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Chapter 27: The Great Emptiness Translucence

The white palace that Ye Jing had seen was the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil.

When Ye Jing entered with Yu’Er through the imposing red gates of the white palace, what she saw filled her with astonishment. It was a lakeside garden filled with many rare plants and herbs. Although her herbalism was not ranked highly, she could still tell that these rare floras were centuries and thousands years old.

Just this wonderland of treasure floras alone would allow the owner to dominate the entire celestial realm!

Yu’Er was beaming with joy and salivating at these rare floras, especially when she had spotted a couple of fire mystic plants that were particular good for increasing her growth!

“I will advise your divine phoenix to restrain her greedy appetite lest I pluck her phoenix feathers and dripped her phoenix blood to the last drop for devouring the garden.” The martial voice floated down to them.

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Did you hear that Yu’Er? So don’t have any funny ideas.”

Yu’Er made a fluffy face before she cowered behind Ye Jing.

Ye Jing walked through the lakeside garden slowly, admiring the breathtaking misty scenery and secretly taking note of what she had seen in her heart.

Finally she had reached another imposing red gate at the end of the lakeside garden.

The red gates were opened as well. So Ye Jing entered the red gates and found herself in the outer court of the Heavenly Temple.

A monstrous black stele stood in the middle of this outer court.

Curious Ye Jing walked to it and began to read its inscriptions. After reading a while she was startled, “This is the Tranquil Spirits!”

Indeed this was the Tranquil Spirits, a heart intricacy formula that could help the practitioner to keep their emotions in check and always be in a divine state of serenity.

“This is your reward for reaching here. You may take your time to memorize the intricacy formula first.” The martial voice echoed.

Ye Jing was absolutely delighted. She immediately set her mind to commit the intricacy formula into memory and began to meditate in front of monstrous black stele as she started to interpret the mystic laws of the Tranquil Spirits.

“The heart of the intricate formula of the Tranquil Spirits is ‘Absolute Defense through Tranquil’. To reach this stage, tranquil your divine state with absolute emptiness, when formless, from nothing, there something. It is partitioned into three portions, the beginner stage of ‘The Defense Harmony, the intermediate stage of ‘The Infinity Folds’ and the advanced stage of ‘The Infinity becoming One and One becoming the Void’…” she began to recite in her heart.

She did not know how much time had passed but when she had opened her eyes, the Tranquil Spirits had been totally integrated into her Purity Heart and she knew that she had also attained to the Intermediate level of the Emotion Divinity. Her Divine Sense had also undergone a transformation and it was even sharper than ever and she could even feel minute energies that were coursing through the air.

She knew that if she could overcome her Emotion Divinity then her Divine Sense would have another major breakthrough.

With the Tranquil Spirits within her coupled with her knowledge of the mundane celestial practice, she knew that if she could reach the Transverse and the Seventh Sense Divinity, then the perception of her Divine Sense would even evolve to include the supremacies of space and time into it. When that time comes, she would be on the same level as her Ancestress Ye.

As she got up, she felt lighter and was spirited. She knew that this was the result of the Tranquil Spirits that she had picked up.

Yu’Er was nesting near her and was looking a little bored.

She saw another red gate that had suddenly appeared in front of her and was secretly startled; it was because it was not there when she had begun her meditation.

But still she was not afraid and walked into the red gate without any hesitation, “Come Yu’Er.”

This red gate led to a great white hall and at the end of the hall was an extremely peerless maiden in white that mediate within a divine pink lotus.

She thought, “She is the one calling me with the martial voice?”

It was because martial voice was a harmony of crude martial sounds that made gave no clues to the gender of the cultivator that made it. The purpose of martial voice was long distance projection and to shake the nerves of the listeners.

When Ye Jing saw her, she was immediately filled with awe and she knew that this peerless maiden in white mediating was no ordinary celestial. A closer look revealed that she had a mark on her forehead and that her eyes were closed.

She could not tell the divine state of this peerless maiden or her intentions. Upon seeing her, she could only say weakly, “Uh, I am here. Junior Ye Jing pays my respect to you.”

The peerless maiden in white slowly opened her golden eyes and gave her a faint smile, “You seem to be very young and you’ve already attained to the golden celestial level.”

When she had opened her eyes, Ye Jing was so startled that she took a few steps back; it seemed that the state of divinity of this peerless maiden had suddenly increased to such imposing level that she was forced to step away from her!

Ye Jing panicky said, “My Celestial Teacher the Saintess Yi Si had given me her Eternal Lotus. That is why I am able to propel to the golden celestial level. It is not because I am really so talented…”

The peerless maiden in white smiled gently, “Don’t be afraid and let’s chat. I have already known of the origin of your Eternal Lotus.”

Ye Jing was surprised, “You know? You’ve met with my Celestial Teacher?”

The peerless maiden in white shook her head, “I did a little divine calculation, that’s all. Come over here.”

Ye Jing walked over to her and the nearer she was to her, the more she was trembling. When she was neared her, she asked reservedly. “Senior elder…Saintess…how do I address you?”

The peerless maiden in white smiled, “My celestial name is the Heaveness. You may address me as Senior. Mentioning my name in front of me is strictly forbidden. I’m quite sensitive to my name being called.”

When Ye Jing heard her name, she was stunned.

Who had not heard of the Heaveness?

According to legends, she was said to be the successor of the Great Goddess Fantian and was an immortal. How was it possible for her to be in the celestial realm and in a place like this?”

Ye Jing asked hesitatingly, “You’re the mythical Heaveness? The same one as the companion goddess of the Great God Yi Ping? You are an immortal?”

Heaveness said alluringly, “I’m indeed an immortal. But you must not tell anyone that you have seen me. No mentioning of anything whatever so.  Alright?”

Ye Jing nodded, “Alright…”

The Heaveness remind her gently, “And no more mentioning of my name.”

Ye Jing was a little excited for she had never seen a real immortal and the first immortal that she had seen was the mythical Heaveness!

Her celestial lore was really bad and she could not recall most of it. It was also because she believed that most of the accounts of the celestial lore were mostly exaggerations or fictions.

The Heaveness smiled, “Good. So Yi Si has chosen you to be her successor and has given you the Eternal Lotus. You seem to be a fast learner and you have already mastered the Tranquil Spirits. Since you’ve managed to step into the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil, let me tell you a little history first.”

“The Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil was established by the Great God Yi Ping and he is also known as the Lord Tranquil at times…”

Ye Jing was startled as she thought, “The Great God Yi Ping is also the Lord Tranquil?”

“…anyone that is able to ascend to the Heavenly Temple here will be able to obtain the Tranquil Spirits as a side reward. This Tranquil Spirits was left behind by the Great Goddess Fantian as a memory here.”

“Seekers of the Heavenly Temple will be able to glimpse into the Mirror of the Great Emptiness Translucence. This is actually the main reward. Do you want to have a look now?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I didn’t think too much before I’ve come. I’ve just thought that it may be a wonderful thing to visit the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil. After all, it is my first time visiting the Tranquil City. Is this the ultimate reward for reaching here?”

She paused briefly before saying shyly, “The rare herbs outside looks more tempting than taking a look at some mirror.”

The Heaveness laughed softly as she raised her hands as a formless mirror appeared between her hands, “Look deep into the Mirror of the Great Emptiness Translucence.”

When Ye Jing looked into the formless mirror, it seemed like her entire entity was being sucked into it. The scenes around her had become surreal and she was hovering above a black coffin. When the coffin case was opened by a mystic force, a young maiden in black was lying inside the coffin. To her horror, that young maiden was her!

Ye Jing was startled, “I have died?”

The young maiden in black was very pale and when she had suddenly opened her golden eyes, Ye Jing was so startled by it that she was jolted and she was back to the great hall again.

“What is this scene that I’ve seen?”

The Heaveness said quietly, “That is your future major heavenly tribulation that you have to overcome in order to become a Saintess.”

Ye Jing was still shocked by what she had seen, “I will die?”

She was smiling bitterly, “I’ve thought that I will receive a gift but instead I’ve received a deadly vision…”

The Heaveness smiled alluringly but she was soon solemn, “You ought to bow down three times before me and acknowledge me as your Celestial Teacher. That is because I’ve imparted the Great Emptiness Translucence to you. This is the real reward. The vision that you have just seen is conjured by me through the Emptiness of the Great Ultimate. The vision that you have seen is a foreboding by the Great Emptiness Translucence for your current situation. It is not an absolute future. You have to meditate to avoid it yourself.”

Ye Jing was startled, “The Great Emptiness Translucence?”

The Heaveness smiled, “I have placed the Great Emptiness Translucence within your soul. It will be useful for your future meditation. Aren’t you going to bow down to me?”

Ye Jing realized that she had been rude and she quickly fell onto her knees and bowed three times. She was actually secretly delighted because she got to be the disciple of the Heaveness and it was beyond her wildest dream!

“My respects to Celestial Teacher!”

The Heaveness nodded, “Good. I actually didn’t expect anyone to be able to disturb my seclusion here. Moreover, you are also Yi Si’s successor. What a surprise. Tell me more about yourself.”

Ye Jing told her everything about herself and on the recent happenings.

Finally she said sadly, “I hope that Celestial Teacher will help me to get back Little Fenghuang from my Ancestress Ye. I’ve heard that she was taken to the Goddess Palace. However I don’t have any clues to where it is.”

The expressions in the Heaveness’ eyes slowly changed when Ye Jing mentioned that her Ancestress Ye went by the celestial title of the Ascension Goddess and that her given name was Ye Yin.

Ye Jing was hopeful that the Heaveness would be able to help her and that was why she was now pleading with her. There was nothing an immortal could do and most celestials would not dare to mess up with any immortals, especially a mythical immortal like the Heaveness!

The Heaveness sighed softly, “Unfortunately I can’t help you.”

Ye Jing was stunned as she stammered, “Celestial…Teacher…you can’t help me?”

The Heaveness said quietly, “Without a heavenly decree in my hand, I can’t intervene in the affairs of the Goddess Palace.”

Ye Jing was startled, “Even a mythical goddess like Celestial Teacher is not able to do a thing to the Goddess Palace? Is the Goddess Palace so fearsome?”

The Heaveness smiled, “The Goddess Palace has many strong celestial experts and your Ancestress Ye is one of them. Moreover in the immortal realm, she is in a league of her own, one of the few immortal experts that can dominate the nine realms of the immortal realm and sometimes even kicking the butt of the Great God Yi Ping. I can talk to her but I won’t be able to defeat her on my own.”

Ye Jing was flabbergasted, “Ancestress Ye is an immortal?! She is this strong?”

She began to recall the scene when Ancestress Ye had demolished the protégés of the Divine Sovereign Clan in a matter of minutes…

The Heaveness expressed a surprise, “She did not tell you when you’ve met her?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “She only tells me that I am too weak, unfit to carry her bloodline and that my attainment is just a piece of shit…”

The Heaveness was smiling serenely, “She is a Goddess. Anyone who is below the status of a Goddess like Sagess and Fairy in the immortal realm is naturally looked down upon by her.”

Ye Jing asked curiously, “There is a matriarchy hierarchy in the immortal realm?”

The Heaveness laughed softly, “Indeed. Fairy is the lowest ranking immortal, follow by Sagess and Goddess. The title of the Great Goddess is reserved for just a few like the Great Goddess Fantian. The Ascension Goddess is an undisputable Goddess and moreover she is also one of the Heavenly Ruler of the 33 Heavens.”

Ye Jing stared at the Heaveness with a stunned expression!

If she could turn back the time, she would immediately be extremely polite to Ancestress Ye and not offend her…

The Heaveness growled softly, “It seems that your Ancestress Ye did not tell you plenty of things. That is good for it is forbidden to mention about the immortal realm.”

Ye Jing smiled, “Celestial Teacher shares with me quite a lot already. I am extremely appreciative.”

The Heaveness smiled faintly, “That is because very soon you will forget about this piece of memory for I will seal it with the Great Emptiness Translucence that we are sharing. It is actually my soul mark that is on you.”

Ye Jing was horrified. A soul mark was a soul marker that allowed someone else to track another person.

As she rose up to ask, “Why…”

The Heaveness had waved her hands, immediately Ye Jing and even Yu’Er had succumbed into a deep sleep.

“That is because I’m from the Melancholy Valley.”

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