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Chapter 14: Heavenly Decrees of the Gods

Ye Jing was alone with the mysterious maiden in one of the rooms of the inner chamber. It was because the mysterious maiden only wanted to talk with her.

She asked, “Who are you and why are you helping me?”

The mysterious maiden smiled coldly, “I am just passing by and it is not my intention to help you. But your body attribute and the divine sword that is in your hands aroused an interest in me.”

Ye Jing was startled, “Does she want to take my divine sword as well?”

All of a sudden the mysterious maiden had seized the divine sword effortlessly from her hands and was looking intently at it, “What an excellent divine sword. Unfortunately this sword has not acknowledged you as owner yet because you have not divine harmonized with it.”

Then she tossed back the divine sword back to Ye Jing, “An extreme-negative heaven-step divine sword coupled with your extreme-negative attribute is a perfect match. I have helped you only because of your extreme-negative body attribute.”

Ye Jing was instantly alarmed as she tried to stay calm, thinking. “Is she an evil type of evil cultivators that practise the absorbing of the extreme-negative energies? But she is a female…maybe she got an evil cultivator protégé brother that practised such an evil art. Even if I am not a virgin but I am still a high level cultivator with the rare extreme-negative energies attribute. Now this is jumping from one fire pan to the other…”

The mysterious maiden smiled coldly, “You don’t have to conceal your irk feelings or contempt like this. To me, your emotions are too easy to read.”

Ye Jing struggled with her agonizing injuries as she said coldly, “You are very strong. In fact, you are impossibly strong. You are able to conceal your aura completely and even changed the animus of your golden eyes. Are you a peaked Sacred Saint?”

The mysterious maiden did not reply her but coolly seated herself before she answered, “I have helped you because of your Divine Sense ability as well.”

She had totally ignored her questions!

Ye Jing was startled and suddenly recalled why her mother was so panicky. She thought with alarm, “If she knows about my Divine Sense then she must be from the…”

She stammered, “You are from the Goddess Palace?”

The mysterious maiden smiled, “Very good. You have not forgotten that there is still a Goddess Palace around. Like you, I possess the Divine Sense ability. You can even say that I am your Ancestress Ye.”

Ye Jing was startled, “You are my Ancestress Ye?”

The mysterious maiden said coldly, “If it is not the fact you possess my Divine Sense and is of the extreme-negative attribute, I will never have intervened to help you. I will simply let you die in that audience hall. Do you understand?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly but she said defiantly, “What are you? Why are you so cold blooded that you can even bear to see your descendants die in front of your eyes?”

The mysterious maiden smiles coldly, “Because they are weak and not fit to carry on my bloodline.”

Ye Jing was trembling, “You are not fit to be my ancestress. Is there no righteousness in the world?”

The mysterious maiden hummed coldly, “There is but only if you are willing to fight for it.”

Then she looked around and said, “Where is the man with the immortal sword?”

Ye Jing thought, “I’m not going to tell you. You are probably going to kill him.”

So she said firmly, “I don’t know who that man. So you don’t have to ask anymore. I am curious as well!”

She had said it with such conviction that she was even convinced by the lie herself. Even if this mysterious maiden could read her with her Divine Sense, it would not reveal anything.

The mysterious maiden hummed coldly, “Is that so? You must know that the Devil Isle and the Melancholy Valley are the enemies of the Goddess Palace. If you see them…”

“What? You are asking a mere maiden to kill them all?” An enthralling voice floated into the room and soon an enchanting maiden dressed in pure white had stepped in. Unlike the mysterious maiden, this enchanting maiden in pure white had a benevolent countenance and she was very beautiful, her countenances shine like a bright beacon and lit the entire room.

Ye Jing was startled. It was because she did not know who she was and they were already in a secret place within the inner court of the Holy Citadel City. But this enchanting maiden in white had simply walked in without any presence. Were all the guards dead?

She took a close look at this enchanting maiden in white and saw that she had golden eyes and thought, “She is a Golden Celestial?”

The countenances of the mysterious maiden seemed to have changed as she asked, “Why are you here?”

The enchanting maiden in white smiled, “Don’t be angry, Celestial Aunt. I have just happened to drop by only.”

“That are the exact words that the mysterious maiden had used. Is she after Xiaofang as well? Did they know each other?” Ye Jing prayed for Xiaofang silently, “Please don’t let them find you. By now, you should have already have heard of the commotions within the Inner Citadel. Please don’t come and look for me. Mother, please stop Xiaofang from coming here…”

There was no time to warn Xiaofang and she could only pray hard…

The enchanting maiden in white looked at Ye Jing and added, “I have heard that there is a maiden with an extreme negative attribute here so I have come to have a look.”

The mysterious maiden hummed coldly, “Well I am here first.”

The enchanting maiden in white asked softly, “Are you intervening with the affairs of the celestials? That is forbidden.”

The mysterious maiden tried to avoid the question and asked instead, “Don’t you have respects for your elders? Fancy you questioning your elder like this. I am talking to my bloodline here. Her name is…”

Ye Jing sighed before helping to add, “Ye Jing.”

The mysterious maiden smiled, “So what is wrong? Is the Melancholy Valley so free nowadays that they even want to intervene in the affairs of the Goddess Palace?”

The enchanting maiden in white shook her head, “I don’t represent the Melancholy Valley or anyone else. I have come on my accord so that I can find my successor before my ascension to the Immortal Realm.”

The mysterious maiden gave a surprise look, “With your attainment, you should have ascended thousands of years ago. Why do you suddenly decide to ascend?”

Ye Jing was secretly startled, “This enchanting maiden in white is a peaked Sacred Saint that is about to ascend to the heavens?”

The enchanting maiden in white smiled gently, “It is because I have yet to find a worthy successor…”

The mysterious maiden interrupted coldly, “That is because of the messes that the Melancholy Valley had created that the current cultivators are so unworthy of challenge. When the Goddess Palace has obtained the Heavenly Decree then things will change.”

The enchanting maiden in white smiled, “The Goddess Palace isn’t the only power that will receive a Heavenly Decree. Have you forgotten the Devil Isle?”

The mysterious maiden said, “Anyway, why are you ascending now? Surely with your attainment, you can still remain in the Celestial Realm for a few thousand years more. You can watch or intervene in the upcoming calamity. Won’t that be really interesting?”

Ye Jing had a jolt. She could not resist saying to the enchanting maiden in white, “You have lived for thousands of years and can still remain for thousands of years? That is impossible.”

It was because even for a Celestial that had attained to the status of a Sacred Saint, they could only live to an age of 800 to 1200 years before the Heavenly Wrath took their lives away. The only way to live forever was to attain as a Peak Sacred Saint and ascend to the Immortal Realm.

The enchanting maiden in white patted Ye Jing gently on her head, “That is because I have been practicing an older cultivation method that I am able to remain here this long. Do you know that there are many others cultivation methods in the world?”

Ye Jing shook her head. She was not particular interested in the celestial lore…

The enchanting maiden in white smiled gently, “That is alright. It is not important. The current celestial practice is actually the easiest to ascend. The cultivation method that I have been practicing is a little difficult and takes a longer time. Do you want to have me as your celestial teacher?”

Yi Jing was overwhelmed by her politeness. Instead of forcing her to be her celestial disciple, she had asked her if she was willing to accept her as her celestial protégé mistress instead.

She already had a celestial teacher but in the Celestial Fraternity, there was no rule to stop the cultivators from having many celestial teachers. In fact, it was the more the merrier as the celestials like to claim relationships with one another. However joining multiple clans was a taboo instead as loyalty to the celestial clan was an indication of one’s spiritual roots.

So she immediately said, “Yes I want to!”

The mysterious maiden was startled, “Hey! I am here first!”

The enchanting maiden in white smiled gently, “I am not stopping you as long as Ye Jing is willing. After all, I won’t be around to stop you. You don’t have any disadvantages since the one that I will be instructing is your bloodline.”

The mysterious maiden seemed to be considering first before she said, “Whether she can be my celestial disciple will still need to depend on my mood first. But you can continue first.”

Ye Jing was a little appalled that her Ancestress had such a horrible and impersonal personality. She began to wonder if her husband had been abusing her or maybe he had countless number of other love interests and had been neglecting her…

The enchanting maiden in white smiled gently, “Please don’t mind your Ancestress. Her state of divinity is above us all. She doesn’t feel any emotions for any of us unless we are in the same divine boundary as her. But that is a little too hard for us.”

Ye Jing was surprised. So she asked, “She is even higher than you? She seems to be…”

The enchanting maiden in white laughed softly, “She is not afraid of me. She is just giving some face to me because my celestial backer is someone that she doesn’t want to offend. When someone gives you face, it doesn’t mean that they are afraid of you but that is always the person behind you. And the person behind the person that is supporting and so forth. Got it?”

Ye Jing understood that perfectly well. It was like Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was not particular powerful but his celestial clan was full of Golden Celestials and Sacred Saints that could crush the opponents. That was why everyone gave face to the Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and the Divine Sovereign Clan.

The enchanting maiden in white added, “Your Ancestress is stronger than you think or can imagine…”

The mysterious maiden growled softly, “You shouldn’t be telling her anything. You will burn your own karma and invite your own heavenly retributions. Moreover you are attempting to ascend soon.”

The enchanting maiden in white smiled gently, “Lucky for me and thanks to my…him, I have lots of karma to burn. So there is little harm if I tell her a little more.”

The mysterious maiden said coldly, “You may have the attainment to absorb the bad karma but her attainment is like a piece of shit to absorb anything.”

Ye Jing was smiling awkwardly, trying to maintain her emotions. This was the first time that someone had called her attainment a piece of shit.

The enchanting maiden in white said gently, “In the past, your Ancestress had taken the lives of hundreds of Golden Celestials and Sacred Saints. They were nothing when compared to her. She was also one of the top seven top celestial fighters in the Celestial Realm.”

Ye Jing was truly stunned, “She is…a Dark Celestial?”

It was really a lot of bad karma to do so. When she was forced to kill Celestial Baitian through the mysterious maiden’s hands, she was guilt stricken and she knew that her future attainment would be affected by it and causing the difficulty of her heavenly tribulation to increase.

Maybe that was why this mysterious maiden could not ascend and was struck in her attainment?

She was also surprised that her Ancestress was also ranked among the top 7 celestials fighters in the past. It was because the current top 7 celestial fighters of the celestial clans were all formidable Sacred Saints fighters that could shake the heavens and the earth. She could only imagine their powerful inheritances and the number of difficult challenges that they had to overcome in order to reach this position.

The enchanting maiden in white smiled gently, “She isn’t a Dark Celestial. I will say that she is…”

She secretly took a look at the mysterious maiden and this was not lost on Ye Jing as she said carefully, “I should say that she represents one of the Thirty-Three Heavens of the Immortal Realm to deliver one of the several heavenly decrees. This heavenly decree will bring upon a great calamity to the Celestial Fraternity.”

The mysterious maiden hummed coldly, “I am surprised that you already know this much. Did someone tell you?”

The enchanting maiden in white smiled, “I am quite good in divining the will of the heavens myself. But it won’t be as accurate as from the horse’s mouth. If you are willing to reveal the contents of the heavenly decree…”

The mysterious maiden smirked coldly, “You know I won’t.”

The enchanting maiden in white turned to Ye Jing and said gently, “My child, there is only a small window before the Great Calamity of the Celestials will befall. Maybe you are able to avert this crisis, maybe you can’t but don’t be too hard on yourself.”

Ye Jing was curious, “What is this Great Calamity of the Celestials that you are talking about?”

The enchanting maiden in white looked up distantly, “It is a calamity that will cause many of the celestials to perish.”

Ye Jing was shocked, “How is this related to the heavenly decrees?”

The enchanting maiden in white explained patiently, “The heavenly decrees will give power for the Celestials to fight Celestials, replacing the old order with a new order.”

Ye Jing was trembling when she had heard that, “And who issued the heavenly decrees? Why isn’t any one stopping the heavenly decrees from happening?”

The enchanting maiden in white smiled quietly, “It is the Immortal Ruler of the Immortal Realm that issues the heavenly decrees. No one can stop the Immortal Ruler from issuing the heavenly decrees because that is for the greater good of the Celestial Realm. An even greater calamity will befall the Celestial Realm if not for the heavenly decrees.”

Ye Jing muttered, “An even greater calamity…”

The mysterious maiden interrupted coldly, “Surely you have heard of the Dark Descendant.”

Ye Jing was startled. The Dark Divine Descendant was the worst of all the calamities that could befall. For a period of time, celestials would be given the power to kill in order to ascend. All the celestial laws of the Celestial Realm would be reversed by the powerful heavenly stars. Only when there was enough killing then the celestial laws would revert back to normal. It will be a period where the dark celestials will reign supreme and the lawful celestials must choose between good or evil.”

The mysterious maiden seemed to be recalling something in the distant past, “It may or may not happen depending on the success of the heavenly decrees.” She suddenly stopped, realizing that she had said too much.

The enchanting maiden in white suddenly displayed a beautiful blue and white lotus, “Child, this is for you.”

Ye Jing was unsure what it was but she was immediately drawn to it and could sense that this was a treasure among the treasures!

“This is the Eternal Lotus, an Ancient Immortal Artefact.”

Ye Jing eyes grew extremely wide, “An ancient immortal artefact. You are giving it to me? Isn’t this too valuable for me to accept?”

That was beyond her wildest dream. It had powers incalculable. It was even on a higher level than an immortal artefact. Even the lowest quality ancient immortal artefact was immeasurable useful.

The enchanting maiden in white waved her fingers and the Eternal Lotus slowly floated into Ye Jing’s body to merge with her.

The lips of the mysterious maiden was trembling, “You are really generous. You are giving to her just like that? No trials, nothing? Does she even deserve it?”

The enchanting maiden in white giggled softly, “When my grandpa gives it to me, I am undeserving as well.”

The mysterious maiden sighed, “Without your Eternal Lotus, will you still confident in your ascension? Do you need a helping hand?”

The enchanting maiden in white smiled gently, “I will be alright. I have been cultivating the Eternal Lotus for thousands of years now. The soul force of the Eternal Lotus has long merged within me. With or without the material Eternal Lotus, it is still the same to me.”

The mysterious maiden heaved in relief, “That is good to hear. It seems that I have severely underestimated your attainment and cultivation. Now I know why you choose to cultivate in the Celestial Realm.”

Ye Jing suddenly felt as she was on fire and gave a little shriek. All of sudden her wounds were healing rapidly and that she was glowing faintly with soft golden lights!

“Celestial teacher, what is going on?”

The mysterious maiden laughed coldly, “That is because your attainment is too low.”

The enchanting maiden in white quickly comforted Ye Jing, “Don’t listen to her. She is only teasing you. You have been elevated as a Golden Celestial now. The Eternal Lotus has the divine power to elevate a cultivator to a Golden Celestial instantly.”

Ye Jing was totally stunned by what she had heard. She had never heard of such cheats in her entire life. But this was an ancient immortal artefact and very few people would be able to even obtain one.

“Am I the youngest ever Golden Celestial in the entire history of the celestials?” She could not help muttering.

The mysterious maiden had overheard her, “You are not. The person in front of you is. She is a teen when she is elevated as a Golden Celestial.”

Ye Jing stared at her Celestial Teacher, “I haven’t even asked for the celestial title and name of my celestial teacher yet.”

The enchanting maiden in white said gently, “I actually don’t have any celestial titles. Your celestial teacher name is Yi Si.”

Ye Jing respectfully bowed to the floor, “Saintess Yi Si, thank you my benevolent teacher…”

She also made another respectful at the mysterious maiden, “Thank you my benevolent teacher as well. How do I address my Ancestress?”

The mysterious maiden said coldly, “I didn’t say that I want to take you in as my celestial disciple.”

Ye Jing said quietly, “But you have already imparted to me the Purity Spirits. If you don’t intend to take me as your celestial disciple then why did you impart your skills to me?”

The mysterious maiden was speechless as she looked at the Saintess Yi Si.

Saintess Yi Si said coolly, “I didn’t hear anything.”

The mysterious maiden said nonchalantly, “You may address me as the Ascension Goddess.”

Saintess Yi Si smiled before she helped Ye Jing to her feet, “Child, let us proceed to the cultivation methods that I will be enlightening to you.”

Ye Jing’s eyes were now glowing with anticipations as she nodded eagerly…

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