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Chapter 12: The Winds of Change

Ye Jing was carrying her baby daughter in her secret chamber when her mother, the Lady Consort Ye had walked in with rapid steps.

There was an air of annoyance in her expression and this was picked up by Ye Jing who asked, “What’s wrong mother?”

Lady Consort Ye heaved a melancholy sigh before saying, “Everyone is now gossiping between you and Xiaofang now. I have just issued a stern order to keep it within the Holy Citadel City but I doubt this scandal will be kept secret for long.”

Ye Jing was silent for a while before she asked, “Originally, I just want to teach him a lesson but…”

Lady Consort Ye says unhappily, “This time you really have gone overboard. I have asked you to be nice to him to put him into a difficult spot but you are all out to embarrass him. You can be subtle about it but you throw away your own reputation when you kiss him in public…”

Ye Jing asked quietly, “How do I undo the harm that I have caused him?”

Lady Consort Ye continued to say unhappily, “Undo the harm that is caused to him? You should be thinking on how to undo the harm that you have done to your reputation…”

Suddenly the Lady Consort Ye paused and asked, “Undone the harm that is caused to him? Meaning?”

Ye Jing turned around to face the mirror, “I am so wrong. He isn’t that bad I think. He has come all the way to look for me. Maybe he is really the hero of my heart that I have been pending for. I should give him a chance, don’t you think so?”

Lady Consort Ye was stunned and wondered if she had heard correctly, “This is so…sudden.”

Ye Jing muttered almost inaudible, “Even though he suspected that he is going to die after eating my dishes, he still goes ahead. He is so stupid and an idiot…”

Suddenly Lady Consort Ye was smiling jovially, “What a good kiss and a good show of emotions. That Xiaofang is a good lad. Several of the elders are actually in praise of his talents…”

Ye Jing suddenly hummed coldly, “If those old fools know that he is actually an Immortal Celestial and his talents are actually higher than them, they will probably vomit blood to their deaths!”

She was secretly proud of Xiaofang and that was shown on her countenance.

Lady Consort Ye smiled secretly. It was because she really wished that Ye Jing and Xiaofang would be together. The reason why she had offered such a devious plot to her daughter to embarrass Xiaofang was not to harm him but to get him out of trouble. She knew that her daughter very well and it was easy to manipulate her.

So when her daughter so readily agreed to punish Xiaofang in another alternate manner, she knew that her daughter did not really hate Xiaofang.

She had thought this may be a good way for them to mend their broken friendship.

That was why she was so upset when she had heard that her daughter had kissed Xiaofang and making Xiaofang the number one public enemy in the clan. She felt that her daughter had really gone overboard.

But now when she had heard that her daughter wanted to undone the harm that she had caused Xiaofang, she was actually glad.

That was now less one problem now. However she had a more pressing matter to discuss with her daughter.

She said, “Child, I have received word that the Young Master Yuan Chengzhi of the Divine Sovereign Clan will be paying us a visit and he is expected to reach in a few days’ time.”

Ye Jing was perplexed and asked, “Why is he here for?”

Lady Consort Ye said, “No idea. But I have heard that Elder Yuan Xiao will also be there.”

Ye Jing growled softly. It was because this Elder Yuan Xiao had nearly caused her to lose her position to her uncle a year ago. So she was really unhappy when she had heard his name.

Lady Consort Ye cautiously advised, “For Young Master Yuan Chengzhi to pay a personal visit, this is something new. No matter what, it won’t be simple and we should prepare ourselves for it.”

Ye Jing nodded slowly.

When she had exited her spiritual retreat, she had heard that there were plenty of unrest in the Celestial Fraternity and the dark heretic celestial clans were also on the move.

She asked, “What is the celestial level of this Young Master Yuan Chengzhi?”

Lady Consort Ye said, “He is an Immortal Celestial in the Intermediate tier.”

Ye Jing nods, “Same as me then. I am more worried about that Yuan Xiao who is a peaked Immortal Celestial plus he is close to my uncle.”

Lady Consort Ye nodded slowly, “I understand your concerns. If your uncle is feigning his injuries and join forces with them then we will really be in trouble. Then we can only rely on Xiaofang to help us.”

Ye Jing shook her head, “Xiaofang is only lucky that he had caught my uncle by surprise. The strength of the Golden Celestial is not to be underestimated.”

Then she added slowly, “I have heard that Uncle Baitian has secretly obtained a half-step divine sword.”

Lady Consort Ye was startled, “Is the information reliable? Who told you that?”

Ye Jing whispered, “Elder Situ Ling…”

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