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Chapter 15: Cultivation Cheats

Saintess Yi Si displayed a couple of scrolls in front of Ye Jing as she said patiently, “The current cultivation method has been in used for the past thousands of years. It has six celestial levels, Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Enlighten Celestial, Immortal Celestial, Golden Celestial and Sacred Saint. Each of the celestial levels has a lower, intermediate and upper tier denoting the mastery of the celestial level.”

Ye Jing nodded. This was common knowledge to all the cultivators and there was nothing new.

Saintess Yi Si said unhurriedly, “Generally speaking, there are no major flaws in it. Mortals and Celestials are able to cultivate alike and they are only limited by their potential. If a mortal cultivates hard enough, they may have a breakthrough to the Practitioner level. This is the point where they will be officially attained as a celestial. Most of the celestials are born to have innate gift in cultivating and usually begins cultivating at the Practitioner level. When they have started to cultivate, the speed at which they can reach the Master Practitioner level is usually their latent potential.”

“The Practitioner level is also known as the Houtian Divinity which is a struggling goal for most of the mortals to attain. The Master Practitioner level is also known as the Xiantian Divinity. Some exceptional celestials are born Xiantian and the breakthrough to Enlighten Celestial is as easy as a celestial that is on the Practitioner level trying to breakthrough to the Master Practitioner level.”

“The first celestial level is usually the easiest to overcome and it gets doubly difficult at every new level. It will take a person hundreds of years to attain as a Golden Celestial and at least 500 years to be able to achieve to the Sacred Saint level.”

“However it is not always easy to overcome the life and death heavenly tribulation to become a Golden Celestial. Many have failed at peaked Immortal Celestials.”

Ye Jing knew that it was very difficult to attain as a Golden Celestial. Her father had perished in the failed life and death heavenly tribulation to become a Golden Celestial. The Eternal Lotus had helped her to ignore the life and death heavenly tribulation and elevated her as a Golden Celestial.

Saintess Yi Si heaved a soft sigh, “Only about 4% of the celestials will be able to attain as a Golden Celestial and less than 4% can attain as a Sacred Saint. Out of these Sacred Saints, only about 1/5 of them will be able to overcome the Heavenly Wrath and ascend as immortals before their lifespan run out.”

Ye Jing nodded. That was why she was shocked when she had actually witnessed the ascension of the Celestial/ Saintess Yuehua.

She could not resist asking, “It seems that my celestial teacher has abnormal long lifespan. If everyone could have your long lifespan maybe they would be able to ascend as well.”

Saintess Yi Si laughed softly, “The cultivation method that I am practicing is actually not a unique cultivation method. It is an old cultivation method that is used by the majority of the celestials during my time. I just can’t discard it halfway or it will be detrimental to my future attainment.”

Ye Jing sighed, “It must be hard on celestial teacher to practice such a long and tedious cultivation method. The years of loneliness must be hard to bear.”

At this point the Ascension Goddess interrupted with a cold laugh, “But she is a high prodigy. Less than 100 years after she had been elevated as a Golden Celestial, she could choose to ascend as an immortal if she wants to.”

Ye Jing was stunned, “So fast? Why didn’t celestial teacher?”

Saintess Yi Si growled softly, “That has nothing to do with talent. It is only…only because I have some experiences in the Stellar Sanctuary that increases my pace of enlightenment.”

The Ascension Goddess smiled as she seemed to be recalling something distantly, “Anyone that can reach the 100th level of the Stellar Sanctuary can breakthrough into the realm of the immortals with one eye closed.”

Ye Jing asked, “What is this Stellar Sanctuary?”

Saintess Yi Si patted her head gently, “Child, I am not surprised that you have never heard of it. It is very familiar to the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth where you go and try for a break in lucky occurrences in order to change your destiny.”

Ye Jing muttered, “I have heard that the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth is very difficult to overcome. In fact, no one has ever even been to the most interior yet. I have heard that the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth is appearing soon. Why don’t celestial teacher accompany me to go there before your ascension? Maybe we can find wondrous treasures that can increase the odds of your ascension.”

The reason why she had said that was because it was not a 100% chance that the Saintess Yi Si could ascend successfully. The more rare artefact treasures that they could find, the better. She really did not want to lose her new celestial teacher so soon and she felt that she got plenty to learn from her at the same time too.

Saintess Yi Si seemed to appreciate her thoughts, “Don’t worry. I will be alright. My destiny lies in the immortal realm. Moreover I have been to the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth a few times already. It is better for you to seek your own enlightenment.”

Ye Jing asked, “Celestial teacher had been to the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth already?”

She felt that she was asking a silly question because the Saintess Yi Si had been around far longer than anyone.

The Ascension Goddess smiled wryly, “The first time that the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth had descended, she had already reached to the highest level. This caused a huge upheaval in the heavens back then and the difficulty of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth was thereby forced to adjust not once but several times…”

All of a sudden the Ascension Goddess stopped because she had a slip of tongue. It was because she noticed that Ye Jing was looking at her in a curious manner…

The Ascension Goddess quickly said, “Anyway, she won’t accompany you there. It is because there is someone that she wants to see in the immortal realm for the very last time.”

Ye Jing looked at the Saintess Yi Si and was curious who was that someone. ..

There was a sad countenance in the Saintess Yi Si’s eyes. But she revealed nothing and she seemed to be in a distant place.

Ye Jing waited patiently, afraid to distract her thoughts.

After a while the Saintess Yi Si smiled faintly to her, “Child, do you know that there is a mortal realm below this realm?”

Ye Jing nodded, “I have heard of it and have heard that from time to time, there would be celestials from the mortal realm that ascend to here.”

Saintess Yi Si smiled as she pointed to a scroll that had diagrams and words, “The cultivation method that they are practicing is the same as mine. The celestials here emphasised celestial energies as their celestial foundation but the mortals below actually started off with internal strength or you may refer to their vital life energies as foundation.”

Ye Jing listened with interest…

“Their internal strength and martial power are interchangeable. It is the same as our celestial energies and martial power. The difference lies in that celestial energies need rich spiritual veins to cultivate while internal energies can be strengthened through martial power skills and superior heart intricacies.”

Saintess Yi Si pointed to a section of the scroll, “But no matter how hard the lower realm mortals can practice, there is a limit of 60 years of internal strength. Unless they can gain a major breakthrough, it is very difficult to have more than 60 years of internal strength. Even then they can be considered as super exponents, capable of doing many feats that only an Immortal Celestial can do.”

She pointed to another section, “If they can achieve 80 years of internal strength then they can encounter the Divine Calamity which will turn them into celestials like us. However, their celestial practice is more tedious, they have to overcome seven levels of celestial divinity, Genesis, Enlighten, Emotion, Transverse, Seventh Sense, Crisis and Ascend. I won’t go into the details. But you can read it here when you are free.”

“Their Ascend is actually our Golden Celestial level. At peaked Ascend, they will be able to transmigrate to the Celestial Realm. They are actually the ancestors of all the celestials here.”

Ye Jing muttered, “They are the ancestors of all the celestials…”

She took a look at the scrolls carefully, “These celestial divinities are all so profound. If they are able to transmigrate here, they will be very formidable celestials am I right?”

Saintess Yi Si smiled, “Now you finally catch it.”

Ye Jing was perplexed, “But why is that in recent times, we don’t really see more of them?”

Saintess Yi Si said quietly, “There are actually many and many have chosen to conceal their identities. Most of the ancient celestials here had already transmigrated to the immortal realm. The native celestials are on the whole weaker than the mundane celestials. That isn’t supposed to be happening because the celestials in the celestial realm are supposed to carry on the divinities of the mortal and celestial realm on their backs to the immortal realm.”

While Ye Jing was listening, she had already taken to reading the scrolls. She said, “I think I see what is wrong with our current cultivation method.”

Saintess Yi Si smiled as she waited for her to analyse.

Ye Jing said miserably, “The mortal celestials seem to have trained everything whether it is their spiritual inner core, senses and body strengthening techniques. It is all so extreme. If they ascend then they are equalled to the peaked Golden Celestials here. Maybe even better if they are extreme talents.”

Saintess Yi Si nodded lightly, “That is not too far from the truth. When they ascended to the Celestial Realm and cultivated as a Sacred Saint, their life and death success rate is over 90%.”

When Ye Jing heard her, she was stunned. “How is that possible…”

The success rate of to a Sacred Saint was said to be only 1%. 90% vs. 1%, it just did not add up. The disparities were simply too great and Ye Jing could not accept that the current cream of the crop of the celestials was inferior to the mundane celestials…

The Ascension Goddess smirked coldly, “Just because you think that that you have my Divine Sense, you have a seventh sense that makes you a superior fighter than most? Without attaining to the true Seventh Sense Divinity, you will not be able to split your senses as widely as me. Without attaining the Transverse Divinity, your Divine Sense is not as far reaching as me. With a combination of the Emotion Divinity, Seventh Sense and the Crisis Divinity, even if you are surrounded by hordes of fighters, you can still fight with your eyes closed. My Divine Sense is a waste in you.”

Ye Jing broke down and cried. She was after all still a young girl. She was really a piece of shit. Even if she could attain as a Golden Celestial and be able to show off, she could never be a Sacred Saint. To be that 1% of the lucky of the luckiest and the best of the best, she really did not have any confidence!

The Ascension Goddess knew that she was rebuking too harshly but she did not care because her state of divinity caused her to be numb to emotions. Her Emotion Divinity was cultivated to the peak and was almost perfect.

She even added, “Reality is extremely cruel.”

Saintess Yi Si had pulled Ye Jing into her embrace, “It is alright to cry. You will feel better.”

The Ascension Goddess could not stop, “That is why I hate this distinction between the Golden Celestials and the Sacred Saints to separate the Superior Golden Celestial from the Golden Celestials. Even if they are Sacred Saints here, they are not the Superior Golden Celestials that I am so used to fighting.”

Saintess Yi Si shot her an angry look, “Fine. Fight me then if you want a fight!”

The Ascension Goddess said coolly, “You are not my match. My Blessed Heaven has already evolved into an immortal sword with a sanctorum power that can shake the heavens and the earth…”

Saintess Yi Si looked at her with emotional and bleary eyes, “How can you be so cruel? Have you forgotten that this maiden here is your own flesh and blood! If my father is here today, he will never have condoned this. I don’t have a child of my own. I have stayed in the Celestial Realm in many years of loneliness. But you are different. You are so fortunate but yet you do not appreciate it.”

The cold eyes of the Ascension Goddess seemed to have softened as she slowly walked over to Ye Jing, She knew the secret of the Saintess Yi Si and why she was lingering in the Celestial Realm…

She tapped Ye Jing gently, “Hey, you are such a big girl now. Don’t cry anymore. I admit that I am too frank. Honesty hurts.”

Saintess Yi Si said coldly, “You! Stand aside and not a word more!”

She embraced Ye Jing tightly, “The path of cultivation is not easy. So take it easy.”

Then she asked, “Child, do you want to learn the old cultivation method?”

Ye Jing tried her best to stop her tears, “I really want to. I want to be stronger.”

Saintess Yi Si smiled, “Then I can help you.”

The Ascension Goddess looked at the Saintess Yi Si curiously, “How do you plan to do so?”

Saintess Yi Si said, “Her spiritual inner core is very pure. So this shouldn’t be a problem.”

She took out a bright red pill and said to Ye Jing, “Swallow this.”

When the Ascension Goddess saw this bright red pill, she was flabbergasted. “The Divine Dragon Pill!”

The Saintess Yi Si smiled faintly, “That’s right!”

Ye Jing did not know what it was but she swallowed it nevertheless.

Saintess Yi Si said gently to her after she had swallowed it, “Child, this is the Dragon Divine Pill. With your present foundation and the Eternal Lotus to enhance its effect, you will be able to gain 80 years of internal strength in an instant. Soon you will feel the effect of the internal energies in your body.”

Ye Jing was startled, “I can also cultivate internal energies now?”

Saintess Yi Si smiled, “That is right. You can now begin cultivation at the Genesis Divinity. This is the scroll that contains all the cultivation steps. I have used a thousand years to research the various celestial divinities. Good luck my child. If we are fated, we may yet meet again in another time.”

Ye Jing was startled, “You are leaving so soon?”

Saintess Yi Si said, “It is the way things are. Parting and gathering is but a cycle. You will soon get used to it.”

All of a sudden there was several shouts, “Big Sister Jing, where are you?”

It was Xiaofang!

Ye Jing shouted panicky, “Xiaofang I am alright! Stay away from here!”

But it was too late. Xiaofang had already dashed into the room. While he was startled to see that Ye Jing was not alone, he could not control his flow of emotions as his voice trembled hard. “Big Sister Jing, are you alright? I am sorry, really sorry. You should have told me…”

The Ascension Goddess took a look at this unusual young lad and asked coldly, “Who is this man? Is he the one that I am searching for?”

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