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Chapter 19: The New Elders

The dual cultivation had taken them many days than expected and during those few days, Ye Jing was in heavens.

Xiaofang was still her Xiaofang but she was no longer his Big Sister Jing anymore but his Jing’Er.

Ye Jing had rebuked him lightly, “You are such a badass. Of all Dual Cultivation Methods, you have actually dared to suggest the Body Dual Cultivation. You have taken advantage of me and see all that you want to see. Are you happy now?”

Xiaofang said with great resolve, “Jing’Er, I will love you till the heavens collapse. From our first encounter, I have already fallen in love with you…”

Ye Jing replied shyly in return, “Actually from our first fortuitous encounter, I have already got a good impression of you and moreover I am really grateful to Celestial Yuehua for purifying my inner core and for gifting me the Revelation Divine Sword. Without these two heaven aids, I may not even be alive now. Unlike Celestial Yuehua, my Ancestress Ye did not even want to take a second look at me because my attainment is a piece of shit and my cultivation strength is garbage.”

She added, “And of course without you, I would have been killed by my Uncle Baitian a year ago. Do you really think that I would really be so unappreciative? And of course we still got our Little Fenghuang. Through our Little Fenghuang, Celestial Yuehua is not only your mother but she is mine as well.”

She sarcastically said, “You know that sometimes I can be wild and unmindful of myself. I am someone that is not easy to get along with. You can even say that I am spoilt brat. I am always thinking if I were to marry one of the young masters of the patriarch celestial clans, sooner or later I would even be plotted to the death by my mother-in-law and also by the many palace intrigues.”

Xiaofang said firmly, “No matter what you are, you are always my Big Sister Jing and Jing’Er. When you have come back to cook for me, I am really touched. You are the nicest person that I have ever met…”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “That is because other than your mother, I am the only person that you have ever met.”

The affectionate emotions that they were displaying to each other were obvious and ingrained in the recess of their hearts…

In the past, it might seem that Ye Jing had hated Xiaofang. It was not exactly true. She just wanted him to explain to her but because of her shyness, she had fled away. She hated Xiaofang for not appearing before her to explain to her.

When she briefly saw Xiaofang again, he did not offer any explanation again and just like that, he had quietly disappeared.

It was only a year later that she had met him again that she knew that Xiaofang had become a protégé of the Holy Citadel City. Again, she hated him for not offering any explanation and not even once did he look for her.

It was only when Xiaofang was willing to surrender his life into her hands by eating the ‘poisonous’ dishes that had caused Ye Jing to be so touched that she dropped her pretentious hatred for him.

When two people get together, it did not require great sacrifices or great love. If they have eyes for each other then they will be attracted to each other. Ye Jing and Xiaofang are such people and their little romance start in an inconspicuous manner, blossoming as time goes.

When they had ended their secret cultivation practice a few days later, the first person that they had dumped into was the Lady Consort Ye and she was secretly startled that Ye Jing countenances seemed to be glowing.

She thought, “They seem to be getting along now? Jing’Er seems to be more demure now…”

This was also not lost on Elder Situ Ling and Elder Sheng as they had also noticed that their Holy Consort seemed to cut down some of her excessive antics and was more pleasant than ever.

In the next 2 weeks, Ye Jing and Xiaofang had become closer. They had also reached the Upper Enlighten Divinity, which was the separation between heaven and the earth which represents the separation of celestial and mortal.

But they were unable to overcome the peak of the Enlighten Divinity to reach the Emotion Divinity. It was because the Emotion Divinity was a divine path of cosmos loneliness and was the most difficult to overcome for the affectionate and the emotional cultivators.

Ye Jing was exasperated, “The Emotion Divinity is a direct contradiction to the Dual Cultivation Practice…”

Xiaofang tried to comfort her, “We will find a solution soon.”

It was a damper to Ye Jing as she was hoping to cultivate to a higher level before she sets off to the Golden Clans Congregation which was being hosted by the Divine Sovereign Clan.

Ye Jing said to Xiaofang, “I have decided to make you a clan elder. If you are an elder then it will also be more convenient for you to come and see me in the inner citadel for our secret practice. We need to step up more time for our Triple Cultivation Practice and we got less than two weeks before I need to go to the Golden Clans Congregation. Also there are far too many gossips about us that are flying around now.”

Xiaofang knew that it was true. For the past few weeks, he had experienced hostilities from the many protégés of the outer court. There were even some who used to be friendly with him but now they were also treating him like an enemy.

There were all kinds of malicious gossips that were aimed at him;

“Ever since the Holy Consort had kissed him, he has been going to the inner citadel. I wonder what’s up?”

“I have heard that Xiaofang did not return to his room for many days…”

“Maybe he has placed a powerful spiritual array on the Holy Consort and that is why he is able to bewitch her!”

“Surely he is a spy from the dark heretic clans.”

“I have reliable news from the maids in the inner citadel that he is particular close to the Holy Consort…”

Xiaofang said quietly, “I am only a lowly practitioner.  There will be many people who will be unhappy if I am appointed as an elder. Jing’Er, this won’t be a good idea. Let’s drop it.”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Unhappy or happy, there is nothing they can do about it. After all I am the Holy Consort and my words are the supreme laws. What can they do? Don’t tell me they want to revolt against me? Well, it is too late now for I have already asked Elder Situ Ling to announce your appointment to all the clan protégés…”

“Jing’Er, I need to talk to you…” It was the Lady Consort Ye and she was walking in hurried steps toward Ye Jing.

Ye Jing asked, “Mother, what’s wrong?”

Lady Consort Ye said urgently, “Thousands of angry protégés have gathered outside the inner citadel and they are demanding to see you.”

Then she looked at Xiaofang, “It is about the appointment of Xiaofang as elder. They are not too happy about it.”

Ye Jing was flustered, “They are really rebelling…”

Lady Consort Ye urgently said, “It is not just the outer court protégés but the inner citadel protégés that are protesting too. Come, we have to go now before things get too out of hand!”

She turned to Xiaofang and said, “Come along too as well.”

Ye Jing said weakly to Xiaofang, “You just stand one side first. I will handle it…”

Suddenly she was unsure of her authority as Holy Consort anymore. She thought miserly, “Is there a weaker clan protégé leader that is like me in the entire celestial fraternity? I am the joke of the celestial fraternity…”

She had thought that being a clan protégé grandmaster meant that she had control over their life and death. But instead, she was plotted against by her patriarch elder the Celestial Baitian, the clan elders and now she had an open rebellion by her own protégés.

Even the luxurious life that she had imagined was also gone like the winds when her mother the Lady Consort Ye told her about the dire finances of the clan. The Holy Citadel City was actually dirt poor as it had been at the bottom of the nine patriarch celestial clans for several centuries now.

When Ye Jing arrived at the scene, thousands of protégés had already gathered at the ridge that was between the inner citadel and the outer courts.

She was quite shocked for it seemed that as many as ten thousands protégés had gathered and it was like half of the Holy Citadel City was in rebellion. It seems that it is the inner citadel protégés that are leading this rebellion as she could recognize many of the celestial masters that were in the demonstration.

Elder Situ Ling, Elder Sheng and the other three elders were all trying to pacify the unruly crowd and supporting them were two thousands of the loyal protégés.

When everyone saw the Holy Consort approaching with her splendid phoenix that was flying above her, the unruly crowd had suddenly calmed down and was all staring blankly at her. It was because her elegant beauty coupled with her many subtle enchanting gestures was too captivating.

“Is this our Holy Consort?”

“She seems to be out of the world.”

“Her eyes are golden? She is a Golden Celestial now?”

“Our Holy Consort is a Golden Celestial? When did that happen?”

What had taken everyone by surprise was that the Holy Consort was a Golden Celestial now and everyone was suddenly buzzing in confusion at the same time. They seemed to have forgotten about Xiaofang who was walking behind Ye Jing and the Lady Consort Ye for a moment.

In the Celestial Realm, Golden Celestials have an esteem status and every cultivator that managed to attain as a Golden Celestial will have their names recorded in the great ancestral halls of the celestial clans. If a third rate celestial clan can produce even a single Golden Celestial then they will be recognized as a second rate celestial clan instead.

Everyone had thought that Celestial Baitian was the only Golden Celestial in the Holy Citadel City. When the protégés had heard that Celestial Baitian was killed by their Holy Consort, they were stunned and also lamented that the era of the Holy Citadel City was over.

They had all known that their Holy Consort was only 22. How could anyone possibly be able to cultivate themselves into a Golden Celestial at a tender age of 22? Even if a person were to cultivate all the time and in their mother’s womb, it was still impossible to imagine.

Is their Holy Consort a super genius?

Moreover many of the protégés had seen the Holy Consort a few days earlier and her eyes were not yet golden. Where was the life and death heavenly tribulation that was supposed to accompany before one’s transition into a Golden Celestial?

The only major news in the past couple of days was that the Celestial Baitian and many of the elders had led an uprising against the Holy Consort. The Divine Sovereign Clan was also involved in the coup and there was a mysterious maiden that had appeared to aid the Holy Citadel City. What happened next was a little bizarre when the Holy Consort had suddenly decided to release the captives of the Divine Sovereign Clan.

According to rumors that were spreading around, it seemed that their Holy Consort had been engaged to Young Master Yuan Chengzhi of the Divine Sovereign Clan.

Except for the clan elders themselves, no one knew if the rumors were true or not since no one had dared to ask the elders about it.

Ye Jing said bluntly, “Are you all too free? What are you all doing here? Who are the leaders of the instigations?”

Lady Consort Ye smiled bitterly, “Jing’Er should be more tactful with her choice of words.”

There was an uneasy silence from everyone. Even Elder Situ Ling and Elder Sheng did not step in to accuse anyone as everyone seemed to be bystanders all of a suddenly.

Ye Jing asked, “Why the sudden silent?”

A protégé stepped forward and said, “Your Holy Consort. We are not happy with Dugu Fang appointment as an elder.”

From the markings of his attire, Ye Jing knew that he was one of the sword masters of the inner citadel and that he was also an Enlighten Celestial.

She took a close look at him before saying, “Chu Yunfeng?”

He was slightly startled that the Holy Consort was able to recall his name as he replied. “Yes!”

Chu Yunfeng was one of the senior sword masters of the Holy Citadel City. At 220 years old and if there was no blemishes on his records for the next 50 years, there was a good chance that he may be promoted to the position of an elder.

Ye Jing said coolly, “At 40, you are already an Enlighten Celestial. At 80, you are already a sword master of the 16th Sword Citadel Hall. Right now, you are already a peaked Enlighten Celestial and are likely to be an Immortal Celestial in a matter of a few short years. Why are you unhappy about Dugu Fang appointment?”

When Chu Yunfeng had heard the Holy Consort detailing his personal achievements, he was a little flustered and did not know what to say. In normal circumstances, he would be quite proud of the praises but today he was in an awkward situation.

What everyone did not know was that Ye Jing had a phenomenon memory and she could remember every nuances of what she had heard. Moreover she had a strange habit of spying and concealing herself on everyone since she was but a child.

Chu Yunfeng said awkwardly, “Dugu Fang is but a lowly practitioner. He is not even a full protégé. On what merits and achievements does he have the right to become an elder? We are all not convinced!”

When he had said that, the numerous protégés behind him were all shouting. “We are all not convinced!”

The thunderous roars of ten thousands protégés were so earth shaking that it seemed that the entire mountain was shaking!

Ye Jing coolly said, “Chu Yunfeng, you must know that I am the Holy Consort and I can promote anyone I like. I am promoting you to an elder of the inner citadel now, to be in charge of the 24 Sword Citadel Halls.”

Chu Yunfeng was startled, “Huh?”

Immediately there were more commotions from the back, “Sword Citadel Master Chu Yunfeng is promoted to the Sword Citadel Elder now?”

“At least he is more deserving than Dugu Fang…”

Chu Yunfeng quickly composed himself, “I thank your Holy Consort. But this matter won’t rest until you retract your order to promote Dugu Fang as elder…”

Ye Jing interrupted, “Elder Chu, you just got a promotion as elder and the first thing that you want to do is to defy my divine instruction?”

Chu Yunfeng said awkwardly, “There are more than three hundred masters of the Sword Citadel, Spirit Citadel, Force Citadel and Fist Citadel combined. Anyone of them has more rights to be promoted to an elder position than this Dugu Fang. He is not even a Master Practitioner yet and his cultivation is too low.”

Ye Jing asked, “How do you know that his cultivation is too low? Can you see his cultivations?”

Chu Yunfeng smiled weakly, “Whether his cultivation is high or low, we measure his standard by comparing to his celestial levels. He is only in the lowly practitioner level…”

Ye Jing interrupted coldly, “Xiaofang, draw your sword.”

Everyone was startled.

Did the Holy Consort want Dugu Fang to execute Chu Yunfeng?

Ye Jing said coldly, “If you can win the sword that is in Xiaofang hand then I will consider retracting my order. But if you were to lose then you may very well stand on my side.”

Chu Yunfeng smiled as he unsheathed his sword to face Dugu Fang, “This is a good idea. If I lose then I will be convinced…”

Everyone that was against Xiaofang was smiling. It was because as a Sword Citadel Master, Chu Yunfeng was well verse in the Nine forms and Styles of the Holy Citadel Swordplay. He was also not an ordinary master but a senior master. That was to say, his swordplay was extremely formidable!

It was not something any protégés below the Enlighten Celestial level could hope to contest with. Moreover, even an ordinary Enlighten Celestial would find it hard to contest against a senior sword master such as Chu Yunfeng!

“That Dugu Fang is going to die pretty soon.”

“He can keep dreaming of becoming an elder in his next life…”

Ye Jing looked at Xiaofang and said gently, “Be sure to use 100% of your strength.”

By 100% of his strength, she meant to say that Xiaofang should use 100% of his internal energies.

Xiaofang asked, “Do I really need to use 100%?”

Ye Jing replied, “Or else it won’t be convincing.”

Xiaofang nodded as he walked to the middle of the ridge with the sword that once belonged to Ye Jing, saying to Chu Yunfeng politely. “Junior pays my respect to senior.”

Chu Yunfeng smiled coldly as he flashed his sword, “As senior, I shall give you the benefit of the first strike and I will only use my right hand.”

There were thunderous applauses from the thousands of onlookers. Everyone was cheering and rooting for Chu Yunfeng, impressed by his gallantry and self-confidence.

Elder Situ Ling was secretly smiling as she flashed Elder Sheng a thoughtful look…

Ye Jing patted Yu’Er and said, “Who do you think will win?”

Yu’Er pointed her wings at Chu Yunfeng and shrieked excitingly.

Ye Jing was annoyed, “You stupid bird. You should point at Xiaofang!”

Xiaofang said respectfully, “Senior, you are too gracious to me.”

Chu Yunfeng said coolly, “Attack with your sword. There is no need for further words!”

Xiaofang nodded and imbued his sword with martial force, using only 50% of his internal strength instead of 100%.

All of a sudden he had attacked with a swing that was aimed at Chu Yunfeng’s sword.

Chu Yunfeng smiled and thought, “He is really an amateur. He had chosen to attack my strongest position which I can easily block his stroke instead of trying to encircle me to find a position of weakness…”

There was a tremendous shockwave coming from the clashing of two swords and to the horror of everyone, Chu Yunfeng was sent flying into the air and disappeared into his hordes of supporters!

There was a stunned silence from everyone!

The faces of the supporters of Chu Yunfeng were all ugly and uneasy!

What had exactly happened?

All they could see was that Dugu Fang sword stroke was parried in a timely manner by Chu Yunfeng but as Chu Yunfeng blocked the attack, he seemed to be overpowered by the strength of Dugu Fang’s stroke as it continued to swing forward like an unstoppable force!

Ye Jing was in the middle of a playful tease with Yu’Er and was startled, “It is over already?”

Elder Situ Ling was smiling. If Xiaofang was the masked lad that appeared a year ago then this result was not at all surprising. Even Celestial Baitian had been forced back by his single sword stroke before.

She laughed softly as she gently rebuked, “Are you all convinced now?”

Everyone was looking at each other and their expressions were extremely ugly as they shared the same thought, “How is it possible that Chu Yunfeng will lose?”

“I have not lost yet!” It was Chu Yunfeng who had picked himself up. He was suddenly seized by an irresistible martial force and was overpowered. “I didn’t use my full strength yet and I was careless! Dugu Fang, do you still dare to fight with me?”

Xiaofang replied, “I think that is enough…”

But all of a sudden Chu Yunfeng had displayed the Eighth and Ninth Form of the Holy Citadel Swordplay as he flew toward Dugu Fang with a tremendous speed!

Even Ye Jing was startled. It was because she had only mastered to the Fifth Form of the Holy Citadel Swordplay due to her lack of sword practice. She knew that the Eight Form and Nine Form of the Holy Citadel Swordplay were extremely formidable…

Many cried out, “This is going to be a massacre…”

Xiaofang was startled when he saw the extraordinary superior swordplay that was being displayed but he quickly composed himself and leapt into the mid-air. With just a single swing, he had sent Chu Yunfeng to crash with a thunderous impact onto the ground!

Chu Yunfeng coughed out a bout of blood and his sword arm was trembling nonstop. He was in a state of total disbelief!

Against the charged martial power and illusionary attacks of the combine Eighth and Ninth Forms of the Holy Citadel Swordplay, this Xiaofang could still overpower his sword strokes and sent him flying off with just a single attack.

The Eighth Form of the Holy Citadel Swordplay is able to enhance the martial power of the user by 80% while the Ninth Form of the Holy Citadel Swordplay is able to enhance the martial power of the user by 110%. By successfully fusing these two forms, the martial power of the Holy Citadel Swordplay can be further enhanced by 150%.

As a high prodigy, he was one of the few that could successfully fuse the higher forms of the Holy Citadel Swordplay together. Not even Celestial Baitian had such a high accomplishments as him.

Although he was only a peaked Enlighten Celestial, the power of his stroke was equaled to a peaked Immortal Celestial!

That was why everyone had thought that this was going to be a massacre!

Even Ye Jing was startled as she did not think that Xiaofang would be able to handle the ingenious strokes of the Eighth and Ninth Forms of the Holy Citadel Swordplay.

Elder Situ Ling walked over to the fallen and dazzled Chu Yunfeng, “I welcome you as an elder but you still got many things to learn.”

She looked at the thousands of protégés and smiled, “Who else will like to challenge Dugu Fang?”

After seeing the sorry state of Chu Yunfeng who had the reputation as one of the strongest fighters in the Holy Citadel City, everyone was thinking that Dugu Fang’s strength was above Chu Yunfeng and that he may be mole that was sent by the elders to monitor them.

Now they were a little afraid that they had offended him and were thinking of the many ways how they could offer their most sincere apologies to him.

Ye Jing said nonchalantly, “Are you all not leaving yet? If you are so free then stay behind to do some clan errant for me. The lake that is at the Dark Mist Peaks needs cleaning…”

When everyone had heard that those who were staying behind had to clean the Dark Mist Lake, they began to flee in all directions and in just a few blinks of an eye, they had all disappeared from the scene.

Ye Jing could only find one person and that was Chu Yunfeng so she said to him, “Since you are so free to volunteer then you shall go and do the lake cleaning.”

What could Chu Yunfeng do but to smile bitterly as he cursed the cowardly protégés silently, “I am a hero to stand up for everyone but you are all turtles when I need you…”

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