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Chapter 34: Golden Mask Devil Goddess

When Xiaofang was trying to examine the severity of her injuries, she tried to cut him down with her sword but it was easily taken away by him.

Now that he was examining her leg injuries, he was immediately awkward. It was because he had suddenly realized that she was only wearing a tattered robe and in actuality it was just a piece of cloth.

For this simple reason, he was now outraging her modesty by seeing everything and his ears turned really red.

The frail heavenly maiden tried to push Xiaofang away and at the same time sheltered her lower body with her hands as she feebly cried out, “You…don’t come near me!”

By now even Ye Jing had saw what had happened.

This frail heavenly maiden had quickly make a makeshift robe to cover herself when she had heard the sounds of someone approaching as she made a show of dignify appearance. Even though she had fallen so low, she would not allow herself to be despised upon.

Ye Jing quickly took off her outer robe and covered her as she muttered, “Junior Ye Jing pays my respect to Senior. This is for you. Sorry for disturbing your rest. You can trust Xiaofang. He is a miracle physician.”

The frail heavenly maiden lowered her eyes but said nothing.

Ye Jing turned to Xiaofang and said awkwardly, “Stop touching where you shouldn’t touch. So, what is the conclusion of the diagnosis?”

Xiaofang hesitated for a while before he said in a low voice, “No good. It is true that her golden body is severely fractured. But the main reason that her golden body is unable to heal is because someone has destroyed her meridian veins as well as her inner core. In short, someone has wasted her potential. If she has not attained to the golden celestial level then she would have perished a long time ago…”

The frail heavenly maiden said quietly, “I was a Saintess.”

When Xiaofang and Ye Jing heard her, they were quiet for a moment. Goodness knows how much time and efforts that she had been cultivating before her potential was laid to waste. Her enemies were really vicious.

The frail heavenly maiden looked away coldly, “Will you please leave? My life and death does not concern you. You can pretend you have never seen an eye sore like me.”

Ye Jing said politely, “Senior Saintess, we are more or less in the same circumstances. Who knows if we will be able to escape from here? If we are able to escape then we will definitely take you away.”

The frail heavenly maiden returned a nonchalant reply, “No need. You better leave. The spiritual force here is only enough to sustain one person. Don’t tell me you are vying for my last stalk of life?”

Xiaofang spoke out suddenly, “There may still be a hope to join your meridians again. But I can’t promise for your inner core.”

The frail heavenly maiden looked at Xiaofang with a sudden astonishment, “You…you can join my severed meridians?”

Xiaofang had already taken out several long silver needles as he said gently, “Don’t move unnecessary. I will try my best.”

He gave her some vitality pills and said, “For you.”

The frail heavenly maiden gently took it but did not offer any thanks.

Xiaofang took out some herbs from his pouch and he immediately proceeded to rub the herbs in his hands into powders before he pressed his hands on her body. Then he gently massaged and rubbed against her body with his Healing Focus. Once that was done, he began to jab one long silver needle after another in quick succession. In just a few blinks of an eye, he had already expertly jabbed more than 36 long silver needles.

While Ye Jing was watching Xiaofang, she was totally in awe as she thought. “I was only joking when I saying that he is a miracle physician. I’ve thought that it is as simple as using his healing focus ability.”

Xiaofang knew better than that. His healing focus would be in vain as the main cause of her injuries was her severed meridians. Therefore he had to join her severe meridians first.

An hour had quickly passed but Xiaofang did not let go of his hands on the frail heavenly maiden. He continued to administrate his healing focus even though he was now sweating profusely.

At first the frail heavenly maiden did not put on much hope but when her body slowly warmed up, she could feel the gentle profound energies that were from Xiaofang coursing throughout her vital channels. By right, she should not have feel anything because the meridian veins in her vital channels had since been severed…

She gasped silently, “Is he really a miracle physician? What method is he using?”

Her injuries were too severe and it was not something that even a divine pill could treat.

Another two hours had passed before Xiaofang stumbled weakly on the ground as he gasped breathlessly, “It is done.”

The frail heavenly maiden was secretly startled. What did he mean by it is done? He has managed to mend my meridian veins?

Ye Jing asked as she opened her eyes, “Oh?”

While waiting, she had been in a meditation.

Xiaofang said weakly, “If it isn’t for her Saintess’ constitution then it won’t be this easy. Or rather, there is no hope at all. All I need to do is to mend her severed veins and restore her inner core then her self- healing will naturally take place. But she is terribly weak now.”

When the frail heavenly maiden had heard that her inner core had been restored by Xiaofang, she was stunned and quietly exerted some strength from her inner core. To her great astonishments, her inner core was really restored!…

She totally could not believe this was even possible…

She stared at Xiaofang. Who is he?

Is he really a miracle physician?

There was another possibility. Could it be that this young man possesses the heaven defying powers of the healing focus ability?

She was totally shocked…

Ye Jing sighed secretly. As she quietly observed the astonishments that were on the frail heavenly maiden that was upon Xiaofang, she knew that she may suspected that Xiaofang may have possess the legendary healing focus ability. It was something that had to be kept a secret but yet today, they had accidentally leaked to a stranger, not knowing whether she was a good or bad person.

So she asked coolly, “Senior Saintess, how do we address your name? And why are you here? Surely you owe us some explanation? After all, we may be the one that can get you out of here. Even if we don’t, at the very least tell us the name of your celestial clan so that we can help you to send word.”

It was a blatant question that seemed to hint to her that since they had saved her life then at the very least, she should owe them a little explanation. If they were satisfied by her reply then they would consider getting her out of here.

The frail heavenly maiden looked at Ye Jing with her abyssal golden eyes before she softly said in a slow but deliberate manner, “200 over years ago, I was pursued by my enemies and had fallen into this valley. For over 200 years I have lived here. You can never be able to imagine my pains and sufferings over the years. There are many times that I want to end my sufferings with the broken sword that is in my hands but still I’ve endured. Can you imagine the anguish that is my heart?”

Ye Jing said nonchalantly, “Anyone that is in your position will naturally feel the same.”

When Xiaofang had heard the frail heavenly maiden, he trembled a little. It was because he could not imagine anyone living in such a condition and could still linger on.

Ye Jing did not share in his empathy because she did not yet know the reasons why she was being pursued. At the same time, her divine sense could sense that this frail heavenly maiden still held her pride despite her condition. For some unknown reason, her instinct warned her about her and she was a little wary of her.

The frail heavenly maiden continued without an expression as she stared at Ye Jing, “Have you heard of the Golden Mask Devil Goddess?”

Xiaofang shook his head as he continued to listen.

But there was a subtle change on Ye Jing and this was not unnoticed by the frail heavenly maiden who gave a subtle kinky smile.

220 years ago, the Golden Mask Devil Goddess had virtually turned the entire celestial realm upside down. She was said to be the number one peerless beauty of the celestial realm and also a martial super exponent without an equal. She had made slaves of the nine patriarch celestial clans and even the major heretic celestial clans. There were no masters and young masters that her beauty and wits could not conquer. With a flicker of her fingers, numerous men would be under the back of her call and ready to fulfil her wishes.

It was said that she practiced the Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill, a martial divine skill without an equal. At the same time she was also familiar with hundreds of martial skills from hundreds of celestial clans and could even master it to perfection. She was a genius among geniuses.

But she was extremely ruthless, wiping out all opposition without hesitation.

In the end her ruthlessness backfired upon her and for the very first time the entire celestial realm seemed to be united as one against her; be it the righteous celestials or the dark celestials began to rise in anger against her humiliating and ruthless treatment.

She became the number one common enemy of the celestial realm and was pursued day in and night out.

Finally it was announced that she had finally perished and the countless celestial clans could finally appeased their dead.

Even Ye Jing’s grandfather was killed in a battle with her!

Therefore how could Ye Jing not know who the Golden Mask Devil Goddess was?

Ye Jing asked slowly, “Are you the Golden Mask Devil Goddess?”

The frail heavenly maiden smiled coldly, “I wish I am. I am merely the Golden Mask Devil Goddess Fan Yuqin’s sister, Fan Yuqing!”

Ye Jing did not know the name of the Golden Mask Devil Goddess. Few in the celestial realm actually knew of her real name. From the readings of her divine sense, the energy fluctuations of this frail heavenly maiden were stable and there was nothing unusual about her heartbeat. Therefore it did not appear that she was lying.

Fan Yuqing said coolly, “Now that you know that I am that sinner’s sister, you should have guessed what will be the fates of her familiar ties. Now that I’ve told you who I am, you may even want to take my life on the spot because of my ties with my sister. In the celestial realm, my sister had made countless enemies so I’m not surprised if you happen to be a descendant of one of her enemies.”

Ye Jing nodded, “Indeed. My grandfather was killed by her.”

She immediately said, “Xiaofang, let’s go! We have already done more than enough favors for her!”

Xiaofang was startled as he stammered, “We’re leaving her here alone?”

Ye Jing answered coolly, “Have you fallen in love with her already or you have taken pity for her? You are not listening to me anymore? Didn’t you just hear me that she is an enemy of my clan? There is no way I will help an enemy, especially for the one that had killed my grandfather.”

Fan Yuqing said weakly, “Indeed. I’ve never expected any aid in the first place. What you’ve done for me is already considered an extraordinary favor.”

Ye Jing smiled coldly, “Xiaofang, you have heard her. Let’s go now.”

Xiaofang stammered, “Jing’Er. Even if we want to leave her, can we get her to the top first? This is as good as not saving her. This is my request.”

Fan Yuqing secretly took a glance at Xiaofang and there was a weird expression on her countenance…

Ye Jing paused in he tracks. Actually she was not that heartless but she would not save an enemy. Moreover she could tell that this Fan Yuqing did not look like the appreciative type of person. But it was to be expected because her sister was the number one heretic of all time in the history of the celestial realm. No doubt, the sister of the number one heretic must also be a notorious heretic as well.

But she found herself saying, “Since Xiaofang has pleaded so. I’ve three conditions.”

There was a glimmer of hope in Fan Yuqing’s eyes as she asked weakly, “What is it?”

Ye Jing said coldly, “You mustn’t tell anyone who you are to the Golden Mask Devil Goddess. Her enemies are as many as the stars. I don’t want to get my clan involved in any mess with her, much less become the number one public enemy.”

Fan Yuqing said quietly, “It is not my intention to be known again. I just want a place of refuge where I can live out the rest of my life.”

Ye Jing continued, “Secondly, I want you to leave as soon as you can walk again.”

Fan Yuqing nodded, “And the third?”

“And lastly, you do not mention our names and the name of the Holy Citadel City that has saved you to anyone.”

When Fan Yuqing heard the name of the Holy Citadel City, there was a subtle twitch in her eyebrows. But she quickly said, “I will adhere to the three conditions…”

She seemed to want to say thank you but she was too proud to say so and did not continued.

Ye Jing said to Xiaofang, “Xiaofang, go carry her.”

Xiaofang was startled, “Carry her?”

Ye Jing frowned softly, “Humph! She can’t walk so naturally someone has to carry her. Since you are her savior, I’m giving you another chance to be a good guy. Who knows if she may grant you some extra favors?”

She was teasing Xiaofang of course.

But Fan Yuqing said casually, “You are Xiaofang? If we are able to get out of here, I may even tell you the location of the Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill. With the Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill, you may easily be the number one celestial expert in no time.”

But Xiaofang said casually, “That is alright. I’ve no lofty ambitions.”

She was secretly shocked. He had no interest in the most powerful divine skill of the entire celestial realm? Because of the Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill, the Golden Mask Devil Goddess was hunted by the majority of the celestial realm and did he just say that he was not even remotely interested in it? She found it really hard to believe him!

Ye Jing was thinking secretly, “So that is her secret weapon to get out of here. If we have refused to take her out of here, she will use this as a convenient excuse to entice us. She is merely using the Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill to ensure that we don’t abandon her halfway. This Saintess Yuqing may not be as simple as she looks.”

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