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Chapter 24: Shameless Duel

The huge crowd that had gathered was pointing and muttering as they looked at Ye Jing and Beitang Ze curiously.

“It is such a great pity for that beautiful maiden to suffer such a fate. What a waste…”

“It is a fair deal. There’s nothing we can do.”

“This maiden has a divine sword while this man is fighting unarmed…”

“This divine sword is actually a superior grade heaven-step divine sword!…”

“Is that dark celestial a dark supremacy or a dark monarch?”

“Who will win?”

Ye Jing swung her divine sword in a half arc that caused a gentle rippling force that cleared the dust away from her.

Monarch Beitang Ze smiled, “Good sword. I shall give you the benefit of three striking strokes and I won’t retaliate.”

“This man is too arrogant. He is fighting unarmed and yet he is giving her the benefit of three strokes!” The crowd began to mutter.

Ye Jing said coldly, “Then don’t regret it later!…”

Suddenly she had mustered all her celestial energies as her golden aura enveloped her as she sent three bursts of startling sword energies toward him!

These sword energies were imbued with strong negative energies and coupled with her heaven-step extreme negative divine sword, the killing penetration power of her sword energies could tear most cultivators apart with a strike.

Monarch Beitang Ze immediately displayed his Scarlet Divine Skill and hit the ground beneath him with a tremendous force that sent a column of martial wall of force upward. This immediately absorbed the three sword energies into nothingness as the colliding forces exploded thunderously!

Those nearby could feel the rippling of the martial forces as they quickly took a few steps back to avoid the repercussions of the shockwaves and to avoid the martial charged pebbles that were flying all around them. In fact, quite a few in the crowd was even injured by the impact of the colliding shockwaves.

Ye Jing leaped into the mid-air as she displayed her second stroke by sending a beaming sword energy that flew with a tremendous speed onto Beitang Ze!

As she did not have a secure footing, she could only channeled enough celestial energies for one single sword energies but this sword energies was swifter than her first strike.

Monarch Beitang Ze immediately saw through her moves. She was only distracting him with the first attack but she was actually aiming him for his head above.

He only need to take a half-step and turned his body aside to get out of harm’s way. That was exactly what he did and the attacking sword energy exploded with a bursting thunderous impact on the ground near him.

Just as he was asking, “So, what next…”

Ye Jing had suddenly called out, “Yu’Er!”

A large phoenix had suddenly emerged and its wings were fluttering rapidly, sending fiery rippling wind forces that threatened to knock the onlookers off the ground!

In just a blink of an eye, Ye Jing was smiling delightfully as she was sat on the back of the phoenix in the sky above while Monarch Beitang Ze and the crowd were all looking at her in amazement.

“Is she planning to run away?” There were several mutterings of the same comments in the crowd.

“This is a phoenix! A 7th rank divine beast!” Someone shouted with astonishment.

Ye Jing laughed as she sent a sword energy strike from her sword to fly onto Beitang Ze.

This time Beitang Ze did not even evade as the sword energy was released from a good distance away and much of its energies were already dissipated by the time it had struck his protective aura.

Ye Jing said aloud, “That is my 3rd stroke. Now for my 4th, 5th and 6th stroke…”

She had released one sword energies after another in a slow casual manner, not even bothering to use her full strength.

And Beitang Ze was simply standing there doing nothing, not even bothering to defend himself!

His expression was extremely awful as he could only stare coldly at Ye Jing.

Accordingly to the martial rules, a stroke is defined as an attack, defense, evade move that is received or displayed.

Even if he could not display thirty strokes against Ye Jing, just standing here and receiving her strike counted as the passing of one stroke.

As a Dark Monarch, he had the powerful ability to levitate with his celestial aura but even the most powerful dark monarchs could only levitate 10 feet and it was a highly exhausting feat. Defying gravity was not the same as flying at all.

Now that he knew that he had fallen into her entrapment, he was cursing her.

Ye Jing could be wily if she was forced to do so. After all she was being forced into the intrigues of the Holy Citadel City since she was young.

She had asked for thirty strokes even though she knew that Baitang Ze could easily finish her under 10 strokes. It was to put him off guard. Because there were an excessive number of strokes, she knew that he may even want to display his generosity to a celestial junior in front of the crowd so that he could show off his magnanimous in the future and to prove that this was a fair duel. After all, it was her and not him that set the terms of the duel!

“14th stroke…18th stroke…hey, aren’t you retaliating?” Ye Jing asked. “Why don’t you draw your sword and try hitting me with your sword energies?”

Monarch Beitang Ze said coldly, “No need!”

Ye Jing laughed as she hastily displayed a few fake strokes, swinging her sword as though she was releasing sword energies but exactly there was none. “19th stroke, 20th stroke…28th stroke, 29th stroke…”

She fired a real sword energies on the 30th stroke that hit Beitang Ze’s aura before she said, “I have won!”

Supremacy Beitang Ying was flustered with anger as she exclaimed angrily, “This is too shameless. Is this even a duel?”

Ye Jing smiled shamelessly, “Of course it is. It is not as if I am high up in the heavens. Leave behind the two maidens and go!”

Monarch Beitang Ze said coldly, “You have made a terrible mistake and messed up with the Scarlet Heretic Sect. If you are afraid then you can hole yourself in this city forever. I will never forget this slight today.”

Then he said to Beitang Ying, “Let’s go!”

Supremacy Beitang Ying was startled, “We are going?”

But Beitang Ze had already disappeared among the crowd.

Supremacy Beitang Ying stared coldly at Ye Jing for a few moments before she marched away furiously.

Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng were staring at each other. Until now, they could not believe that their Holy Consort had really won a duel against Monarch Beitang Ze, the most powerful leader of the dark heretic celestial clan!

Ye Jing heaved a soft sigh of relief as she landed on the ground with Yu’Er.

She quickly helped the unconscious Xiaofang up and said to the slave merchant, “Release them now.”

The slave merchant stared at her for a second but he quickly said to his men, “Release them!”

He lowered his voice to whisper to her, “In the future, you will have to watch your back. I have heard that Beitang Ze is a particular ruthless and unforgiving person.”

When Ye Jing heard him, she pretended not to hear him and instead she was paying attention to the two young maidens.

The two young maidens were weeping with tears of joy as they bowed onto the ground, “We will follow you forever.”

Ye Jing said gently to them as she dressed them back, “No need. You’re freed now. What are your names?”

One of the young maidens quickly replied and she was sobbing, “I am Hua Ni’Er. She is Hua Xie’Er. We are cousins. We have no other family and nowhere to go anymore. We only want to follow young mistress.”

Xie’Er was crying, “Young mistress, please take us in!”

Ye Jing sighed softly as she turned to Li’Er, “They will be your new younger protégé sisters from now on. Take care of them.”

When Ni’Er and Xie’Er had heard Ye Jing, they were overwhelmed with joy that they gave Ye Jing a few more heartfelt bows.

Ye Jing was feeling awkward as there were still many onlookers that were still looking at her and waiting to see what she would do after the duel.

She quickly said to them, “Please rise. I am Ye Jing. You’re not my slaves or anyone slaves. You are free to go anytime.”

Ni’Er said, “Mistress Ye, you have a kind heart.”

Ye Jing said quietly, “Not so. It is impossible for me to save everyone. I’m just messing around.”

She had saved two souls but there were countless people in the city that needed saving as well. She knew that she did not have the will power or the resources to do so. And today, she had just offended one of the most terrible celestials in the entire celestial realm.

She was already imagining Beitang Ze wiping the Holy Citadel City off the map of the celestial realm!

But she was also thinking, “Beitang Ze must have already known that the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth is descending soon. From the looks of it, he is buying rare supplies and looking for a way to further increase his cultivation strength. I will probably meet him really soon.”

When she had left the street, the crowd was buzy sharing and gossiping;

“Who is this stunning golden celestial maiden?”

“I have heard from someone here that she is the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City…”

“Isn’t she the fiancée of the Young Master Yuan Chengzhi of the Divine Sovereign Clan…”

“And this dark celestial is actually the Monarch Beitang Ze of the Scarlet Heretic Sect…”

“Isn’t he one of the top seven fighters in the celestial realm?”

“A fight between the righteous celestial clans and the dark heretic celestial clans had actually taken place here in the city…”

“I was expecting a good fight but I must admit I am a little disappointed of the shameless tactic used by her…”

“Such a peerless beauty. Lucky she had escaped with her wits and was not made a depraved slave of that man…”

In the crowd stood a man and a woman that were in the auction house earlier. They were watching silently and were looking amused…

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