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Chapter 29: The Celestial Force

Monarch Beitang Ze smirked coldly as he stood facing the city gates of the Tranquil City. With it were his sister, Supremacy Beitang Ying and the sectarian leader of the Thousands Fragments Sect, Supremacy Duan Yizong.

Beitang Ying smiled coldly, “At any time now, they will be approaching the city gates of the Tranquil City.”

Indeed her scouts had informed her that Ye Jing and Young Master Yun Xinghe would be making their way out of the city at any moment.

Although unprovoked fighting was forbidden in the Tranquil City, Monarch Beitang Ze had simply decided to wait for the day that Ye Jing exited the city. There, he would follow her and ambush her. He already prepared 300 celestial experts that lie in wait outside the city. In additional there were 20 mounted winged griffons that were hiding in the mountains just in case Ye Jing took flight on her phoenix.

Duan Yizong said to Beitang Ze, “Isn’t this a little too overkill? We will be offending two major celestial clans today. Why don’t we just serve them a little warning and let them off?”

Beitang Ze stared coldly at Duan Yizong, “Since the battle between the righteous celestial clans and the heretic celestial clans are inevitable, why not make this the starting point? Or are you sympathizing with that Ye Jing?”

Beitang Ying looked hatefully at Duan Yizong, “How dare you have eyes for that Demoness Ye Jing! Have you forgotten what you have said to me before?”

Duan Yizong smiled weakly, “It is not that. I just find that Ye Jing to

Beitang Ze said coldly, “Today I will capture her and enslave her. With her extreme negative attribute and her cultivation level, my chance of ascending as an immortal will be greatly enhanced. In fact, I may not even need to risk myself in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. Therefore no one can stop me from taking her today.”

Duan Yizong was startled. It was because he was only helping Beitang Ying because he was courting her. All he knew was that a Maiden Ye Jing had caused her brother Beitang Ze a tremendous loss of face and she had brought him along to avenge for her brother.

He did not know that Beitang Ze had planned to his debauched cultivation arts on her to ascend to the immortal realm. Now that he knew, he began to feel great pity for her and regretted taking part. Even though he was also a dark celestial but he detested Beitang Ze’s dark practice which cultivated through the negative bodies of the young females.

But because Beitang Ze was already a peaked monarch and a lot more powerful than him, he kept his thoughts a secret. If it was not because he liked Beitang Ying, he would not want to get involved in his affairs.

Suddenly Beitang Ze was smiling, “They are finally here.”

Indeed Ye Jing and Young Master Yun Xinghe had appeared in front of the city gates.

Ye Jing turned ashen when she spotted Beitang Ze, Beitang Ying and Duan Yizong.

Hua Ni’Er and Hua Xie’Er turned completely fearful when they saw that it was Beitang Ze and they were trembling lightly.

Xiaofang said quietly, “Even from afar, I can sense their strong killing intents.”

Ye Jing sighed softly.

She took a look at Young Master Yun Xinghe, “It is only been just a little while ago that I’ve seen that Beitang Ying. Now she is here waiting for me at the city gates. It seems that even if I want to join your party, it is quite impossible today.”

When Young Master Yun Xinghe saw Beitang Ze at the city gates, he knew that there was no easy way out today and that a battle was inevitable.

Celestial Yun Chen said solemnly, “From the look of it, they are already planning to fight us outside the city.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I have an easy solution for you. Do you want to hear?”

Young Master Yun Xinghe was delighted and quickly asked, “What is it?”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “All you need to do is to leave me alone with them. Then you will be safe.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe smiled weakly. Even though he had secretly wanted to abandon her to her fate but this was not something a celestial from the righteous celestial clans would do openly. Moreover he really wanted to win over her trust. He just did not expect that Monarch Beitang Ze would be personally waiting at the city gates.

Celestial Yun Chen was smiling weakly, “It seems that I have to believe that you have really offended Beitang Ze in a very bad way for him to wait personally at the city gates for you.”

Ye Jing looked at them sheepishly, “I’ve forgotten to mention that I have messed up his slave trading, took his slaves and his gold coins. It wasn’t just a simple duel.”

When Young Master Yun Xinghe heard her, he was smiling bitterly as he thought. “How do I get out of this mess? Her mess has just become my mess as well…”

Ye Jing smiled, “I still got a better alternative for you.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe asked quickly, “What is it?”

Ye Jing replied casually, “Since they are dark celestials, I’m hope that the Celestial Sword Clan will only be too glad to rid the celestial fraternity of them.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe was smiling bitterly…

Ye Jing offered a suggestion, “We can light our clan flares to summon our clan reinforcements to battle outside the city.”

“I guess we have no other alternatives except to battle them.” Young Master Yun Xinghe took out a bamboo slip and triggered the fire flare, attracting a large number of onlookers as the flare exploded in the sky!

The onlookers and the guards of the Tranquil City were all looking excitingly as they knew that a fight will soon be breaking out.

The guards of the Tranquil City simply stood in their positions, not doing anything. It was because as long as the fight does not happen within the city, it was none of their business.

Ye Jing said coolly as she fired a flare into the sky as well, “So it is decided. We will fight them outside the city as soon as our reinforcements arrived.”

But she whispered, “They probably have ambush points outside the city and just waiting for our reinforcements to arrive. So we have to start the battle earlier to alert our men. I can fly to the sky with my Yu’Er and to give our men an ample warning.”

Celestial Yun Chen said solemnly, “I guess that we have no other alternatives now.”

Ye Jing smiled, “There actually is. We have more than 20 fighters now and they are just a handful. Maybe we stand a better chance if we are to attack them now.”

Celestial Yun Chen immediately said, “That won’t do. Even that freak Beitang Ze dares not fight within the city. Do you know why?”

Ye Jing asked curiously, “Why? Most of the guards have low cultivation level and they don’t appear to be expert fighters.”

Celestial Yun Chen said, “It is said that there are three Great Saints in Tranquil City itself and from time to time, there are celestial clans that break the sacred laws of the city and the Great Saints will melt out punishments personally.”

Great Saints are peaked Sacred Saints and martial super exponents. Their existences were almost legendary.

Ye Jing was slightly startled, “I didn’t know that the Tranquil City has such a powerhouse background.”

Celestial Yun Chen said, “We don’t know if it is really true for sure. But the might of the Tranquil City is actually greater than any patriarch celestial clan and heretic celestial clan. What you have seen is just the superficial surface. The city guards here may appear to be low in cultivation levels but within the city, I’ve already seen dozens of hidden celestial experts.”

Ye Jing nodded lightly. She remembered that even slave merchant was a golden celestial and even the Heaveness had taken residence in the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil here.

At this moment, Beitang Ying had quietly approached them with a smile. “So you are waiting for your reinforcements to go outside the city,”

She was spoiling for a fight and she knew that she would get it soon.

Ye Jing smiled, “Isn’t that obvious?”

Beitang Ying said to Ye Jing, “So you dare to fight me one to one?”

Ye Jing replied coolly, “Why not? I am just afraid that you dare not.”

Xiaofang interjected, “Let me fight her instead…”

Beitang Ying smiled, “I don’t mind the two of you joining hands to fight me.”

She added with a smirk, “As soon as your reinforcements arrived outside the city, they will be set upon by the protégés of the Scarlet Heretic Sect and the Thousands Fragments Sect. It will turn into a bloodbath.”

This was exactly that had been anticipated by the Ye Jing and she was not surprised. She was thinking of how to sneak past them to warn their men. However she also knew that they may have already prepared wing mounts to intercept her.

Beitang Ze said coldly, “Why don’t you make a move to the city gates?”

His expressions were cold and there was a strong killing malevolent air when he spoke.

Just as Ye Jing was about to move to the city gates, a man and a woman had appeared silently between the two groups.

There was a sudden strong oppression in the air that caused everyone to freeze where they had stood.  Even Beitang Ze, Beitang Ying, Duan Yizong, Celestial Yun Chen and Young Master Yun Xinghe were all startled. It was as though a super exponent had suddenly appeared and this person was leagues above them!

She recognized the man as Celestial Liege. She was surprised to see him again and thought, “Did he regrets giving me the jade bangles and now he actually wants it back?”

The Celestial Liege was smiling and he was looking at Ye Jing, “I have heard that Maiden Ye Jing has ascended the heavenly steps of the Heavenly Temple. It is really something that is commendable.”

Beitang Ze was staring at Ye Jing, “She is the one?…”

He had heard that someone had managed to complete the heavenly steps of the Heavenly Temple and that person had made a miracle that none had accomplished for thousands of years.

Ye Jing smiled weakly, unsure of his intentions. “That is me alright.”

Beitang Ze angrily said, “Who are you? If you are wise, you should not be such a nosy parker.”

The Celestial Liege laughed loudly and his martial laughter was like a mighty wind force.

Immediately Beitang Ze knew fear for he knew that this man was no ordinary person.

Celestial Liege said coldly, “I am just an elder of Tranquil City. Some may even have the politeness to address me as a Great Saint. But you may address me as the Celestial Liege.”

Everyone was shocked. This man who looked like he was 30+ was actually a Great Saint?

A Great Saint was a peaked Sacred Saint and equivalent to a peaked Dark Monarch.

Beitang Ze himself was a peaked Dark Monarch. He should not have felt such dread from this man but instead he was at the moment. There was something unspeakable about this Great Saint…

The Celestial Liege turned to Ye Jing and smiled, “I have a gift for you.”

Ye Jing was startled, “A gift for me? Why? I barely know you.”

Celestial Liege laughed heartily as he took out a golden token that was shaped like a key, “This is the Tranquil Patriarch Token. This is your reward from the Ruler of the Tranquil City for overcoming the trial of the heavenly steps. From now on, you are the city patriarch and this Tranquil Patriarch Token gives you the permission to enter the city freely and to make your own laws within the city.”

Ye Jing was startled, “Did I hear it right? This isn’t a joke? I don’t believe…”

The Celestial Liege smiled, “And of course whoever makes an enemy out of you will also be an enemy of the Tranquil City. At the same time, the numerous faction powerhouses will be yours to deploy as well, including the Great Saints and Elders of Tranquil City.”

Ye Jing was truly stunned and everyone that heard him were all looking at Ye Jing with stunned expression.

In just a quick succession of words, Ye Jing had been transformed into the most powerful person in Tranquil City!

Ye Jing asked, “Who is this Ruler of the Tranquil City?”

The Celestial Liege laughed, “That is the purpose of my coming. The Ruler of the Tranquil City will like to see you immediately.”

Ye Jing looked curiously at the Tranquil Patriarch Token before she answered, “Alright. But I have something that I need to settle first…”

The Celestial Liege smiled, “You are anxious about your reinforcements?”

Ye Jing nodded, “I got to fight alongside them.”

The Celestial Liege smiled, “No need. Your reinforcements will be safe.”

He took a glance at Beitang Ze before saying, “It is because I have grounded all their reinforcements.”

Ye Jing, Young Master Yun Xinghe, Beitang Ze and all the others were startled!

Beitang Ze shouted angrily, “What did you do?”

The Celestial Liege smiled coldly, “Did you not hear what I’ve just said? Your reinforcements are all grounded. Perhaps if you are fast enough you may just save a few.”

Beitang Ze was shocked beyond words. This was a direct challenge to the prestige and might of the Scarlet Heretic Sect.

Even Duan Yizong was shocked. It was because he had joined forces with the Scarlet Heretic Sect. The 100 odds fighters were the elite of the Thousands Fragments Sect and they were all at least in the peaked Master Practitioner levels!

Beitang Ze said coldly, “You have made a terrible mistake by offending the Scarlet Heretic Sect. Do you dare to fight with me?”

The Celestial Liege lifted his chin as he smirked, “As if I am afraid of you.”

Beitang Ze shouted to everyone, “You’ve heard him! This is a willing duel and not against the laws of Tranquil City!”

Then he stared coldly at the Celestial Liege, “I shall rip your bones piece by piece. You will wish that you are never born and your death will be extremely painful.”

Xiaofang had noticed that the aura of the Celestial Liege was of the positive attribute. So he said, “Senior, you can use my divine sword!”

But the Celestial Liege smiled gently, “No need. I shall just use my hands.”

Beitang Ze had unsheathed his dark divine sword. It was an earth grade pure positive divine sword!

He said coldly, “There are no time limit and it only end until one of us is dead.”

He was actually thinking. Once he had killed this Celestial Liege then he would go after Ye Jing directly. At this point, he did not care if he had offended the Tranquil City. He was just half a step and he could attain as an immortal. He was not about to give it up at this point.

Celestial Liege looked coldly back at him, “So what are you waiting for?”

Beitang Ze had mustered all his martial force and his aura was a rich crimson, anyone that was watching was filled with awe.

As for the Celestial Liege, he was filled with a heavy positive attribute invisible aura that was suffocating.

Ye Jing and Xiaofang secretly took a glance at each other. This aura was not manifested by celestial energies but by internal energies. That would only mean one thing. That this Celestial Liege was an ancient celestial!

Beitang Ze had immediately attacked with his divine sword and he had flashed next to the Celestial Liege.

His movements were simply too swift!

But the Celestial Liege simply lifted his foot and stomped at the ground, sending a powerful martial force upward as it caught Beitang Ze in mid-air!

Time seemed to be slowed down; as a matter of fact Beitang Ze was suddenly falling down in slow motion as the Celestial Liege lifted his fingers as he struck Beitang Ze with thunderous impact several times!

Everyone could hear the crackling of bones as Beitang Ze’s golden body was broken in mid-air!

How could finger stances have shattered a dark monarch’s golden body? This has never happened before…

The Celestial Liege hummed coldly, “You can forget about transmigrating to the immortal realm. You are not fit to go there at all. The many souls that you have killed will become your dark nemesis in the form of your heavenly wrath tribulation. I have actually disdained your dark practice for quite some time and because you have so foolishly provoked me then this is your just deserved karma.”

In the next instant he had snatched Beitang Ze’s divine sword and had used it to slice him into half, stunning all the onlookers into disbelief!

Everyone was expecting the duel to last for hundreds of strokes and even then, the fight would not be so decisive. But in less than a few blinks of an eye, the duel was over…

When Beitang Ying saw the scene, she broke down and was sobbing uncontrollably.

Even Duan Yizong was trembling, not believing what he had seen…

Young Master Yun Xinghe and Celestial Yun Chen were too astonished to even react…

Xiaofang whispered to Ye Jing, “I can feel his pure positive martial force strongly. It seems that it has the effect of slowing down everything that it is enveloping. This divine martial force is simply too startling and overpowering. Either we can avoid his martial aura or we can maintain a distance. The two are the only way.”

Ye Jing was smiling weakly because she was actually thinking if this Celestial Liege would take her to some other place and butcher her alive. She totally had no defenses against him!

The Celestial Liege had obviously overheard Xiaofang as he said casually, “There is a third alternative. You can try to overcome my martial aura with a stronger martial force.”

Celestial Yun Chen said slowly as he recovered his wits, “I have heard that there is a lost divine skill that is called the Celestial Force. What you have used certainly matches the characteristics of the Celestial Force. May I know if I’m right?”

The Celestial Liege smiled coldly, “Indeed.”

The Celestial Force divine skill was ranked in the top ten powerful divine skills. There were almost no practitioners of the Celestial Force in recent history and the divine skill was considered to have been lost.

The Celestial Liege had turned to Ye Jing to ask, “Maiden Ye Jing. Now that I have cleared your worries, are you ready to meet the Ruler of the Tranquil City with me?”

Ye Jing jumped slightly when she had heard him calling her.

Her countenance was miserable and her eyes were pleading to everyone silently, “Don’t let him take me away. I am afraid…”

Xiaofang said, “In that case, I will go with our Holy Consort…”

The Celestial Liege said coldly, “No. All of you will wait here.”

It was a command and not a request at all.

When Xiaofang heard him, his heart grew cold and he was unable to overcome the oppressing aura of this man. This man was too imposing and the power disparities between them were too great!

The Celestial Liege said to Ye Jing, “Why are you so afraid of me? I didn’t say I want to take you as my god-daughter. Moreover you are now the Patriarch of the Tranquil City now and it is the Ruler of the Tranquil City that wants to see you.”

He added, “Come with me.”

Ye Jing was still trembling in front of him. She knew that she did not have much choice in this matter but she said defiantly, “You…better not have any funny ideas on me!”

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