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Chapter 23: The Scarlet Heretic Sect

The man seemed to be surprised that Ye Jing had rejected his offer of goodwill. So he laughed and said, “You don’t want the jade bangles or you don’t want to be my god-daughter?”

Ye Jing mustered a weak protest, “Both.”

The man smiled coldly, “I don’t believe that you will not want the jade bangles. Your expressions have betrayed you.”

Ye Jing was wearing a veil. How was it possible for him to see her expressions and moreover she was sitting behind him!

She quickly recovered her wits and said coolly, “It is true that I want the jade bangles like everyone else. But I will not steal, rob, kill and even betray myself for it. It is a mere 30 000 gold coins. I can earn it myself and buy my own jade bangles!”

She was lying to herself. In fact she was cursing herself, “30 000 gold coins. This will take me three life times and forfeit the pay of everyone in the Holy Citadel City for the next 3000 years…”

The man just laughed and there seemed to be mocking in his eyes. Even the woman that was beside him was smiling.

The woman was very beautiful and there were many that were secretly looking at her since the start of the auctions.

Ye Jing was also very enticing but as she had worn a veil, it was hard for the others to tell how truly beautiful she was. But still, there were also many that were secretly looking at her ever since she had entered the auction hall.

When Ye Jing had said such a spirited words that she would not want the jade bangles and would not steal, rob, kill and even betray herself, many of the onlookers were astonished and wondered what her background was. It was not easy for them to say such mighty words as her!

In fact the instant this man was to step out of the auction house, there would be dozens of people that would be stalking him and waiting for an opportunity to steal, rob and kill him for the jade bangles. It did not matter if he was a powerful Golden Celestial. There would always be many that would take their chances when the opportunities present.

The man smiled as he waved his fan at the beautiful attendant, “Be sure to give her the jade bangles before she leaves the premises.”

Then the man and the woman seemed to ignore everyone else and started to make their way to the exit.

Not only Ye Jing was stunned, everyone else was as well. Did he just tell the beautiful attendant to give her the jade bangles just like this and without any strings attached?

Ye Jing protested weakly, “Wait! You can’t do this. I don’t even know you…”

All of a sudden there was a divine whisper in her ears, “But I do know you. Or rather, I know the Eternal Lotus that is within you the moment that you have entered this hall. The Eternal Lotus can transcend the cultivator to beyond life and death. You have quite a rare immortal treasure with you .Then I shall not be less generous and shall gift you the jade bangles. I wonder if you are able to protect the gifts though.”

Ye Jing did not know how to use any divine whisper so she shouted, “Who are you?!”

There was a fainting whisper in her ears after they had disappeared from view, “The Celestial Liege.”

Still in shock, she muttered. “The Celestial Liege…”

Xiaofang was perplexed. Why did that mysterious man gift Jing’Er such an expensive gift?

He whispered to Ye Jing, “Your Holy Consort, you shouldn’t accept his gift at all. Let’s us leave quickly. I don’t like the look of these people around here.”

In public, he did not dare to address her as Jing’Er. Moreover, they were cultivating the Emotion Divinity at the moment.

But the minute Ye Jing saw the man disappeared from view, her daring courage and superior air immediately returned. She smiled, “Well, it doesn’t seem that he means any harm to me. Which maiden doesn’t like pretty jade bangles?”

Xiaofang said quietly, “These are not ordinary jade bangles. These jade bangles are a magnet for troubles.”

Ye Jing looked a little sheepish but she had already made up her mind to take the jade bangles as she thought, “Well, I didn’t steal, kill, rob or betray myself for it. Since 30 000 gold coins have dropped from the sky, it is such a pity not to take it. Therefore I shouldn’t stand on ceremony.”

At this moment Ye Jing could feel the shrinking boundaries of her initial stage of her Emotion Divinity but she simply could not care for less. She was too overcome with her own eagerness to wear the Icy Translucence Jade bangles. That was worth 30 000 gold coins and in her mind, she was already too busy counting the gold coins!

She just smiled, “I have Elder Fang and Elder Yunfeng to protect me. So what do I have to fear?”

At this moment even Chu Yunfeng was feeling a little uneasy about the unwanted attentions. He was thinking, “If the Holy Consort who is a golden celestial cannot handle her foes, can I handle her foes?”

Xiaofang knew that Ye Jing was determined to keep the jade bangles so he said quietly, “Let us quickly collect the jade bangles and go then. As for that man, we ought to be exercise extreme caution around him. No matter how well he can conceal his blood malevolent air, I can still sense it.”

Ye Jing laughed softly but she was thinking, “There is nothing to worry about. My Divine Sense is a hundred times sharper than Xiaofang instinct.”

She quickly asked the attendants for the directions to collect the jade bangles. When she had collected the jade bangles, she quickly put it on her wrists and was absolute delighted at the new sense of spiritual elevation that was flowing through her inner core.

After checking that they were not being followed, Ye Jing and her group quickly exited a passage that was provided by the House of the Orange Divine Lion for their privileged clients to the Hundred Flowers Street.

The Hundred Flowers Street was packed with people and there were a lot more activity than other places.

As Ye Jing walked to a corner of the street, she immediately growled softly for she had accidentally come to the slave market.

A man in dark robe was overheard telling the slave dealer, “I want two young maidens, most preferentially celestials and their attributes must be either extreme negative or pure negative.”

The slave dealer smiled, “That will be extremely expensive. That will be 10 gold coins for one.”

The dark robe man put a bag of gold coins on his table and he was smiling, “Keep the change. Show me your goods.”

From afar, Ye Jing could see that this slave dealer had golden eyes and she detested him in her heart. “He is a golden celestial and he is involved in the slave trade instead of cultivating. What a detestable person!”

The slave dealer smiled coldly as he said to his men, “Bring the two young celestial maidens that have the pure negative attributes for our client to have a look. Hurry it up.”

In no time, several men were seen herding two frightened partially naked young maidens into view. When they were in sight of the dark robe man, they began to stripe them completely naked.

The slave dealer smiled casually, “You may inspect them to your satisfaction. They are still chaste maidens and unspoiled. Their pure negative attributes are of high quality. They will be extremely good for your cultivation. You know that I have only high end slaves here.”

The black robe man laughed coldly as he inspected the naked young maidens, “Yes indeed. You did not lie when you say that they are high quality goods.”

When Ye Jing heard that that black robe man was going to use them for his cultivation, she was extremely upset. Without thinking, she had already stomped her way to them icily, “Immediate release the two maidens. I say now!”

When the black robe man turned his head, Ye Jing was startled that he had purple eyes and white hair. That could only mean one thing; he was a dark celestial equivalent to the Golden Celestial or the Sacred Saint level!

“Is he a Dark Supremacy or a Dark Monarch?”

Normally a dark celestial had red eyes and white silvery hair. But when they had reached the Dark Supremacy level which was equivalent to a Golden Celestial, their red eyes would turn to purple, indicating their new state of divinity. Also their aura would be purple instead of golden like the Golden Celestials. As for Dark Monarch, it was the equivalent of a Sacred Saint.

The dark robe man smiled coldly, “You dare to order me?” But when he saw Ye Jing, his eyes began to beam as he muttered. “A Golden Celestial with an extreme negative attribute…that is what I need.”

Ye Jing was startled and thought, “He can read my attributes with only a sweeping glance?”

The slave merchant hummed coldly, “Celestial or Saintess, do you know the rules of the Tranquil City? This is a fair trade.”

When the two frightened young maidens saw Ye Jing, there was a glimmer of hope in their eyes.

Ye Jing said coldly, “Who knows if they are abducted from somewhere.”

Chu Yunfeng knew what kind of a trouble that Ye Jing could get into so he quickly advised to Ye Jing, “Tranquil City is a city of neutrality. There are numerous righteous and heretic celestials here. All abide by the laws of the Tranquil City.  Also, the various trades are backed by numerous faction powerhouses. We simply cannot afford to mess up with the factions of the Tranquil City. They can easily imposed a sanction against our clan and even ensure that we have no place in the celestial fraternity.”

When Ye Jing heard him, she was not so pleased. This flamed her up even more and she said coldly, “Are you deaf? Did you not hear what I say? Release them immediately.”

The dark robe man was about to say something when another purple eye maiden approached the scene, “Brother, who has the audacity and the stupidity to step on your foot? Don’t they know that you are one of the seven top celestial fighters in the Celestial Realm?”

This attractive purple eye maiden was another dark celestial!

The dark robe man laughed, “I was about to ask them.”

This attractive purple eye maiden saw Xiaofang and she was smiling, “Who are these foolish ones?”

At this moment, Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng were both terrified, especially when they had heard that this dark robe man was one of the top seven celestial fighters in the Celestial Realm. In front of them were two Dark Celestials that was at least of the Supremacy level, one Golden Celestial and tens of powerful cultivators in the background.

Ye Jing said haughtily, “I am the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City. And who are you?”

The dark robe man laughed loudly, “I have thought who the bold one is. So it is the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City. I’ve heard many things about you. In fact, I’ve wanted to visit you. It is said that you are not only a ravishing peerless beauty but your body is also belonging to the extreme negative attribute that is suitable for cultivation…”

Ye Jing interrupted coldly, “Despicable shameless calf…”

The dark robe man continued to say, “I’m Monarch Beitang Ze and this is my sister, Supremacy Beitang Ying.  And we are naturally from the…”

Ye Jing, Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng immediately gasped, “…the Scarlet Heretic Sect!”

Everyone in the celestial fraternity knew that the Scarlet Heretic Sect was the most powerful of the three major heretic celestial sects, a power that can rival the top 3 patriarch celestial clans. Monarch Beitang Ze was also the sect leader of the Scarlet Heretic Sect and was a peaked Dark Monarch!

A peaked Dark Monarch was equivalent to a peaked Sacred Saint!

Almost immediately Ye Jing found her legs turned to jelly and now she was saying weakly, “Release…them now.” She found herself losing her courage and even her conviction was faltering!

Supremacy Beitang Ying was smiling coldly, “I wonder who the courageous one that dared to yell at our Sacred Lord is. So it is fiancée of Young Master Yuan Chengzhi. No wonder even trash like you will dare to behave so unruly in front of us. But I tell you that the Divine Sovereign Clan is also a trash in our eyes.”

When the two young slave maidens heard that it was the Sacred Lord of the Scarlet Heretic Sect, they began to wail uncontrollably. It was because they knew that he would suck their inner core of their pure negative spiritual force and turned them into his depraved soulless slaves.

Ye Jing said angrily, “Rubbish! When did I become a fiancée of that scum Yuan Chengzhi?”

She pointed at the slave merchant, “How can you be in cahoots with the dark celestial clans?”

But the slave merchant just smiled coldly, “There are no good or evil here. If you are disrupting a trade then you will face the full wrath of the Tranquil City. So better think before you act.”

All of a sudden Ye Jing was flustered and she was shivering lightly. It was because she had suddenly felt an invisible force that was seemingly from Monarch Beitang Ze that was gently caressing her body and molesting her sensitive areas.

Monarch Beitang Ze grinned at her lustfully, “What a fine body and what a sensitive body. It will be such a waste to give it to Yuan Chengzhi. If he cannot handle his fiancée then I’m afraid that I will help him to handle. ”

Ye Jing drawn out her divine sword to dispel the subtle force that was touching her, “You’re lecher!”

When Li’Er, Chu Yunfeng and Xiaofang saw that Ye Jing had unsheathed her sword, they drew their swords as well.

Monarch Beitang Ze laughed, “Of course I am a lecher and I intend to make you my cultivation subject.”

The slave merchant said coolly, “So it is Monarch Beitang Ze, my honor to meet you. You want to fight her in the broad daylight here and take her captive? That isn’t actually lawful, you know.”

Monarch Beitang smiled coldly, “I can only say that it is just a small compensation for disrupting our trade. The Tranquil City does have this rule if I have remembered clearly.”

The slave merchant stroked his beard, “That’s right. You are the victim here and it is only fair that the Tranquil City hands over the offending party to you to determine their punishments!”

That was also one of the main reasons why there were few offenders that dare to offend the tranquillity and order of the city. It was because the offenders would be handed over to the offending party to be dealt justice with.

Monarch Beitang Ze smiled, “There is no need for the Tranquil City to help me. I can handle them alone.”

The slave merchant smiled coldly, “If you wish then.”

Ye Jing was trembling because she could feel the depraving aura of the Monarch Beitang that was upon her.

She immediately threatened as a last resort, “Even if you are a peaked Dark Monarch, do you think that you can escape encirclements from the hundreds of fighters from my clan?”

Monarch Beitang Ze roared with laughter, “And where are they now?”

Ye Jing stammered with sheepish eyes, “Everywhere…”

She knew that she was in a deep mess today and that the only way through was to fight it out.

Xiaofang knew that a fight would soon take place. But he also knew that their chances were slim. So he took the initiative to attack first, hoping that Ye Jing and the rest would be able to observe their foe for weaknesses.

With a lightning speed, he had leapt and attacked Monarch Beitang Ze with all his strength, bursting out his entire martial aura as he raised his sword high!

Chu Yunfeng was startled as he saw Dugu Fang’s martial aura and there was a tinge of azure. He thought, “He is an Immortal Celestial?”

Xiaofang missed Monarch Ze who evaded his sword strike with a supernatural reflex and the ground below his sword strike collapsed with a thunderous outburst of martial force!

Monarch Beitang Ze was secretly startled as he thought, “He may be only on the level of an Immortal Celestial but his martial force equaled a Golden Celestial expert.”

He dared not be careless as he quickly displayed his martial power at Xiaofang, causing a formidable tidal wave of overwhelming martial force that pushed Xiaofang tens of steps away!

This skill was his Scarlet Divine Skill, a formidable secret martial skill of the Scarlet Heretic Sect.

Xiaofang landed quickly as he imbued all his martial power into his sword and displayed his Flying Sword Technique, sending a spinning flying sword that flew with powerful martial outburst toward Monarch Beitang Ze.

Monarch Beitang Ze displayed his desolate purple aura as he hammered the martial charged flying sword into the ground, completely scattering the sword into dozens of pieces with a thunderous impact!

As Xiaofang gasped out for the shattered sword that Ye Jing had given him, Monarch Beitang Ze had already blinked next to him and sent him crashing onto the ground with a tremendous outburst!

Xiaofang coughed out blood and turned pale immediately as Monarch Beitang Ze put his foot on his step, “Not bad but still not good enough…”

Xiaofang struggled against the weight on top of him and before he knew it, he had blanked out completely.

Supremacy Beitang Ying hastily said, “Brother, don’t kill him yet. I want to use him to refine my cultivation.”

Now all these had taken place within a few blinks of an eye. The fight was so astonishing that Ye Jing, Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng had not even reacted when Xiaofang had suddenly attacked and in the next instant, Xiaofang was already on the ground!

Ye Jing knew that she was the cause of this stupid mess and it grieved her to see Xiaofang seriously wounded in her place. She knew that Beitang Ze had actually used very little of his martial strength and his fighting experience was too seasoned for them to handle. Moreover he did not even see a need to unsheathe his sword. Silently she said, “Thank you Xiaofang, I know what I shall do now.”

She held back her tears and said quietly, “Beitang Ze, shall we do a trade?”

Monarch Beitang Ze looked at her and asked, “Isn’t it too late already?”

Ye Jing replied, “If I can handle 30 strokes from you, you will release these two young maidens into my care and we shall forget what happen today. But if I cannot handle 30 strokes that are coming from you then I shall be submissive to you and I will be your willing slave. But you must let my retinue go. What do you say?”

Monarch Beitang Ze looked at her expressionlessly for a while before he broke into a cold smile, “It will be interesting to take the future consort of Yuan Chengzhi right under his very nose as well.”

Li’Er said with trembling lips, “He had taken Elder Fang down with only three strokes…thirty strokes are too much…”

Even Supremacy Beitang Ying was mocking, “Few exponents are able to handle thirty strokes from my brother. If you give him an incense time to beat you while you focus on running, maybe you will stand a greater chance.”

At this moment, hundreds of onlookers had already gathered curiously around them when they saw that a fight had broken out. The onlookers however did not dare to approach any closer because they did not want to get killed by some random accident.

Ye Jing dropped Yu’Er to the ground and whispered to Li’Er, “Take good care of Xiaofang for me. I have only myself to blame…”

Withholding back her tears, she purposely arranged her dressing as she secretly shifted a poisonous pill from her jade belt into her sleeve.

“Fat hope that I will be submitting myself to you,” She said silently.

She slowly dropped her veil as she stared coldly at Monarch Beitang Ze, “Do we have a deal? Are you afraid of losing face?”

When the crowd saw her face, they were all astonished that such a peerless maiden would be making a slave deal with an evil cultivator. Moreover she was a Golden Celestial as well.

Actually Ye Jing knew that as long as she did not hindered Beitang Ze and quietly go away, there was nothing he could do to her. But she could not stand the thought of having two innocent celestial maidens becoming his horrendous victims and she had chosen to make her stand.

When Beitang Ze saw her stunning looks and determined expression, he was thinking. “It has been a long time since I have seen such a peerless beauty. It may be a pity to waste her on my cultivation arts.”

He smiled, “Why not? The odds are in my favor.”

Ye Jing said, “Then draw your sword.”

Monarch Beitang Ze laughed, “There is no need!”

Ye Jing sighed softly, “30 Strokes. No more, no less. If you are unable to display your 30 strokes against me then you are considered to have lost.”

Li’Er cried, “Protégé mistress, please be careful!”

Chu Yunfeng was cursing himself for being so weak and useless at a time like this…

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