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Chapter 30: The Ruler of the Tranquil City

Ye Jing did not really know where she currently was. She only remembered entering a building and from there she had entered through an illusionary wall.

If the Celestial Liege did not lead the way, she could never have guessed that this wall was actually a door.

She wished that Yu’Er and Xiaofang would be here to see this illusionary wall which she found intriguing. The Celestial Liege did not even allow her to bring Yu’Er with her.

After entering the illusionary wall, she found herself in a grandeur palace that was adorned with rare white celestium slabs for floors and walls. Celestiums were pricey and were more valuable than gold. Extremely fine gold celestiums were even used in divine weapons to enhance its grade!

Now that they were in the palace hallway, the Celestial Liege appeared to be more relax. He said to her, “This is my consort.”

The woman smiled, “You’re Ye Jing? My celestial name is the Confession Lady Ye Ling. We share the same common lineage name.”

Ye Jing said politely, “My respects to senior. Are you a Great Saintess?”

The woman nodded lightly, “I guess that you can say so.”

Ye Jing said respectfully, “Then I shall address senior as Great Saintess Ye. What do you think?”

Great Saintess Ye smiled, “Anything.”

She looked at Ye Jing and said, “It seems that Yi Si did not make a bad choice by choosing you as her successor.”

Ye Jing was surprised, “You know my Celestial Teacher?”

Great Saintess Ye nodded, “Like me, she is also a Great Saintess of the Tranquil City. But unlike us, she is always in reclusion and is rarely in the city.”

Ye Jing was truly surprised, “You are friends of my celestial teacher?”

Great Saintess Ye laughed softly, “Not exactly. She is our little niece. Back in the old days, we are also protégés of the Celestial Palace. That is why we want to adopt you as our god-daughter but you have actually rejected us.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I didn’t know that my benevolent celestial teacher is your niece or I’ll gladly accept. It is not too late, right?”

Great Saintess Ye smiled, “Of course not. I’m glad to have a god-daughter like you.”

Ye Jing smiled as she quickly called out, “Aunt Ye!”

This was actually the first time that they had talked to each other but Ye Jing had found her to be amicable, compared to the Celestial Liege and even her Ancestress Ye.

She asked, “Do you know where my celestial teacher is now? She only told me that she is breaking through to the immortal realm.”

Great Saintess Ye nodded, “That’s right. She has no more worldly attachment here anymore. That is why she has decided to ascend. We have no idea where she is now.”

Ye Jing hesitated for a while before she asked, “I’ve heard that my Celestial Teacher Yi Si has been around for thousands of years. Since you know each other, you have been around for thousands of years as well? How is it possible?”

Great Saintess Ye smiled, “The Jade Emperor had once given us three ancient immortal artefacts. I have the Tranquil Flute while my husband has the Primordial Heaven Chart. As for Yi Si, the Eternal Lotus was given to her. These three ancient immortal artefacts allow us to remain indefinitely in this realm.”

Ye Jing was startled, “This Jade Emperor must really be a formidable person.”

Great Saintess Ye smiled gently, “Indeed. He is after all, a greater immortal.”

Ye Jing was startled, “There are greater and lesser immortals?”

The Celestial Liege suddenly made a cough and Great Saintess Ye was quiet but she said gently, “It is unwise that we reveal too much about the immortal realm. It is for you to find out. Got it?”

Ye Jing nodded and she was wondering, “I wonder what the immortal realm is like?”

But she decided to ask the most important question first before she met up with the Ruler of the Tranquil City, “Who is this Ruler of the Tranquil City? Is he a Great Saint as well?”

Great Saintess Ye shook her head gently, “You must be extremely polite when you see her, alright?”

Ye Jing asked, “She? She is a Great Saintess?”

Great Saintess Ye answered coolly, “She is the ruler of the celestial realm.”

Ye Jing was shocked. She had never heard that the celestial realm had a ruler and that the Ruler of the Tranquil City was also the ruler of the celestial realm.

Seeing the doubts that were in Ye Jing’s eyes, Great Saintess Ye said. “She is a greater immortal. Even for the Celestial Liege and I, we have to bow in her presence.”

When Ye Jing had heard her, she was stunned. A greater immortal that had taken residence in the Tranquil City? It was no wonder that there were no celestial clans that had dared to seize control of this place for thousands of years…

She asked nervously, “Why did she want to see me? Did I do something wrong?”

Great Saintess Ye said gently, “I have no idea too. But you’ve met with the Heaveness. Therefore she will like to see you.”

Ye Jing asked, “You know about the Heaveness too?”

She knew that she was not supposed to mention to anyone that she had seen the Heaveness and that she had even acknowledged the Heaveness as her celestial teacher. But since they already knew then it should be alright to ask for more details.

Great Saintess Ye smiled, “The Heavenly Temple is meant to be her dwelling so naturally we know about her. While it is a secret to the others, it isn’t a secret to us.”

The Celestial Liege suddenly said as they turned into a wide passageway, “We are here.”

He whispered to Ye Jing, “Be really respectfully. This goddess is not to be trifled. We won’t be going in with you.”

With that, he had left.

Great Saintess Ye gave her a reassuring smile before she departed with the Celestial Liege.

Ye Jing saw a towering golden door and there were eight beautiful attendants that were gently pushing the door opened when they saw her.

Beyond the towering golden doors was a beautiful white hall that could accommodate hundreds.

As soon as this door opened, Ye Jing was surprised to hear the slashing sounds of swords and she could only see after-images of two shadowy forms fighting with each other. She was totally astonished at their movements.

But as soon as she had entered with the Celestial Liege and the Great Saintess Ye, the two shadowy forms had also disengaged with each other and they were looking at her now.

One was a golden hair heavenly maiden with a long curved sword and the other one was a young slender man in white wielding two long swords.

When they stopped to look at Ye Jing with their imposing golden eyes, Ye Jing could only smile weakly as she said. “Hello…my humble respect to seniors…”

She did not know how to address them…

Since she had been informed that the Ruler of the Tranquil City was a goddess then she guessed that it must be the blonde heavenly maiden.

The slender young man asked, “Is she the one?”

The beautiful heavenly maiden answered gently, “Yes she is the one. Her name is Ye Jing. I’ve heard that she is a bloodline of the Ascension Goddess. Are you surprise?”

The slender young man turned to look at her intensely and Ye Jing could feel an overwhelming suppression that seemed to be weighed upon her. He said softly, “This is really such a surprise.”

The beautiful heavenly maiden smiled at her gently and said hypnotically, “I am the Goddess Isa. I am the Ruler of the Tranquil City.”

Ye Jing stammered, “Goddess Isa…”

Her Divine Sense detected an unfathomable presence that came from both of them. They had the exact unfathomable aura like the Heaveness. In fact, the slender young man was even more unfathomable than the Goddess Isa and the Heaveness and he was like a righteous light that was unforgettable.

The Goddess Isa said, “As for this man here…”

The slender young man sheathed his swords as he introduced himself, “I’m your Ancestor Yi, the husband of your Ancestress Ye. You are of my bloodline.”

When Ye Jing heard him, her legs had suddenly gone jelly and she was really startled. “You…you are my Ancestor Yi…”

Ancestor Yi said, “That’s right. The Eternal Lotus that is within you is given by Yi Si. Yi Si is my daughter and her mother is the Joyful Goddess.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly. Is this a family reunion?

Ancestor Yi said, “I’ve never expect that someone could be capable of ascending to the top of the heavenly steps and reached my Heavenly Temple. You must know that only the most pure of heart will be able to do so. Your feat has shaken the Three Known Realms.”

The more that Ye Jing heard, the more awkward she was. She muttered, “That must be an exaggeration. I’m just a small fry. How can I even shake the Three Known Realms…”

Ancestor Yi said casually, “But that is the truth. No one other than the Heaveness and the Great Goddess Fantian can accomplish this feat. As you are able to accomplish this feat, this means that the Heaveness has also chosen you as her successor.”

Ye Jing was startled, “But Celestial Teacher Heaveness has never mentioned to me that she has named me as her successor.  I really dare not wish for the skies.”

Ancestor Yi smiled, “That is because it is not the time to reveal to you yet.”

Ye Jing asked, “And now it is?”

Ancestor Yi smiled, “Not really. It is just casual talk between us. It is best that you will forget our exchanges. It is because I am really afraid of the Heaveness…”

The Goddess Isa laughed softly when she heard him, “Are you serious?”

Ancestor Yi rubbed his nose, “Yes I am.”

The Goddess Isa pretended to be upset, “Like real. Anyway, I need to talk her first. It is better that you step aside for now.”

Ye Jing said respectfully, “I await your divine instructions.”

The Goddess Isa said gently, “Ye Jing, did Yi Si tell you that a divine calamity is forthcoming for the celestial realm?”

Ye Jing hesitated for a while. It was because she was unsure if she should tell them what she knew. Were they friends or foes? The intrigues of the celestial realm were many and while she was young, she was actually not so gullible.

What if this was a trap by the enemies of her Celestial Teacher Yi Si?

The Eternal Lotus was supposed to be her secret and yet these people seemed to know about it. How was it possible?

These were questions that Ye Jing had been secretly pondering ever since she had come here.

The Goddess Isa asked coolly, “You don’t trust us?”

Finally Ye Jing said quietly, “There is no proof that he is my Ancestor Yi and that my Celestial Teacher Yi Si is his daughter. After all, my Celestial Teacher Yi Si did not mention any of this to me. Moreover there is no way for you to know that the Eternal Lotus is within me. So how do you know?”

When the Goddess Isa heard her, she was smiling. “That is because we’re immortals. You can’t hide something as obvious as the Eternal Lotus within you without detection. Moreover we’re greater immortals.”

She paused briefly, “Whether you answer us is not important. A divine calamity will soon sweep across the celestial realm. Everyone will be powerless to stop it. The Goddess Palace and the Devil Isle will definitely rise to the occasion with the heavenly decrees in their hands. Even though the Melancholy Valley will no longer have any heavenly decrees, they will definitely try to seize the heavenly decrees from either the Goddess Palace or the Devil isle.”

Ye Jing had indeed heard from her Celestial Teacher Yi Si about the heavenly decrees.

She continued, “Therefore we think that you may be a pawn of the Melancholy Valley. There are too many coincidences in you.”

Ye Jing stammered, “I am really not anyone pawn…”

The Goddess Isa said, “Even an unwitting pawn is still a pawn. There is a heavenly war at the moment. The Melancholy Valley has been ruling the celestial laws of the celestial realm for thousands of years now and they are unwilling to lose their grip to anyone. Do you get me?”

Ye Jing asked, “There is war in the immortal realm?”

The Goddess Isa smiled, “There are more wars in the immortal realm than you think.”

Ye Jing made a quick guesswork. It seemed that there were three major factions in the immortal realm that were at odds with each other. And either side would want to see the other side win.

She tried to make a joke, “Maybe I am a pawn of the Goddess Palace?”

The Goddess Isa smiled coldly, “That is impossible because they had really a high bar, even for a pawn.”

When Ye Jing heard her, she felt like digging a hole as she thought. “My attainment is a piece of shit…”

The Goddess Isa said casually, “Of course things may still change in the future. After all, your Ancestress Ye is in the Goddess Palace. The reason why I’m telling you is to ensure that you do not become a pawn of the Melancholy Valley.”

Ye Jing felt cold. It was like a stern warning.

She asked, “May I know if you are aligned to the Goddess Palace or the Devil Isle?”

The Goddess Isa smiled, “Naturally it is the Goddess Palace.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly. Why was that she was not surprised at all?

She asked weakly, “My Ancestress Ye has taken my Little Fenghuang to the Goddess Palace. Since you are the ruler of the celestial realm, may I presume that you are also the ruler of the Goddess Palace? May I suggest that I have my baby back?”

The Goddess Isa said coldly, “Unfortunately I’m not the ruler of the Goddess Palace. There are goddesses that are higher in status than me in the Goddess Palace. As for your Little Fenghuang, it is better that she stays with us.”

Ye Jing was upset, “You…you…”

The Goddess Isa said, “You don’t have to be too upset about it. We’re protecting your child, that’s all.”

Ye Jing thought ruefully, “More like hostage…”

The Goddess Isa said, “Anyway, you are now the Patriarch of the Tranquil City. Other than me, you have the second highest authority here.”

Ye Jing asked, “You’re really making me a patriarch here?”

The Goddess Isa nodded, “Like I say, that is your reward for reaching the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil. This has nothing to do with whether I like you or not.”

Ye Jing felt that she was too cold and impersonal. She asked, “I can change the laws right?”

The Goddess Isa nodded, “Yes, you can. What are you going to change?”

Ye Jing said, “How about no more slave trading in the Tranquil City.”

The Goddess Isa nodded, “Then it will be done.”

Ye Jing was surprised, “Really?”

The Goddess Isa smiled, “Goddesses don’t lie. It will be done.”

Ye Jing was really delighted and it showed on her beautiful countenance.

Ancestor Yi was growling softly, “How come there a slave trading in the city? Didn’t I set all the slaves free a long time ago? Why didn’t you do anything about it?”

The Goddess Isa smiled gently at him, “Like you say, it is a long time ago. You know I don’t intervene and most of the time I’m in your company.”

Ancestor Yi rubbed his nose, “Maybe I should come down more often.”

The Goddess Isa said suddenly, “Ye Jing, follow me.”

Ye Jing thought that she would be dismissed soon. She did not expect that the Goddess Isa would suddenly call out to her to follow her.

It was not exactly she got a choice. After seeing her swordplay and movements earlier, she knew that she could not win in a fight against them. Moreover, this Ancestor Yi looked equally unfathomable. Unless she had been pushed to a corner, she thought that it was wiser for her to adopt a wait and see approach.

The Goddess Isa had walked to the other end of the white hall and there were three other passageways.

She entered the one on her right and it led to a long passageway. At the end of the passageway was a golden door. She gently pushed it opened and said, “Ye Jing, come.”

Ye Jing hurried her steps as she followed the Goddess Isa through the golden door while Ancestor Yi followed closely behind.

She found herself in a large chamber and in this large chamber, there were many artefacts lying about. She was soon gasping in astonishment, “Is this a treasure room?”

There were many precious swords, strange looking artefacts and urns that sniffed strongly of pills.

The Goddess Isa said casually, “These are the loot that I’ve casually collected over the years. It is nothing really valuable. It is just a waste to throw it away. If you like any of these, you can just have it. I don’t mind.”

Ye Jing was smiling as her eyes looked greedily around the chamber. Any of these were worth a small fortune. Did she just say that I can have any one of these?

Even Ancestor Yi was looking curiously around the chamber as he muttered, “That is quite a lot of collection.”

It was obvious that he had never been here before.

The Goddess Isa was amused as opened a secret wall, “You can leave these things later. Come with me.”

Ye Jing followed her to another secret walled chamber and she found herself in a big chamber with a large covered cauldron in the middle.

She asked curiously, half jesting. “Why did you bring me here? Don’t tell me you’re giving some divine pills?”

The Goddess Isa smiled, “Right on. In the middle of this chamber is a Life Rejuvenation Divine Pill. This divine pill has the effect of strengthening your vital energies and even extending your lifespan. I can promise you that you won’t find it anywhere else. This is your reward for reaching the Heavenly Temple.”

Even though Ye Jing was usually thick skin and would not hesitate to take free things but this time she was really awkward to take it. Life extending divine pills were almost unheard of and even more precious than divine swords. Who would not want to live longer?

Even Ancestor Yi was a little startled, “This divine pill must really be very precious. You’re really giving to her?”

Ye Jing said quietly, “I don’t think I deserve it. My Celestial Teacher Heaveness has already rewarded me for stepping into the Heavenly Temple of the Lord Tranquil. I really can’t take more.”

The Goddess Isa smiled, “These are two different matters entirely. The Heaveness rewards you because she is waiting for her successor to appear. The Tranquil City rewards you because you are now its first ever patriarch.”

Ye Jing really wanted to take the Life Rejuvenation Divine Pill but somehow she did not feel right. Is there a catch somewhere? There are no free lunches in the world…

Ancestor Yi said, “Child, since the Goddess Isa says so, you may take it. From what I can see, this divine pill will be beneficial to you. Moreover it looks quite valuable.”

Ye Jing just needed a little push and she immediately said shamelessly, “If Ancestor Yi says so then I shall take it then.”

As she was about to reach her hands into the cauldron, the Goddess Isa divine whispered secretly into her ears. “There is a secret level below the first pill. Just push it gently and don’t let your Ancestor Yi see it. The second pill that is below the first is the real treasure. It is the Blue Aura Divine Pill and it is a divine pill that can push your divine sense to its limits. It is a gift from the Goddess Palace to you.”

Ye Jing thought, “Blue Aura Divine Pill? What is it? Why is she hiding it from Ancestor Yi? Aren’t they acquaintances?”

But as she had already reached halfway for the Life Rejuvenation Divine Pill, she did as she was told and found a blue mystic pill in a secret compartment below. Quietly, she slipped the blue mystic pill into her sleeves…

The Goddess Isa was smiling as she said, “By the way, your Ancestress Ye has mentioned to me that there is a lad that is with you who is also the father of your child. That lad has a vast potential and his talents are above you.”

Ye Jing said, “Xiaofang?”

The Goddess Isa nodded, “That is his name alright. He is a born Xiantian and his spiritual inner core is extremely pure. Given a little more time, he may surpass all the golden celestials in the celestial realm. If you are not careful in handling him, you will soon find your hands full of enticing rivals.”

Ye Jing was startled. Xiaofang is a born Xiantian? He has never told me before. But it is not surprising since he possesses the Healing Focus and can even purify his own inner core…

Ancestor Yi said to Ye Jing, “Today I am really happy to meet you. Our path may not cross for a long time.”

Then he sighed softly, “Maybe it is better for you not to go to the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. You are too young to waste your life there. Why don’t you follow me into seclusion for a hundred years? Then you can also wait out the storm of the forthcoming divine calamity.”

Ye Jing said politely, “I believe that life and death is predestined. I want to live my own full life. There are still many interesting things that I want to see in the world on my own. It may be treacherous and I may even lose my life but I have already found someone that I want to be with in this lifetime and that is Xiaofang. I want to be with him forever. Therefore I must decline your kindness.”

Ancestor Yi seemed a little startled by her reply but he was soon smiling, “In that case, I wish you all the best. As for this Xiaofang, I will really like to meet him one day. After all, he is someone that can capture the heart of the Heaveness’ successor. Child, go in peace and experience the world with your boldness. I remember that I have once explored the world with nothing but my guts and fighting spirit.”

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