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Chapter 21: The Emotion Divinity

The heaven gates of the Holy Citadel City was unusually crowded this day as thousands of protégés watched the convoys of tamed devious beasts and the chosen fighters that were picked to accompany the Holy Consort to the Golden Clans Congregation.

All in all, two hundred of the protégés were selected. These two hundred protégés were picked from the recent high rankings of the clan tournament results.

It was not a large number but this was the numbers that Ye Jing had decided. Originally the Lady Consort Ye had advised her on a delegation of 1000 to 2000 based on the examples of the past delegations but Ye Jing simply said, “Such a large delegation will put a heavy strain on our finances. Since we are already at the bottom of the patriarch celestial clans, does it matter if we can’t put a sizable number to attend the congregation?”

Lady Consort Ye had tried to persuade her, “The celestial fraternity is dangerous as well. It is for your protection.

But as Ye Jing insisted, Lady Consort Ye did not insist too strongly.

In the end Ye Jing had chosen only two elders to accompany her for this trip, Xiaofang and Chu Yunfeng, and 40 Enlighten Celestials each from the four main martial halls.

Accompany her was also Li’Er, whom she had made a direct core protégé of hers and Yu’Er who had metamorphosed into a red color chicken.

Their destination was the Golden Clans Congregation, somewhere in the Nuer Mountains.

Even though the Divine Sovereign Clan was the host, it was situated far from the Nuer Mountains, the venture was really not surprising. It was because that could only mean one thing; the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth was likely to descend somewhat near the Nuer Mountains!

The descend location of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth was supposed to be one of the greatest secrets in the celestial fraternity and only the nine patriarch celestial clans that were strongly allied together would be the first to know.

But it was not the case. The smaller celestial clans had their own information network as well as alliances. Any large delegations or meaningful delegations that the Holy Citadel City had sent out would be observed and analysed by the many celestial clans and this day was also not an exception.

Moreover the near coming of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth and the Golden Clan Invitations of the Divine Sovereign Clan was actually not a secret. The location however was a secret as only the patriarchs of the celestial clans could unseal the message within the Golden Clan Invitation via their patriarch seals.

Other than the Lady Consort Ye and Xiaofang, Ye Jing did not tell anyone else where they were going other than a general direction because she knew that it would be leaked if the location was revealed too early.

It was because the Holy Citadel City had quite a sizable number of protégés that were from the second and third rank celestial clans. Every 3 years, the elites of the second and third rate celestial clans within the influential sphere of the Holy Citadel City would have a chance to join as inner citadel protégés and they would receive the best martial and celestial training.

There had always been fierce rivalries between the Divine Sovereign Clan, the Ancient Ascension Sect and the Celestial Sword Clan to send out the Golden Clan Invitations. The fact that this time it was the Divine Sovereign Clan that had sent out the Golden Clan Invitations meant that they had the right to be the host and had the prestige to lead the patriarch celestial clans for the expedition into the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth, having already proved to everyone that their clan’s divine calculations were superior to the rest.

Naturally as the host and leader of the expedition, the Divine Sovereign Clan would have the right to choose and distribute the loots.

The Holy Citadel City had never been host before, lacking the might to contest with the top 3 patriarch celestial clans. As far as everyone was concerned, the top 3 patriarch celestial clans were always the top 3 while the bottom 3 were always the same bottom 3.

Ye Jing knew that her clan was there to only pick up the bones and the leftovers.

But it was a lot better than the 2nd and 3rd tier celestial clans that were following them.

Once the forbidden gates of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth were opened, the patriarch celestial clans will be the first to storm inside. This will be followed by the hundreds of other celestial clans that will be following keenly behind.

Even though it was obvious that only the patriarch celestial clans were invited, an eye was always closed for the presence of the other contesting celestial clans as long as they quietly waited for the patriarch clans to enter the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth first.

A second more subtle reason was that most of these celestial clans fell under the influences of the patriarch celestial clans and could be used to secretly influence the outcome in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.

Unfortunately for the Holy Citadel City, they were already so weak in the patriarch clan ranking. The ally celestial clans that they could influence were even weaker than them.

And exactly what was the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth?

It was said to be a gigantic palace that descended from the heavens. When its forbidden gates opened, celestials from all over the celestial fraternity would be able to enter within its walls to seek out divine treasures and lucky occurrences that could further their celestial practices and to aid them to ascend to the immortal realm as true immortals.

The Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth would only open for a year and after that, it would expel all the hopeful contesters to the outside before vanishing again for another 500-600 years till its next appearance.

All these information were of course shared to Ye Jing by the Lady Consort Ye to Ye Jing.

Lady Consort Ye gave her a final advice before she left, “Stay away from the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.”

From her regal sedan, Ye Jing could see Xiaofang walking at the front of one of the convey columns. Slowly she pulled back the curtains of her sedan with a heavy heart, “I’m sorry Xiaofang…”

They had not been speaking for the past 3 days.

It was because Ye Jing had told him 3 days ago, “Since we are now going on a long journey, we may as well take this opportunity to overcome our Enlighten Divinity and progress on the Emotion Divinity. I know this is going to be hard for us but we got to endure while we are overcoming the Emotion Divinity or and we may experience deviations that impede our cultivation progression and even severe backlashes. So let us suppress our emotions till we have overcome the Emotion Divinity.”

Xiaofang did not protest as he knew that Ye Jing was thinking of the bigger picture.

While it may appear that Xiaofang was willing to do that, Ye Jing could sense his heavy heart through her Divine Sense. She thought heart wrenchingly, “Xiaofang, I know that it is hard after we have tasted the forbidden fruits but you got to be strong. If I am cold toward you, it is only for your own good…”

The initial stage of the Emotion Divinity required the cultivators to be at peace and unaffected by personal emotions. The intermediate stage of the Emotion Divinity required the cultivators to be indifferent to the joys and sufferings of others while the upper stage of the Emotion Divinity required the cultivators to reach the state of equanimity at all times. To overcome the Emotion Divinity, a heavenly tribulation involving equanimity must exist as a condition.

According to the Saintess Yi Si, the Emotion Divinity was the most difficult of all the Divinities to overcome. Many of the celestials in the past were unable to overcome it even after spending centuries of their time and even dying from it. That was why many of the ancient celestials that overcome the Emotion Divinities were often emotionless as well as cold calculating. The ancient celestials were almost all friends with benefits.

She had said, “This is actually the most important of all Divinities as it prepares the celestials for the long road of cultivation which can be extremely lonely and without achieving oneness with the Emotion Divinity, it can drive a person to insanity or depression. To the celestials that can overcome it then it lay a strong meditating foundation that can aid the cultivators to overcome their future state of divinities. This is the heart demon of the soul that every cultivator has to face and it won’t be easy.”

Right now, Ye Jing and Xiaofang were still in the initial stage of the Emotion Divinity and they were struggling to stabilize their current emotions first.

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