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Chapter 16: Triple Cultivation Method

The Ascension Goddess was upon Xiaofang in the next instant with her two fingers in a sword stance.

Ye Jing screamed because she had seen how deadly her strikes are, “Xiaofang, run!”

But Xiaofang raised his sword in a nick of time and managed to block the fingers stance but he was forced to take seven steps backward!

The Ascension Goddess hummed coldly, “Not bad. Is he the man with the immortal sword?”

As she said that, she had already raised her sleeves to send Xiaofang flying into the air as he was moving backward. It was like she was capable of taking two simultaneous actions.

Xiaofang was startled as he quickly landed and rolled backward, “What are you?”

Ye Jing screamed, “Xiaofang, run now! I will be alright, don’t worry about me. Worry about yourself first.”

Xiaofang nodded and was about to dash to the entrance when he suddenly saw the Ascension Goddess was already at the entrance and she had raised a powerful martial palm strike at him.

Xiaofang immediately raised his palm to meet her attack with a thunderous impact.

There was a thunderous impact that immediately caused Xiaofang to cough out blood and taking more than ten steps backward!

As for the Goddess Ascension, she was still standing on the same spot as though she had never exerted any strength.

Xiaofang had broken into cold sweat and he had mustered the formidable aura of the Immortal Celestial as he drawn out his sword and instantly retaliated with a spinning flying sword that was filled with a tremendous martial power toward the Ascension Goddess!

But instantly the Ascension Goddess raised her fingers and sent the flying sword to reverse up the roof with a thunderous impact!

The Ascension Goddess and the Saintess Yi Si were both exclaiming at the same time, “The Flying Sword Technique of the Devil Isle!”

The Ascension Goddess said with killing malevolent intent, “You are indeed from the Devil Isle!”

At the same time, she was secretly startled, “This weak junior has actually made me executed four moves and he is still standing. If word got out then my reputation is at stake. Therefore he must die.”

Just as she was about to make a move at the young man, Ye Jing was already embracing Xiaofang and she was panicky checking him for injuries, “Xiaofang, are you alright? Does it hurt?”

Xiaofang held Ye Jing tightly as he cried out, “Big Sister Jing, when I have heard of the terrible pandemonium in the inner citadel, I am so worried sick. There are all kinds of hearsays and I don’t know what to believe…”

Ye Jing rebuked him gently, “My mother didn’t explain to you clearly huh?”

Xiaofang was trembling, “I didn’t believe that you will be unscathed. You are all covered in blood now. You must be in more terrible pain than I am. Come, let me help you…”

He was already secretly his life energies via his Healing Focus to her…

Ye Jing rejected his aid by pushing him gently away, “I am really alright now. Look at my eyes.”

Xiaofang looked at her eyes, “Big Sister Jing, your eyes are golden? Don’t tell you are a Golden Celestial now?”

Ye Jing nodded with a faint smile, “I have a lucky occurrence. My wounds are nothing that my newly golden body cannot recover. Save your strength and don’t expend your inner core energies unnecessary. In the future, you must address me as Celestial Jing. No more Big Sister Jing…”

Xiaofang muttered, “Big Sister Jing will always be the Big Sister Jing that is in my heart…”

The Ascension Goddess suddenly interrupted them with a martial shout that sent shockwaves rippling throughout, “Do you think that I am invisible? If you have an immortal sword then why don’t you use it? This is your one and only chance of survival now.”

Xiaofang suddenly asked Ye Jing, “Who are they? They have imprisoned you?”

Ye Jing smiled bitterly, “They are both my Celestial Teachers. The one that you have just fought is my Ancestress Ye the Ascension Goddess while this is Saintess Yi Si.”

Xiaofang was stunned as he muttered while looking at them, “Ancestress…Saintess…”

At this moment the Saintess Yi Si had quietly approached them, “Child, who is he?”

Ye Jing seemed to be pleading with her with her eyes, “He is Xiaofang. Don’t let Ancestress Ye harm him please…”

The Ascension Goddess said coldly, “The Goddess Palace and the Devil Isle are sworn enemies of each other. If you still consider yourself as my bloodline then you distant from him and kill him with your own hands.”

Ye Jing said defiantly, “What if I don’t?”

Saintess Yi Si pleaded, “They seem to be in love…”

The Ascension Goddess interrupted coldly, “This is my family matter. You should not get involved.”

Saintess Yi Si seemed to be amused, “Family matter? Celestial Aunt, am I not half a daughter to you? If this is a family matter then I have an equal right to intervene.”

Ye Jing was startled as she thought, “The Saintess Yi Si is the daughter of her Ancestress Ye?”

Saintess Yi Si continued, “You are only afraid of the Heavenly Decrees of the Devil Isle, am I right? And you are afraid that the Devil Isle may know that you are secretly intervening in the outcome of the Heavenly Decree…”

The Ascension Goddess smiled coldly, “That is true but I have discovered that the Devil isle is also secretly intervening in the outcome of the Heavenly Decree hence they have him here. Haven’t you heard already? This young man should be the masked young man with an immortal sword. If the Devil Isle did not send him to secretly intervene, don’t tell me the masked man is from the Goddess Palace or the Melancholy Valley? You have seen him displaying the Flying Sword Technique of the Devil Isle, isn’t that proof enough? The immortal sword is already proof of direct intervention and that is really low of them to resort to that. Moreover they have chosen an inconspicuous young lad so that their evil schemes cannot be discovered so easily. If I don’t slay him today then my name isn’t Ye Yin!”

Xiaofang stammered, “I am really not sent by anyone from the Devil Isle. Maybe that is my homeland but I don’t know anything from the Devil Isle. The immortal sword is given to me by my mother…”

Ye Jing was full of tears as she stepped protectively in front of Xiaofang, “You can’t take his life away. Because…do you know that…he is already the father of my child?”

Xiaofang was stunned as he looked at Ye Jing…

The Ascension Goddess smirked coldly, “This is an old trick that every maiden seems to like to use. Your tummy is still small. Let me send your unborn child to the limbo if that is true. It will be fast and before you even know it, it will be over.”

Ye Jing cried out, “Too late. I have…I have already given birth to her!”

Not only was Xiaofang shocked, the Ascension Goddess and the Saintess Yi Si were equally startled.

The Ascension Goddess said, “What did you say?”

The Saintess Yi Si said gravely to Ye Jing, “Child, if you lie to your Ancestress Ye then you have to pay for the consequences. So please restraint yourself. It is because she practiced the Purity Hearts Heart Intricacy. The more you lie to her, the more merciless she would become to execute the impurities of her opposition. It will backfire on you.”

The Ascension Goddess was looking at Ye Jing and Xiaofang. There was a subtle transformation in her eyes that was unnoticed. With her Purity Hearts extending her Divine Sense, coupled with her high mastery of the Linker Spirits Immortal Divinity, she was able to sense every emotional nuance that was coming from Ye Jing and Xiaofang.

When she was fighting Xiaofang, Ye Jing was in total distress and there were an overwhelming of anxiety that threatened to burst from her. As for Xiaofang, his heart and eyes were full of concerns and emotional grief for Ye Jing.

When Ye Jing suddenly said that she already had a child with Xiaofang, her heart was full of conviction and her love for Xiaofang seemed just so pure and innocent.

It seemed that this Xiaofang did not know for he had a surprise reaction in his heart.

The Ascension Goddess suddenly said, “Show me your daughter. I will decide on his fate later.”

With great reluctant Ye Jing took them to a secret chamber. Only the Lady Consort Ye and her nanny who had raised her knew of this secret chamber where she had housed her baby.

Little Fenghuang was crying in distress when they had entered the secret chamber. Ye Jing quickly dismissed her nanny and brought her baby into her bosoms, “Little Fenghuang, don’t cry. Mummy is here.”

When the baby was in her arms, she stopped crying.

The Saintess Yi Si was surprised, “There is really a baby here.”

Xiaofang was stunned, “She is our child?”

Ye Jing laughed weakly, “Yes she is. I want her to be a secret and a surprise to you. Now that you know, are you happy to see her?”

Xiaofang stammered as he touched the baby’s face, “Yes I am. She is beautiful…”

The Ascension Goddess said coolly, “Let me carry her.”

Ye Jing and Xiaofang were both fearful and they did not react at all.

The Ascension Goddess hummed coldly as she suddenly snatched the baby away. Her movements were like ghost and were unstoppable. “What are you worrying about? I won’t eat her.”

Ye Jing was trembling as she fell onto the floor, “Please don’t hurt her…”

Xiaofang was also powerless and he could only watch the Goddess Ascension carried the baby in her arms. Just now when he saw the movements of the Ascension Goddess and moved to stop her, he was instantly struck by a pressurizing force that caused his strength to vanish momentarily.

The power disparity between them was too great!

The Saintess Yi Si quickly said, “Don’t worry. With me around, she won’t hurt your baby.”

She said to the Ascension Goddess, “Let me take a look at her too.”

The Ascension Goddess examined the baby, “She is my bloodline alright. The Divine Sense is strong in her. What? She is a born Xiantian as well. What an amazing baby but still she will be garbage with the current cultivation method.”

Saintess Yi Si said after examining the baby, “This baby not only has your Divine Sense but she also has the Healing Focus. Is it possible? Usually that is not possible to have more than one bloodline. This child will grow up to be a unique existence in the history of the celestials. Too bad, I won’t be seeing it.”

The Ascension Goddess growled softly, “She carries the bloodline of the Devil Isle alright.”

Saintess Yi Si was suddenly excited, “Did you see her attribute? That is the Absolute Equilibrium Force!”

The Ascension Goddess smiled, “That’s right. Mother is Extreme Negative while father is Extreme Positive and now these two extremities merged to form the Absolute Equilibrium Force within this baby. Amazing!”

Equilibrium intricate energies were the most difficult of all the attributes for intricate energy to develop.

The many types of attributed intricate energies were classified as positive, negative and equilibrium.

Positive intricate energies were the most common and can be further define into positive, pure positive, extreme positive and extreme pure positive.

Negative intricate energies were the rarest and also had the most variations. It can be further define into Negative, Pure Negative, Extreme Negative, Cold Negative, Pure Cold Negative and Extreme Cold Negative.

Equilibrium intricate energies were the second common and there were just two variations, Balance and Absolute Equilibrium. For celestials to be attributed with the Balance intricate energies, it was actually not a bad thing. While they were incapable of displaying their intricate celestial energies into sword energies, their martial force and aura were actually stronger. Very few are born with the Absolute Equilibrium intricate energies and those who are born with such attributes are always the peak celestials of their generation.

The Ascension Goddess muttered, “Yi Ping is also an Absolute Equilibrium attribute…”

She was an Extreme Negative attribute. She was good to the extremes of many of the Celestial and Immortal Divinities. Her strength in some of these Divinities had far surpassed Yi Ping in many aspects. Yi Ping had nothing of her energy sense, speed, agility, perceptions and many more but his State of Divinities were much higher than her because he only needs to barely overcome each divinity to reach the next divinity. He was not too weak or strong in all the divinities and was considered to be a ‘just passed student.’

But because he had a great number of divinities, he was a more formidable fighter than her, utilizing a great number of divinities against her with apparently no weaknesses.

There are many great celestials that are struck in a particular Divinity, spending centuries of their time or even until their lives have extinguished but they still cannot overcome the boundaries of their struck Divinity.

But for those that have the Absolute Equilibrium attribute, they have an inherent sense to feel the boundaries of the Divinity and to overcome it when it is of the ‘right time’. It is because their attribute also limits them to the higher boundaries of the Divinity and causing them to be able to move on earlier than most.

Saintess Yi Si pointed out, “And she also has dual bloodlines in her.”

The Ascension Goddess nodded, “Maybe this child future attainment won’t be like a piece of shit.”

When Ye Jing overheard her, she felt like digging a huge hole to cover herself up…

The Ascension Goddess seemed to be pondering when the Saintess Yi Si said, “This young man may not really be wholly related to the Devil Isle. Think this way. Will the Devil Isle be foolish enough to let everyone knows they are secretly intervening in the coming calamity? Even if it just a half-step extreme positive immortal sword and is considered to be immensely powerful, will they risk exposing their covers and give you a weapon to gain an advantage over them?”

The Ascension Goddess slowly nodded and asked, “Kid, what is your full name and who are your parents?”

Xiaofang said nervously, “Dugu Fang. I don’t know who my father is but my mother calls herself the Celestial Yuehua.”

Ye Jing cut in, “Celestial Yuehua is a peaked Sacred Saint and she had just successfully ascended to the immortal realm as an immortal. She is the one that has given me my divine sword and the immortal sword to Xiaofang. Now are you afraid of her? Give me back my child!”

She was thinking; if the Saintess Yi Si and the Ascension Goddess had not ascended yet then this Celestial Yuehua must be their senior and because she could ascend then she must have a higher status than them. She could even be their Celestial Elder or even a fearsome celestial fighter of the Devil Isle!

The Ascension Goddess paused to take a piercing look at Xiaofang before she said, “Never heard of her before. Must be a nobody. How about you Yi Si?”

Saintess Yi Si shook her head, “I have no idea either. Probably an Autonomous Celestial.”

Ye Jing was totally speechless when she had heard that they had not heard of the Celestial Yuehua and did not seem to care much.

So she offered them a clue to cause them to be afraid, “I saw her having a heaven-step immortal sword when she was ascending. Surely when she is an immortal, she must be a powerful immortal without any equal.”

There were many Sacred Saints that did not even possess any immortal treasures when they had ascended.

The Ascension Goddess smiled wryly as she unsheathed her Blessed Heaven. Immediately the entire chamber was lit up in glorious light that vibrated brilliantly before it slowly died down to a softer glow.

When Ye Jing read the divine aura of the Blessed Heaven, she was stunned that it was a Saint Immortal Sword, a grade that was even higher than a superior grade heaven-step immortal sword. It was beyond classification…

The Ascension Goddess hummed coldly, “You think I will be interested in Xiaofang’s immortal sword or that I will be afraid of that Celestial Yuehua? I have a nobler goal than that.”

Then she turned to look at Xiaofang, “Why didn’t you fight me with your immortal sword just now?”

Xiaofang replied slowly, “There is no time and…there is no killing intent from you.”

The Ascension Goddess appraised Xiaofang intently before she said, “Your Ancestress Dugu Yuzi will be proud of you compared to…”

She did not completed the sentence but everyone knew that she was referring to Ye Jing and Ye Jing was secretly helping her to complete the sentence, “…to that piece of a shit Ye Jing.”

The Ascension Goddess said, “Your baby will be safe with me. I’m taking her with me.”

Ye Jing cried out, “You…what? You are taking Little Fenghuang away…”

The Ascension Goddess said coldly, “If you want me to spare him, you have no other choice. Are you strong enough to wrestle your child from me? But don’t you worry, I will give her the best care and the best cultivation method. If you want to take her back then come to the Goddess Palace with the Heavenly Decrees of the Devil Isle. This is already the bare minimum allowances that I will be giving you. Know your limits.”

Ye Jing turned to the Saintess Yi Si for help as she fell to her knees, “Celestial Teacher, help me to take back my baby…”

Xiaofang had also dropped to his knees as well as he said in anguish, “Saintess Yi Si, please help. I will be your cow and horse forever…”

But the Saintess Yi Si said emotionlessly, “If you want to take your child back then you must be strong enough to seize the Heavenly Decrees from the Devil Isle or fight your way to the Goddess Palace.”

Ye Jing cried out, “I don’t even know where the Devil Isle or the Goddess Palace…is”

Saintess Yi Si said, “Don’t ask me. I don’t know either.”

As they were talking, the Ascension Goddess had already left.

Ye Jing was totally at her breaking point. When she saw the Saint Immortal Sword that was unsheathed earlier, she was extremely fearful. Even if she was a Sacred Saint, in the face of that Saint Immortal Sword, she would still be cut down instantly. That was because her attainment was a piece of shit and that her cultivation method was garbage…

Saintess Yi Si suddenly brought her to her feet and hugged her warmly, “Don’t worry, your baby will be safe with her. The reason why she takes your baby away is to shelter her from the coming great calamity. If your baby stays with you then her fate will be miserable.”

Ye Jing was startled, “Is it true?”

Saintess Yi Si nodded, “Do you know that your Ancestress Ye is actually helping you secretly. She is just finding excuses to protect your child. She isn’t as heartless as you think she is. But you got to be stronger, alright?”

Ye Jing stopped her tears and asked anxiously, “How do I become stronger?”

Saintess Yi Si smiled at Ye Jing and Xiaofang, “Using the Triple Cultivation Method.”

Ye Jing and Xiaofang looked at each other, with both saying loud in surprise at the same time. “What is that?”

Saintess Yi Si said, “The current cultivation method is the first cultivation method. The Mundane Celestial Practice is the second method. As for the third cultivation method…”

She smiled broadly, “Is the Dual Cultivation.”

Ye Jing opened her eyes widely, “The Dual Cultivation Method? Isn’t that…NO WAY!”

Saintess Yi Si knocked her head lightly, “You don’t need to be so shy. You are already man and wife in spirit. Your attributes are Extreme Negative while Xiaofang has the Extreme Positive. Isn’t this the most perfect in the world?”

Ye Jing said shyly, “I am a Golden Celestial now. He will drag down my celestial progression. Plus our Divinity levels have a disparity and he doesn’t have any internal strength to practice the Mundane Celestial Practice…”

All of a sudden she was speechless because the Saintess Yi Si had taken out another Divine Dragon Pill and said to Xiaofang, “Earlier during the fight with the Ascension Goddess, I have already noticed that your internal energies are not that weak when you use the Flying Sword Technique. With this Divine Dragon Pill, you will be able to reach the peak of your internal energies and will be able to start cultivating the Mundane Celestial Practice.”

Xiaofang was touched as he bowed respectfully before taking the Divine Dragon Pill to swallow it.

Saintess Yi Si said, “No one has ever attempted this Triple Cultivation Method before because no one has ever successfully merge three celestial practices into one celestial practice. If you cultivate carefully, then you will be able to cultivate your internal energies, celestial energies and spiritual inner cores at the same time. You will be formidable under the heavens and your enlightenment may surpass all the past celestial masters. ”

Ye Jing asked, “Even more formidable than Ancestress Ye?”

Saintess Yi Si lied without batting an eyelid, “Even more formidable than your Ancestress Ye.”

Ye Jing clapped her hands and said to Xiaofang eagerly, “Did you hear that, Xiaofang? Don’t you lag behind me! I don’t want to wait for you just because you are slower than me in progression. We will snatch our child back in no time…”

Xiaofang said solemnly, “But Saintess Yi Si just say that no one has ever merged them into a single celestial method before.”

Ye Jing stopped her delights. She had totally missed out on that part…

Saintess Yi Si smiled warmly , “If I have mentioned it then I have already thought of a way to merge them into one celestial cultivation method.”

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