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Chapter 9: Him Again!

It was a cold night. Ye Jing and Yu’Er were alone in the open spaces of the inner citadel.

Ye Jing stroked Yu’Er as she said sorrowfully, “You know. We are together for really a long time. I have begged my father to have you. I have thought that I will take you to explore the heavens and the realm when I grow up. But the true reality is not what I have expected.”

She went on to sigh with great sadness, “That Dugu Fang. Out of goodwill, I have turned back to celebrate his birthday for him and even whip him a hearty meal. Just because I have eaten his eggs, he had sought to take vendetta on me in this manner. Can you understand the sorrows that are in my heart?”

Yu’Er shrieked angrily in support of her.

Ye Jing smiled faintly, “So you share the same thoughts as me too. Good. In this world, you are my only friend…”

Yu’Er shrieked again and flagged her wings, totally agreed with her.

Ye Jing smiled, “I am going to take a walk around the premises of the clan. Sleep well.”

Yu’Er reluctantly let her go.

With that Ye Jing leapt lightly off the roofs of the inner citadel as she walked into the shadows of the walls.

There were many protégés that were still walking around in the night. She saw some hanky panty businesses but chosen to ignore it.

Finally she came to a courtyard and was surprised to see that an old Master Practitioner was still holding a lesson on the various celestial practices. A group of mostly young cultivators were seated around him.

The Old Master Practitioner said, “You are all cultivators that are thirsting to go beyond your current state of divinity. The ultimate goal is immortality, everlasting life! When you can attain as an Enlighten Celestial then you know that the fruits of your labors have paid off. You will age slower and have extended lifespan. When you have reached the divine level of the Immortal Celestial, mastery of your life vital energies are completed and you will completely cease to age. This is the most wondrous level that most cultivators hope to thrive before their potential dry up…”

A young maiden interrupted, “I’ve heard that our Holy Consort has already attained as an Immortal Celestial. Does it mean that she will always be looking young?”

The Old Master Practitioner laughed, “Yes, yes. That’s right. Not only young but she will even get more and more beautiful as her celestial staging improves.”

A young man said, “I think that she is already the number one beauty in the entire Celestial Fraternity.”

Another young man said, “She is perfect. There is no one like her.”

Normally she would be happy if someone had praises her but this familiar voice stirred her hatred. She took another look at the young man that had just spoken.

Even though she was far but she could never forget what Xiaofang had looked like.

She gasped softly; it was indeed Xiaofang!

Over the past year, he had grown more refined and there was an air of charismatic aura around him. If a maiden were to look at him, they would have fallen in love with him instantly. But not her; he was her most hatred enemy and he was actually in the Holy Citadel City all this while.

Her first thought was to murder him. Her second thought was that she must hide her daughter from this beast of a man. Her third thought was however to hide from him…

Her next thought was, “Why is he here?”

Then she saw his attire and saw that he was wearing only a lowly celestial practitioner level robe.

“He is already an Immortal Celestial and yet he pretends to be a lowly celestial practitioner. Are you a spy from the other celestial clans that is out to ruin me?”

She knew that she was not thinking rationally but blaming everything on Xiaofang made her extremely happy.

“How shall I deal with him?”

“Slaughter him?”

“Expose his celestial level? Hmm, that will expose my Divine Sense as well. But I can think of ways to make him explode with rage and force him to show his true celestial level….”

And so she had decided on a plan to make him pay dearly and she could not wait for what going to happen tomorrow!

As if Xiaofang could sense that someone was planning such a killing intent on him, he suddenly turned his head around but he could not see or sense anyone.

It was because Ye Jing had already gained full mastery of her Divine Sense and the moment Xiaofang had moved, she already had a foreboding and had left the scene. Moreover she was watching from a distance of 300 yards away.

The next morning, she hastily summoned Elder Situ Ling, a petite Enlighten Celestial and asked her. “I remember that you are in charge of the outer courts?”

Elder Situ Ling smiled uncomfortably, “That’s right.”

It was because she was on the side of Celestial Baiting a year ago. Had the Holy Consort come to settle old scores with her?

Or she had found her handlings of the outer court protégés below her expectations?

Either way, it was not good news for her.

Ye Jing said, “Good! Is there a protégé name Dugu Fang under your charge? He is a lowly celestial practitioner.”

Elder Situ Ling slowly nodded. Normally there were numerous protégés that she could not remember. But this Dugu Fang seemed a little special as he had left a good impression on her. Not only was he studious, absorbing instructions with great earnest, he was also polite to everyone. Because of that, she had thought of grooming him as her personal protégé disciple. “Is something wrong?”

Ye Jing said coolly, “Tell me more about him.”

Elder Situ Ling said, “According to the registries, he has come from the Verdant Fall County.  He joins us a year ago. This young man is bright and I think that given a few years’ time, he is likely to be a Master Practitioner…”

Ye Jing was clearly not interested in his praises, “That’s enough. One’s identity can be easily faked.”

Elder Situ Ling was startled, “Huh?”

Ye Jing explained coolly, “My informants have told me that this Dugu Fang is a spy from the dark heretic clans.”

Elder Situ Ling was clearly shocked, “This can’t be. Is this news reliable? He doesn’t look like one. I’ve been observing him…”

Ye Jing interrupted coldly, “Looks and actions can be deceiving. If he is so easy to be identified then he won’t be a good spy. It is a lucky thing that we have found out about his identity.”

She paused and asked, “What is the clan punishment for a spy?”

Elder Situ Ling replied quietly, “Death or waste of his inner cultivation core.”

Ye Jing lifted her head with a wicked smile, “I wonder what punishments he would personally prefer? Hurry and bring him to the punishment court. And summon the Punishment Elder as well.”

Elder Situ Ling shifted uncomfortably before she asked, “Do we have any proof?”

Ye Jing blinked her eyes, “Do we need proof for this kind of traitorous act? Isn’t it better to kill a hundred innocents than miss a single villain?”

Elder Situ Ling smiled weakly, “We are a righteous celestial clan. We’re not a heretic celestial clan…”

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