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Chapter 33: Emotionless Wither Plant

When Ye Jing regained conscious, she found herself lying on the ground and was shocked, “What happens?”

She remembered plunging into the desolate mists…

With a jolt, she immediately opened her eyes as she cried out. “Xiaofang, where are you…”

She immediately saw Xiaofang and he was laying his hands on Yu’Er who was lying on the ground. He was really pale as he said, “Jing’Er, you have awakened. Yu’Er has cushioned us from the fall. I have been treating Yu’Er after I’ve treated you.”

Ye Jing rushed over to caress Yu’Er, “Will she be alright?”

Xiaofang nodded, “Should be alright. She had received an earlier wound from the lightning blasts. Don’t worry.”

As Ye Jing held onto Yu’Er, Yu’Er quietly opened her eyes and she gave a light shriek. I am fine, mistress. Don’t worry!

When Ye Jing saw Yu’Er opening her eyes, she was delighted and relieved at the same time. She took out a rare firegrass and said gently, “Chew on this. You will receive some vitality back.”

Yu’Er happily chewed on the firegrass. After chewing on the firegrass, she became a little phoenix and shriek. Mistress I am really tired. I am going to sleep…

Ye Jing understood her intentions and gently cuddled Yu’Er into her arms. She looked at Xiaofang and said, “Thank you for helping Yu’Er…are you alright Xiaofang? You look drained…”

She knew that Xiaofang had expended his strength just to ensure that they were well. She was secretly touched…

Xiaofang nodded lightly, “I’m alright. We need to find a way up to the mountains above. We cannot stay in this place. The desolate aura here is too heavy.”

Ye Jing looked up. This sky was different from the mountains that they were accustomed to. Thick mists with traces of purple were everywhere at the top and there were mountain walls everywhere. They seemed to have dropped into a valley…

Then she saw the fallen body of the Tyrant Behemoth. It was taken a tremendous fall and it was dead now. It seemed that her strike had struck its neck and when they fell down together, the monster had broken its neck.

“Xiaofang, help to cut its horns and take its claw nails. In the future when we have to face the nine-stage lightning tribulation, the horns may be useful. It can be concocted into various lightning pills. As for the nails, it is equally useful and can fetch for a good price.”

Xiaofang nodded and he quietly did as he was instructed.

Ye Jing heaved a soft regretful sigh as she soon realized that the spiritual force in this place was really poor. She had thought of regaining some of her celestial energies but soon gave up. No wonder Xiaofang was looking so terrible and drained.

Luckily, they had opened a secret profound vein channel and they could still depend on their internal energies.

She did not know how long Yu’Er would need to sleep or else getting out of here would be a piece of cake. But now Yu’Er was badly injured and had no more strength.

Then she had a thought as she said, “Xiaofang, there should be a rare plant or herb nearby. We should make a search for it.”

Xiaofang nodded, “For such a high rank desolate monster to appear in this area, there should be a treasure herb. But we should also be wary of the other beasts that are in this area.”

In the Celestial Realm, the celestials and mortals depend on the consuming of rare plants for nourishments. However the desolate monsters were attracted by the spiritual veins of the rare plants and gained nourishments from it naturally. A place that is growing with Firegrass, a fire attribute plant is also a place where fire based attribute desolate beasts will appear. The stronger the fire attribute plant is, the stronger the desolate beasts will be in the vicinity.

It is entirely possible to find rare herbs that were thousands of years below the mountain valleys but not many people will be willing to go there. It is because of the ever presented dangers of encountering a dangerous desolate beast.

But at this moment, Ye Jing was thinking that since they had already dropped into the desolate valleys, they may as well take a look.

After waiting for a little while after Xiaofang had sufficient rested, they began to walk cautiously around the vicinity but in just a little while they was surprised by the dense vegetation and the clean streams that were flowing.

They had earlier dropped in an area that had sparse undergrowth and therefore they had imagined that the rest of the valley would be just nothing but rocks.

Suddenly Xiaofang was saying, “I see that there is a silver herb over there. It is halfway between the cliffs. Jing’Er, did you see it?”

Ye Jing trained her eyes on the cliffs and indeed as Xiaofang had said, there were several silver plants that were growing on it. Not only that, there were many other rare plants as well.

She searched her memories for this silver plant. Then she remembered that there was a silver plant with traces of purple on its stem. The name of this silver plant was the Emotionless Wither that could take away the emotions of the people that consumed it. It was used for pills that could let the users forget the painful emotions and even neutralized emotions. It was highly coveted by the practitioners that practiced the emotionless heart intricate and useful to breakthrough to a new emotionless state of divinity.

She laughed softly, “We’re in luck. There are no beasts in the vicinity currently. Let me go pick one. Help me hold onto Yu’Er for a while.”

Before Xiaofang could stop her, Ye Jing had already flashed up to the cliffs and he was astonished to see her displaying her movement skills. In just a little short while, she had returned with a silver stalk of the plant.

She had only taken a stalk because she knew that this stalk alone was more than five thousand year old. She also knew how difficult it was to grow to this age. So she left the rest of the Emotionless Wither plants alone so that they would continue to thrive and multiply.

It was timely because they could hear the ground trembling as a group of 14 Tyrant Behemoths had suddenly appeared from the other side of the mountain cliffs. These Tyrant Behemoths were mostly between 5th and 6th rank but were still extremely formidable for them to handle one, moreover there were 14 of them.

When Ye Jing had plucked one of the silver plants, the silver plant must have sent a rippling distress and these desolate beasts were alerted to it.

“Lucky!” Ye Jing heaved a soft sigh.

Xiaofang asked curiously, “Jing’Er, what is this silver plant for?”

Ye Jing smiled, “The plant name is the Emotionless Wither. It is used to suppress emotions. Currently we are practicing the Emotion Divinity therefore it is of much use to us.”

When Xiaofang had heard her, he was a little sad. It was because he did not want to use such a method to suppress his emotions, especially the emotions that he had for Ye Jing. He wanted to relive the warmth of their emotions in his memories from the very first day to the very end.

Ye Jing pointed to cave that were several steps above them, “There is a cave there. Let’s go in first before I explain to you.”

When they had entered, she said excitingly. “Xiaofang, I can feel your heart for me. It is not my intentions to forget about the emotions that we have for each other. This Emotionless Wither will be able to aid us to overcome our Emotion Divinity in no time. We…don’t need to wait a hundred years for a breakthrough. Maybe we won’t even make a breakthrough even in a hundred years. But with this Emotionless Wither, we can accomplish it in no time.”

Xiaofang was a little perplexed. It was obvious that he did not understand.

Ye Jing explained, “You may not know this. The silver veins of this Emotionless Wither also contain an explosive amount of chaotic fluctuations necessary to expand the boundaries of our divine state. Usually only a thousand year old Emotionless Wither is necessary but what we have here is a five thousand year old Emotionless Wither. With some luck, we may even overcome the Emotion Divinity. So what stage is your Emotion Divinity now?”

Xiaofang replied quietly, “Intermediate…”

Ye Jing raised her eyebrows before she said quietly, “I am at the intermediate stage too…”

At the same time they were both sighing secretly, “Xiaofang/Jing’Er, for you to advance to the intermediate stage, have you not been thinking about me all this while?”

Ye Jing pretended a faint smile, “Well, that’s good. I’m glad that we’re on the same staging now.”

She pushed aside the sadness that was in her eyes and said, “Do you still remember what the condition is for the upper stage of the Emotion Divinity?”

Xiaofang nodded as he recited, “The upper stage of the Emotion Divinity required the cultivators to reach the state of equanimity at all times.”

Ye Jing nodded, “Right now we are in a perfect situation. We are in a precautious situation and is trapped here. And we don’t know if Yu’Er will be able to regain her strength. Even if she does, she will be in a terrible weak state so I doubt that she can even fly us to the top, let alone fly herself.”

Xiaofang nodded, “It is all thanks to Yu’Er that we are alive. We need to get her out of here as well.”

Ye Jing nodded, “But we need to put this aside for now. Why don’t we make use of this perfect opportunity to overcome our Emotion Divinity? If we don’t then we don’t know when another opportunity will come again.”

Xiaofang said as he looked at the Emotionless Wither, “But…”

He really did not want to take this Emotionless Wither because he knew that a 5000 year old plant like the Emotionless Wither would really be so potent that it could suppress all his emotions. He really did not want to take it but Ye Jing seemed to be insistent. Was she so heartless that she wanted to forget him?

Ye Jing smiled gently, “I know what you are thinking. I won’t forget my emotions for you either. After we consume it, you have only to use your Healing Focus to prevent it for entering my heart. It won’t be easy because it is going to be draining for you. After we have pushed to the limits of our Emotion Divinity, you can purge the emotionless residue from our bodies.”

When Xiaofang had heard her, he was jolted and he immediately said. “Jing’E, I am willing. This is a good idea.”

To him, it was a better idea than cultivating the Emotion Divinity for a hundred or more years.

Ye Jing looked at the pale looking Xiaofang, “Want to take a break first? You don’t look alright.”

Xiaofang smiled weakly, “I am alright. Don’t worry.”

Ye Jing took out the Life Rejuvenation Divine Pill and said gently, “Xiaofang, take this. You will recover your strength quickly with this.”

Xiaofang took the pill without question and immediately the color of his face was restored. He was startled, “Jing’Er, what is this pill?”

All of a sudden he realized how precious this pill must be. It was because he could feel a surging of life force energies within him and even his drained Healing Focus was restored and he was even at the intermediate stage of the Immortal Celestial as well!

When Ye Jing saw he was no longer looking sickly, she was delighted and said, “The Ruler of the Tranquil City has given me this pill. I’m glad that it is now put to a better use.”

Xiaofang nodded quietly but he was silently thinking, “Jing’Er, this divine pill must be a life-saving divine pill and yet you’ve given it to me just like this. Moreover, this divine pill is simply too extraordinary. I can even feel my internal energies surging through all my meridians…”

Ye Jing smiled faintly, “Stop staring at me like this. If you alright now then we shall begin.”

Xiaofang nodded eagerly as they quickly seated in a meditation position as they placed their palms against each other.

Ye Jing could feel the warmth of his palms as she muttered silently, “Xiaofang, thank you…”

For a time, they could still hear each other heartbeats. It was as though they were unwilling to slip into deep meditation yet and just want to feel the warmth that was in each other’s hearts.

But soon the effect of the Emotionless Wither was taking its effect and they were soon silent.

But the warmth that was coming from Xiaofang had never left her. In fact, it was enveloping her and protecting her heart from ceding to the Emotionless Wither…

Ye Jing could feel the spirit boundaries of the intermediate Emotion Divinity expanding. Her thoughts had become more cold and passive. Even in a precautious situation such as now, she was serene. She was not melancholy, emotional, delight and was undisturbed. In a little time, she had breakthrough to the Upper Stage Emotion Divinity.

And now her inner sea of serenity was now filling quickly the empty spirit boundaries of the Upper Stage Emotion Stage. Such was the overwhelming elevation effect of the Emotionless Wither that seemed that it could not be stopped.

Her heart was crushed by the overwhelming tsunami that threatened to remove all her emotions but in the deep recess of her inner sea, was a soothing hand that seemed to protect her; it was Xiaofang.

When her spirit boundaries of the Upper Stage Emotion Divinity were filled to the peak, it had threatened to burst from its bank and with a bright light, she had overcome the Emotion Divinity and entered into the Initial Stage Transverse Divinity!

It was as though her spirit had been set free from the endless cycle of samsara and her divine state of mind was now free to transverse across the universe!

She felt extremely light and with just a little effort, she tiptoed to a standing position. When she had opened her eyes, Xiaofang was holding onto her waist. He was smiling faintly, “Jing’Er, you have breakthrough to the Transverse level!”

Ye Jing asked, “And you?”

Xiaofang said, “I have breakthrough as well. This Emotionless Wither plant is really too wondrous. But without your Life Rejuvenation Divine Pill, I don’t think that I will be able to hold off its overwhelming influences.”

Ye Jing coughed out a bout of green spasm as she struggled to speak, “Thank you Xiaofang! I feel so light now, extremely light. It is as though with just a little effort, I can push the limits of my body to the extreme. Do you feel that too?”

Xiaofang said, “Yes, I feel so light and spirited as well. According to the mundane celestial practice, Transverse is the overcoming of the limitation of our physical body. Attaining it will give us enhance speed and endurance that is not thought possible.”

Ye Jing sighed softly, “Without attaining to this level, we really cannot imagine the difference between the ancient celestials and us. This is like the heavens and the earth. No wonder my Ancestress Ye says my attainment is a piece of shit. I must admit today that she is so right… ”

But all of a sudden, she suddenly said. “There is someone here in this cave!…”

Xiaofang was startled as he started to look into the dark recess of the cave passages. There was no one.

Ye Jing said quietly, “It is deep inside. I can sense it…”

Her already acute Divine Sense could sense the presence of someone in this cave. Although it was faint but she was sure. The Blue Aura Divine Pill had shaped the ‘Space’ perception of the Transverse level in advance to her, giving her an uncanny ability to evade and to sense energies fluctuations. It was not the real level. But when she had really attained to the Transverse level, it was like a double perception that was endowed upon her, enhancing the range of her Divine Sense by double and many times more sensitive than before!

Ye Jing said slowly, “Xiaofang, let’s take a look…”

Xiaofang said anxiously, “It may not be a good idea. What if we run into some dangers?”

Ye Jing smiled, “Xiaofang is always the same Xiaofang that I know. Always overtly cautious. With you to protect me, will I be in any danger? Moreover I have a Transverse level fighter that is protecting me now.”

Xiaofang put his hand over his head awkwardly, “I am still not good enough…”

Ye Jing smiled, “Did you just breakthrough to the Intermediate Immortal Celestial level earlier? Your spirit inner core seems differently now. How on earth did you breakthrough this fast?”

Xiaofang smiled weakly, “It is all due to the Life Rejuvenation Divine Pill that Jing’Er has given to me earlier. It seems to have strengthened my Healing Focus ability as well.”

Ye Jing said casually, “It is really such a miraculous divine pill. I didn’t think too much about it when I took it. I was told that it was a life extending divine pill.”

Xiaofang was stunned as he slowly said, “My mother told me that life extending pills are almost impossible to find. In fact using my Healing Focus will drains off my life if I’m not careful so she has warned me not to use it for others. It is because my healing focus ability is part of my life force. A life extending divine pill may have the effect of strengthening my life force and in turn, so will my healing focus be strengthened as well. No wonder I have felt restored.”

Ye Jing smiled casually, “Good! Then it is not wasteful if it is given to you. It is such a waste if I were to take it.”

Then she pointed at a passage, “There! Let’s go take a look, alright?”

Xiaofang nodded as he said, “Then Jing’Er, I shall take the front while you guide me from behind. I really don’t want any dangers to befall you.”

“Then Xiaofang, you shall be my protector then.”

After several twisting of the passages, they came to a cavern. And it was what stunned them.

A heavenly maiden dressed in tattered dirty robe, as peerless as Ye Jing was lying on the ground. She was equally surprised to see them as she stared at them with her intense golden eyes. She immediately lifted her broken sword to point at them but her sword arm was trembling hard. It seemed that she had not lifted her sword for a long time.

“Who are you?” Both sides almost asked at the same time.

The heavenly maiden looked extremely frail and it seemed that she was drawing upon a faint residue of spiritual force that was presented in this cave to survive.

Ye Jing could immediately tell that from that with her divine sense and the spiritual force in this cave is stronger than the outside. That was the only way she could have survived.

For a golden celestial to be reduced to this heart wrenching state was too unbearable.

So Ye Jing immediately said, “We are pursued by a Tyrant Behemoth and have fallen into this valley. Like you we are trapped.”

The frail heavenly maiden said bitterly, “Then you should leave this place and out of the valley as soon as possible. You have legs so why don’t you leave as quickly as possible.”

Ye Jing was startled by her coldness but she quickly said, “We can get you out of here.”

The frail heavenly maiden answered coldly, “No need. You’ve better saved your strength into getting yourself out of here instead. Or you will become food for the Tyrant Behemoths that are outside.”

When Ye Jing had heard her tone, she was slightly unhappy. So she asked, “Then why don’t you get out of here? There is nothing in here and this place isn’t even suitable for cultivation.”

The frail heavenly maiden turned her head aside, “Can’t you see that I can’t move my legs? If I can then I won’t be in this state.”

Both Ye Jing and Xiaofang were stunned secretly, “She can’t move?”

Ye Jing was smiling bitterly to herself, “I’ve thought that she is being offensive when she is saying that if I got legs then I should leave here as soon as quickly. But she is unable to move at all.”

The frail heavenly maiden said coldly, “If you are thinking of robbing me then you have better forget it. I have nothing valuable on my body and moreover I have already used all the precious herbs that I had to sustain my miserable life. If you are thinking of possessing my withered body, I am afraid that I may only dirty you.”

Ye Jing tapped her fingers lightly on Xiaofang, “She is talking about you.”

Xiaofang was startled as he asked curiously, “Me?”

Ye Jing smiled, “She is asking if you are thinking of possessing her body?”

Xiaofang immediately growled softly, “Of course not!”

Ye Jing turned to the frail heavenly maiden, “We are not robbers and we do not want you either. So aren’t you glad?”

The frail heavenly maiden maintained her vigilant but did not want to waste her strength to argue with her. It was because she could tell that Ye Jing was not a maiden that could be easily be put down by words and moreover she was also a golden celestial of some status.

Ye Jing said to Xiaofang gently, “She is the weak life pulse that I’ve sensed earlier. Since we have found her, we shouldn’t leave her just like this. Am I right? So Xiaofang, why don’t you go and take a look at her injuries. Maybe there may be something we can do for her.”

Just as Xiaofang made a move towards her, the frail heavenly maiden seemed to be terrified as she quickly pleaded. “No, don’t come near me. My legs injuries are incurable. My golden body has already fractured a long time ago. There won’t be anything that you can do. Please…please leave me alone!…”

Ye Jing was startled at the severity of her injuries. The only reasons why golden celestials are golden celestials were because they have attained the golden body. With their golden body, they were basically immortals so long as their hearts continue to beat. All their injuries, even bone and organ injuries would be able to heal in time to come. Even if their golden bodies were broken in a fight, it was only temporary. But this frail heavenly maiden had said that her golden body was fractured? What manner of injuries had she sustained?

She said firmly, “Xiaofang, go take a look at her!”

“No, don’t come over…”

But Xiaofang was already over at her side and as he examined her injuries, there was a weird expression that was upon him…

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