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Chapter 20: New Sensing Ability

Ye Jing had just finished her morning martial practices and had just exited the practice chamber when she noticed that there were a lot of activities that were going on below the inner citadel walls. A careful look revealed tens of orderly columns that are heading out.

Curious she asked Li’Er, who was her new attendant. “What is going on below?”

Li’Er smiled, “Reporting to Holy Consort, it is the new Sword Citadel Elder Chu Yunfeng leading the protégé disciples of the twenty-four Sword Citadel Halls. I’ve heard that they are going to the Dark Mist Peaks.”

Ye Jing was amused as she thought, “This Chu Yunfeng isn’t that stupid. He knows that it is impossible for him to clean up the Dark Mist Lake on his own so he is now abusing his authority as the Sword Citadel Elder to mobilize all the twenty four sword citadel halls to do the cleaning. Instead of him suffering alone, now it is the three thousands protégé disciples of the twenty four sword citadel halls that are going to suffer.”

She asked Li’Er, “Where is Xiaofang? I want to see him.”

Li’Er smiled, “Elder Fang is probably in his practice chamber. I’ll go and fetch him.”

Ye Jing nodded her head, “Tell him that I will be with Yu’Er.”

When she had said that, she had walked to the tower that housed Yu’Er.

Yu’Er was napping lazily when she had arrived at her tower shed.

Ye Jing laughed alluringly, “Time to wake up, Yu’Er. We are going to take flight once Xiaofang has arrived.”

When she had said that, Xiaofang had just arrived quite hastily.

Yu’Er shrieked lazily as she shook her body to stand upright.

Xiaofang called out, “Jing’Er…”

Ye Jing jovially laughed and her eyes were extremely coy, “My dearest Xiaofang. I hope that you are ready for next level of the Dual Cultivation today.”

Xiaofang flushed a little, “I am ready! But can Yu’Er…”

Ye Jing jumped gently on the back of Yu’Er before she extends a hand to Xiaofang, “Don’t be afraid. Yu’Er is now strong enough to lift the two of us. Did you not notice that she is now a big fat phoenix?”

Yu’Er shrieked unhappily at the word ‘fat’. She shrieked a few more times to convey that she was now a super fit phoenix and she was very proud of her extraordinary daily training.

Ye Jing growled softly at Yu’Er, “After eating all my superior fitness divine pills, you still have the cheek to argue with me…”

Xiaofang took Ye Jing’s hand and jumped lightly behind her. He could sniff her light fragrance and the comforting closeness of their bodies together which caused him to become even more flustered.

But he quickly composed himself as he stroked Yu’Er gently, “Thank you!”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Fly Yu’Er, fly!”

And in the next few moments they were now soaring in the air with Yu’Er!

The reason why they were secretly flying off was because they were trying to attain to the 3rd level of the Dual Cultivation. It was easy enough to reach the first two levels of the Mind, Soul and Body of the Dual Cultivation but for the 3rd level of the Dual Cultivation, they would need a quiet place.

The Dual Cultivation that they were practicing consisted of nine levels. The first 3 levels were the Outer Dual Cultivation, the next 3 levels were the Inner Dual Cultivation and the final 3 levels were the Intimate Dual Cultivation.

In no time they had reached the misty mountains of an unknown mountain range and Yu’Er happily landed on the bank of a crystal clear lake.

Ye Jing smiled delightfully as she jumped off Yu’Er, “This place looks quite desolate enough. Hopefully there are no powerful devious beasts around.”

Xiaofang scanned the surroundings and said, “The spiritual veins in these parts are pretty good too. I wonder why there are no cultivators around here.”

Ye Jing laughed, “That is because the Celestial Realm is simply too vast and many of the mountains are simply too inaccessible. Moreover, no one can really fly unless they have a flying mount.”

She was suddenly quiet as she looked sentimentally at Xiaofang, “We got to practice on the Mind and Soul Dual Cultivation. We have been overdoing the Body Dual Cultivation a little too much already. The crystal waters here are suitable for soul cultivating and the…”

She shyly said, “…the cultivation of our pure minds.”

Xiaofang nodded slowly, not know what to say. It was because he was quietly anticipating what happening next.

Ye Jing turned to Yu’Er and said quietly, “Yu’Er, make sure no one disturbs us. Or I will roast you alive.”

Yu’Er shrieked delightfully as she flew off and with fearsome vigilant she began to encircle the mountains!

Ye Jing lowered her eyes shyly, “We take off our clothing piece by piece. One piece from me and one piece from you.”

Xiaofang nodded slowly, “Alright…”

His eyes suddenly became lustful as Ye Jing unfastened her belt, loosening her outer robe garment. Next, she removed her inner garment as she cupped her full bosoms and letting her skirt fell through her beautiful porcelain legs until only her lingerie was left.

With an extremely shy countenance as she secretly stole a glance at Xiaofang bare body, she could feel that Xiaofang was staring extremely hard on her as she stripped the last barrier of her shyness.

This was the very first time they were looking at each other body in this manner. The dark recess of the practice chamber was too dim and moreover they were mostly rolling on the bed.

Ye Jing saw that Xiaofang was no longer the lad that he was a year ago. He was now tall and well-built mostly because of the heavy daily chores and martial practices that he had been doing daily. He had grown to be an exceptional fine-looking heart-throb that could sweep the hearts of women upside down.

As for Xiaofang, Ye Jing was the maiden of his heart and she was perfect. He had always maintained an innocent approach to her until lately. It was because she was too irresistible and seeing her full naked body was a sinful temptation that was really hard to resist his urges for her…

Ye Jing saw that too but she quickly said, “That is not too appropriate now. We are supposed to be undergoing our cultivation here.”

So she pulled him to the crystal clear lake as they both looked shyly at each other. “Let’s us begin our Soul and Mind Dual Cultivation.”

Xiaofang said awkwardly as he tried to cover his lusts, “Right…” But his eyes never left her peaks and her valley.

Ye Jing was also trying to control her urges because having experienced heavens with Xiaofang, she found it difficult to control her feelings for him anymore. Moreover he was now staring at her so lustfully like a ravenous wolf that could eat her till there was nothing left but bones. She began to curse the bloodline gift of her Divine Sense ability.

But she did not want their efforts to be in naught so she firmly said, “Oh no, you don’t. Please restrain your dirty thoughts to only yourself. We are going to just seep in the lake for a couple of hours, not touching and just thinking of each other. Alright?”

Xiaofang reluctantly said, “Alright…”

One hour passed…

Two hours passed…

Three hours had finally passed.

Xiaofang suddenly said excitingly, “Jing’Er, I can feel you now. Even though you have exhibited no aura but your familiar air is embedded into my sense now. How about you? Have you succeeded?”

Ye Jing laughed softly and told a lie, “Uh, I just did.”

She had actually succeeded less than an hour into the Mind and Soul Dual Cultivation Practice. It was because she was gifted with the Divine Sense and the heart intricacies recite of the Purity Spirits. As she did not want to discourage Xiaofang so she purposely told him otherwise.

She laughed softly, “From now on, we can sense each other even if there is a wall between us. Isn’t this good?”

Xiaofang said, “If Jing’Er is in danger then I may also know as well…”

Ye Jing suddenly kissed him and hugged him, “It is about the right time that we cultivate the Body Dual Cultivation to the 3rd level as well. I know that you have been restraining yourself for some time now…”

Xiaofang did not wait for her to finish her sentences and in the next instant, they were already splashing wildly in the waters…

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