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Chapter 31: Nefarious Plan

When Ye Jing left the Tranquil City, she had joined her forces with Young Master Yun Xinghe. It was not something that she wanted but he had warned, “There may be remnants of the heretic clans around. Moreover Supremacy Duan Yizong is not to be underestimated.”

After some due considerations, she agreed to travel with Young Master Yun Xinghe.

At the same time, she assigned six female protégés to escort Hua Ni’Er and Hua Xie’Er back to the Holy Citadel City first. It was because she was unsure if she was able to protect them along the way.

The combined forces numbered more than 700, creating a sizable presence as they traveled through the mountain trails.

According to Young Master Yun Xinghe, he was only heading a smaller detachment to Tranquil City to shop for supplies while his father, the protégé grandmaster of the Celestial Sword Clan had already headed to the Nuer Mountains with a main force of 5000.

When Ye Jing had taken the Life Rejuvenation Divine Pill and the Blue Aura Divine Pill, she had only consumed the Blue Aura Divine Pill as she wanted to cultivate it first and she was also curious about its effect.

As for the Life Rejuvenation Divine Pill, she actually did not need it now so she decided to nurture it with her Eternal Lotus to enhance its effect. After all, she was only 22. The awesome potent effects of life and vitality had no alluring attraction to her at the moment.

In the meantime Young Master Yun Xinghe was clearly frustrated. Although he could travel together with Ye Jing but until now, there was still no chance to be left alone with her.

It was because Ye Jing always had her Yu’Er phoenix around and everywhere she went, she would bring her Elder Xiaofang along. It had been several days and it was increasing frustrating for him.

Finally he had lost his patience and he decided on a plan to be set motion once it was nightfall.

He carefully prepared two flasks of aromatic wines. The wines had naturally been tampered with a powerful aphrodisiac by him and tonight he was determined to have Ye Jing.

“Maiden Ye Jing, you have really left me with no other choices.”

With a jovial mood, he left for Ye Jing’s camp which was situated opposite his camp.

The protégés of the Holy Citadel City did not stop him from entering their camp since they were already accustomed to his presence. So he made his way to the biggest tent in the camp which belonged to their Holy Consort.

When he had arrived, Li’Er and Xiaofang were standing guard outside.

He smiled at them and said, “I have brought some good wines and will like to share with the Holy Consort. May I enter the tent?”

Li’Er answered coolly, “My protégé mistress is tired and she says she doesn’t want to see anyone tonight…”

She was secretly sighing because this Young Master Yun Xinghe was like a pest that kept coming whether it was day or night. It seemed to her that Young Master Yun Xinghe was really courting her mistress but it was obvious that she was uninterested in his pursuit.

Xiaofang was naturally displeased to see Young Master Yun Xinghe. To him, he was a competitor and he was envious of his influential background. He was really afraid of losing his Jing’Er to him.

But still he was polite, “The Holy Consort does not wish to see anyone tonight. You may leave…”

All of a sudden Ye Jing was heard calling out excitingly in the tent, “Did I just sniff the fragrance of the Heavenly Bamboo Wines? Hurry and bring it in!”

Young Master Yun Xinghe was delighted as he shouted, “Maiden Ye Jing, you have really sharp nose. Indeed you are right. These Heavenly Bamboo Wines are three centuries old good wines. Moreover it is sealed with the superior grade seal of Celestial Master Tie the famous wine appraiser that is renowned throughout the celestial realm. I have brought the wines here specially for your sampling.”

Ye Jing voice was heard calling out excitingly, “What are you waiting for? Hurry bring it in. Xiaofang quickly bring him in.”

Xiaofang sighed softly as he said politely to Young Master Yun Xinghe, “Please follow me in.”

When Young Master Yun Xinghe entered the tent, Ye Jing was busy looking at herself in a large display mirror and she was trying several beautiful outer garments.

The sight of seeing her changing her dressing was so mesmerizing that Young Master Yun Xinghe was looking at her dreamily as he thought, “Tonight I am determined to have you. You are just like a little lamb now that is carting to the slaughterhouse for my feasting.”

He quickly smiled and said, “Maiden Ye Jing, this is the Heavenly Bamboo Wines for our feasting.”

Ye Jing looked at the wines in his hands with an eager look, “Good. You can put it down and leave now.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe was stunned, “But…”

Ye Jing continued to look at her dresses while saying, “Xiaofang, see him out.”

Xiaofang said with a firm tone, “Please leave now.”

The expressions that were on Young Master Yun Xinghe was ugly and with a bitter smile, he slowly put the wines down. He was hoping that Ye Jing would retain him at the last minute but she did not even take a look at him…

Xiaofang repeated, “Please leave.”

Left with no other choices, he was forced to leave with an awkward expression.

When he had left, Ye Jing began to smile and called out, “Xiaofang come in.”

When Xiaofang entered the tent, he immediately said. “Jing’Er, I think you have better not drink the wines that he has brought. It may be tampered.”

Ye Jing giggled softly, “I bet it is. The minute that he has entered my tent, I can sense his nefarious thoughts. It seems that my divine sense is more acute than before.”

After swallowing the Blue Aura Divine Pill, she could feel that her perceptions had greatly increased. She wondered secretly what kind of a miracle divine pill was the Blue Aura Divine Pill.

The Blue Aura Divine Pill was an immortal pill that could shape reality from perceptions. Even in the immortal realm, it was extremely difficult to obtain and was a legendary divine pill that most immortals could never see or obtain. When it was consumed by Ye Jing, she had imagined that she would be doing stunts with her Divine Sense that her Ancestress Ye would be capable of doing. This Blue Aura Divine Pill was able to realize this perceived thought into a reality and it was exactly what happened.

But unknown to Ye Jing, the Blue Aura Divine Pill was capable of doing more than that but the Goddess Isa had purposely misled her to use the Blue Aura Divine Pill into a chosen choice that she had designated for her.

Ye Jing smiled at Xiaofang, “It has been a long time since we are able to drink together. Let’s drink up the wines. Can your Healing Focus ability remove the impurities from the wines? It will be such a waste if we are unable to appreciate the wines together.”

Xiaofang said, “Yes I can…”

He gently rubbed against the flasks and used his Healing Focus ability to cleanse the Heavenly Bamboo Wines from any toxicity and impurities.

He said quietly, “After I cleanse the wines, it may lose its original flavor…”

Ye Jing smiled, “That is fine so long as the fragrance is still there. I only want to drink with you…”

Xiaofang and Ye Jing exchanged knowing glances with each other and slowly they began to toast up. It was like the same scene when they had first met up for the very first time.

Ye Jing said quietly, “If you have cleansed those wines on that fateful day, we won’t be drinking today.”

Xiaofang looked at Ye Jing dreamily, “Big Sister Jing…Jing’Er, you are having regrets?”

Ye Jing lowered her glances shyly, “I don’t regret falling into your hands. I am just a little worried about our future.”

She had not told Xiaofang about the forthcoming Divine Calamity or her encounter with the Ruler of the Tranquil City. After all, they had warned her not to tell anyone about them.

Xiaofang said firmly, “Jing’Er, I will surely get stronger so that we can get Little Fenghuang back. Then we can all be together again…”

Ye Jing said melancholy, “It’s not that. I just feel that I have a heavy burden on my back. You know that I don’t really like to cultivate. Whether it is swordplay, internal profound arts or martial profound arts I am only half-past-six and did not put in my fullest commitment. And yet the burden of the whole clan now rests upon me.”

Suddenly she lowered her voice and whispered gently, “If given a choice, I will like to cook every day for you.”

Xiaofang’s eyes seemed to be looking distantly, “Jing’Er cooking is absolutely the best…”

Ye Jing laughed, “I have spent considerable amount of time secretly experimenting with cooking than alchemy. Don’t tell my mother or I will be mad with you!”

Xiaofang answered with a slight shock in his eyes, “I won’t. No wonder Jing’Er can cook so well.”

As he looked gently at Ye Jing, he was suddenly solemn. “Jing’Er, can I ask you something?”

Ye Jing breathed in lightly before saying, “You sound so serious all of a sudden. What’s in your heart?”

Xiaofang sighed, “This Young Master Yun Xinghe, he seems to be interested in you…so I am wondering if you…”

Ye Jing laughed lightly, “So that’s what worrying you. You don’t need to be worried alright? In this world…I have…”

She locked her eyes tenderly into his eyes, saying shyly. “…I have only room for one and that is you.”

That was her heartfelt words and Xiaofang was able to feel it from the recess of his heart for they were bounded together through their soul, mind and body dual cultivation.

For a time, none spoke as they just stared at each other and examined each other subtle expressions.  It seemed like a long time since they had a quiet time with each other and they were just content to look at each other in this manner. When the others were around, they could only take secret glances at each other and could only hide their feelings.

After a while, Xiaofang said quietly, “Even though I’ve been meditating on the Emotion Divinity but these few days, I just can’t concentrate. Jing’Er, how about you?”

Ye Jing said softly, “There isn’t a moment when I don’t think of you every night…”

Then she bended over and kissed him lightly before cuddling in his embrace, “Xiaofang, I love you…”

When she had said that, her cheeks were rosy and even Xiaofang’s ears were reddened. Suddenly it was as though heavens and the earth had stood still for them and they were the only existences. They had forgotten where they were and forgotten the status divide between them. It was only Xiaofang and Ye Jing for now.

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