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Chapter 18: Methods of the Dual Cultivation

In a secret practice chamber, Ye Jing and Xiaofang found themselves staring at each other for some time.

Finally Ye Jing smiled, “Why are you staring at me for? We are supposed to be meditating upon the new celestial practice. Or are you having dirty thoughts and thinking about the Dual Cultivation already?”

Xiaofang turned flustered and he quickly said, “It is just that I didn’t see you for many days already and there is no word from you until today…”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I actually wish that we can start sooner but I have been so buzy settling this and that. Being the Holy Consort isn’t easy. So how are you these days?”

Xiaofang replied, “I am good. It is just that I have been thinking of the fight with your Ancestress.”

Ye Jing smiled, “What there to think about? One day, we will defeat her and turn her into a pile of waste. Did you not hear what my benevolent Celestial Teacher the Saintess Yi Si has said to us? We will be more formidable than her in the future.”

Xiaofang said, “That day when I had sparred with her, I found it weird that I would suddenly lose my strength. Even though it was only momentarily but that was enough for her to take Little Fenghuang from us.”

Ye Jing thought it over and said, “The Saintess Yi Si had told me a few days ago that Ancestress Ye specializes in a type of martial power divine skill that can nullify forces. I think the name of that skill is the Denunciation Force.”

Xiaofang began to mutter, “Hmm, the Denunciation Force…”

Ye Jing laughed and said, “Let’s not bother about that first. She won’t be as formidable as us after we have mastered our Triple Cultivation Practice. Let us take a look at the Mundane Celestial Practice first, alright? I am eager to start on it.”

She carefully said, “We are at the Genesis level now. According to the scroll, Genesis is the initiate awakening and the start of the divine practice. If we can successfully overcome this level, we can enter the Enlighten level. Because we are already high level celestials and Genesis is quite similar to our Xiantian Master Practitioner level, we probably won’t have any difficulties in overcoming it.”

Xiaofang nodded and said, “Let’s try.”

Therefore Ye Jing and Xiaofang started to meditate together.

Ye Jing closed her eyes and began her meditation.

She was now at the Initial stage of Genesis which was similar to the Lower Stage of the Master Practitioner level.

She began to ponder and started to gather her newly acquired internal energies into her inner core. It took her some time as she was too used to cultivate with her celestial energies.

She thought, “It is easy to condense celestial energies into my inner core to display martial power and sword energies. It is because I have been doing so for a number of years now. But condensing internal energies into my inner core to display martial power and sword energies is another matter. It is not easy to interchange between both types of energies.”

She got up and gathered the internal energies to display a forceful martial force. She said delightfully, “It is not that hard.”

“According to Saintess Yi Si, it doesn’t matter which type of energies we are capable of using as long as we are capable of using it to display our martial power and aura. The Genesis level is like the awakening of the celestial boundaries and the source of all the boundaries foundation…”

“Why is it that after I use the internal energies, I feel so alive? I can even feel the vitality of my meridians?”

So instead of condensing the internal energies, she began to let it envelop her entire body, coursing through her heart and vital organs…

“This feeling…I feel so alive…”

There was a sudden jolt in her head and her vision was blanketed by a momentary light. She knew that she had reached the Intermediate Genesis level!

So she began to ponder again.

“I don’t need to condense both celestial and internal energies into my inner core as one; both energies drawn its source of strength from the cultivation inner core. Internal energies increases as vitality increases. When the mundane practitioners become a celestial, their internal energies are the internal strength foundation at which they could achieve long lives.”

She sighed as she thought, “No wonder, the celestials in the Celestial Fraternity are weaker. Without rich spiritual veins to cultivate their inner core, many of the unfortunate celestials will take a longer time to overcome their celestial divinity.”

There was another brilliant jolt as she crossed the Intermediate Genesis level to the Upper Genesis level. She felt the strengthening of her spiritual inner core and the tremendous vital life energies of her internal energies that were coursing through her.

She felt the doubling of the boundary of her Golden Celestial level. Usually that was a bad thing as it meant she had to spend doubly the same amount time to overcome the level. But to her, she knew that it was a good thing as it was due to her enlightenment of the Genesis Divinity and that her present boundary was being strengthened.

She was a little envy of Xiaofang because he was still at the Enhance Energy level of the Immortal Celestial. If his boundary were to improve because of Genesis Divinity then his Enhance Energy level may surpass her as she had jumped too fast to the Aura level of the Golden Celestial.

“But I am a genius while Xiaofang is so stupid. So his understanding of the Genesis Divinity may not be outstanding.”

She calmed herself down once more and began to meditate once more, “Will I be able to reach the Upper Genesis level?”

The mundane celestials need years, tens of years and even hundreds of years to overcome the Genesis Divinity. It is because trying to cultivate to a celestial body is not easy for a mortal. Many got struck and are unable to progress from the Genesis level to the Enlighten level.

Although this was a major weakness but the Master Practitioners in the Celestial Realm are extremely weaker when compared to a Genesis Divinity mundane celestial. The martial strength of a Genesis Divinity mundane celestial with 80 years of internal energies is equivalent to an Immortal Celestial!

Ye Jing did not dwelled for too long and she was soon on the Upper Genesis level. It was because the Eternal Lotus within her had given her a solid foundation. She tripled her spiritual boundaries and was extremely startled at her results.

In no time she had overcome the Genesis Divinity and had reached the Enlighten Divinity.

When she opened her eyes, she saw that Xiaofang had also just opened his eyes so she asked. “Do you need help? I have already breakthrough from the Genesis Divinity to the Enlighten Divinity.”

Xiaofang smiled, “Big Sister Jing you are really amazing. I am currently at the Intermediate Enlighten level. What is Big Sister Jing’s staging now?”


Ye Jing said unhappily, “We shouldn’t cultivate this fast and should slowly digest the boundaries of the Genesis Divinity first to build a strong foundation. If you don’t lay a proper foundation, it will be detrimental to your future attainment.”

Xiaofang said respectfully, “Big Sister Jing, thank you for your timely instruction!”

Ye Jing smiled sheepishly, “Not at all. We are supposed to be helping each other.”

Then she quickly said as she had a quick thought, “Xiaofang, let us test our martial strength against the two celestial practices. Alright?”

Xiaofang nodded politely, “What do you need me to do?”

Ye Jing had immediately displayed a forward stance with her palm, “Hit my palm with 50% of your internal strength while I will also hit back with my Enlighten Celestial level.”

Xiaofang nodded, displaying an excited look. “Big Sister Jing, I am curious as well.”

Ye Jing shouted as she mustered her celestial energies equaled to a Peaked Enlighten Celestial, “Now!”

In the next instant they had immediately clashed their palms together with a thunderous clap and Ye Jing was forced to take five backward steps while Xiaofang had only taken a step back to steady his footings.

Ye Jing counted, “One, two, three, four…I have taken a difference of four steps back. That means your martial power is almost 40% stronger. Lucky I didn’t cough out blood. If I do then that means my internal organ has been damaged by you.”

Xiaofang panicky said, “Sorry Big Sister Jing…”

Ye Jing smiled, “Don’t worry. I am protected by my newly acquired golden body. You can’t seriously injure me. Now hit me with 70% of your internal strength.”

An imposing blue aura was now enveloping around her as she said, “I have raised my celestial energies to a Peaked Immortal Celestial. Now we see how it goes…”

Xiaofang had also immediately channeled 70% of his internal energies as internal strength, “Big Sister Jing, I am coming…”

At almost the same instant they had exchanged an even more thunderous clash that burst into a thunderous shockwave.

This time round, Xiaofang was forced to take three steps back while Ye Jing had taken two steps back.

As Ye Jing steadied her steps she said, “If you have used 100% of your internal strength as martial power against me, then you will be able to overpower me.”

Xiaofang shook his head, “With my present internal strength foundation, I can only use up to 300% of my internal strength before I exhausted all my internal energies. If I have used to the limit of 100% against you, I can only muster 80% in the next attack. Big Sister Jing is still stronger than me as you have not exhausted your celestial energies but I have. That is because you have the foundation of a Golden Celestial. I will still need to further improve my internal strength with the higher celestial divinities to even the odds with you. ”

Ye Jing nodded as they immediately sat down and started to scribble some numbers.

The celestials in the Celestial Realm had used a different way to determine their martial power. Depending on the cultivator celestial levels, their celestial energies are usually doubled of the last level and they controlled the outburst of their martial power through the celestial levels. For example in a strike, a Golden Celestial may choose to use the martial power that ranges from a Practitioner to a Golden Celestial.

On paper, using the power of the Practitioner level seemed like 20% of a Golden Celestial martial power but it was actually as low as 5%.

On the other hand, mundane celestials calculated their internal energies as a total usage and the power of their martial power was controlled by their output of internal strength rather than the celestial levels since their celestial divinities consisted of a unifying practice.

Ye Jing grinned, “Even though you may have exhausted your internal strength and still lost but you have reduced my celestial energies by 1/3 or more. If you are a Peaked Immortal Celestial then you can still narrow down our disparities…”

Xiaofang smiled, “If Big Sister Jing is able to train your internal energies to the level of a Golden Celestial then you have the strength of two Golden Celestials and will be extremely formidable.”

Ye Jing had a lit beam in her eyes, “What divinity will it be?”

Xiaofang replied, “At the Ascend Divinity.”

Ye Jing almost fainted on the spot as she muttered, “That is still so far away.”

But she soon recovered her composure as she took a shy look at Xiaofang, “I guess that is  enough practice for the mundane celestial practice. According to Saintess Yi Si, our Triple Cultivation Practice must move in steps together…”

With a flustered expression, Xiaofang helped her to complete the sentence. “We should proceed now to the Dual Cultivation.”

Ye Jing said shyly, “You have an Extreme Positive attribute while I have an Extreme Negative attribute. By exchanging our attribute energies through copulation then we can further refine the purity of our own attributes, strengthening the essences of our cultivation inner core…”

She was now so flustered that she could barely continue as she looked at Xiaofang, “…This consists of the cultivation of the Mind, Soul and Body…For the Mind Dual Cultivation Practice, the two dual practitioners must be in unison…while for the Soul Dual Cultivation Practice….the two dual practitioners must refine their souls to be in harmony…as for the…Body Dual Cultivation Practice…”

Xiaofang was breathing heavily as he shyly stammering, “I think we should start on the Body Dual Cultivation Practice first…”

Ye Jing pursed her lips shyly, “You really think so?”

Xiaofang nodded shyly, “I…we can experiment…”

Ye Jing was already on fire as she glanced at the bed at the corner, “Do you…do you mind carrying me there?”

She had suddenly gasped aloud for Xiaofang had lifted her off the ground to carry her as he walked to the bed.

Ye Jing could feel his strong and comforting arms on her back as they exchanged shy glances.

Slowly and gently, Xiaofang had put her down on the bed…

His eyes were on fire and he was like a hungry wolf that was about to feast on Ye Jing.

Ye Jing looked down shyly, “Be gentle with me.”

There were no more words. Instead they were clumsily kissing and rolling on the bed!

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