side of Yu’Er angrily, “You stupid fat bird! Now you cannot even fly. From today onward, you are going to be undergoing several hell regiment exercises…”

Yu’Er shrieked in horror as she tried to escape her furies but she could barely run, let alone able to fly. So she could only spread out her majesty wings to defend herself miserably. It was as though she was shrieking, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

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