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Chapter 17: Shameless Betrothal Gifts

Ye Jing told the Lady Consort Ye who the mysterious maiden was and also introduced the Saintess Yi Si to her. She also told her what had happened.

It took her many days to overcome the grief of losing her baby.

Saintess Yi Si had also spent a few more days with Ye Jing before she handed over the Triple Cultivation Method scroll to her.

She had said, “Not as hard as I expected. I have specifically catered this Triple Cultivation Method for you and Xiaofang. It is not perfect yet as no one has ever cultivated such a method before. The tricky parts will be advancing all the three celestial practices at the same time. For a time you may need to slow down your Golden Celestial cultivation and focus on the Mundane Celestial Practice and the Dual Cultivation.”

When that was done, she gave Ye Jing a last embrace and said quiet, “I wish that I have a daughter like you. It is good that during my last days here that I have found you to take over my mantle. Be strong and please take care.”

There was a sense of loss in Ye Jing’s heart when she had departed. She prayed that she would be able to see her Celestial Teacher soon in the future.

During these few days, she had also tallied the losses of the Holy Citadel City. More than ten protégés were killed and more than a hundred wounded. Among the dead were 5 Enlighten Celestials and 3 elders, a grievous loss to the Holy Citadel City. And of course there were also 12 of the traitorous Elders, 8 of them were Enlighten Celestials and 4 were Immortal Celestials.

Ye Jing was thankful that Elder Situ Ling and Elder Sheng were not among the dead. They were seriously wounded but not life threatening.

As for the Divine Sovereign Clan, there were only 5 that were killed and they were of the Master Practitioner levels. She had captured 8 Immortal Celestials, 30 Enlighten Celestials and 55 Master Practitioners.

Master Practitioners were like footsoldiers, Enlighten Celestials were like captains and the Immortal Celestials were like knights while Golden Celestials were like generals.

She sighed heavily for she really did not know how to handle the captives. The captives of the Divine Sovereign Clan were stronger than her entire clan and overnight her clan was reduced to a second rate celestial clan.

The number of casualties was not as many as she had expected which was a good thing. It was also because most of the protégés of the Divine Sovereign Clan had restrained themselves. As long as the protégés of the Holy Citadel City were disabled from the fighting, they were ignored. After all with Celestial Baitian soon to be taking over the Holy Citadel City, there was no need to go too overboard and created lasting enmities.

Among the Traitorous Elders, there were 4 Immortal Celestials and they represented the entire number of Immortal Celestials in the Holy Citadel City. Overnight, there were no more Immortal Celestials among the ranks of the Holy Citadel City.

“Maybe not quite, if I count Xiaofang…”

“What shall I do with them?”

In the end she had finally decided on a course of action and summoned the leaders of the captives.

In the audience hall of the inner court stood Ye Jing, the Lady Consort Ye and the remaining 5 elders.

Ye Jing said to Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, Elder Yuan Xiao and all the captives. “Go back and tell the Divine Sovereign Clan that I will be attending the upcoming congregation. As for the elders that have betrayed the Holy Citadel City, we have no place for you anymore. You may as well join the Divine Sovereign Clan.”

When Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and Elder Yuan Xiao saw Ye Jing again, they were startled. It was because her state of divinity had changed and she had piercing golden eyes.

They were all silently thinking, “This is impossible. She is a Golden Celestial now? How did she elevate herself so fast?”

Even without any golden animus, there was still an air of divine aura around her that was imposing. That was of course due to the Eternal Lotus that was within Ye Jing’s inner core.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and the Traitorous Elders were still in disbelief. It was because they had all believed that the newly appointed Holy Consort was in a weak position and that Celestial Baitian alone would be sufficient enough to handle her.

But the appearance of a mysterious maiden had not only caused them to fall in just a few moments and Celestial Baitian was even killed by Ye Jing.

They just could not believe their eyes!

And now Ye Jing had appeared before their eyes as a Golden Celestial, causing them to be even more startled.

Ye Jing said coolly, “You can all go now but all your weapons and treasures will be confiscated. I will treat as though nothing has happened.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was miserable as he said, “Your Holy Consort, may you be gracious enough to return me my divine sword…”

Even though his divine sword was only a half-step divine sword but in the Celestial Fraternity, divine swords were extremely difficult to obtain and most of the divine swords were the inheritance of their clan ancestors.

In this expedition, the Divine Sovereign Clan had lost not one but two divine swords!

It was because they had loaned a divine sword to Celestial Baitian to help him to secure victory.

Ye Jing hummed coldly, “You have already killed and wounded so many of my protégés. By letting you go, I am already considered to be super gracious. How do you expect me to account to my protégés and to the dead? Is the Holy Citadel City a clan that you can bully like a third rate clan?”

Elder Yuan Xiao stepped in to say, “You will dearly offend the Divine Sovereign Clan. Even if you are a Golden Celestial now, it is nothing compared to us. If you are wise then you will return us the two divine swords immediately.”

Ye Jing growled softly, “Outrageous! You have staged a coup against the Holy Citadel City. Instead of repenting, you have dared to wash your dirty linen in public. All the other celestial clans are looking down at you right now. What righteous celestial clans? More like dirty celestial clans, worse than the dark heretic celestial clans!”

Elder Yuan Xiao and Young Master Yuan Chengzhi were ashamed immediately. If their coup was successful then they could cover the successful takeover by Celestial Baitian with a righteous story. But they had failed miserable.

The Divine Sovereign Clan had many Golden Celestials and Sacred Saint Elders. They did not think that they would need to ask them for help to deal with the Holy Citadel City. Moreover Celestial Baitian was a Golden Celestial himself.

The strength of the Holy Citadel City was known to them through their extensive spy network. It was impossible for them to fail and moreover they had been preparing for all types of contingency. They had only one conclusion. That mysterious maiden was a Sacred Saint. If they bring more Immortal Celestials to form a sword formation or even one more Golden Celestial then they could still succeed.

Ye Jing continued to rebuke, “With your puny attainment that is like a piece of shit, not only are you a disgrace to the rest of the patriarch celestial clans, the righteousness of your ancestor celestials are also thrown away like garbage!”

As she was about to say more, the Lady Consort Ye quickly tapped her and whispered. “Jing’Er, where did you learn such vulgar language from? What did your elders teach you?”

Ye Jing had wanted to reply that it was precisely one of her elders the Ancestress Ye that had taught her but she thought of arguing with her mother in public.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was speechless. No one had ever called his attainment a piece of shit. He was a high prodigy that was praised by countless celestials and there were high expectations from the Elders for him. It was a personal insult and the celestials avenge personal insults by dueling with each other.

But at this moment he was injured and his performance was not peaked. But even if he was not injured, he could not fight against a Golden Celestial. Even if he wants to use his past achievements to compare with her, he could not because she had become a Golden Celestial at the age of 22 while he was still an Intermediate Immortal Celestial at the age of 200. If he was a genius among geniuses then what was she?

Even Elder Yuan Xiao was speechless.

Her words were too hurting and wounded the pride of many!

Ye Jing saw their sorry expressions and said, “The nine patriarch celestial clans are all protégé brothers and sisters. You don’t plot against your fellow celestial clan. Rather than worrying about your divine swords, you have better worried about how the other patriarch celestial clans will think first!”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi sighed quietly. The Holy Consort was right. The secret intrigues of the nine patriarch celestial clans were many. They had caused the Divine Sovereign Clan to lose a tremendous amount of face and the other patriarch celestial clans will surely take advantage of this.

Ye Jing smiled coldly, “Since the Divine Sovereign Clan is the host of the upcoming congregation and I will be attending it, if you are not happy with me then in front of the nine patriarch celestial clans you may raise your unhappiness.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi smiled bitterly. It was because the Divine Sovereign Clan would rather hope that this incident will be “forgotten” lest it gave the other celestial clans a chance to undermine their influences.

Elder Yuan Xiao quickly said, “Actually the Divine Sovereign Clan has always respect and admire the Holy Citadel City. Our two celestial clans have always worked well with each other, even supporting each other. It is all a big misunderstanding…”

He secretly made an eye contact with Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and said, “You must know that our Young Master is young and inexperienced therefore he can be fooled by an old fox like Celestial Baitian. His original intention is to make a proposal of marriage to the beautiful Holy Consort. This will be a perfect heavenly match that all the celestials will be envious about. Don’t you think so?”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was smiling, “This is really a misunderstanding. I really wish to marry the Holy Consort. Together, we will be an absolute match under the heavens. Alas, I am so easy to be manipulated by the others!”

When Ye Jing heard them, she was totally speechless. They had made such a drastic turnaround and even called the Celestial Baitian an old fox. Talk about extreme face saving measures…

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi added, “I know that the Holy Consort has a bad impression of me now but I am sure that as we get to know each other, we will come to a better understanding with each other. As for the two divine swords, please consider them as a fitting betrothal gifts as a great show of my sincerity and deepest admiration for you.”

The reasons why he had said that was because the Holy Consort had stubbornly refused to give any face to the Divine Sovereign Clan to return the two divine swords. Left with no other choices, it was the only face saving measure that was currently available.

When Ye Jing, the Lady Consort Ye and the other Elders had heard Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, all their goose pimples began to rise as they simply could not believe that he could say such shameless and mushy words.

Ye Jing was so startled that she quickly shouted, “Go away. As soon as possible! NOW!”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi smiled and said, “Then I shall take my leave. I hope that my beautiful Holy Consort will seriously consider…”


Young Master Yuan Chengzhi quickly said, “I hope to see my bride-to-be at the congregation…”

Ye Jing shouted as she almost vomit blood, “Out! Out!”

He was simply too shameless for her to bear.

When Young Master Yuan Chengzhi exited the heaven gates of the Holy Citadel City, he whispered to Elder Yuan Xiao, “I want the entire celestial fraternity to know that the Holy Consort has accepted the two divine swords as my betrothal gifts. Spare no expenses in spreading the rumors.”

Then he added, “And that I have helped the Holy Consort to deal with the Celestial Baitian and the Traitorous Elders.”

He smiled and looked at the Traitorous Elders before whispering to the Elder Yuan Xiao, “Since I have already dealt with them on behalf of the Holy Consort, why are they still following us? I want these pieces of shits to disappear.”

He waved his fan and was smiling as he began to hatch a new plan to possess the Holy Consort, “She is after all only an inexperienced young maiden of 22 and unexposed to the intrigues of the Celestial Fraternity. She is even a Golden Celestial. I can make use of her to further my renown and reputation. She can simply execute the Traitorous Elders according to the clan laws and no one will say a word. This shows that her character is too timid and too soft.”

But he was also thinking, “Who is that mysterious man who is said to have an immortal sword and that mysterious maiden? Are they the secret elders of the Holy Citadel City?”

It was well-known that the patriarch celestial clans had many formidable reclusive celestial fighters and elders. There were no way to track all of them even with the extensive spy network of the Divine Sovereign Clan.

Originally he had come to find clues to obtain the immortal sword but instead of gaining the immortal sword, he had lost two of his clan divine swords. It was a tremendous loss to the Divine Sovereign Clan!

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