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Chapter 30: The Ruler of the Tranquil City

Ye Jing did not really know where she currently was. She only remembered entering a building and from there she had entered through an illusionary wall.

If the Celestial Liege did not lead the way, she could never have guessed that this wall was actually a door.

She wished that Yu’Er and Xiaofang would be here to see this illusionary wall which she found intriguing. The Celestial Liege did not even allow her to bring Yu’Er with her.

After entering the illusionary wall, she found herself in a grandeur palace that was adorned with rare white celestium slabs for floors and walls. Celestiums were pricey and were more valuable than gold. Extremely fine gold celestiums were even used in divine weapons to enhance its grade!

Now that they were in the palace hallway, the Celestial Liege appeared to be more relax. He said to her, “This is my consort.”

The woman smiled, “You’re Ye Jing? My celestial name is the Confession Lady Ye Ling. We share the same common lineage name.”

Ye Jing said politely, “My respects to senior. Are you a Great Saintess?”

The woman nodded lightly, “I guess that you can say so.”

Ye Jing said respectfully, “Then I shall address senior as Great Saintess Ye. What do you think?”

Great Saintess Ye smiled, “Anything.”

She looked at Ye Jing and said, “It seems that Yi Si did not make a bad choice by choosing you as her successor.”

Ye Jing was surprised, “You know my Celestial Teacher?”

Great Saintess Ye nodded, “Like me, she is also a Great Saintess of the Tranquil City. But unlike us, she is always in reclusion and is rarely in the city.”

Ye Jing was truly surprised, “You are friends of my celestial teacher?”

Great Saintess Ye laughed softly, “Not exactly. She is our little niece. Back in the old days, we are also protégés of the Celestial Palace. That is why we want to adopt you as our god-daughter but you have actually rejected us.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I didn’t know that my benevolent celestial teacher is your niece or I’ll gladly accept. It is not too late, right?”

Great Saintess Ye smiled, “Of course not. I’m glad to have a god-daughter like you.”

Ye Jing smiled as she quickly called out, “Aunt Ye!”

This was actually the first time that they had talked to each other but Ye Jing had found her to be amicable, compared to the Celestial Liege and even her Ancestress Ye.

She asked, “Do you know where my celestial teacher is now? She only told me that she is breaking through to the immortal realm.”

Great Saintess Ye nodded, “That’s right. She has no more worldly attachment here anymore. That is why she has decided to ascend. We have no idea where she is now.”

Ye Jing hesitated for a while before she asked, “I’ve heard that my Celestial Teacher Yi Si has been around for thousands of years. Since you know each other, you have been around for thousands of years as well? How is it possible?”

Great Saintess Ye smiled, “The Jade Emperor had once given us three ancient immortal artefacts. I have the Tranquil Flute while my husband has the Primordial Heaven Chart. As for Yi Si, the Eternal Lotus was given to her. These three ancient immortal artefacts allow us to remain indefinitely in this realm.”

Ye Jing was startled, “This Jade Emperor must really be a formidable person.”

Great Saintess Ye smiled gently, “Indeed. He is after all, a greater immortal.”

Ye Jing was startled, “There are greater and lesser immortals?”

The Celestial Liege suddenly made a cough and Great Saintess Ye was quiet but she said gently, “It is unwise that we reveal too much about the immortal realm. It is for you to find out. Got it?”

Ye Jing nodded and she was wondering, “I wonder what the immortal realm is like?”

But she decided to ask the most important question first before she met up with the Ruler of the Tranquil City, “Who is this Ruler of the Tranquil City? Is he a Great Saint as well?”

Great Saintess Ye shook her head gently, “You must be extremely polite when you see her, alright?”

Ye Jing asked, “She? She is a Great Saintess?”

Great Saintess Ye answered coolly, “She is the ruler of the celestial realm.”

Ye Jing was shocked. She had never heard that the celestial realm had a ruler and that the Ruler of the Tranquil City was also the ruler of the celestial realm.

Seeing the doubts that were in Ye Jing’s eyes, Great Saintess Ye said. “She is a greater immortal. Even for the Celestial Liege and I, we have to bow in her presence.”

When Ye Jing had heard her, she was stunned. A greater immortal that had taken residence in the Tranquil City? It was no wonder that there were no celestial clans that had dared to seize control of this place for thousands of years…

She asked nervously, “Why did she want to see me? Did I do something wrong?”

Great Saintess Ye said gently, “I have no idea too. But you’ve met with the Heaveness. Therefore she will like to see you.”

Ye Jing asked, “You know about the Heaveness too?”

She knew that she was not supposed to mention to anyone that she had seen the Heaveness and that she had even acknowledged the Heaveness as her celestial teacher. But since they already knew then it should be alright to ask for more details.

Great Saintess Ye smiled, “The Heavenly Temple is meant to be her dwelling so naturally we know about her. While it is a secret to the others, it isn’t a secret to us.”

The Celestial Liege suddenly said as they turned into a wide passageway, “We are here.”

He whispered to Ye Jing, “Be really respectfully. This goddess is not to be trifled. We won’t be going in with you.”

With that, he had left.

Great Saintess Ye gave her a reassuring smile before she departed with the Celestial Liege.

Ye Jing saw a towering golden door and there were eight beautiful attendants that were gently pushing the door opened when they saw her.

Beyond the towering golden doors was a beautiful white hall that could accommodate hundreds.

As soon as this door opened, Ye Jing was surprised to hear the slashing sounds of swords and she could only see after-images of two shadowy forms fighting with each other. She was totally astonished at their movements.

But as soon as she had entered with the Celestial Liege and the Great Saintess Ye, the two shadowy forms had also disengaged with each other and they were looking at her now.

One was a golden hair heavenly maiden with a long curved sword and the other one was a young slender man in white wielding two long swords.

When they stopped to look at Ye Jing with their imposing golden eyes, Ye Jing could only smile weakly as she said. “Hello…my humble respect to seniors…”

She did not know how to address them…

Since she had been informed that the Ruler of the Tranquil City was a goddess then she guessed that it must be the blonde heavenly maiden.

The slender young man asked, “Is she the one?”

The beautiful heavenly maiden answered gently, “Yes she is the one. Her name is Ye Jing. I’ve heard that she is a bloodline of the Ascension Goddess. Are you surprise?”

The slender young man turned to look at her intensely and Ye Jing could feel an overwhelming suppression that seemed to be weighed upon her. He said softly, “This is really such a surprise.”

The beautiful heavenly maiden smiled at her gently and said hypnotically, “I am the Goddess Isa. I am the Ruler of the Tranquil City.”

Ye Jing stammered, “Goddess Isa…”

Her Divine Sense detected an unfathomable presence that came from both of them. They had the exact unfathomable aura like the Heaveness. In fact, the slender young man was even more unfathomable than the Goddess Isa and the Heaveness and he was like a righteous light that was unforgettable.

The Goddess Isa said, “As for this man here…”

The slender young man sheathed his swords as he introduced himself, “I’m your Ancestor Yi, the husband of your Ancestress Ye. You are of my bloodline.”

When Ye Jing heard him, her legs had suddenly gone jelly and she was really startled. “You…you are my Ancestor Yi…”

Ancestor Yi said, “That’s right. The Eternal Lotus that is within you is given by Yi Si. Yi Si is my daughter but her mother is the Joyful Goddess.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly. Is this a family reunion?

Ancestor Yi said, “I’ve never expect that someone could be capable of ascending to the top of the heavenly steps and reached my Heavenly Temple. You must know that only the most pure of heart will be able to do so. Your feat has shaken the Three Known Realms.”

The more that Ye Jing heard, the more awkward she was. She muttered, “That must be an exaggeration. I’m just a small fry. How can I even shake the Three Known Realms…”

Ancestor Yi said casually, “But that is the truth. No one other than the Heaveness and the Great Goddess Fantian can accomplish this feat. As you are able to accomplish this feat, this means that the Heaveness has also chosen you as her successor.”

Ye Jing was startled, “But Celestial Teacher Heaveness has never mentioned to me that she has named me as her successor.  I really dare not wish for the skies.”

Ancestor Yi smiled, “That is because it is not the time to reveal to you yet.”

Ye Jing asked, “And now it is?”

Ancestor Yi smiled, “Not really. It is just casual talk between us. It is best that you will forget our exchanges. It is because I am really afraid of the Heaveness…”

The Goddess Isa laughed softly when she heard him, “Are you serious?”

Ancestor Yi rubbed his nose, “Yes I am.”

The Goddess Isa pretended to be upset, “Like real. Anyway, I need to talk her first. It is better that you step aside for now.”

Ye Jing said respectfully, “I await your divine instructions.”

The Goddess Isa said gently, “Ye Jing, did Yi Si tell you that a divine calamity is forthcoming for the celestial realm?”

Ye Jing hesitated for a while. It was because she was unsure if she should tell them what she knew. Were they friends or foes? The intrigues of the celestial realm were many and while she was young, she was actually not so gullible.

What if this was a trap by the enemies of her Celestial Teacher Yi Si?

The Eternal Lotus was supposed to be her secret and yet these people seemed to know about it. How was it possible?

These were questions that Ye Jing had been secretly pondering ever since she had come here.

The Goddess Isa asked coolly, “You don’t trust us?”

Finally Ye Jing said quietly, “There is no proof that he is my Ancestor Yi and that my Celestial Teacher Yi Si is his daughter. After all, my Celestial Teacher Yi Si did not mention any of this to me. Moreover there is no way for you to know that the Eternal Lotus is within me. So how do you know?”

When the Goddess Isa heard her, she was smiling. “That is because we’re immortals. You can’t hide something as obvious as the Eternal Lotus within you without detection. Moreover we’re greater immortals.”

She paused briefly, “Whether you answer us is not important. A divine calamity will soon sweep across the celestial realm. Everyone will be powerless to stop it. The Goddess Palace and the Devil Isle will definitely rise to the occasion with the heavenly decrees in their hands. Even though the Melancholy Valley will no longer have any heavenly decrees, they will definitely try to seize the heavenly decrees from either the Goddess Palace or the Devil isle.”

Ye Jing had indeed heard from her Celestial Teacher Yi Si about the heavenly decrees.

She continued, “Therefore we think that you may be a pawn of the Melancholy Valley. There are too many coincidences in you.”

Ye Jing stammered, “I am really not anyone pawn…”

The Goddess Isa said, “Even an unwitting pawn is still a pawn. There is a heavenly war at the moment. The Melancholy Valley has been ruling the celestial laws of the celestial realm for thousands of years now and they are unwilling to lose their grip to anyone. Do you get me?”

Ye Jing asked, “There is war in the immortal realm?”

The Goddess Isa smiled, “There are more wars in the immortal realm than you think.”

Ye Jing made a quick guesswork. It seemed that there were three major factions in the immortal realm that were at odds with each other. And either side would want to see the other side win.

She tried to make a joke, “Maybe I am a pawn of the Goddess Palace?”

The Goddess Isa smiled coldly, “That is impossible because they had really a high bar, even for a pawn.”

When Ye Jing heard her, she felt like digging a hole as she thought. “My attainment is a piece of shit…”

The Goddess Isa said casually, “Of course things may still change in the future. After all, your Ancestress Ye is in the Goddess Palace. The reason why I’m telling you is to ensure that you do not become a pawn of the Melancholy Valley.”

Ye Jing felt cold. It was like a stern warning.

She asked, “May I know if you are aligned to the Goddess Palace or the Devil Isle?”

The Goddess Isa smiled, “Naturally it is the Goddess Palace.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly. Why was that she was not surprised at all?

She asked weakly, “My Ancestress Ye has taken my Little Fenghuang to the Goddess Palace. Since you are the ruler of the celestial realm, may I presume that you are also the ruler of the Goddess Palace? May I suggest that I have my baby back?”

The Goddess Isa said coldly, “Unfortunately I’m not the ruler of the Goddess Palace. There are goddesses that are higher in status than me in the Goddess Palace. As for your Little Fenghuang, it is better that she stays with us.”

Ye Jing was upset, “You…you…”

The Goddess Isa said, “You don’t have to be too upset about it. We’re protecting your child, that’s all.”

Ye Jing thought ruefully, “More like hostage…”

The Goddess Isa said, “Anyway, you are now the Patriarch of the Tranquil City. Other than me, you have the second highest authority here.”

Ye Jing asked, “You’re really making me a patriarch here?”

The Goddess Isa nodded, “Like I say, that is your reward for reaching the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil. This has nothing to do with whether I like you or not.”

Ye Jing felt that she was too cold and impersonal. She asked, “I can change the laws right?”

The Goddess Isa nodded, “Yes, you can. What are you going to change?”

Ye Jing said, “How about no more slave trading in the Tranquil City.”

The Goddess Isa nodded, “Then it will be done.”

Ye Jing was surprised, “Really?”

The Goddess Isa smiled, “Goddesses don’t lie. It will be done.”

Ye Jing was really delighted and it showed on her beautiful countenance.

Ancestor Yi was growling softly, “How come there a slave trading in the city? Didn’t I set all the slaves free a long time ago? Why didn’t you do anything about it?”

The Goddess Isa smiled gently at him, “Like you say, it is a long time ago. You know I don’t intervene and most of the time I’m in your company.”

Ancestor Yi rubbed his nose, “Maybe I should come down more often.”

The Goddess Isa said suddenly, “Ye Jing, follow me.”

Ye Jing thought that she would be dismissed soon. She did not expect that the Goddess Isa would suddenly call out to her to follow her.

It was not exactly she got a choice. After seeing her swordplay and movements earlier, she knew that she could not win in a fight against them. Moreover, this Ancestor Yi looked equally unfathomable. Unless she had been pushed to a corner, she thought that it was wiser for her to adopt a wait and see approach.

The Goddess Isa had walked to the other end of the white hall and there were three other passageways.

She entered the one on her right and it led to a long passageway. At the end of the passageway was a golden door. She gently pushed it opened and said, “Ye Jing, come.”

Ye Jing hurried her steps as she followed the Goddess Isa through the golden door while Ancestor Yi followed closely behind.

She found herself in a large chamber and in this large chamber, there were many artefacts lying about. She was soon gasping in astonishment, “Is this a treasure room?”

There were many precious swords, strange looking artefacts and urns that sniffed strongly of pills.

The Goddess Isa said casually, “These are the loot that I’ve casually collected over the years. It is nothing really valuable. It is just a waste to throw it away. If you like any of these, you can just have it. I don’t mind.”

Ye Jing was smiling as her eyes looked greedily around the chamber. Any of these were worth a small fortune. Did she just say that I can have any one of these?

Even Ancestor Yi was looking curiously around the chamber as he muttered, “That is quite a lot of collection.”

It was obvious that he had never been here before.

The Goddess Isa was amused as opened a secret wall, “You can leave these things later. Come with me.”

Ye Jing followed her to another secret walled chamber and she found herself in a big chamber with a large covered cauldron in the middle.

She asked curiously, half jesting. “Why did you bring me here? Don’t tell me you’re giving some divine pills?”

The Goddess Isa smiled, “Right on. In the middle of this chamber is a Life Rejuvenation Divine Pill. This divine pill has the effect of strengthening your vital energies and even extending your lifespan. I can promise you that you won’t find it anywhere else. This is your reward for reaching the Heavenly Temple.”

Even though Ye Jing was usually thick skin and would not hesitate to take free things but this time she was really awkward to take it. Life extending divine pills were almost unheard of and even more precious than divine swords. Who would not want to live longer?

Even Ancestor Yi was a little startled, “This divine pill must really be very precious. You’re really giving to her?”

Ye Jing said quietly, “I don’t think I deserve it. My Celestial Teacher Heaveness has already rewarded me for stepping into the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil. I really can’t take more.”

The Goddess Isa smiled, “These are two different matters entirely. The Heaveness rewards you because she is waiting for her successor to appear. The Tranquil City rewards you because you are now its first ever patriarch.”

Ye Jing really wanted to take the Life Rejuvenation Divine Pill but somehow she did not feel right. Is there a catch somewhere? There are no free lunches in the world…

Ancestor Yi said, “Child, since the Goddess Isa says so, you may take it. From what I can see, this divine pill will be beneficial to you. Moreover it looks quite valuable.”

Ye Jing just needed a little push and she immediately said shamelessly, “If Ancestor Yi says so then I shall take it then.”

As she was about to reach her hands into the cauldron, the Goddess Isa divine whispered secretly into her ears. “There is a secret level below the first pill. Just push it gently and don’t let your Ancestor Yi see it. The second pill that is below the first is the real treasure. It is the Blue Aura Divine Pill and it is a divine pill that can push your divine sense to its limits. It is a gift from the Goddess Palace to you.”

Ye Jing thought, “Blue Aura Divine Pill? What is it? Why is she hiding it from Ancestor Yi? Aren’t they acquaintances?”

But as she had already reached halfway for the Life Rejuvenation Divine Pill, she did as she was told and found a blue mystic pill in a secret compartment below. Quietly, she slipped the blue mystic pill into her sleeves…

The Goddess Isa was smiling as she said, “By the way, your Ancestress Ye has mentioned to me that there is a lad that is with you who is also the father of your child. That lad has a vast potential and his talents are above you.”

Ye Jing said, “Xiaofang?”

The Goddess Isa nodded, “That is his name alright. He is a born Xiantian and his spiritual inner core is extremely pure. Given a little more time, he may surpass all the golden celestials in the celestial realm. If you are not careful in handling him, you will soon find your hands full of enticing rivals.”

Ye Jing was startled. Xiaofang is a born Xiantian? He has never told me before. But it is not surprising since he possesses the Healing Focus and can even purify his own inner core…

Ancestor Yi said to Ye Jing, “Today I am really happy to meet you. Our path may not cross for a long time.”

Then he sighed softly, “Maybe it is better for you not to go to the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. You are too young to waste your life there. Why don’t you follow me into seclusion for a hundred years? Then you can also wait out the storm of the forthcoming divine calamity.”

Ye Jing said politely, “I believe that life and death is predestined. I want to live my own full life. There are still many interesting things that I want to see in the world on my own. It may be treacherous and I may even lose my life but I have already found someone that I want to be with in this lifetime and that is Xiaofang. I want to be with him forever. Therefore I must decline your kindness.”

Ancestor Yi seemed a little startled by her reply but he was soon smiling, “In that case, I wish you all the best. As for this Xiaofang, I will really like to meet him one day. After all, he is someone that can capture the heart of the Heaveness’ successor. Child, go in peace and experience the world with your boldness. I remember that I have once explored the world with nothing but my guts and fighting spirit.”

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Chapter 29: The Celestial Force

Monarch Beitang Ze smirked coldly as he stood facing the city gates of the Tranquil City. With it were his sister, Supremacy Beitang Ying and the sectarian leader of the Thousands Fragments Sect, Supremacy Duan Yizong.

Beitang Ying smiled coldly, “At any time now, they will be approaching the city gates of the Tranquil City.”

Indeed her scouts had informed her that Ye Jing and Young Master Yun Xinghe would be making their way out of the city at any moment.

Although unprovoked fighting was forbidden in the Tranquil City, Monarch Beitang Ze had simply decided to wait for the day that Ye Jing exited the city. There, he would follow her and ambush her. He already prepared 300 celestial experts that lie in wait outside the city. In additional there were 20 mounted winged griffons that were hiding in the mountains just in case Ye Jing took flight on her phoenix.

Duan Yizong said to Beitang Ze, “Isn’t this a little too overkill? We will be offending two major celestial clans today. Why don’t we just serve them a little warning and let them off?”

Beitang Ze stared coldly at Duan Yizong, “Since the battle between the righteous celestial clans and the heretic celestial clans are inevitable, why not make this the starting point? Or are you sympathizing with that Ye Jing?”

Beitang Ying looked hatefully at Duan Yizong, “How dare you have eyes for that Demoness Ye Jing! Have you forgotten what you have said to me before?”

Duan Yizong smiled weakly, “It is not that. I just find that Ye Jing to

Beitang Ze said coldly, “Today I will capture her and enslave her. With her extreme negative attribute and her cultivation level, my chance of ascending as an immortal will be greatly enhanced. In fact, I may not even need to risk myself in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. Therefore no one can stop me from taking her today.”

Duan Yizong was startled. It was because he was only helping Beitang Ying because he was courting her. All he knew was that a Maiden Ye Jing had caused her brother Beitang Ze a tremendous loss of face and she had brought him along to avenge for her brother.

He did not know that Beitang Ze had planned to his debauched cultivation arts on her to ascend to the immortal realm. Now that he knew, he began to feel great pity for her and regretted taking part. Even though he was also a dark celestial but he detested Beitang Ze’s dark practice which cultivated through the negative bodies of the young females.

But because Beitang Ze was already a peaked monarch and a lot more powerful than him, he kept his thoughts a secret. If it was not because he liked Beitang Ying, he would not want to get involved in his affairs.

Suddenly Beitang Ze was smiling, “They are finally here.”

Indeed Ye Jing and Young Master Yun Xinghe had appeared in front of the city gates.

Ye Jing turned ashen when she spotted Beitang Ze, Beitang Ying and Duan Yizong.

Hua Ni’Er and Hua Xie’Er turned completely fearful when they saw that it was Beitang Ze and they were trembling lightly.

Xiaofang said quietly, “Even from afar, I can sense their strong killing intents.”

Ye Jing sighed softly.

She took a look at Young Master Yun Xinghe, “It is only been just a little while ago that I’ve seen that Beitang Ying. Now she is here waiting for me at the city gates. It seems that even if I want to join your party, it is quite impossible today.”

When Young Master Yun Xinghe saw Beitang Ze at the city gates, he knew that there was no easy way out today and that a battle was inevitable.

Celestial Yun Chen said solemnly, “From the look of it, they are already planning to fight us outside the city.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I have an easy solution for you. Do you want to hear?”

Young Master Yun Xinghe was delighted and quickly asked, “What is it?”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “All you need to do is to leave me alone with them. Then you will be safe.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe smiled weakly. Even though he had secretly wanted to abandon her to her fate but this was not something a celestial from the righteous celestial clans would do openly. Moreover he really wanted to win over her trust. He just did not expect that Monarch Beitang Ze would be personally waiting at the city gates.

Celestial Yun Chen was smiling weakly, “It seems that I have to believe that you have really offended Beitang Ze in a very bad way for him to wait personally at the city gates for you.”

Ye Jing looked at them sheepishly, “I’ve forgotten to mention that I have messed up his slave trading, took his slaves and his gold coins. It wasn’t just a simple duel.”

When Young Master Yun Xinghe heard her, he was smiling bitterly as he thought. “How do I get out of this mess? Her mess has just become my mess as well…”

Ye Jing smiled, “I still got a better alternative for you.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe asked quickly, “What is it?”

Ye Jing replied casually, “Since they are dark celestials, I’m hope that the Celestial Sword Clan will only be too glad to rid the celestial fraternity of them.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe was smiling bitterly…

Ye Jing offered a suggestion, “We can light our clan flares to summon our clan reinforcements to battle outside the city.”

“I guess we have no other alternatives except to battle them.” Young Master Yun Xinghe took out a bamboo slip and triggered the fire flare, attracting a large number of onlookers as the flare exploded in the sky!

The onlookers and the guards of the Tranquil City were all looking excitingly as they knew that a fight will soon be breaking out.

The guards of the Tranquil City simply stood in their positions, not doing anything. It was because as long as the fight does not happen within the city, it was none of their business.

Ye Jing said coolly as she fired a flare into the sky as well, “So it is decided. We will fight them outside the city as soon as our reinforcements arrived.”

But she whispered, “They probably have ambush points outside the city and just waiting for our reinforcements to arrive. So we have to start the battle earlier to alert our men. I can fly to the sky with my Yu’Er and to give our men an ample warning.”

Celestial Yun Chen said solemnly, “I guess that we have no other alternatives now.”

Ye Jing smiled, “There actually is. We have more than 20 fighters now and they are just a handful. Maybe we stand a better chance if we are to attack them now.”

Celestial Yun Chen immediately said, “That won’t do. Even that freak Beitang Ze dares not fight within the city. Do you know why?”

Ye Jing asked curiously, “Why? Most of the guards have low cultivation level and they don’t appear to be expert fighters.”

Celestial Yun Chen said, “It is said that there are three Great Saints in Tranquil City itself and from time to time, there are celestial clans that break the sacred laws of the city and the Great Saints will melt out punishments personally.”

Great Saints are peaked Sacred Saints and martial super exponents. Their existences were almost legendary.

Ye Jing was slightly startled, “I didn’t know that the Tranquil City has such a powerhouse background.”

Celestial Yun Chen said, “We don’t know if it is really true for sure. But the might of the Tranquil City is actually greater than any patriarch celestial clan and heretic celestial clan. What you have seen is just the superficial surface. The city guards here may appear to be low in cultivation levels but within the city, I’ve already seen dozens of hidden celestial experts.”

Ye Jing nodded lightly. She remembered that even slave merchant was a golden celestial and even the Heaveness had taken residence in the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil here.

At this moment, Beitang Ying had quietly approached them with a smile. “So you are waiting for your reinforcements to go outside the city,”

She was spoiling for a fight and she knew that she would get it soon.

Ye Jing smiled, “Isn’t that obvious?”

Beitang Ying said to Ye Jing, “So you dare to fight me one to one?”

Ye Jing replied coolly, “Why not? I am just afraid that you dare not.”

Xiaofang interjected, “Let me fight her instead…”

Beitang Ying smiled, “I don’t mind the two of you joining hands to fight me.”

She added with a smirk, “As soon as your reinforcements arrived outside the city, they will be set upon by the protégés of the Scarlet Heretic Sect and the Thousands Fragments Sect. It will turn into a bloodbath.”

This was exactly that had been anticipated by the Ye Jing and she was not surprised. She was thinking of how to sneak past them to warn their men. However she also knew that they may have already prepared wing mounts to intercept her.

Beitang Ze said coldly, “Why don’t you make a move to the city gates?”

His expressions were cold and there was a strong killing malevolent air when he spoke.

Just as Ye Jing was about to move to the city gates, a man and a woman had appeared silently between the two groups.

There was a sudden strong oppression in the air that caused everyone to freeze where they had stood.  Even Beitang Ze, Beitang Ying, Duan Yizong, Celestial Yun Chen and Young Master Yun Xinghe were all startled. It was as though a super exponent had suddenly appeared and this person was leagues above them!

She recognized the man as Celestial Liege. She was surprised to see him again and thought, “Did he regrets giving me the jade bangles and now he actually wants it back?”

The Celestial Liege was smiling and he was looking at Ye Jing, “I have heard that Maiden Ye Jing has ascended the heavenly steps of the Heavenly Temple. It is really something that is commendable.”

Beitang Ze was staring at Ye Jing, “She is the one?…”

He had heard that someone had managed to complete the heavenly steps of the Heavenly Temple and that person had made a miracle that none had accomplished for thousands of years.

Ye Jing smiled weakly, unsure of his intentions. “That is me alright.”

Beitang Ze angrily said, “Who are you? If you are wise, you should not be such a nosy parker.”

The Celestial Liege laughed loudly and his martial laughter was like a mighty wind force.

Immediately Beitang Ze knew fear for he knew that this man was no ordinary person.

Celestial Liege said coldly, “I am just an elder of Tranquil City. Some may even have the politeness to address me as a Great Saint. But you may address me as the Celestial Liege.”

Everyone was shocked. This man who looked like he was 30+ was actually a Great Saint?

A Great Saint was a peaked Sacred Saint and equivalent to a peaked Dark Monarch.

Beitang Ze himself was a peaked Dark Monarch. He should not have felt such dread from this man but instead he was at the moment. There was something unspeakable about this Great Saint…

The Celestial Liege turned to Ye Jing and smiled, “I have a gift for you.”

Ye Jing was startled, “A gift for me? Why? I barely know you.”

Celestial Liege laughed heartily as he took out a golden token that was shaped like a key, “This is the Tranquil Patriarch Token. This is your reward from the Ruler of the Tranquil City for overcoming the trial of the heavenly steps. From now on, you are the city patriarch and this Tranquil Patriarch Token gives you the permission to enter the city freely and to make your own laws within the city.”

Ye Jing was startled, “Did I hear it right? This isn’t a joke? I don’t believe…”

The Celestial Liege smiled, “And of course whoever makes an enemy out of you will also be an enemy of the Tranquil City. At the same time, the numerous faction powerhouses will be yours to deploy as well, including the Great Saints and Elders of Tranquil City.”

Ye Jing was truly stunned and everyone that heard him were all looking at Ye Jing with stunned expression.

In just a quick succession of words, Ye Jing had been transformed into the most powerful person in Tranquil City!

Ye Jing asked, “Who is this Ruler of the Tranquil City?”

The Celestial Liege laughed, “That is the purpose of my coming. The Ruler of the Tranquil City will like to see you immediately.”

Ye Jing looked curiously at the Tranquil Patriarch Token before she answered, “Alright. But I have something that I need to settle first…”

The Celestial Liege smiled, “You are anxious about your reinforcements?”

Ye Jing nodded, “I got to fight alongside them.”

The Celestial Liege smiled, “No need. Your reinforcements will be safe.”

He took a glance at Beitang Ze before saying, “It is because I have grounded all their reinforcements.”

Ye Jing, Young Master Yun Xinghe, Beitang Ze and all the others were startled!

Beitang Ze shouted angrily, “What did you do?”

The Celestial Liege smiled coldly, “Did you not hear what I’ve just said? Your reinforcements are all grounded. Perhaps if you are fast enough you may just save a few.”

Beitang Ze was shocked beyond words. This was a direct challenge to the prestige and might of the Scarlet Heretic Sect.

Even Duan Yizong was shocked. It was because he had joined forces with the Scarlet Heretic Sect. The 100 odds fighters were the elite of the Thousands Fragments Sect and they were all at least in the peaked Master Practitioner levels!

Beitang Ze said coldly, “You have made a terrible mistake by offending the Scarlet Heretic Sect. Do you dare to fight with me?”

The Celestial Liege lifted his chin as he smirked, “As if I am afraid of you.”

Beitang Ze shouted to everyone, “You’ve heard him! This is a willing duel and not against the laws of Tranquil City!”

Then he stared coldly at the Celestial Liege, “I shall rip your bones piece by piece. You will wish that you are never born and your death will be extremely painful.”

Xiaofang had noticed that the aura of the Celestial Liege was of the positive attribute. So he said, “Senior, you can use my divine sword!”

But the Celestial Liege smiled gently, “No need. I shall just use my hands.”

Beitang Ze had unsheathed his dark divine sword. It was an earth grade pure positive divine sword!

He said coldly, “There are no time limit and it only end until one of us is dead.”

He was actually thinking. Once he had killed this Celestial Liege then he would go after Ye Jing directly. At this point, he did not care if he had offended the Tranquil City. He was just half a step and he could attain as an immortal. He was not about to give it up at this point.

Celestial Liege looked coldly back at him, “So what are you waiting for?”

Beitang Ze had mustered all his martial force and his aura was a rich crimson, anyone that was watching was filled with awe.

As for the Celestial Liege, he was filled with a heavy positive attribute invisible aura that was suffocating.

Ye Jing and Xiaofang secretly took a glance at each other. This aura was not manifested by celestial energies but by internal energies. That would only mean one thing. That this Celestial Liege was an ancient celestial!

Beitang Ze had immediately attacked with his divine sword and he had flashed next to the Celestial Liege.

His movements were simply too swift!

But the Celestial Liege simply lifted his foot and stomped at the ground, sending a powerful martial force upward as it caught Beitang Ze in mid-air!

Time seemed to be slowed down; as a matter of fact Beitang Ze was suddenly falling down in slow motion as the Celestial Liege lifted his fingers as he struck Beitang Ze with thunderous impact several times!

Everyone could hear the crackling of bones as Beitang Ze’s golden body was broken in mid-air!

How could finger stances have shattered a dark monarch’s golden body? This has never happened before…

The Celestial Liege hummed coldly, “You can forget about transmigrating to the immortal realm. You are not fit to go there at all. The many souls that you have killed will become your dark nemesis in the form of your heavenly wrath tribulation. I have actually disdained your dark practice for quite some time and because you have so foolishly provoked me then this is your just deserved karma.”

In the next instant he had snatched Beitang Ze’s divine sword and had used it to slice him into half, stunning all the onlookers into disbelief!

Everyone was expecting the duel to last for hundreds of strokes and even then, the fight would not be so decisive. But in less than a few blinks of an eye, the duel was over…

When Beitang Ying saw the scene, she broke down and was sobbing uncontrollably.

Even Duan Yizong was trembling, not believing what he had seen…

Young Master Yun Xinghe and Celestial Yun Chen were too astonished to even react…

Xiaofang whispered to Ye Jing, “I can feel his pure positive martial force strongly. It seems that it has the effect of slowing down everything that it is enveloping. This divine martial force is simply too startling and overpowering. Either we can avoid his martial aura or we can maintain a distance. The two are the only way.”

Ye Jing was smiling weakly because she was actually thinking if this Celestial Liege would take her to some other place and butcher her alive. She totally had no defenses against him!

The Celestial Liege had obviously overheard Xiaofang as he said casually, “There is a third alternative. You can try to overcome my martial aura with a stronger martial force.”

Celestial Yun Chen said slowly as he recovered his wits, “I have heard that there is a lost divine skill that is called the Celestial Force. What you have used certainly matches the characteristics of the Celestial Force. May I know if I’m right?”

The Celestial Liege smiled coldly, “Indeed.”

The Celestial Force divine skill was ranked in the top ten powerful divine skills. There were almost no practitioners of the Celestial Force in recent history and the divine skill was considered to have been lost.

The Celestial Liege had turned to Ye Jing to ask, “Maiden Ye Jing. Now that I have cleared your worries, are you ready to meet the Ruler of the Tranquil City with me?”

Ye Jing jumped slightly when she had heard him calling her.

Her countenance was miserable and her eyes were pleading to everyone silently, “Don’t let him take me away. I am afraid…”

Xiaofang said, “In that case, I will go with our Holy Consort…”

The Celestial Liege said coldly, “No. All of you will wait here.”

It was a command and not a request at all.

When Xiaofang heard him, his heart grew cold and he was unable to overcome the oppressing aura of this man. This man was too imposing and the power disparities between them were too great!

The Celestial Liege said to Ye Jing, “Why are you so afraid of me? I didn’t say I want to take you as my god-daughter. Moreover you are now the Patriarch of the Tranquil City now and it is the Ruler of the Tranquil City that wants to see you.”

He added, “Come with me.”

Ye Jing was still trembling in front of him. She knew that she did not have much choice in this matter but she said defiantly, “You…better not have any funny ideas on me!”

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Chapter 28: Small City Indeed

There was a beam of light and Ye Jing had re-appeared at the bottom of the heavenly steps suddenly, catching the hundreds of crowd by surprise.

She was holding a hen in her arms but she did not remember what had happened. But her body felt lighter than usual and her perception had even increased.

But suddenly she found herself surrounded by hundreds of people who were asking her what the Heavenly Temple was like.

“She is the one!”

“What did you see at the top?”

“What did the Heavenly Temple look like?”

Xiaofang, Chu Yunfeng, Li’Er, Hua Ni’Er and Hua Xie’Er had quickly surrounded her and were stopping the crowd from overwhelming her.

Xiaofang panicky asked her and his eyes were filled with concern, “Are you well? I am so glad to see you again…”

Ye Jing laughed softly as she slowly remembered, “Yes. I’m alright. Let’s leave this place quickly!…”

Li’Er was so happy to see her protégé mistress again that her eyes were wet, “Protégé mistress, we have been waiting for you for so many days…”

Hua Ni’Er and Hua Xie’Er were following Ye Jing tightly and they were hugging her joyfully. They had been very anxious for their benefactor and when she was not around these few days, they were extremely anxious and were at a total loss.

“It is good to see benefactor again. We have thought that we will never see you again.” Ni’Er cried out.

Xie’Er cried, “Or even ascends to the immortal realm as an immortal. We are totally in awe of benefactor when you manage to climb up to the top of the heavenly steps…”

Ye Jing was slightly startled, “I have been away for some days already?”

Eventually she managed to recollect some of the memories that she had on top as they ran swiftly away from the excited crowd.

It took a while before they managed to shake the last of the excited crowd for it was really too hard to miss a stunning maiden like Ye Jing.

They were now far away from the mountains of the Heavenly Temple and in another part of the city.

As Ye Jing composed herself and slowed to a walk, she remembered going to the Heavenly Temple. There, she saw gardens of rare flora and even mastered the Tranquil Spirits that was left behind by the Great Goddess Fantian.

She also met the mythical Heaveness who became her Celestial Teacher. As a reward for entering the Heavenly Temple, she was imparted the Great Emptiness Translucence by the Heaveness. She promised not to tell anyone that she had seen her.

The Heaveness even gave her some extra rewards such as a golden mystic pill and some rare herbs, “Because you have the Eternal Lotus within you, this divine pill and these herbs will not only retain its vitality but will continue to be nurtured by the Eternal Lotus.”

After that it was a total blank. She could not even remember the minute conversations that she had exchanged with the Heaveness but she thought nothing of it. Maybe she was too nervous and overwhelmed by the experiences of meeting her first ever immortal.

In anyway, she felt delighted and spirited as she asked. “Where should we go next?”

Chu Yunfeng smiled weakly, “We should rejoin our main party already and be on our way already.”

Just as Ye Jing was about to protest, she chanced upon Young Master Yun Xinghe and Celestial Yun Chen.

Young Master Yun Xinghe was delighted to bump into Ye Jing. He quickly walked off to greet her, “Your Holy Consort, it seems that we have been dumping into each other everywhere. If it is not fate then I don’t know what it is.”

Xiaofang was secretly unhappy to see Young Master Yun Xinghe. It was because it was too obvious that he was trying to hook onto Ye Jing. But like the rest of Ye Jing’s retinue, he returned a quiet hand bow when he saw him as did Celestial Yun He and his retinue.

Ye Jing smiled faintly, “You again…”

She took a secret glance at Xiaofang for she could feel that he was uncomfortable. Her relationship with Xiaofang was actually secret and not even her mother the Lady Consort Ye knew of their current progress.

When Xiaofang saw her tenderness in her look, he immediately calmed and it was as though she was telling him, “You’ll always be my only one.”

Ni’Er and Xie’Er did not take notice as they were filled with idolatry for Xiaofang, especially when they had heard that Xiaofang was only 17 and much closer to their ages. At 17, he was already an Immortal Celestial, a highly respected celestial ranking. To be able to attain as an Immortal Celestial was already the lofty dreams of many. Higher celestial levels like Golden Celestial and Sacred Saint were the wildest dream and almost the exclusive clubs. Without powerful heritages and fortitude encounters, it was almost to attain with cultivation and talent alone.

They did not know that the Holy Consort had kissed Xiaofang in public. It was something that Xiaofang, Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng did not bring up during their casual chats.

Moreover even Chu Yunfeng and Li’Er did not know that the Holy Consort and Xiaofang were in a serious relationship. From their observations in the past few weeks after leaving the Holy Citadel City, they had seldom seen them talking even.

What they did not know was that Xiaofang and Ye Jing were cultivating the Emotion Divinity and they were basically avoiding each other lest it affected their progression.

At this moment, Young Master Yun Xinghe was thinking; no matter what happened today, he was determined to strike a conversation with Ye Jing and to find the opportunities to be closer to her today.

So he said a random topic, “Have you heard that just a few days ago, something miraculous happened at the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil? A lady was seen completing all the heavenly steps and that had never happened before. I had tried previously but the maximum I could climb was only some 400 odd heavenly steps.”

He had only taken 195 heavenly steps but as he wanted to impress Ye Jing, he had purposely marked up a little.

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Oh really? That is really impressive…”

“I have heard that the lady was carrying a hen in her arms as well…” All of a sudden Young Master Yun Xinghe saw the hen that was in Ye Jing’s arm…

Ye Jing laughed softly, “I wish that is me. Surely you don’t think that would be me, right? Because I’ve never been there.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe laughed aloud, “Of course not. In order to do so, that lady must be some centuries old freak!”

Ye Jing pretended to smile but she was cursing him within, “I am not any centuries old freak!”

Young Master Yun Xinghe asked, “I wonder if the Holy Consort is…”

He lowered to a whisper, “…going to the Golden Clans Congregation?”

Ye Jing nodded lightly before she asked, “Are you as well?”

Young Master Yun Xinghe whispered cautiously, “Indeed I am. Not just that. I’m storming the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth to seek powerful heritages for further cultivation.”

Ye Jing raised her hand to brush her long braided hair, “That is so impressive.”

When she had raised her hands, Young Master Yun Xinghe was suddenly startled. It was because he had suddenly noticed that she was wearing a precious jade translucence bangle. This was a 9th grade spirit jade and it was extremely precious to cultivators and its value was almost incalculable. And yet she was flaunting with it in the open and not hiding it. There were many cultivators that would rob her just because of these jade bangles even if she was a golden celestial.

“What wrong?” Ye Jing asked when she noticed that Young Master Yun Xinghe was looking at her as she adjusted her attire. She was a little mindful as her robe was too short and revealing.

When she adjusted her attire, Young Master Yun Xinghe was even more startled to see that she had another one of these jade bangle on her other wrist!

He had never expected that the Holy Consort of the weakest patriarch celestial clan would be this wealthy. Moreover he had already heard that Ye Jing possessed an extremely rare heaven-grade extreme negative divine sword and she even had a soul contract with a phoenix saint beast.

He was beginning to see why she was able to attain as a golden celestial despite her young age. Her clan really spared no expenses in grooming her with all its resources and heritages.

Therefore this only made him even more determined to win her over so that he could dominate her. He was already imagining that they would be such an enviable couple and maybe he could even be the future alliance leader of the patriarch clans.

He found himself looking at her exposed curved bosoms on the top as he was taller and her enticing slim body as well as her white pearly legs that stick out of her short robe.

As a young master of the powerful Celestial Sword Clan, he had no lack of beautiful women that had thrown themselves at him. But this was the very first time that he had considered marriage for Ye Jing was simply too enticing to him. The instant that he had seen her, he had been mesmerized by her peerless allure and he was already thinking of her every day.

One thing that still perplexed him was that according to the many trustworthy rumors that had been circulating around, Ye Jing had already accepted the betrothal gifts of Young Master Yuan Chengzhi. The betrothal gifts that included two divine swords were not a small matter and were in fact a great show of sincerity on the part of the Divine Sovereign Clan to have a marriage alliance.

But Ye Jing had strongly denied it.

Could it be that the young Holy Consort Ye Jing was forced to accept this marriage alliance by the Divine Sovereign Clan? After all, she had just taken the leadership position and in need to consolidate her position.

After he had met Ye Jing, he had actually enquired more news about her.

It seemed that her uncle, the Celestial Baitian had plotted to usurp her leadership position and but it was folded with the help of Young Master Yuan Chengzhi.

Because news spread fast in the celestial fraternity, he had also heard some sketchy details on it. But he had never expected that Ye Jing to be a golden celestial at a young age of 22.

He had to double confirm a few times of her age because it was an impossible thing and this had never happened before in the entire history of the celestial fraternity. What was her secret?

Regardless if the rumors of her getting engaged to Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was true or not, he was now determined to get her through any means. And since he had the opportunity to meet up with her just before the Golden Clans congregation, he must admit that providence had really been kind to him.

And he had already thought of a way to get her and that was a pre-emptive possession of her body. While it was not an entire honorary method but he was confident that Ye Jing would fall in love with him.

“Really nothing wrong at all?” Ye Jing asked curiously as she noticed that Young Master Yun Xinghe seemed to be staring at her.

Young Master Yun Xinghe quickly smiled, “Nothing at all. You are really very beautiful today…” He was running out of topics to chat with her and his mind was searching for more stuff to engage her…

Ye Jing did not really want to talk with Young Master Yun Xinghe. Although he looked quite like a refined gentleman and was a scion of a powerful patriarch celestial clan, she had actually thought of him as a little loathsome. She was cautious of his approach as she believed that he had an ulterior motive.

Moreover she had her eyes on Xiaofang only.

“Weird, we can’t seem to find that Demoness Ye Jing anywhere. My scouts didn’t see her leaving the city…oh, here she is!” It was Beitang Ying and she had arrived with dozens of men. Also In her company was the sectarian leader of the Thousands Fragments Sect, Duan Yizong.

Ye Jing growled softly as she thought, “This city is really too small. Why is that everywhere I go, I keep dumping into her. All my festival moods are killed by her.”

Beitang Ying smiled coldly, “I wonder where she goes to. Now I know. She is actually here seducing the young master of the Celestial Sword Clan. She is already engaged to Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and she is still not satisfied. She is really a harlot!”

When Ye Jing heard her taunts, she was actually not moved. It was because of her newly acquired Tranquil Spirits and the Great Emptiness Translucence that gave her a composed mind.

However Chu Yunfeng, Li’Er, Xiaofang, Celestial Yun Chen and Young Master Yun Xinghe was moved to anger as they shouted angrily at the same time, “What did you say?”

Beitang Ying taunts had attracted a great number of crowds and that was her intention. She intended to humiliate Ye Jing and caused her to lose her reputation. This was the price for making her brother to lose his face in public!

So she laughed coldly as she pointed at Ye Jing, “Do you know who she is? She is the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City and her name is Ye Jing!”

Almost at once, large mutterings were heard from the crowd of curious onlookers.

Beitang Ying waited briefly for her proclamation to sink in before she hummed coldly, “She is already engaged to Young Master Yuan Chengzhi of the Divine Sovereign Clan but look at her now, behaving so coyly with the Young Master Yun Xinghe of the Celestial Sword Clan. She is stepping her foot on both boats! If she isn’t a shameless harlot then what is she?”

Her words immediately sent indignation to rise among the women in the crowd as they started to point at Ye Jing and calling her shameless.

Young Master Yun Xinghe was naturally unhappy he could also feel that the crowd was pointing fingers at him. He quickly said, “Enough of your slandering. We are from the righteous celestial clans while everyone can tell that you are from the dark celestial clans. It is common knowledge that the dark celestial clans are at odds with the righteous celestial clans. How low can you get!?”

Upon hearing him, the mutterings seemed to have mortified and were not as loud as before.

Beitang Ying hummed coldly, “Unfortunately, many in the celestial fraternity have already heard about their engagement. Since she is already engaged to Young Master Yuan Chengzhi then may I know who are you to her? The only person that has the right to defend her isn’t you but Young Master Yuan Chengzhi who isn’t here now. Since you are so eager to defend her then your relationship with her doesn’t look as simply as it looks. I wonder what will Young Master Yuan Chengzhi thinks about this.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe replied coldly, “Enough of your slanders. This is only the second time that I have met Maiden Ye Jing…”

Beitang Ying interrupted coldly, “Who knows if that is true! Maybe the both of you have arranged to meet in the Tranquil City to avoid suspicion. Unfortunately, you did not expect your affair to be found out.”

As Ye Jing listened to their hot debate, she kept a quiet demeanor. It was because she was more amused than upset. She did not even know that she had been engaged to Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and she knew that Baitang Ying was only venting her anger to hurt her.

She kept her glances on Xiaofang and the many interesting things that the stalls were selling instead.

Xiaofang had wanted to intervene by rebuking Beitang Ying but when he saw that Ye Jing could not be bothered, he had also restrained himself.

Beitang Ying said coldly, “I don’t want to talk to you. I’m talking to that Demoness Ye Jing over there. Why are you so quiet? Are you feeling flustered because I’ve found out your shameless secret? Are you afraid of me? Do you dare to fight with me?”

Ye Jing smiled sweetly, “Supremacy Beitang Ying, I am not arguing with you because I am really afraid of your brother the Monarch Beitang Ze. I am not his match at all. As for you, I am also not your match. So what even if you have won? What pleasure do you get for defeating a nameless person like me?”

Beitang Ying hummed coldly, “I get a lot of pleasure just by slapping you and wasting your cultivation. This is a price for offending the Scarlet Heretic Sect!…”

Ye Jing coolly turned to the crowd and her voice was precise and alluring. “You’ve heard her? I have a feud with the Scarlet Heretic Sect. That is why Supremacy Beitang Ying is after me. Although I am also a golden celestial but I am not skilled in any divine martial skills and is not her match. I am sure that some of you have heard about my feud with the Monarch Beitang Ze a few days ago. I must admit that I’ve used some trickery to win. This unfortunately has caused a tremendous loss of face for the Scarlet Heretic Sect. But what can I do? In a straight fight I can’t hold any ground against the powerful celestials of the Scarlet Heretic Sect. That is why I have to seek the protection of Young Master Yun Xinghe here.”

When she had said that, she had immediately portrayed herself as the weak victim and that it was actually the Scarlet Heretic Sect that was harassing her.

Immediately the crowd began to mutter;

“I have heard of that as well. A few days ago at the slave market…”

“It seems that the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City actually has a kind heart and helps liberate the victims…”

“It is probably the dark celestial clans that are causing troubles…”

“No wonder this Beitang Ying is acting so weirdly. Now we know why…”

“Did you hear that the Scarlet Heretic Sect practices a kind of evil cultivation art that suck the negative soul energies of its victims?”

Beitang Ying could sense that the crowd was growing in hostility against her. Even though Tranquil City is a neutral city but most of the populaces were generally biased against the dark celestials.

Ye Jing knew that as long as she kept her composure, there was nothing that Beitang Ying could do to her here.

And that was actually the same conclusion that Beitang Ying had arrived now.

She said coldly, “You can’t hide here forever. I know where you are going and that is where we are going as well.”

With that, she began to march off.

Duan Yizong was smiling with intentions formed as he took a few glances at Ye Jing before he followed after Beitang Ying.

Young Master Yun Xinghe turned to Ye Jing and said, “We have three golden celestials here while they have only two supremacies. If a fight were to break out, we may not lose.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Please don’t include me or you will really be so disappointed. I can contribute to some fighting strength but I am really not a good fighter. Thanks for putting a word for me but it is goodbye now.”

She was telling the truth. Any one of them had 10-20 times her training time and her common sense told her that if a fight were to break out, Beitang Ying and Duan Yizong would be particularly vicious in their strokes.

Young Master Yun Xinghe was not about to let her off. Suddenly he had an idea, “To avoid complications with the dark celestial clans, may I suggest that we travel together? I have 500 men that are stationed outside. With such a large force, even the dark celestial clans will think twice about ambushing us. What do you think?”

Ye Jing paused in her tracks thoughtfully, “You’re right. It may be a good idea.”

When Chu Yunfeng heard her, he was secretly relief. He had thought that the Holy Consort would immediately reject the suggestion of Young Master Yun Xinghe.

The truth was he was a little fearful of encountering the Scarlet Heretic Sect outside the Tranquil City and somehow he knew that Beitang Ying was trying to seek a battle with them.

While Ye Jing loathed Yun Xinghe but she was not confident that she would not be attacked by Beitang Ying outside. Moreover he had more than twice her numbers outside the city that were waiting for him. As a sectarian leader, she carried the life and death of her protégés with her. If she could avoid unnecessary battles and deaths, she would consider.

Young Master Yun Xinghe was absolutely delighted and he was looking at Celestial Yun Chen with unmasked conceit. Since she had agreed to join his party, the next step of his plan would be to play Ye Jing into his hands and to him, it was as simple as slaughtering a lamb.

Celestial Yun Chen could only guess what Ye Jing’s fate would be. He had watched Young Master Yun Xinghe grew up and was his mentor as well. He knew that Ye Jing would be eaten to the bones by Yun Xinghe. He heaved a soft sigh and thought, “Maybe her fate is much better with our young master than Young Master Yuan Chengzhi of the Divine Sovereign Clan…”

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Chapter 27: The Great Emptiness Translucence

The white palace that Ye Jing had seen was the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil.

When Ye Jing entered with Yu’Er through the imposing red gates of the white palace, what she saw filled her with astonishment. It was a lakeside garden filled with many rare plants and herbs. Although her herbalism was not ranked highly, she could still tell that these rare floras were centuries and thousands years old.

Just this wonderland of treasure floras alone would allow the owner to dominate the entire celestial realm!

Yu’Er was beaming with joy and salivating at these rare floras, especially when she had spotted a couple of fire mystic plants that were particular good for increasing her growth!

“I will advise your divine phoenix to restrain her greedy appetite lest I pluck her phoenix feathers and dripped her phoenix blood to the last drop for devouring the garden.” The martial voice floated down to them.

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Did you hear that Yu’Er? So don’t have any funny ideas.”

Yu’Er made a fluffy face before she cowered behind Ye Jing.

Ye Jing walked through the lakeside garden slowly, admiring the breathtaking misty scenery and secretly taking note of what she had seen in her heart.

Finally she had reached another imposing red gate at the end of the lakeside garden.

The red gates were opened as well. So Ye Jing entered the red gates and found herself in the outer court of the Heavenly Temple.

A monstrous black stele stood in the middle of this outer court.

Curious Ye Jing walked to it and began to read its inscriptions. After reading a while she was startled, “This is the Tranquil Spirits!”

Indeed this was the Tranquil Spirits, a heart intricacy formula that could help the practitioner to keep their emotions in check and always be in a divine state of serenity.

“This is your reward for reaching here. You may take your time to memorize the intricacy formula first.” The martial voice echoed.

Ye Jing was absolutely delighted. She immediately set her mind to commit the intricacy formula into memory and began to meditate in front of monstrous black stele as she started to interpret the mystic laws of the Tranquil Spirits.

“The heart of the intricate formula of the Tranquil Spirits is ‘Absolute Defense through Tranquil’. To reach this stage, tranquil your divine state with absolute emptiness, when formless, from nothing, there something. It is partitioned into three portions, the beginner stage of ‘The Defense Harmony, the intermediate stage of ‘The Infinity Folds’ and the advanced stage of ‘The Infinity becoming One and One becoming the Void’…” she began to recite in her heart.

She did not know how much time had passed but when she had opened her eyes, the Tranquil Spirits had been totally integrated into her Purity Heart and she knew that she had also attained to the Intermediate level of the Emotion Divinity. Her Divine Sense had also undergone a transformation and it was even sharper than ever and she could even feel minute energies that were coursing through the air.

She knew that if she could overcome her Emotion Divinity then her Divine Sense would have another major breakthrough.

With the Tranquil Spirits within her coupled with her knowledge of the mundane celestial practice, she knew that if she could reach the Transverse and the Seventh Sense Divinity, then the perception of her Divine Sense would even evolve to include the supremacies of space and time into it. When that time comes, she would be on the same level as her Ancestress Ye.

As she got up, she felt lighter and was spirited. She knew that this was the result of the Tranquil Spirits that she had picked up.

Yu’Er was nesting near her and was looking a little bored.

She saw another red gate that had suddenly appeared in front of her and was secretly startled; it was because it was not there when she had begun her meditation.

But still she was not afraid and walked into the red gate without any hesitation, “Come Yu’Er.”

This red gate led to a great white hall and at the end of the hall was an extremely peerless maiden in white that mediate within a divine pink lotus.

She thought, “She is the one calling me with the martial voice?”

It was because martial voice was a harmony of crude martial sounds that made gave no clues to the gender of the cultivator that made it. The purpose of martial voice was long distance projection and to shake the nerves of the listeners.

When Ye Jing saw her, she was immediately filled with awe and she knew that this peerless maiden in white mediating was no ordinary celestial. A closer look revealed that she had a mark on her forehead and that her eyes were closed.

She could not tell the divine state of this peerless maiden or her intentions. Upon seeing her, she could only say weakly, “Uh, I am here. Junior Ye Jing pays my respect to you.”

The peerless maiden in white slowly opened her golden eyes and gave her a faint smile, “You seem to be very young and you’ve already attained to the golden celestial level.”

When she had opened her eyes, Ye Jing was so startled that she took a few steps back; it seemed that the state of divinity of this peerless maiden had suddenly increased to such imposing level that she was forced to step away from her!

Ye Jing panicky said, “My Celestial Teacher the Saintess Yi Si had given me her Eternal Lotus. That is why I am able to propel to the golden celestial level. It is not because I am really so talented…”

The peerless maiden in white smiled gently, “Don’t be afraid and let’s chat. I have already known of the origin of your Eternal Lotus.”

Ye Jing was surprised, “You know? You’ve met with my Celestial Teacher?”

The peerless maiden in white shook her head, “I did a little divine calculation, that’s all. Come over here.”

Ye Jing walked over to her and the nearer she was to her, the more she was trembling. When she was neared her, she asked reservedly. “Senior elder…Saintess…how do I address you?”

The peerless maiden in white smiled, “My celestial name is the Heaveness. You may address me as Senior. Mentioning my name in front of me is strictly forbidden. I’m quite sensitive to my name being called.”

When Ye Jing heard her name, she was stunned.

Who had not heard of the Heaveness?

According to legends, she was said to be the successor of the Great Goddess Fantian and was an immortal. How was it possible for her to be in the celestial realm and in a place like this?”

Ye Jing asked hesitatingly, “You’re the mythical Heaveness? The same one as the companion goddess of the Great God Yi Ping? You are an immortal?”

Heaveness said alluringly, “I’m indeed an immortal. But you must not tell anyone that you have seen me. No mentioning of anything whatever so.  Alright?”

Ye Jing nodded, “Alright…”

The Heaveness remind her gently, “And no more mentioning of my name.”

Ye Jing was a little excited for she had never seen a real immortal and the first immortal that she had seen was the mythical Heaveness!

Her celestial lore was really bad and she could not recall most of it. It was also because she believed that most of the accounts of the celestial lore were mostly exaggerations or fictions.

The Heaveness smiled, “Good. So Yi Si has chosen you to be her successor and has given you the Eternal Lotus. You seem to be a fast learner and you have already mastered the Tranquil Spirits. Since you’ve managed to step into the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil, let me tell you a little history first.”

“The Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil was established by the Great God Yi Ping and he is also known as the Lord Tranquil at times…”

Ye Jing was startled as she thought, “The Great God Yi Ping is also the Lord Tranquil?”

“…anyone that is able to ascend to the Heavenly Temple here will be able to obtain the Tranquil Spirits as a side reward. This Tranquil Spirits was left behind by the Great Goddess Fantian as a memory here.”

“Seekers of the Heavenly Temple will be able to glimpse into the Mirror of the Great Emptiness Translucence. This is actually the main reward. Do you want to have a look now?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I didn’t think too much before I’ve come. I’ve just thought that it may be a wonderful thing to visit the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil. After all, it is my first time visiting the Tranquil City. Is this the ultimate reward for reaching here?”

She paused briefly before saying shyly, “The rare herbs outside looks more tempting than taking a look at some mirror.”

The Heaveness laughed softly as she raised her hands as a formless mirror appeared between her hands, “Look deep into the Mirror of the Great Emptiness Translucence.”

When Ye Jing looked into the formless mirror, it seemed like her entire entity was being sucked into it. The scenes around her had become surreal and she was hovering above a black coffin. When the coffin case was opened by a mystic force, a young maiden in black was lying inside the coffin. To her horror, that young maiden was her!

Ye Jing was startled, “I have died?”

The young maiden in black was very pale and when she had suddenly opened her golden eyes, Ye Jing was so startled by it that she was jolted and she was back to the great hall again.

“What is this scene that I’ve seen?”

The Heaveness said quietly, “That is your future major heavenly tribulation that you have to overcome in order to become a Saintess.”

Ye Jing was still shocked by what she had seen, “I will die?”

She was smiling bitterly, “I’ve thought that I will receive a gift but instead I’ve received a deadly vision…”

The Heaveness smiled alluringly but she was soon solemn, “You ought to bow down three times before me and acknowledge me as your Celestial Teacher. That is because I’ve imparted the Great Emptiness Translucence to you. This is the real reward. The vision that you have just seen is conjured by me through the Emptiness of the Great Ultimate. The vision that you have seen is a foreboding by the Great Emptiness Translucence for your current situation. It is not an absolute future. You have to meditate to avoid it yourself.”

Ye Jing was startled, “The Great Emptiness Translucence?”

The Heaveness smiled, “I have placed the Great Emptiness Translucence within your soul. It will be useful for your future meditation. Aren’t you going to bow down to me?”

Ye Jing realized that she had been rude and she quickly fell onto her knees and bowed three times. She was actually secretly delighted because she got to be the disciple of the Heaveness and it was beyond her wildest dream!

“My respects to Celestial Teacher!”

The Heaveness nodded, “Good. I actually didn’t expect anyone to be able to disturb my seclusion here. Moreover, you are also Yi Si’s successor. What a surprise. Tell me more about yourself.”

Ye Jing told her everything about herself and on the recent happenings.

Finally she said sadly, “I hope that Celestial Teacher will help me to get back Little Fenghuang from my Ancestress Ye. I’ve heard that she was taken to the Goddess Palace. However I don’t have any clues to where it is.”

The expressions in the Heaveness’ eyes slowly changed when Ye Jing mentioned that her Ancestress Ye went by the celestial title of the Ascension Goddess and that her given name was Ye Yin.

Ye Jing was hopeful that the Heaveness would be able to help her and that was why she was now pleading with her. There was nothing an immortal could do and most celestials would not dare to mess up with any immortals, especially a mythical immortal like the Heaveness!

The Heaveness sighed softly, “Unfortunately I can’t help you.”

Ye Jing was stunned as she stammered, “Celestial…Teacher…you can’t help me?”

The Heaveness said quietly, “Without a heavenly decree in my hand, I can’t intervene in the affairs of the Goddess Palace.”

Ye Jing was startled, “Even a mythical goddess like Celestial Teacher is not able to do a thing to the Goddess Palace? Is the Goddess Palace so fearsome?”

The Heaveness smiled, “The Goddess Palace has many strong celestial experts and your Ancestress Ye is one of them. Moreover in the immortal realm, she is in a league of her own, one of the few immortal experts that can dominate the nine realms of the immortal realm and sometimes even kicking the butt of the Great God Yi Ping. I can talk to her but I won’t be able to defeat her on my own.”

Ye Jing was flabbergasted, “Ancestress Ye is an immortal?! She is this strong?”

She began to recall the scene when Ancestress Ye had demolished the protégés of the Divine Sovereign Clan in a matter of minutes…

The Heaveness expressed a surprise, “She did not tell you when you’ve met her?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “She only tells me that I am too weak, unfit to carry her bloodline and that my attainment is just a piece of shit…”

The Heaveness was smiling serenely, “She is a Goddess. Anyone who is below the status of a Goddess like Sagess and Fairy in the immortal realm is naturally looked down upon by her.”

Ye Jing asked curiously, “There is a matriarchy hierarchy in the immortal realm?”

The Heaveness laughed softly, “Indeed. Fairy is the lowest ranking immortal, follow by Sagess and Goddess. The title of the Great Goddess is reserved for just a few like the Great Goddess Fantian. The Ascension Goddess is an undisputable Goddess and moreover she is also one of the Heavenly Ruler of the 33 Heavens.”

Ye Jing stared at the Heaveness with a stunned expression!

If she could turn back the time, she would immediately be extremely polite to Ancestress Ye and not offend her…

The Heaveness growled softly, “It seems that your Ancestress Ye did not tell you plenty of things. That is good for it is forbidden to mention about the immortal realm.”

Ye Jing smiled, “Celestial Teacher shares with me quite a lot already. I am extremely appreciative.”

The Heaveness smiled faintly, “That is because very soon you will forget about this piece of memory for I will seal it with the Great Emptiness Translucence that we are sharing. It is actually my soul mark that is on you.”

Ye Jing was horrified. A soul mark was a soul marker that allowed someone else to track another person.

As she rose up to ask, “Why…”

The Heaveness had waved her hands, immediately Ye Jing and even Yu’Er had succumbed into a deep sleep.

“That is because I’m from the Melancholy Valley.”

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Chapter 26: Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil

“This is Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil?” asked Ye Jing.

They were now at the foot of the heavenly steps of the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil and they could see lofty mountains that were covered in mists around them.

The heavenly steps were broad and sketched 60 metres across and each had a height of 15 cm.

The misty air around them was extremely cold and Ye Jing could see hundreds of people ascending to the steps but many of the people had a weird expression on their faces.

Quite a number of the people were even crawling on the steps!

An old priest saw them and he was smiling, “The Heavenly Temple is on top of the heavenly stairs. But unfortunately most won’t be able to make it to the top.”

Ye Jing was intrigued, “Why is that so?”

Even Chu Yunfeng, Li’Er, Xiaofang, Hua Ni’Er and Hua Xie’Er were all looking at each other in puzzlement.

The old priest laughed as he looked up the stone steps, “There are 1000 heavenly steps that a person has to scale to reach the very top. Be it mortals or cultivators, few could reach to the very top due to a suppression aura.”

Ye Jing secretly glanced at Xiaofang before she said, “No wonder the expressions on these people on the steps look a little awful. They are struggling to go up. In this case, does this mean that the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil isn’t opened?”

The old priest laughed, “Most actually do not have the intentions to go to the very top. If they can reach the first 300 steps, they are already happy enough. To some of them, it is a yearly pilgrim. To some others, it is a yearly challenge to better themselves. How about you?”

Ye Jing replied, “I am just curious what the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil looks like. I’ve heard that it is one of the main attractions in Tranquil City.”

The old priest laughed, “That is right.”

Xiaofang suddenly asked, “Where does this suppression aura comes from? And it only affects the steps?”

The old priest laughed even louder, “This suppression aura is created by powerful spiritual arrays within this mountain by the Lord Tranquil. It not only affect the steps but to the heavens around here as well.”

Xiaofang could only stare at the steps and said, “He must be a really formidable cultivator.”

Ye Jing asked casually, “If we can walk up to the heavenly steps, do we get any reward from this Lord Tranquil?”

The old priest held his belly and laughed even louder, “No one can really reach the top. Not for thousands of years. As for the Lord Tranquil rewarding you, that is not possible for he had departed for the immortal realm thousands of years ago.”

Ye Jing looked a little disappointed, “So there are no rewards…”

The old priest smiled, “Not exactly. Whoever can reach the top will gain the heart intricacy of the Tranquil Spirits as well as from an insight from the Mirror of the Great Emptiness Translucence.”

Ye Jing probed further, “What is this Tranquil Spirits? Is it powerful?”

The old priest laughed, “It is only a heart intricacy to calm the heart and the spirit for meditation. Are you thinking that it is an earth shaking divine skill?”

Ye Jing and Xiaofang were secretly glancing at each other and silently thinking, “The Tranquil Spirits may be useful for them to overcome their Emotion Divinity!”

So Ye Jing smiled to the old priest, “Thank you! It is really helpful.”

The old priest laughed, “Not at all. Good luck in your climb.”

Li’Er sighed softly, “So it seems that we may not even get to see the grandeur of the Heavenly Temple…”

Ye Jing said, “Don’t worry Li’Er. We will get to see it. I can’t wait to attempt the climbs.”

She had already hopped to the first heavenly step. Immediately she could feel a slight suppression that was upon her.

But she thought nothing of it as she began to take a step at a time.

Xiaofang, Chu Yunfeng, Li’Er, Hua Ni’Er and Hua Xie’Er followed right behind her.

When Ye Jing had reached the 200th heavenly steps, she began to slow down her pace and looked at her surroundings. As usual, there were many of the crowd that was looking at her due to her mesmerizing presence but the reason that she had slowed down was because she had noticed that she had reached the border where hundreds of people were struck and were taking a snail pace.

The suppressing aura here must be really imposing already.

When she turned back, she saw that even Chu Yunfeng, Li’Er, Hua Ni’Er and Hua Xie’Er were all struggling. Only Xiaofang could keep up with her pace.

She said, “The rest of you take a break here. Xiaofang, follow me.”

She whispered to Yu’Er, who was in her arms. “How about you? Are you comfortable?”

Yu’Er clucked aloud, including that she was alright and moreover it was Jing’Er who was carrying her so she did not even need to expend any efforts at all.

Ye Jing smiled at the fluffy expressions of Yu’Er and continued to walk up the heavenly steps.

Soon she was at the 300th heavenly steps and there was still dozens of people around her. Many were surprised at her rapid ascend even though she was still taking slow steps.

There were more people here that were crawling on the steps than the first 200 heavenly steps.

She took a look at Xiaofang and saw that he had turned pale.

She asked, “Xiaofang, are you alright?”

Xiaofang smiled weakly, “I can still continue. The suppression aura seems to have increased greatly. Why aren’t you affected?”

Ye Jing was wondering the same as well. It was because she did not feel that the suppression aura was getting mightier.

The heavenly steps of the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil required the candidate to be pure at heart. As Ye Jing acted upon her heart often, rather than thinking rationally, she was more pure at heart than most. Her decisions may not always be right but as long as her conscious was clear, she would not think too much. Even when she was so mad and had hated Xiaofang in the past, she would never think of really harming him.

That was why she had mastered the Purity Heart instantly due to her inherent innocent.

By the time that Ye Jing had walked to the 400th heavenly steps, she had taken the lead. A middle age man that she had just overtaken was staring at her and Xiaofang in disbelief. Even though the summit was very cold but he had broken out in cold sweats and he was lying flat on the 390th heavenly steps, aiming to cross the 400th heavenly steps and set a new record.

By now Ye Jing and Xiaofang were attracting hundreds of onlookers as they watched her walked step by step up the heavenly steps.

Ye Jing was like a serene goddess that had descended and she was climbing up the heavenly steps, displaying a surreal dignity and astonishing all the onlookers.

Everyone had frozen on their tracks as they watched a stunning maiden with a hen in her arms as she took slow steps upward.

Even the old priest that was talking to Ye Jing earlier was looking at the heavenly steps in disbelief as he muttered, “Isn’t this the young aristocracy maiden that was talking to me earlier?”

Usually it was impossible for aristocracies to reach the higher levels of the heavenly steps and it was a fact that even the common people in the Tranquil City knew about. That was why the old priest was not expecting Ye Jing and Xiaofang to break any records.

When Ye Jing was at the 520th heavenly steps, she could sense that Xiaofang was trembling hard. After all they were linked by the Dual Cultivation. So she said quietly to him, “Xiaofang, don’t force yourself too hard. Wait for me here. I will be back shortly.”

Xiaofang said almost breathlessly as he tried to shake off the formidable suppression that was weighing over him, “Jing’Er, be very careful!”

Ye Jing smiled, “I will. Don’t worry too much!”

Below, the onlookers were astonished that this young maiden and man would be able to ascend to the 500th heavenly steps. In the past thousand years, there was just a handful that could ascend past the 500th heavenly steps mark.

And today there were two!

Even though the young man had stopped, it was still impressive enough for all the onlookers knew how difficult each step had been. Every step that they had taken, the suppression aura would also increase at the same time.

Chu Yunfeng was looking at distant figure of Xiaofang with disbelief for he was a good 300 heavenly steps ahead of him…

Li’Er, Hua Ni’Er and Hua Xie’Er were filled with idiocy for Xiaofang even though he was not able to continue the ascend…

As for Xiaofang, he was filled with admiration for only Ye Jing…

Time passed and when Ye Jing had crossed the 600th heavenly steps, all the onlookers were shouting and clapping!

She seemed to pause briefly, causing everyone to believe that she had reached her limit but it was just a fleeting moment and she continued her slow walk up the heavenly steps.

When she had taken the 700th heavenly steps, thousands had already gathered at the foot of the heavenly steps and everyone was asking who this young maiden may be.

“She did not seem to be slowing down…”

“Is it possible?”

“This has never been accomplished before!”

The old priest was trembling, “The best record was the 689th heavenly steps. She had just broken that record…”

“What is her limit?”

“750th heavenly steps! She is still showing no sign of slowing…”

“This has never happened before. We are witnessing the birth of a miracle today…”

“799th heavenly steps…”

“800th heavenly steps! She has crossed it…”


By the time Ye Jing had taken the 800th heavenly steps, the suppression aura that was upon her was so formidable that she was using all her celestial strength as well as her internal strength just to carry herself forward!

But she did not want to give up so easily.

It was because she was thinking what an interesting place the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil would be. Before her short life was over, she definitely wanted to see it.

It was exactly the same as the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. Even though her mother the Lady Consort Ye had forbid her to enter the place, she was not about to give up any chance of exploring it.

It was as though she had a death wish.

“900th heavenly steps!”

“She has overcome the 900th heavenly steps…”

“Only 100 heavenly steps are left…”

“I have heard that the suppression aura would double every 100 steps. This is not going to be easy.”

As Ye Jing crossed the 900th heavenly steps, she was wobbly and she felt that there was a mountain on her back.

She smiled weakly at Yu’Er and continued to take slow steps up the heavenly steps.

All the onlookers were watching intensely and in great disbelief.

Two hours had passed since this unknown young maiden had crossed the 900th heavenly steps. These two hours that had passed was longer than the time taken for her to walk up from the 1st to the 900th heavenly steps. The difficulty of walking on these heavenly steps could be imagined!

Ye Jing took slow steps and she was almost at the end of her limits. Finally she had crossed the 990 heavenly steps and there were just 10 more heavenly steps that were left.

These 10 heavenly steps would take her another hour for she required 20 minute steps before she could climb a heavenly step.

Finally she had taken the 1000th heavenly steps!

Many of the onlookers had been watching for the past 4 hours and they were astonished that this young maiden had actually reached to the very top. A startling miracle had happened today!

The thousands of onlookers were all shouting and applauding excitingly at the same time!

The old priest at the bottom was staring at Ye Jing for hours, his eyes never leaving her sight. Even though hours had passed but it was as though only a few minutes had passed because it had been so suspenseful.

The minute that Ye Jing had taken the 1000th heavenly steps, the suppression aura that was on her was suddenly lifted.

Ye Jing was suddenly delighted, “Yu’Er, we have reached the pinnacle of the heavenly steps!”

As she straightened her eyes to see what was in front of her, she was astonished to see a beautiful white imposing palace that was amidst the heavy mist that surrounded the top platform.

“Is this the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil?”

All of a sudden there was a rumbling sound that emanated from the white palace and the entire place seemed to shake.

Yu’Er shrieked loudly as she was transformed back into her true phoenix form, startling Ye Jing.

She shrieked a few times to tell Ye Jing that she did not know what had happened either and that an unknown power had forced her to reveal her true form.

Ye Jing quickly used her divine sense ability to reach into the white palace but she was hit with a mental barrier immediately and the backlash caused her to take a few steps back in startled shock. “Who is that?”

A martial voice emanated from the white palace, “Why don’t you come in? You are the first one to be able to ascend here…”

The gates of the white palace were swung opened and a mystic light could be seen from within.

Ye Jing could feel that this weird martial voice was also probing her spiritual inner core at the same time and the martial voice added, “Your soul is indeed pure and you have the aid of the Eternal Lotus. It is no wonder that you are able to overcome the heavenly steps.”

She asked, “How do I address this heavenly master?”

There was a complete silence.

Ye Jing smiled gently to Yu’Er, “Yu’Er, are you afraid? I’m not. If you are not afraid then we shall go in together.”

Yu’Er shrieked loudly and flagged her wings protective over Jing’Er.

Ye Jing nodded, “Let’s go in. If there are demons, we shall slay the demons together!”

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Chapter 25: Young Master Yun Xinghe

Ye Jing and her retinue were in a large room that they had rented at the heart of Tranquil City.

Xiaofang had recovered and he was looking at Ye Jing blankly. Until now he could scarcely believe that she had won the duel. If she had not won, then Hua Ni’Er and Hua Xie’Er would not be here now.

Hua Ni’Er and Hua Xie’Er were very young. Both were 16 year old and they were also celestials at birth. But their cultivations were not strong at all because they were from a 3rd rated celestial clan the Deific Homer Clan in the northeast.

According to their accounts, their celestial clan was attacked in the middle of the night. Many were massacred by masked assailants, including their parents. They were captured and sold into slavery by the masked assailants. They had heard one man addressed their masked leader as ‘Old Knife’. Other than this clue, they had no idea who their clan had offended.

Ye Jing embraced Yu’Er who was now a chicken again close to her bosoms as she said gently, “Elder Fang and Elder Yunfeng, these divine swords are yours now.”

She had taken two divine swords from her jade belt and let it floated to them.

Xiaofang saw that the divine sword that had float to him was a half-step positive divine sword.

Ye Jing said to Xiaofang, “You’ve shattered your sword and is in need of a good sword now. From now on, this divine sword is yours.”

Chu Yunfeng was startled as he eyed the half-step balance divine sword in front of him. He was a balance attribute and this divine sword would be extremely helpful. But a divine sword was extremely rare even among the major celestial clans and it was not something to be given out without any immerse merit.

Unlike Xiaofang who had risked his life to help Ye Jing to gauge the strength of Beitang Ze, he actually did nothing.

He stammered, “I don’t deserve…”

At the most crucial moment, he had lost his courage…

But Ye Jing smiled, “Then you shall better yourself until you truly deserve the divine sword.”

She sighed softly, “The Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth will be a dangerous place to tackle. I hope that both elders will not let the divine swords that are in your hands down and do your best for the Holy Citadel City.”

Li’Er was smiling weakly, “As a direct protégé disciple of the Holy Consort, I don’t even have a divine sword. Both of you are so lucky!”

Xiaofang did not say anything. It was because he knew that Ye Jing did not want him to use his immortal sword until it was the last resort.

Chu Yunfeng was greatly touched and he said loudly, “I swear that I will be loyal to the Holy Consort forever, never going back on my oath!”

Then he looked at Xiaofang, “No wonder you can beat me. You are an Immortal Celestial.”

Xiaofang replied politely, “I am only at the lower stage of the Immortal Celestial level. I am not much stronger than you.”

Chu Yunfeng smiled weakly, “A realm difference is a big difference as a matter of fact.”

Hua Ni’Er and Hua Xie’Er were staring at Xiaofang. He did not look much older than them but he was already an Immortal Celestial. They were not paying attention to him earlier because they were not hopeful that anyone could defeat a dark monarch. Only the intervention of a golden celestial like Ye Jing could give them a glimmer of hope.

Chu Yunfeng turned to Ye Jing as he said respectfully, “We are lucky to be unscathed this time. I hope that this will be the last time the Holy Consort will be risking your life for us. We shall be the ones protecting you and not the other way around.”

It was true. Ye Jing was even prepared to use the poisoned pill in the event she was captured by Beitang Ze. It was a lucky thing that he was willing to let her prepare three strokes in advance. If not, it would be difficult for her to maintain a distance from him and to fly up the sky with Yu’Er.

Ye Jing replied sheepishly, “Alright. This will be the very last time then.”

Chu Yunfeng added, “I’m thinking that we should rejoin the main party at the first break of dawn tomorrow…”

Ye Jing said with a fluffy voice as she interrupted him, “We have not been to the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil yet. That is the main attraction and we should visit it at least once in our lifetime.”

Just as Chu Yunfeng was about to protest, there was a shout outside the room. “Where is that Demoness Ye Jing hiding? I know that she is here! Do you want to continue hiding? Where are you Demoness Ye Jing?! Are you too afraid to show up?”

Ye Jing growled softly for she recognized the voice of Beitang Ying, “She is indeed fast. She has even given me a nickname. This is too outrageous. I have barely taken a break and she is here already. Maybe I should call her Avenger Beitang Ying.”

It was indeed Supremacy Beitang Ying.

She had entered the tavern with a young man and she was sweeping her glances around the place as she taunted, “Demoness Ye Jing, where are you?”

The young man that was with her was saying weakly, “It may not be a good idea to attract so much attention.”

Beitang Ying stared at him coldly, “Duan Yizong, if you are afraid then you can leave now.”

Duan Yizong smiled weakly, “I am not afraid but…”

He pointed at a group of swordsmen that were sitting at the corner, “We may have already attracted unwanted attention.”

Among this group of swordsmen, there were two persons with golden eyes. From the look of their attire, they were from the Celestial Sword Clan which was ranked one of the top three patriarch celestial clans!

The older man with the golden eyes immediately sneered, “Two dark celestials that are causing trouble.”

The younger man with the golden eyes was smiling as he appraised the two dark celestials, “And one of them is pretty attractive.”

Beitang Ying was offended as she stared at them coldly, “Dogs of the Celestial Sword Clan!”

Immediately all the swordsmen around the two golden eyes men began to draw out their swords, “What did you say?”

“Who says I am afraid of you? Here I am!” an astonishing looking young maiden said as she took slow steps down the stairs. It was Ye Jing and behind her were Xiaofang, Chu Yunfeng and Li’Er.

Beitang Ying was already attractive enough but when Ye Jing had appeared, everyone was looking at her because her beauty was peerless in many ways, taking the imagination of the dozens of people that were in the tavern.

Immediately everyone was whispering, “Who is she? Since she is a golden celestial then she must have a prominent background…”

Immediately the younger golden eyes man had stood up as he respectfully bowed with his hands at Ye Jing, “I am Young Master Yun Xinghe. May I know maiden name?”

Ye Jing had her eyes all on Beitang Ying when he had suddenly called her out from her blind spot. She turned her attention from Beitang Ying and appraised this Young Master Yun Xinghe. She had definitely heard of his name before. He was said to be the young master of the Celestial Sword Clan.

She took a glance at him and said, “So you are Junior Yun Xinghe.”

The older golden eyes man said angrily, “How dare you display such rudeness to our Young Master Yun Xinghe. I dare you to say your name loud!”

Beitang Ying was smiling, “So the dogs of the patriarch celestial clans are all biting at each other now.”

When the older golden eyes man heard her, he asked. “You are one of us?”

Ye Jing said, “I am Ye Jing, the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City. Am I wrong to say that he is a junior?”

Both the older golden eyes man and Young Master Yun Xinghe were startled, “You’re the Holy Consort?”

The older golden eyes man said, “My respects to the Holy Consort. I’m Celestial Yun Chen, an elder of the Celestial Sword Clan.”

Indeed as patriarch leader, Ye Jing had the right to call Young Master Yun Xinghe as her junior.

Young Master Yun Xinghe did not mind her comments at all. He was rather disappointed that such a peerless maiden was actually engaged to that rascal Young Master Yuan Chengzhi. He could only say with disappointing sigh, “I have heard that the Holy Consort is engaged to Young Master Yuan Chengzhi.”

Ye Jing was annoyed, “Who says I am engaged to Yuan Chengzhi? Who has been spreading this rumor around?”

Young Master Yun Xinghe asked, “It is not true?”

Ye Jing replied coldly, “Of course it is not. Don’t let me hear another word of it. It is really annoying.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe was instantly delighted, “Is the Holy Consort in trouble with the dark celestials? I can take care of your troubles for you.”

Ye Jing looked at Beitang Ying and said, “Indeed!”

Beitang Ying said coldly, “Oh? You have found some strong helpers. But in my eyes, they are nothing at all!”

Young Master Yun Xinghe had stepped in as he said, “I don’t want to fight nameless dark celestials. Why don’t you report your names?”

Beitang Ying hummed coldly, “Supremacy Beitang Ying from the Scarlet Heretic Sect.”

Duan Yizong smiled coldly, “Supremacy Duan Yizong, protégé leader of the Thousands Fragments Sect.”

When Young Master Yun Xinghe and Celestial Yun Chen heard their names and clan of origin, they were slightly startled and a little speechless.

It was because Beitang Ying was the younger sister of Beitang Ze, the protégé leader of the Scarlet Heretic Sect. As for Duan Yizong, he was a peaked supremacy and the protégé leader of the Thousands Fragment Sect which also happened to be one of the top 3 heretic celestial clans.

Young Master Yun Xinghe was thinking weakly, “The Holy Consort sure knows how to pick her enemies…”

Duan Yizong yawned coldly, “If the Celestial Sword Clan wants a fight, I will gladly give you.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe was smiling weakly; he was a lower stage golden celestial while Elder Yun Cheng was an intermediate golden celestial. Against a peaked supremacy like Duan Yizong who was half a step to become a dark monarch, it was going to be a difficult fight. At the same time they had just offended two major heretic clans…

Li’Er, Xiaofang and Chu Yunfeng were watching as well and they were smiling weakly at Young Master Yun Xinghe. It was because he was in the exact situation as Ye Jing when she had offended Monarch Beitang Ze.

Young Master Yun Xinghe smiled weakly, “Since we are at the Tranquil City, it is quite pointless for us to fight a life and death battle with each other. Moreover we are all from the major celestial clans. It will be good if we can settle our differences amicably.”

Beitang Ying pointed her sword at Ye Jing, “Not unless this demoness is dead!”

Duan Yizong did not know who Demoness Ye Jing was. He had followed Beitang Ying here when she had mentioned to him that she was looking for her to settle a score. When he had seen Ye Jing, he too was astonished at her peerless beauty and he was secretly filled with admiration for her. So he said, “Ying, cool down. What exactly happens?”

“She! She…” Beitang Ying found it difficult to say it out.

Ye Jing said casually, “I’ve won the duel with Beitang Ze fair and square. Your brother didn’t even look for me. Why did you look for me for? We’re supposed to forget that incident as part of our deal.”

When Young Master Yun Xinghe and Celestial Yun Chen had overheard that Ye Jing even offended the most dangerous celestial in the celestial realm, they had immediately turned pale. To help her was like offending the two major heretic clans. Although the Celestial Sword Clan was powerful as well and could contest against these two major heretic clans, they were not willing to sacrifice unnecessary especially when there were no benefits involved.

Beitang Ying said, “Demoness Ye Jing! Do you dare to have a life and death duel with me?”

Ye Jing smiled coldly, “What is there for me to duel with you? If I lose, I lose everything. This is the Tranquil City so I am not dueling with you. If you want to fight me then I shall see you at the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.”

Beitang Ying was slightly taken aback. Since she had already vented enough, she said to Duan Yizong as she marched off. “Let’s go!”

Duan Yizong gave an unfriendly stare at Young Master Yun Xinghe and Celestial Yun Chen but gave a smile at Ye Jing before he left with Beitang Ying.

Young Master Yun Xinghe heaved a soft sigh and just as he was about to approach Ye Jing, she had already turned around and had gone up the stairs!

Celestial Yun Chen smiled weakly, “This is really such a small city. We ought to lie low and be more discreet. Once we got the supplies that we want, we should go immediately.”

“Young Master?”

But Young Master Yun Xinghe was not paying any attention. He was staring at where Ye Jing was last seen.

Slowly he said, “I think that I’m in love…”

Celestial Yun Chen was startled by what he had heard. It was because Young Master Yun Xinghe had never been interested in any of the beautiful maidens that were introduced to him over the years. He was wholly focused on cultivating and at the young age of 250, he was already a golden celestial.

It was the first time he had told anyone that he was in love!

However Ye Jing made him uneasy. She was like a rose with sharp thorns. Since ancient times, a peerless beauty could cause upheavals in the entire realm and this Ye Jing was such a peerless beauty.

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Chapter 24: Shameless Duel

The huge crowd that had gathered was pointing and muttering as they looked at Ye Jing and Beitang Ze curiously.

“It is such a great pity for that beautiful maiden to suffer such a fate. What a waste…”

“It is a fair deal. There’s nothing we can do.”

“This maiden has a divine sword while this man is fighting unarmed…”

“This divine sword is actually a superior grade heaven-step divine sword!…”

“Is that dark celestial a dark supremacy or a dark monarch?”

“Who will win?”

Ye Jing swung her divine sword in a half arc that caused a gentle rippling force that cleared the dust away from her.

Monarch Beitang Ze smiled, “Good sword. I shall give you the benefit of three striking strokes and I won’t retaliate.”

“This man is too arrogant. He is fighting unarmed and yet he is giving her the benefit of three strokes!” The crowd began to mutter.

Ye Jing said coldly, “Then don’t regret it later!…”

Suddenly she had mustered all her celestial energies as her golden aura enveloped her as she sent three bursts of startling sword energies toward him!

These sword energies were imbued with strong negative energies and coupled with her heaven-step extreme negative divine sword, the killing penetration power of her sword energies could tear most cultivators apart with a strike.

Monarch Beitang Ze immediately displayed his Scarlet Divine Skill and hit the ground beneath him with a tremendous force that sent a column of martial wall of force upward. This immediately absorbed the three sword energies into nothingness as the colliding forces exploded thunderously!

Those nearby could feel the rippling of the martial forces as they quickly took a few steps back to avoid the repercussions of the shockwaves and to avoid the martial charged pebbles that were flying all around them. In fact, quite a few in the crowd was even injured by the impact of the colliding shockwaves.

Ye Jing leaped into the mid-air as she displayed her second stroke by sending a beaming sword energy that flew with a tremendous speed onto Beitang Ze!

As she did not have a secure footing, she could only channeled enough celestial energies for one single sword energies but this sword energies was swifter than her first strike.

Monarch Beitang Ze immediately saw through her moves. She was only distracting him with the first attack but she was actually aiming him for his head above.

He only need to take a half-step and turned his body aside to get out of harm’s way. That was exactly what he did and the attacking sword energy exploded with a bursting thunderous impact on the ground near him.

Just as he was asking, “So, what next…”

Ye Jing had suddenly called out, “Yu’Er!”

A large phoenix had suddenly emerged and its wings were fluttering rapidly, sending fiery rippling wind forces that threatened to knock the onlookers off the ground!

In just a blink of an eye, Ye Jing was smiling delightfully as she was sat on the back of the phoenix in the sky above while Monarch Beitang Ze and the crowd were all looking at her in amazement.

“Is she planning to run away?” There were several mutterings of the same comments in the crowd.

“This is a phoenix! A 7th rank divine beast!” Someone shouted with astonishment.

Ye Jing laughed as she sent a sword energy strike from her sword to fly onto Beitang Ze.

This time Beitang Ze did not even evade as the sword energy was released from a good distance away and much of its energies were already dissipated by the time it had struck his protective aura.

Ye Jing said aloud, “That is my 3rd stroke. Now for my 4th, 5th and 6th stroke…”

She had released one sword energies after another in a slow casual manner, not even bothering to use her full strength.

And Beitang Ze was simply standing there doing nothing, not even bothering to defend himself!

His expression was extremely awful as he could only stare coldly at Ye Jing.

Accordingly to the martial rules, a stroke is defined as an attack, defense, evade move that is received or displayed.

Even if he could not display thirty strokes against Ye Jing, just standing here and receiving her strike counted as the passing of one stroke.

As a Dark Monarch, he had the powerful ability to levitate with his celestial aura but even the most powerful dark monarchs could only levitate 10 feet and it was a highly exhausting feat. Defying gravity was not the same as flying at all.

Now that he knew that he had fallen into her entrapment, he was cursing her.

Ye Jing could be wily if she was forced to do so. After all she was being forced into the intrigues of the Holy Citadel City since she was young.

She had asked for thirty strokes even though she knew that Baitang Ze could easily finish her under 10 strokes. It was to put him off guard. Because there were an excessive number of strokes, she knew that he may even want to display his generosity to a celestial junior in front of the crowd so that he could show off his magnanimous in the future and to prove that this was a fair duel. After all, it was her and not him that set the terms of the duel!

“14th stroke…18th stroke…hey, aren’t you retaliating?” Ye Jing asked. “Why don’t you draw your sword and try hitting me with your sword energies?”

Monarch Beitang Ze said coldly, “No need!”

Ye Jing laughed as she hastily displayed a few fake strokes, swinging her sword as though she was releasing sword energies but exactly there was none. “19th stroke, 20th stroke…28th stroke, 29th stroke…”

She fired a real sword energies on the 30th stroke that hit Beitang Ze’s aura before she said, “I have won!”

Supremacy Beitang Ying was flustered with anger as she exclaimed angrily, “This is too shameless. Is this even a duel?”

Ye Jing smiled shamelessly, “Of course it is. It is not as if I am high up in the heavens. Leave behind the two maidens and go!”

Monarch Beitang Ze said coldly, “You have made a terrible mistake and messed up with the Scarlet Heretic Sect. If you are afraid then you can hole yourself in this city forever. I will never forget this slight today.”

Then he said to Beitang Ying, “Let’s go!”

Supremacy Beitang Ying was startled, “We are going?”

But Beitang Ze had already disappeared among the crowd.

Supremacy Beitang Ying stared coldly at Ye Jing for a few moments before she marched away furiously.

Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng were staring at each other. Until now, they could not believe that their Holy Consort had really won a duel against Monarch Beitang Ze, the most powerful leader of the dark heretic celestial clan!

Ye Jing heaved a soft sigh of relief as she landed on the ground with Yu’Er.

She quickly helped the unconscious Xiaofang up and said to the slave merchant, “Release them now.”

The slave merchant stared at her for a second but he quickly said to his men, “Release them!”

He lowered his voice to whisper to her, “In the future, you will have to watch your back. I have heard that Beitang Ze is a particular ruthless and unforgiving person.”

When Ye Jing heard him, she pretended not to hear him and instead she was paying attention to the two young maidens.

The two young maidens were weeping with tears of joy as they bowed onto the ground, “We will follow you forever.”

Ye Jing said gently to them as she dressed them back, “No need. You’re freed now. What are your names?”

One of the young maidens quickly replied and she was sobbing, “I am Hua Ni’Er. She is Hua Xie’Er. We are cousins. We have no other family and nowhere to go anymore. We only want to follow young mistress.”

Xie’Er was crying, “Young mistress, please take us in!”

Ye Jing sighed softly as she turned to Li’Er, “They will be your new younger protégé sisters from now on. Take care of them.”

When Ni’Er and Xie’Er had heard Ye Jing, they were overwhelmed with joy that they gave Ye Jing a few more heartfelt bows.

Ye Jing was feeling awkward as there were still many onlookers that were still looking at her and waiting to see what she would do after the duel.

She quickly said to them, “Please rise. I am Ye Jing. You’re not my slaves or anyone slaves. You are free to go anytime.”

Ni’Er said, “Mistress Ye, you have a kind heart.”

Ye Jing said quietly, “Not so. It is impossible for me to save everyone. I’m just messing around.”

She had saved two souls but there were countless people in the city that needed saving as well. She knew that she did not have the will power or the resources to do so. And today, she had just offended one of the most terrible celestials in the entire celestial realm.

She was already imagining Beitang Ze wiping the Holy Citadel City off the map of the celestial realm!

But she was also thinking, “Beitang Ze must have already known that the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth is descending soon. From the looks of it, he is buying rare supplies and looking for a way to further increase his cultivation strength. I will probably meet him really soon.”

When she had left the street, the crowd was buzy sharing and gossiping;

“Who is this stunning golden celestial maiden?”

“I have heard from someone here that she is the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City…”

“Isn’t she the fiancée of the Young Master Yuan Chengzhi of the Divine Sovereign Clan…”

“And this dark celestial is actually the Monarch Beitang Ze of the Scarlet Heretic Sect…”

“Isn’t he one of the top seven fighters in the celestial realm?”

“A fight between the righteous celestial clans and the dark heretic celestial clans had actually taken place here in the city…”

“I was expecting a good fight but I must admit I am a little disappointed of the shameless tactic used by her…”

“Such a peerless beauty. Lucky she had escaped with her wits and was not made a depraved slave of that man…”

In the crowd stood a man and a woman that were in the auction house earlier. They were watching silently and were looking amused…

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Chapter 23: The Scarlet Heretic Sect

The man seemed to be surprised that Ye Jing had rejected his offer of goodwill. So he laughed and said, “You don’t want the jade bangles or you don’t want to be my god-daughter?”

Ye Jing mustered a weak protest, “Both.”

The man smiled coldly, “I don’t believe that you will not want the jade bangles. Your expressions have betrayed you.”

Ye Jing was wearing a veil. How was it possible for him to see her expressions and moreover she was sitting behind him!

She recovered wits and said coolly, “It is true that I want the jade bangles like everyone else. But I will not steal, rob, kill and even betray myself for it. It is a mere 30 000 gold coins. I can earn it myself and buy my own jade bangles!”

She was lying to herself. In fact she was cursing herself, “30 000 gold coins. This will take me three life times and forfeit the pay of everyone in the Holy Citadel City for the next 3000 years…”

The man just laughed and there seemed to be mocking in his eyes. Even the woman that was beside him was smiling.

The woman was very beautiful and there were many that were secretly looking at her since the start of the auctions.

Ye Jing was also very enticing but as she had worn a veil, it was hard for the others to tell how truly beautiful she was. But still, there were also many that were secretly looking at her ever since she had entered the auction hall.

When Ye Jing had said such a spirited words that she would not want the jade bangles and would not steal, rob, kill and even betray herself, many of the onlookers were astonished and wondered what her background was. It was not easy for them to say such mighty words as her!

In fact the instant this man was to step out of the auction house, there would be dozens of people that would be stalking him and waiting for an opportunity to steal, rob and kill him for the jade bangles. It did not matter if he was a powerful Golden Celestial. There would always be many that would take their chances when the opportunities present.

The man smiled as he waved his fan at the beautiful attendant, “Be sure to give her the jade bangles before she leaves the premises.”

Then the man and the woman seemed to ignore everyone else and started to make their way to the exit.

Not only Ye Jing was stunned, everyone else was as well. Did he just tell the beautiful attendant to give her the jade bangles just like this and without any strings attached?

Ye Jing protested weakly, “Wait! You can’t do this. I don’t even know you…”

All of a sudden there was a divine whisper in her ears, “But I do know you. Or rather, I know the Eternal Lotus that is within you the moment that you have entered this hall. The Eternal Lotus can transcend the cultivator to beyond life and death. You have quite a rare immortal treasure with you .Then I shall not be less generous and shall gift you the jade bangles. I wonder if you are able to protect the gifts though.”

Ye Jing did not know how to use any divine whisper so she shouted, “Who are you?!”

There was a fainting whisper in her ears after they had disappeared from view, “The Celestial Liege.”

Still in shock, she muttered. “The Celestial Liege…”

Xiaofang was perplexed. Why did that mysterious man gift Jing’Er such an expensive gift?

He whispered to Ye Jing, “Your Holy Consort, you shouldn’t accept his gift at all. Let’s us leave quickly. I don’t like the look of these people around here.”

In public, he did not dare to address her as Jing’Er. Moreover, they were cultivating the Emotion Divinity at the moment.

But the minute Ye Jing saw the man disappeared from view, her daring courage and superior air immediately returned. She smiled, “Well, it doesn’t seem that he means any harm to me. Which maiden doesn’t like pretty jade bangles?”

Xiaofang said quietly, “These are not ordinary jade bangles. These jade bangles are a magnet for troubles.”

Ye Jing looked a little sheepish but she had already made up her mind to take the jade bangles as she thought, “Well, I didn’t steal, kill, rob or betray myself for it. Since 30 000 gold coins have dropped from the sky, it is such a pity not to take it. Therefore I shouldn’t stand on ceremony.”

At this moment Ye Jing could feel the shrinking boundaries of her initial stage of her Emotion Divinity but she simply could not care for less. She was too overcome with her own eagerness to wear the Icy Translucence Jade bangles. That was worth 30 000 gold coins and in her mind, she was already too busy counting the gold coins!

She just smiled, “I have Elder Fang and Elder Yunfeng to protect me. So what do I have to fear?”

At this moment even Chu Yunfeng was a little feeling uneasy about the unwanted attentions. He was thinking, “If the Holy Consort who is a golden celestial cannot handle her foes, can I handle her foes?”

Xiaofang knew that Ye Jing was determined to keep the jade bangles so he said quietly, “Let us quickly collect the jade bangles and go then. As for that man, we ought to be exercise extreme caution around him. How matter how well he can conceal his blood malevolent air, I can sense it.”

Ye Jing laughed softly but she was thinking, “There is nothing to worry about. My Divine Sense is a hundred times sharper than Xiaofang instinct.”

She quickly asked the attendants for the directions to collect the jade bangles. When she had collected the jade bangles, she quickly put it on her wrists and was absolute delighted at the new sense of spiritual elevation that was flowing through her inner core.

After checking that they were not being followed, Ye Jing and her group quickly exited a passage that was provided by the House of the Orange Divine Lion for their privileged clients to the Hundred Flowers Street.

The Hundred Flowers Street was packed with people and there were a lot more activity than other places.

As Ye Jing walked to a corner of the street, she immediately growled softly for she had accidentally come to the slave market.

A man in dark robe was overheard telling the slave dealer, “I want two young maidens, most preferentially celestials and their attributes must be either extreme negative or pure negative.”

The slave dealer smiled, “That will be extremely expensive. That will be 10 gold coins for one.”

The dark robe man put a bag of gold coins on his table and he was smiling, “Keep the change. Show me your goods.”

From afar, Ye Jing could see that this slave dealer had golden eyes and she detested him in her heart. “He is a golden celestial and he is involved in the slave trade instead of cultivating. What a detestable person!”

The slave dealer smiled coldly as he said to his men, “Bring the two young celestial maidens that have the pure negative attributes for our client to have a look. Hurry it up.”

In no time, several men were seen herding two frightened partially naked young maidens into view. When they were in sight of the dark robe man, they began to stripe them completely naked.

The slave dealer smiled casually, “You may inspect them to your satisfaction. They are still chaste maidens and unspoiled. Their pure negative attributes are of high quality. They will be extremely good for your cultivation. You know that I have only high end slaves here.”

The black robe man laughed coldly as he inspected the naked young maidens, “Yes indeed. You did not lie when you say that they are high quality goods.”

When Ye Jing heard that that black robe man was going to use them for his cultivation, she was extremely upset. Without thinking, she had already stomped her way to them icily, “Immediate release the two maidens. I say now!”

When the black robe man turned his head, Ye Jing was startled that he had purple eyes and white hair. That could only mean one thing; he was a dark celestial equivalent to the Golden Celestial or the Sacred Saint level!

“Is he a Dark Supremacy or a Dark Monarch?”

Normally a dark celestial had red eyes and white silvery hair. But when they had reached the Dark Supremacy level which was equivalent to a Golden Celestial, their red eyes would turn to purple, indicating their new state of divinity. Also their aura would be purple instead of golden like the Golden Celestials. As for Dark Monarch, it was the equivalent of a Sacred Saint.

The dark robe man smiled coldly, “You dare to order me?” But when he saw Ye Jing, his eyes began to beam as he muttered. “A Golden Celestial with an extreme negative attribute…that is what I need.”

Ye Jing was startled and thought, “He can read my attributes with only a sweeping glance?”

The slave merchant hummed coldly, “Celestial or Saintess, do you know the rules of the Tranquil City? This is a fair trade.”

When the two frightened young maidens saw Ye Jing, there was a glimmer of hope in their eyes.

Ye Jing said coldly, “Who knows if they are abducted from somewhere.”

Chu Yunfeng knew what kind of a trouble that Ye Jing could get into so he quickly advised to Ye Jing, “Tranquil City is a city of neutrality. There are numerous righteous and heretic celestials here. All abide by the laws of the Tranquil City.  Also, the various trades are backed by numerous faction powerhouses. We simply cannot afford to mess up with the factions of the Tranquil City. They can easily imposed a sanction against our clan and even ensure that we have no place in the celestial fraternity.”

When Ye Jing heard him, she was not so pleased. This flamed her up even more and she said coldly, “Are you deaf? Did you not hear what I say? Release them immediately.”

The dark robe man was about to say something when another purple eye maiden approached the scene, “Brother, who has the audacity and the stupidity to step on your foot? Don’t they know that you are one of the seven top celestial fighters in the Celestial Realm?”

This attractive purple eye maiden was another dark celestial!

The dark robe man laughed, “I was about to ask them.”

This attractive purple eye maiden saw Xiaofang and she was smiling, “Who are these foolish ones?”

At this moment, Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng were both terrified, especially when they had heard that this dark robe man was one of the top seven celestial fighters in the Celestial Realm. In front of them were two Dark Celestials that was at least of the Supremacy level, one Golden Celestial and tens of powerful cultivators in the background.

Ye Jing said haughtily, “I am the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City. And who are you?”

The dark robe man laughed loudly, “I have thought who the bold one is. So it is the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City. I’ve heard many things about you. In fact, I’ve wanted to visit you. It is said that you are not only a ravishing peerless beauty but your body is also belonging to the extreme negative attribute that is suitable for cultivation…”

Ye Jing interrupted coldly, “Despicable shameless calf…”

The dark robe man continued to say, “I’m Monarch Beitang Ze and this is my sister, Supremacy Beitang Ying.  And we are naturally from the…”

Ye Jing, Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng immediately gasped, “…the Scarlet Heretic Sect!”

Everyone in the celestial fraternity knew that the Scarlet Heretic Sect was the most powerful of the three major heretic celestial sects, a power that can rival the top 3 patriarch celestial clans. Monarch Beitang Ze was also the sect leader of the Scarlet Heretic Sect and was a peaked Dark Monarch!

A peaked Dark Monarch was equivalent to a peaked Sacred Saint!

Almost immediately Ye Jing found her legs turned to jelly and now she was saying weakly, “Release…them now.” She found herself losing her courage and even her conviction was faltering!

Supremacy Beitang Ying was smiling coldly, “I wonder who the courageous one that dared to yell at our Sacred Lord is. So it is fiancée of Young Master Yuan Chengzhi. No wonder even trash like you will dare to behave so unruly in front of us. But I tell you that the Divine Sovereign Clan is also a trash in our eyes.”

When the two young slave maidens heard that it was the Sacred Lord of the Scarlet Heretic Sect, they began to wail uncontrollably. It was because they knew that he would suck their inner core of their pure negative spiritual force and turned them into his depraved soulless slaves.

Ye Jing said angrily, “Rubbish! When did I become a fiancée of that scum Yuan Chengzhi?”

She pointed at the slave merchant, “How can you be in cahoots with the dark celestial clans?”

But the slave merchant just smiled coldly, “There are no good or evil here. If you are disrupting a trade then you will face the full wrath of the Tranquil City. So better think before you act.”

All of a sudden Ye Jing was flustered and she was shivering lightly. It was because she had suddenly felt an invisible force that was seemingly from Monarch Beitang Ze that was gently caressing her body and molesting her sensitive areas.

Monarch Beitang Ze grinned at her lustfully, “What a fine body and what a sensitive body. It will be such a waste to give it to Yuan Chengzhi. If he cannot handle his fiancée then I’m afraid that I will help him to handle. ”

Ye Jing drawn out her divine sword to dispel the subtle force that was touching her, “You’re lecher!”

When Li’Er, Chu Yunfeng and Xiaofang saw that Ye Jing had unsheathed her sword, they drew their swords as well.

Monarch Beitang Ze laughed, “Of course I am a lecher and I intend to make you my cultivation subject.”

The slave merchant said coolly, “So it is Monarch Beitang Ze, my honor to meet you. You want to fight her in the broad daylight here and take her captive? That isn’t actually lawful, you know.”

Monarch Beitang smiled coldly, “I can only say that it is just a small compensation for disrupting our trade. The Tranquil City does have this rule if I have remembered clearly.”

The slave merchant stroked his beard, “That’s right. You are the victim here and it is only fair that the Tranquil City hands over the offending party to you to determine their punishments!”

That was also one of the main reasons why there were few offenders that dare to offend the tranquillity and order of the city. It was because the offenders would be handed over to the offending party to be dealt justice with.

Monarch Beitang Ze smiled, “There is no need for the Tranquil City to help me. I can handle them alone.”

The slave merchant smiled coldly, “If you wish then.”

Ye Jing was trembling because she could feel the depraving aura of the Monarch Beitang that was upon her.

She immediately threatened as a last resort, “Even if you are a peaked Dark Monarch, do you think that you can escape encirclements from the hundreds of fighters from my clan?”

Monarch Beitang Ze roared with laughter, “And where are they now?”

Ye Jing stammered with sheepish eyes, “Everywhere…”

She knew that she was in a deep mess today and that the only way through was to fight it out.

Xiaofang knew that a fight would soon take place. But he also knew that their chances were slim. So he took the initiative to attack first, hoping that Ye Jing and the rest would be able to observe their foe for weaknesses.

With a lightning speed, he had leapt and attacked Monarch Beitang Ze with all his strength, bursting out his entire martial aura as he raised his sword high!

Chu Yunfeng was startled as he saw Dugu Fang’s martial aura and there was a tinge of azure. He thought, “He is an Immortal Celestial?”

Xiaofang missed Monarch Ze who evaded his sword strike with a supernatural reflex and the ground below his sword strike collapsed with a thunderous outburst of martial force!

Monarch Beitang Ze was secretly startled as he thought, “He may be only on the level of an Immortal Celestial but his martial force equaled a Golden Celestial expert.”

He dared not be careless as he quickly displayed his martial power at Xiaofang, causing a formidable tidal wave of overwhelming martial force that pushed Xiaofang tens of steps away!

This skill was his Scarlet Divine Skill, a formidable secret martial skill of the Scarlet Heretic Sect.

Xiaofang landed quickly as he imbued all his martial power into his sword and displayed his Flying Sword Technique, sending a spinning flying sword that flew with powerful martial outburst toward Monarch Beitang Ze.

Monarch Beitang Ze displayed his desolate purple aura as he hammered the martial charged flying sword into the ground, completely scattering the sword into dozens of pieces with a thunderous impact!

As Xiaofang gasped out for the shattered sword that Ye Jing had given him, Monarch Beitang Ze had already blinked next to him and sent him crashing onto the ground with a tremendous outburst!

Xiaofang coughed out blood and turned pale immediately as Monarch Beitang Ze put his foot on his step, “Not bad but still not good enough…”

Xiaofang struggled against the weight on top of him and before he knew it, he had blanked out completely.

Supremacy Beitang Ying hastily said, “Brother, don’t kill him yet. I want to use him to refine my cultivation.”

Now all these had taken place within a few blinks of an eye. The fight was so astonishing that Ye Jing, Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng had not even reacted when Xiaofang had suddenly attacked and in the next instant, Xiaofang was already on the ground!

Ye Jing knew that she was the cause of this stupid mess and it grieved her to see Xiaofang seriously wounded in her place. She knew that Beitang Ze had actually used very little of his martial strength and his fighting experience was too seasoned for them to handle. Moreover he did not even see a need to unsheathe his sword.

She held back her tears and said quietly, “Beitang Ze, shall we do a trade?”

Monarch Beitang Ze looked at her and asked, “Isn’t it too late already?”

Ye Jing replied, “If I can handle 30 strokes from you, you will release these two young maidens into my care and we shall forget what happen today. But if I cannot handle 30 strokes that are coming from you then I shall be submissive to you and I will be your willing slave. But you must let my retinue go. What do you say?”

Monarch Beitang Ze looked at her expressionlessly for a while before he broke into a cold smile, “It will be interesting to take the future consort of Yuan Chengzhi right under his very nose as well.”

Li’Er said with trembling lips, “He had taken Elder Fang down with only three strokes…thirty strokes are too much…”

Even Supremacy Beitang Ying was mocking, “Few exponents are able to handle thirty strokes from my brother. If you give him an incense time to beat you while you focus on running, maybe you will stand a greater chance.”

At this moment, hundreds of onlookers had already gathered curiously around them when they saw that a fight had broken out. The onlookers however did not dare to approach any closer because they did not want to get killed by some random accident.

Ye Jing dropped Yu’Er to the ground and whispered to Li’Er, “Take good care of Xiaofang for me. I have only myself to blame…”

Withholding back her tears, she purposely arranged her dressing as she secretly shifted a poisonous pill from her jade belt into her sleeve.

“Fat hope that I will be submitting myself to you,” She said silently.

She slowly dropped her veil as she stared coldly at Monarch Beitang Ze, “Do we have a deal? Are you afraid of losing face?”

When the crowd saw her face, they were all astonished that such a peerless maiden would be making a slave deal with an evil cultivator. Moreover she was a Golden Celestial as well.

Actually Ye Jing knew that as long as she did not hindered Beitang Ze and quietly go away, there was nothing he could do to her. But she could not stand the thought of having two innocent celestial maidens becoming his horrendous victims and she had chosen to make her stand.

When Beitang Ze saw her stunning looks and determined expression, he was thinking. “It has been a long time since I have seen such a peerless beauty. It may be a pity to waste her on my cultivation arts.”

He smiled, “Why not? The odds are in my favor.”

Ye Jing said, “Then draw your sword.”

Monarch Beitang Ze laughed, “There is no need!”

Ye Jing sighed softly, “30 Strokes. No more, no less. If you are unable to display your 30 strokes against me then you are considered to have lost.”

Li’Er cried, “Protégé mistress, please be careful!”

Chu Yunfeng was cursing himself for being so weak and useless at a time like this…

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Chapter 22: Tranquil City

Ye Jing had reached the vicinity of the Tranquil City and this was a city that she had always wanted to visit.

It was because Tranquil city was a unique existence that was up north of the Holy Citadel Mountains range. When she was a child, she had heard that this was a city that no celestial clans hold dominance over but was a place where the mortals sway. It was sort of a neutral city.

In the past, there was a Lord of the Tranquil City that was highly regarded in the celestial fraternity. Although he was a celestial but he had set free the mortals and gave them a homeland. Even though thousands of years may have passed but the various celestial clans still respect the neutrality of the Tranquil City.

Moreover Tranquil City was an important trading hub where thousands of celestials and even dark celestials visited for exotic goods and rare treasures. There were simply too many powerful influences in this place for any celestial clan to take control without offending all the other powerful celestial clans.

So she said excitingly, “Xiaofang, Elder Yunfeng, Li’Er! Follow me to the Tranquil City! The rest of you shall camp here and wait for my return. We will spend a few days in the city.”

Xiaofang asked, “Is this a good idea? If we slow down our pace then we may attract unwanted attentions from the others and even from the powerful devious beasts in these mountains.”

Ye Jing looked a little sheepish as she said shamefacedly, “It is only for a few days…and…it won’t impede our progression…these mountains are quite safe with many caravans…”

Chu Yunfeng laughed, “Elder Fang, you are being too cautious. If the Holy Consort wants to visit the city, we should let her have a look. The Tranquil City is a relative safe city and I’ve been there several times in the past. It is probably the grandest city in the entire celestial fraternity and not to be missed. Moreover we are so near it now.”

Even Li’Er was pleading with her eyes as she looked at Xiaofang…

Ye Jing gave Xiaofang a pitiful pleading look, “Xiaofang…”

Xiaofang sighed softly, “If you wish to…”

Ye Jing cuddled Yu’Er who was now a chicken hard and said delightfully, “Let us hurry!”

Xiaofang muttered to himself, “We’re supposed to stay put for our emotions. A buzzling city is a very bad place to cultivate the Emotion Divinity …”

It was not long before the tall walls of the Tranquil City were seen. There were long lines of caravans and people that were entering and exiting the city.

Chu Yunfeng said, “It seems that it will be hours before we can get into the city. The crowd today is really long.”

While there seemed to be guards but they were mostly manning their posts and did not attempt to inspect or to stop anymore.

Even then the crowd was actually orderly and waited patiently to get into the city. Currently the queue was not moving because there seemed to be merchants who were unloading their long train of goods to the handlers in the city.

Ye Jing saw and asked, “Are these guards slacking?”

Chu Yunfeng smiled, “This is a free city and there is no toll for entering the city. These guards are only here to ensure things are orderly.

Ye Jing secretly used her Divine Sense to probe the inner cores of the guards and were a little startled that they were not cultivators. She thought, “If it is a celestial that is causing trouble, are these guards capable enough?”

Li’Er suddenly said, “The guards seem to be coming our way…”

Xiaofang was instinctively on his guard and he had silently put his hand on the sword handle…

Indeed the relaxing guards were suddenly grouping together and there were about ten of them that were approaching them.

Ye Jing growled softly, “Of all the people, why did they suddenly come our way? Is it because I am the only one that is wearing a veil and therefore I am being regarded as suspicious?”

Li’Er said, “These men have weak auras. They don’t seem to be particularly very strong. We can fight our way through with no issue.”

Chu Yunfeng was also alarmed as he stepped forward hastily as he looked fiercely at the approaching guards.

As a matter of fact, Ye Jing and her group had noticed that hundreds of people were actually looking and pointing in their directions!

Ye Jing squeezed Yu’Er hard, “It seems that we are being targeted by everyone. Maybe we should have listened to Xiaofang…”

Xiaofang smiled weakly, “It is still not too late to flee…”

Suddenly the one of the guards who appeared to be the leader of the group was smiling as he looked at Ye Jing, “Respectful celestial maiden, welcome to the Tranquil City. We are honoured to have your presence today. Why don’t we guide you to the city gates instead and then you can freely explore the city without any hassle? May I know the name of your honorary celestial name?”

Ye Jing looked at the man curiously but he seemed to be friendly enough so she said, “Ye Jing.”

The man smiled broadly, “Celestial Ye, I am Gu Danyang. Please follow us.”

Ye Jing asked, “We don’t need to queue to get in?”

Gu Danyang laughed softly, “Celestial Ye must be really humorous. How can we allow a high ranking celestial to queue like the rest?”

Ye Jing was suddenly secretly smiling behind her veil. How could she have forgotten that she was a Golden Celestial now? It is said that Golden Celestials and Sacred Saints have plenty of prestige in the celestial fraternity and it seems to be true after all. Even a nameless golden celestial like her can have such a convenient advantage so she was naturally delighted.

She winked at Xiaofang as though she was saying, “It is all thanks to me that we are entering the city now.”

Chu Yunfeng was smiling weakly, “This is the first time that I am getting into the Tranquil City this fast.”

Ye Jing thought that Gu Danyang was a friendly man so she asked, “Why are these people staring at us? They are unhappy that we don’t have to queue?”

Gu Danyang smiled broadly, “They are probably looking at Celestial Ye and…”

He pointed at Xiaofang, “…this excellent young master here.”

Ye Jing asked curiously, “Why?”

Gu Danyang said respectfully, “Even though I don’t have the honor to see your face but from far, I know that Celestial Ye must be a peerless beauty. Your exulting beauty is like a sun that caught everyone attention. As for this young man, his splendid appearance makes even a crude man like me think that there is no man that is more perfect than him!”

Ye Jing laughed softly as she secretly took a quick glance at Xiaofang, “That is too much praises. May I enquiry what are the places of interest in the city? And where can we find the best food?”

Gu Danyang smiled broadly, “I am glad to be your honourable guide. The House of the Orange Divine Lion is hosting an active auction now at the Golden Merchant Square. Many faraway celestials are visiting the Tranquil City just for this auction. There may be things that can catch your eyes. The Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil is the main attraction. If it is your first time then you should visit it at least once in your lifetime. As for food, the Hundred Flowers Street are where you can find the best restaurants and the best taverns.”

Yu’Er suddenly clucked excitingly in Ye Jing’s arms, indicating she wants to go to the Hundred Flowers Street!

Gu Danyang halted his steps and smiled broadly at Ye Jing, “Celestial Ye may use this gate to enter the city. I hope that you enjoy your stay in the city.”

Ye Jing laughed softly as she could sense that he wanted a tip, “We will. Li’Er, reward him with a silver.”

Li’Er smiled and dropped him a silver coin into his palm.

When they were gone, Gu Danyang and his men expressions were quite awful. According to the laws of the Tranquil City, they could approach only Golden Celestials and Sacred Saints to guide them into the prestige gate that was meant for them. They were also free to keep any tips that were from them.

But Gu Danyang had never seen any Golden Celestial that tipped so poorly even though she looked like an extremely distinguished celestial maiden with many powerhouses supporting behind her back.

He heaved a soft sigh as he showed his men the silver coin and all the men were sighing at the same time. They had really lucked out. A few days ago, the other squads that were on duty had received a hundred silver coins and another had received a gold coin which was equivalent to 1000 silver coins.

When Gu Danyang and his men saw that it was a Golden Celestial that was approaching, their eyes were beaming excitingly and they were all thinking how they could spend the tips!

Gu Danyang sighed heavily to his men, “There is nothing to be dispirited about. It is still enough to buy us a few drinks.”

When Ye Jing entered the streets of the Tranquil, she did not seem to remember that she was supposed to be cultivating her emotions and her eyes were dazzled by the colourful streets and the number of exotic merchandises that were being displayed.

Li’Er said unhappily, “Protégé mistress, you are too generous. Li’Er wages is only two silvers a month. We should tip them copper coins instead.”

Ye Jing laughed, “We ought to be generous. After all we are not any second and third rate celestial clans. Moreover he is pretty friendly to us so we should be more generous.”

Li’Er gloomily said, “It is easy money for them.”

Chu Yunfeng smiled, “Let’s not talk about it anymore. Where does our Holy Consort wishes to go?”

Ye Jing smiled, “We will drop by the auctions and take a look at the rare treasures that are being displayed. Maybe we can bid for one or two as well. So let’s go…”

It took them some time to find the House of the Orange Divine Lion at the Golden Merchant Square. Along the way, almost everyone was looking in their way and quite a number even offer them a helpful direction when being asked.

When Ye Jing reached the House of the Orange Divine Lion, she was quite relieved in getting away from the crowd as she was beginning to feel more and more uncomfortable.

At the House of the Orange Divine Lion, she did not even need to ask and her group was quickly ushered into the auction halls by the attendants upon seeing her golden eyes.

As Ye Jing entered with Yu’Er, there was a sign hanging quite prominently. “No beggars, weapons or pets allow.”

So she said, “Uh, it seems that my Yu’Er isn’t allowed inside? But I can’t leave Yu’Er outside. And also our weapons…”

A young beautiful attendant quickly smiled and performed a courtesy, “As our distinguished guest, this rule doesn’t apply to you. May our distinguished guest and your friends please follow me to your distinguished seats.”

Chu Yunfeng was secretly whispering to Li’Er, “You know. Today, I have finally known that we are worlds apart from our Holy Consort…”

Li’Er looked at him coldly and whispered, “It is only natural.”

Xiaofang did not say anything but his eyes were wandering at the grandiose of the House of the Orange Divine Lion as he saw rows after rows of expensive paintings and display vases. He was clearly impressed by what he had seen.

He saw a gigantic wall painting that depicted a battle of the gods. All the gods and goddesses numbering hundreds were seen charging up a gigantic bell like dark dome with an evil eye in the middle. So impressed was he by the painting that he stood there staring at the evil eye…

All of a sudden Ye Jing had grabbed his hand and said softly, “What are you doing here? Hurry…”

The young beautiful attendant led them to a hall that was above the common halls below. It seemed that they had the high seats and in this section sat the rich and powerful.

The young beautiful attendant smiled, “I will be here to serve your requests if you have any need. Please have your seats.”

When Ye Jing entered the distinguished section, there were many people that noticed her and they were looking curiously at her.

She noticed that just below her, sat a man and a woman. They too had turned their heads and she saw that they had golden eyes. Both had an imposing aura and Ye Jing was quite startled by them.

Even Xiaofang whispered to her cautiously, “The man is dangerous. Maybe we should sit away from them…”

The man took a look at Ye Jing and smiled before he turned his head around. As for the woman she just looked at them briefly before her attention returned to the auctions.

Ye Jing whispered to Xiaofang, “It is alright. We will do fine here.” But secretly she wondered about their celestial clan of origin. It was because this celestial clan must be quite renowned to be able to produce two golden celestials. Or maybe they were just friends.

She quickly scanned her eyes around the distinguished hall for more golden celestials but however there were none. Half the people where they were seated were celestials. As for the mortals, they were probably the rich and influential in order to deserve a seat here.

Ye Jing attention was quickly reverted to the auction stage however. It was because the attractive auctioneer had just announced a spirit bangle. This spirit bangle was made of the purest jade essence and it was extremely good for spirit cultivating.

Her eyes immediately beamed excitingly at it!

Not just her but all the cultivators that were in the hall as well!

The attractive auctioneer smiled and said, “This spirit bangle can be considered a 9th rank jade treasure. It is wholly refined with the Icy Translucence Jade and come in a pair. Just one bangle alone is able to aid the cultivator to cultivate spiritual force by 20% and wearing a pair can increase the cultivating speed by 50%.”

Everyone was startled as huge muttering gathered below the lower and the upper halls!

While 20% may not seem a lot but most jades could only increase 1% to 10%. Even a cultivating speed of 5% is considered superb. But this spirit bangle alone can increase the cultivating speed by 20% and 50% if wearing a pair!

Ye Jing was stunned. She was expecting these Icy Translucence Jades to be 7th rank jade. A ranking of 9th could only mean that these two jade bungles were extremely refined and ancient to be able to aid the cultivator to absorb the spiritual force so smoothly!

One celestial sitting in the upper hall with Ye Jing could not help out muttering, “It is much more valuable than a high grade earth-step divine sword…”

The attractive auctioneer smiled, “The spirit bangles will be auctioned in a pair. The starting bid will be 10 000 gold coins with an incremental of 1000 gold coins for every bid.”

Ye Jing was totally stunned. 10 000 gold coins are equivalent to 10mil silver coins! That was more than 10 years of what the Holy Citadel City could obtain in revenue!

Just as she was about to protest loudly that no one would be able to afford such outrageous bids, the bidding wars had already started!

“11 000 gold coins!”

“12 000 gold coins!”

“15 000 gold coins!”

“20 000 gold coins!”

“22 000 gold coins!”

In a short while time, there were already tens of bidders!

Ye Jing was so flustered and horrified by the wealth of these celestials and mortals that she almost wanted to cry out. In fact she was trembling as she cursed silently, “These people, their second profession must be either a robber or a bandit!”

Her mood was totally screwed by them!

The man in front of them whispered something to the woman beside him before he shouted, “30 000 gold coins!”

Almost immediately everyone had turned ashen and was staring at the man.

Someone was heard muttering, “Darn it! I shouldn’t have bid earlier. How come this item isn’t on the list? Usually mystery auctions do not have anything valuable to show for…”

The faces of many celestials and mortals were ugly and they were filled with envious as the upper hall suddenly grown quiet.

Even Ye Jing had thrown away her cultivation of the Emotion Divinity as she tried to comfort herself, “If this man wants a mistress then I can throw myself at him…” She was not serious of course but she could not help suggesting it.

She was so flustered and red like the others as she stared at the man in front of her…

Even Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng were all red with miseries in their thoughts…

Only Xiaofang was unmoved and he had suddenly received a jolt. He was secretly delighted, “I have reached the Intermediate level of the Emotion Divinity!…”

He thought, “Jing’Er, wait for me. I will overcome the Emotion Divinity and soon we can be together…”

The attractive auctioneer smiled as she hammered the end of the bid, “30 000 gold coins!”

Even the bid had ended, there were some sour voices. “Even if he is a Golden Celestial, I don’t believe that he can afford to pay up the 30 000 gold coins!”

The man obviously had heard the comments. As a Golden Celestial, he had exceptional sharp hearings. But he seemed to laugh it off as he whispered to the woman next to him in a laughing manner.

Ye Jing thought unhappily, “That bitch must be so happy to receive such a gift from him. She is just so lucky to find such a rich person…”

The man said to the beautiful attendant next to his seating position, “I don’t usually bring so much wealth with me and it is something unexpected…”

Even though his voice was soft but many in the upper hall were all expert celestial cultivators and they could hear him clearly. One even sneer, “So he doesn’t have money and yet he dare to bid so outrageously.”

The man continued to say softly, “I believed that I still have some leftover credits with the House of the Orange Divine Lion from the last round. Am I right?”

The beautiful attendant replied politely, “That is right. It is more than enough. In fact no payment is required from you for this auction bid. You may take away the jade bungles anytime.”

When everyone had heard the beautiful attendant, they were all looking shocked at the fabulous wealth of this man that they did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Ye Jing was crying within her. She was even thinking, “Does this man need a god-daughter or a sugar baby…”

The man smiled at the beautiful attendant before saying casually, “Maybe I will like to give it to the beautiful maiden that is behind me.”

When Ye Jing overheard him, she was so shocked that she had actually risen from her seat!

Even Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng were staring in shock, unable to believe what they were hearing!

Ye Jing trembled and even her lips were trembling, “He…is…giving…to me?” She thought shockingly, “Does he want to take me as his mistress?”

The man rose and he had turned around with the woman as he smiled at Ye Jing, “Are you willing to be my god-daughter? If yes, then this pair of jade bangle will be yours. ”

Li’Er was muttering almost incoherently, “If..only…I have…I want as well…”

Ye Jing eyes were totally red. In fact she felt she was going insane. After struggling with her heart demons, she said weakly and unconvincingly. “I refuse…you…may keep the…jade bungles to…yourself…”

When she had said that, Li’Er, Chu Yunfeng and all the others that had overheard her were stunned.

Only Xiaofang remained indifferently but he was looking intently at the man cautiously. It was because his instinct had told him that this man was extremely dangerous!

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Chapter 21: The Emotion Divinity

The heaven gates of the Holy Citadel City was unusually crowded this day as thousands of protégés watched the convoys of tamed devious beasts and the chosen fighters that were picked to accompany the Holy Consort to the Golden Clans Congregation.

All in all, two hundred of the protégés were selected. These two hundred protégés were picked from the recent high rankings of the clan tournament results.

It was not a large number but this was the numbers that Ye Jing had decided. Originally the Lady Consort Ye had advised her on a delegation of 1000 to 2000 based on the examples of the past delegations but Ye Jing simply said, “Such a large delegation will put a heavy strain on our finances. Since we are already at the bottom of the patriarch celestial clans, does it matter if we can’t put a sizable number to attend the congregation?”

Lady Consort Ye had tried to persuade her, “The celestial fraternity is dangerous as well. It is for your protection.

But as Ye Jing insisted, Lady Consort Ye did not insist too strongly.

In the end Ye Jing had chosen only two elders to accompany her for this trip, Xiaofang and Chu Yunfeng, and 40 Enlighten Celestials each from the four main martial halls.

Accompany her was also Li’Er, whom she had made a direct core protégé of hers and Yu’Er who had metamorphosed into a red color chicken.

Their destination was the Golden Clans Congregation, somewhere in the Nuer Mountains.

Even though the Divine Sovereign Clan was the host, it was situated far from the Nuer Mountains, the venture was really not surprising. It was because that could only mean one thing; the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth was likely to descend somewhat near the Nuer Mountains!

The descend location of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth was supposed to be one of the greatest secrets in the celestial fraternity and only the nine patriarch celestial clans that were strongly allied together would be the first to know.

But it was not the case. The smaller celestial clans had their own information network as well as alliances. Any large delegations or meaningful delegations that the Holy Citadel City had sent out would be observed and analysed by the many celestial clans and this day was also not an exception.

Moreover the near coming of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth and the Golden Clan Invitations of the Divine Sovereign Clan was actually not a secret. The location however was a secret as only the patriarchs of the celestial clans could unseal the message within the Golden Clan Invitation via their patriarch seals.

Other than the Lady Consort Ye and Xiaofang, Ye Jing did not tell anyone else where they were going other than a general direction because she knew that it would be leaked if the location was revealed too early.

It was because the Holy Citadel City had quite a sizable number of protégés that were from the second and third rank celestial clans. Every 3 years, the elites of the second and third rate celestial clans within the influential sphere of the Holy Citadel City would have a chance to join as inner citadel protégés and they would receive the best martial and celestial training.

There had always been fierce rivalries between the Divine Sovereign Clan, the Ancient Ascension Sect and the Celestial Sword Clan to send out the Golden Clan Invitations. The fact that this time it was the Divine Sovereign Clan that had sent out the Golden Clan Invitations meant that they had the right to be the host and had the prestige to lead the patriarch celestial clans for the expedition into the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth, having already proved to everyone that their clan’s divine calculations were superior to the rest.

Naturally as the host and leader of the expedition, the Divine Sovereign Clan would have the right to choose and distribute the loots.

The Holy Citadel City had never been host before, lacking the might to contest with the top 3 patriarch celestial clans. As far as everyone was concerned, the top 3 patriarch celestial clans were always the top 3 while the bottom 3 were always the same bottom 3.

Ye Jing knew that her clan was there to only pick up the bones and the leftovers.

But it was a lot better than the 2nd and 3rd celestial clans that were be following them.

Once the forbidden gates of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth were opened, the patriarch celestial clans will be the first to storm inside. This will be followed by the hundreds of other celestial clans that will be following keenly behind.

Even though it was obvious that only the patriarch celestial clans were invited, an eye was always closed for the presence of the other contesting celestial clans as long as they quietly waited for the patriarch clans to enter the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth first.

A second more subtle reason was that most of these celestial clans fell under the influences of the patriarch celestial clans and could be used to secretly influence the outcome in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.

Unfortunately for the Holy Citadel City, they were already so weak in the patriarch clan ranking. The ally celestial clans that they could influence were even weaker than them.

And exactly what was the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth?

It was said to be a gigantic palace that descended from the heavens. When its forbidden gates opened, celestials from all over the celestial fraternity would be able to enter within its walls to seek out divine treasures and lucky occurrences that could further their celestial practices and to aid them to ascend to the immortal realm as true immortals.

The Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth would only open for a year and after that, it would expel all the hopeful contesters to the outside before vanishing again for another 500-600 years till its next appearance.

All these information were of course shared to Ye Jing by the Lady Consort Ye to Ye Jing.

Lady Consort Ye gave her a final advice before she left, “Stay away from the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.”

From her regal sedan, Ye Jing could see Xiaofang walking at the front of one of the convey columns. Slowly she pulled back the curtains of her sedan with a heavy heart, “I’m sorry Xiaofang…”

They had not been speaking for the past 3 days.

It was because Ye Jing had told him 3 days ago, “Since we are now going on a long journey, we may as well take this opportunity to overcome our Enlighten Divinity and progress on the Emotion Divinity. I know this is going to be hard for us but we got to endure while we are overcoming the Emotion Divinity or and we may experience deviations that impede our cultivation progression and even severe backlashes. So let us suppress our emotions till we have overcome the Emotion Divinity.”

Xiaofang did not protest as he knew that Ye Jing was thinking of the bigger picture.

While it may appear that Xiaofang was willing to do that, Ye Jing could sense his heavy heart through her Divine Sense. She thought heart wrenchingly, “Xiaofang, I know that it is hard after we have tasted the forbidden fruits but you got to be strong. If I am cold toward you, it is only for your own good…”

The initial stage of the Emotion Divinity required the cultivators to be at peace and unaffected by personal emotions. The intermediate stage of the Emotion Divinity required the cultivators to be indifferent to the joys and sufferings of others while the upper stage of the Emotion Divinity required the cultivators to reach the state of equanimity at all times. To overcome the Emotion Divinity, a heavenly tribulation involving equanimity must exist as a condition.

According to the Saintess Yi Si, the Emotion Divinity was the most difficult of all the Divinities to overcome. Many of the celestials in the past were unable to overcome it even after spending centuries of their time and even dying from it. That was why many of the ancient celestials that overcome the Emotion Divinities were often emotionless as well as cold calculating. The ancient celestials were almost all friends with benefits.

She had said, “This is actually the most important of all Divinities as it prepares the celestials for the long road of cultivation which can be extremely lonely and without achieving oneness with the Emotion Divinity, it can drive a person to insanity or depression. To the celestials that can overcome it then it lay a strong meditating foundation that can aid the cultivators to overcome their future state of divinities. This is the heart demon of the soul that every cultivator has to face and it won’t be easy.”

Right now, Ye Jing and Xiaofang were still in the initial stage of the Emotion Divinity and they were struggling to stabilize their current emotions first.

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