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Chapter 39: Rainbow Saint Pill

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was in a jovial mood as he stepped into the camps of the Holy Citadel City. When he had heard that Ye Jing had requested for him for help, he hurriedly mustered 1000 of his clan protégés.

When he had heard that Ye Jing was in the vicinity, he had wanted to pay her a quick visit. But when he had heard that Ye Jing was in the company of Young Master Yun Xinghe, he had burned with rage and put his plans on hold.

Ever since he had returned to the Divine Sovereign Clan, he had been thinking of her and regretted the missed opportunities.

Along the way, he cursed Young Master Yun Xinghe nonstop. “How dare he try to steal my bride so openly and how dare he openly oppose me!”

He had never expected Ye Jing to request for his help. It must be that he had made quite a good impression on her and that she had now regretted her choice. Moreover, compared to the scumbag Yun Xinghe, he was a lot better.

The protégés of the Holy Citadel City seemed to be expecting him and they were greeting him respectfully as he entered with Chu Yunfeng who said, “Our Holy Consort is expecting you. Please follow me to the main tent.”

When he reached the main tent, he was startled to see that the protégés of the Celestial Sword Clan had already gathered outside.

When Chu Yunfeng saw his expression, he said. “Young Master Yun Xinghe and Celestial Yun Chen are also inside.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi growled softly, “Elder Yuan Xiao, Elder Zhou Hai, Elder Jin Lei, please go in with me.”

Elder Zhou Hai and Elder Jin Lei were both Golden Celestials of the intermediate stage. Both were middle age and looked younger than Elder Yuan Xiao. It was obvious that they had reached the level of Immortal Celestial at a younger age than Yuan Xiao and were much more talented.

Chu Yunfeng said respectfully, “Young Master Yuan, Celestial Zhou Hai, Celestial Jin Lei, Elder Yuan Xiao, after you. Our Holy Consort will be here shortly. We will inform her of your arrival. Please take a rest inside first.”

When Young Master Yuan Chengzhi had entered inside, he had immediately seen Young Master Yun Xinghe. He greeted coldly, “I wonder what winds have brought you here.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe was startled when he suddenly saw Young Master Yuan Chengzhi entering the tent. He answered coldly, “I am visiting my bride-to-be.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi mocked him, “What a joke. Everyone in the celestial realm has already known of my impeding marriage to the Holy Consort. So who is your bride?”

“Young Master Yun Xinghe, Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, you have both arrived.” A clear and alluring voice floated into the tent as Ye Jing walked into the tent with Li’Er and Xiaofang.

Today she was even more stunning than before. Immediately Yun Xinghe, Yuan Chengzhi and all their elders were looking at her. They could not believe that such a heavenly maiden could have existed and their hearts were all melted by her alluring appearances.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi thought that she was even more breathtaking than the last time that he had seen her. It had only been just a few months but now her presence had an added glamour that was forbidden.

Elder Zhou Hai could not resist muttering, “Brother Jin Lei, do you remember Celestial Yuehua? I’ve thought that ever since I’ve met her, there would be no others that can compare to her peerless beauty.”

Elder Jin Lei muttered, “Yes, Celestial Yuehua is indeed like a heavenly goddess. She can indeed be comparable to her. Both have their little charms. There are only two worthy goddess in my entire life. Now she is the third.”

Elder Zhou Hai asked, “Who is the other one?”

Elder Jin Lei laughed, “Haven’t you heard of the Golden Mask Devil Goddess?”

Elder Zhou Hai sneered, “No one has ever seen her face before! So how do you know she is a peerless goddess?”

Elder Jin Lei laughed, “Just her enticing figure and her mesmerizing voice is enough to imagine a lot of things…”

Ye Jing nodded gently at Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Chengzhi, “Welcome to my humble abode.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi immediately pointed at Young Master Yun Xinghe, “Is this scumbag threatening you in any way? Don’t worry, I will soon take care of him!”

Young Master Yun Xinghe smiled coldly, “I can’t be bothered with a lowly celestial like you. I doubt you dare to fight me yourself. So that’s why you have brought your elders along? How low can you get.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi hummed coldly, “It is only a matter of time before I breakthrough to the golden celestial level. When that time comes, I hope that you don’t run away!”

Young Master Yun Xinghe laughed as he bended over, “Are you kidding me? When you reach the golden celestial level, I’m afraid that I will be already a Sacred Saint!”

Ye Jing said gently, “Young Master Yun, Young Master Yuan. I hope that on my accord that you don’t spoil the friendship that is between the two of you. After all, the two of you are two of the most respectable young masters of the current celestial fraternity and have a boundless future.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Yuan Chengzhi said almost at the same time, “Who is a friend of his!”

Ye Jing said gently, “I hope that for my sake, the two of you will be able to put aside your differences. After all we have a common goal in the upcoming Golden Clans Congregation. Surely we don’t want things to get ugly and tear apart the amicable relationships of the patriarch clans. I, Ye Jing only have your best interest at heart.”

Her voice was alluring and it sunk into the hearts of both Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Chengzhi.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi asked as he stared coldly at Young Master Yun Xinghe, “I’ve come because I thought that the Holy Consort needs help from this Young Master Yun Xinghe who is forcing you to marry him.”

Ye Jing said gently, “This is undeniable.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe muttered, “This…surely Maiden Ye Jing…”

Ye Jing looked quietly at Young Master Yun Xinghe and said gently, “Young Master Yun, it is best not to address me by my name directly. After all, I’m the head of a patriarch celestial clan and I’m considered your elder. However in terms of cultivation level, you are my senior. So I’ve utmost respect for you.”

She added, “I have indeed asked Young Master Yuan to be here to help me. It is because I really can’t marry you, or anyone of you.”

Both Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Yuan Chengzhi were both stunned as they asked at the same time, “Why is this so? Is there anything that I did that displeased you?”

Even Elder Yuan Xiao, Celestial Zhou Hai, Celestial Jin Lei and Celestial Yun Chen were all startled as they all looked at Ye Jing for an answer…

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was about to mention his gifts of two divine swords when Ye Jing said in a low voice, “I really appreciate the generosity of Young Master Yuan and also admire the heroic gallantry of Young Master Yun. Both of you are the finest men that I’ve ever known…”

When Young Master Yuan Chengzhi heard that she had appreciated him, his heart began to flutter as he thought. “I didn’t know that she has such an appreciation for me. If I’ve known earlier, I would have put on more earnest effort in courting her…”

Young Master Yun Xinghe was also thinking and his heart was fluttering, “She admires me…I am a hero in her eyes? I am one of the finest men that she has ever known…”

Getting praised by such an astonishing beauty like Ye Jing in front of everyone was such a good feeling that Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and Young Master Yun Xinghe could not resist the smiles that were in their faces!

Ye Jing said gently, “But I promise the two of you today that I will give you a satisfied answer today. The day that I’ve ascended to the Heavenly Temple is also the day that I don’t belong to anyone. It is because the person in there that I’ve met made me swear an oath to serve the Heavenly Temple…”

When Ye Jing had suddenly mentioned the Heavenly Temple, everyone interests were suddenly aroused!

Ye Jing thought wryly, “The day that I don’t belong to anyone. I will leave it up to your interpretations! It is better than lying about an oath of celibacy. After all, I still want to marry Xiaofang in the future.”

Now that she had aroused everyone attention, she continued. “I have a sworn sister that I’ve acquainted in the Heavenly Temple. She is here now and is free to marry anyone as she is no longer serving the Heavenly Temple. Therefore I will like to propose that she substitute my place to marry you here. After all, she is my dear sister and her graceful beauty is not lesser than mine.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe immediately spotted an ugly face, “Holy Consort, this may not be a good idea. No one can replace your position in my heart…”

“I’m not one who chases after a pretty face but in this world, is there anyone that could possess your peerless beauty?” asked Young Master Yuan Chengzhi as he shook his head.

Ye Jing seemed to disregard their complaints and said gently, “Why don’t you take a look at her first? Sister Yuqing, may you please come over here?”

Yuqing quietly walked into view and she carried a faint smile as she looked at everyone with her bright golden eyes…

She was like a peerless goddess that could instantly melt the hearts of anyone that had caught sight of her. To say that she was simply beautiful was really an understatement. There were no others that were as perfect as her. Her eyes were like the mesmerizing stars and her small rosy thin lips were extremely enticing to look at. And her figure was only too enthralling and her looks were extremely spellbinding.

When she gave a faint smile, all the men’s hearts jumped up as though she was smiling for them alone!

Even Xiaofang got a jolt when she made her appearance and he suddenly remembered that he had seen her naked…

Everyone that saw her was stunned into awesomeness and could not believe that such a peerless goddess had actually existed in this world…

Even Li’Er and Ye Jing who had only seen her just recently were startled. It was because she had simply requested for some cosmetics, accessories, decent clothing and a bath before she had made her entrance. Her transformation was too astonishing…

Ye Jing thought, “She is as beautiful as the Heaveness…”

When Young Master Yuan Chengzhi saw her, he was so stunned that he dropped his fan…

Even Young Master Yun Xinghe was so astonished at her peerless beauty that his entire body was trembling nonstop…

Elder Zhou Hai muttered, “I think I just saw the fourth goddess of my life…no, my first goddess…”

Elder Yuan Xiao, Elder Jin Lei and Celestial Yun Chen were all trembling as the radiance of her enthralling beauty were like a flood that was threatening to overwhelm their willpower!

Young Master Yun Xinghe stammered, “This is…”

Ye Jing smiled gently, “She is my elder sister Yuqing. I’ve just mentioned her name and yet you’ve forgotten so fast.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe stammered, “Yes, yes. So she is Celestial Yuqing?”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “My sister has a higher cultivation than me naturally. She is a Saintess!”


Everyone was shocked that this goddess here was actually at a higher celestial level than them…

Immediately everyone began to feel the pressure of this exalted Saintess that was in front of them. If she was just a golden celestial, everyone would feel more at ease but a Saintess was a different matter. Only 4% of the golden celestials could ever cultivate into a Sacred Saint. The exalted position of a Sacred Saint in the celestial realm is unshakable and to be respected.

Young Master Yun Xinghe thought miserably, “I should have brought Elder Tang Yiren here. Now I feel so inferior standing in front of her…”

Saintess Yuqing smiled faintly, “I have heard good things from my Sister Jing for the two of you. Indeed, both young masters have the bearings of heroes and the spirits of dragons. I must say that I am really impressed and astonished. This is way better than I’ve expected.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Yuan Chengzhi were immediately flustered and they were absolutely delighted with her praises.

“Not at all!”

“Saintess Yuqing heaps too much praises on me…”

“I’m glad that I’ve not disappointed…”

Saintess Yuqing laughed captivatingly but she soon sighed regretfully, “I guess that I am the one that is not worthy. Originally my good sister has wanted to matchmake me to one of you as she knows that I’ve just left the Heavenly Temple and has no one to depend upon.”

When she suddenly sighed, everyone could feel deep regrets in their hearts and a gentle breeze seemed to have penetrated through to them, giving them an equal sense of regretful heartaches for her.

Ye Jing smiled, “Don’t worry sister. My Holy Citadel City has no lack of talented protégés that can fit your status.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi quickly bowed with his hands, “Of course not. I am the one that is least worthy of your grace. If Saintess does not look down upon me, I will like to take you as my…” He had stammered and could not muster enough strength to say the word ‘consort’.

Young Master Yun Xinghe was shocked that Yuan Chengzhi had taken a march on him to declare his intentions that he quickly let out, “You can depend upon me to take care of you in the future. I am willing to take Saintess Yuqing as my consort!…”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was flustered as he stared coldly at Young Master Yun Xinghe, “You!…you…”

The reason why they had now suddenly changed their minds were because their evaluation of Ye Jing’s sister had suddenly changed for the better.

One, Saintess Yuqing is a Sacred Saint level cultivator.

Two, Saintess Yuqing is really a peerless beauty.

Three, Saintess Yuqing hailed from the Heavenly Temple. She may know some cultivation shortcuts and valuable information about the immortal realm.

Four, they are already thinking of savaging her in bed…

Ye Jing thought miserably, “These men are like lecherous wolves. The minute they saw someone prettier, they have forgotten about me. But that’s alright. I can’t wait to get rid of her anyway. As long as she is around, my Xiaofang will not be safe…”

Saintess Yuqing shifted her mesmerizing eyes to ponder while Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Yuan Chengzhi were left breathless with anticipation…

Finally she said as she nodded lightly, “Um…both of you are so sincere and such fine choices. I’ve no idea who to choose actually. Why don’t we let a duel decide the outcome of this dilemma?”

When she had said that, Young Master Yuan Chengzhi had immediately turned ashen. It was because he was only on the level of the Immortal Celestial.

Young Master Yun Xinghe was smiling because he was on the golden celestial level. In terms of martial strength and cultivation level, he was stronger. Even if Yuan Chengzhi had the advantage of having superior strokes and secret profound arts, he would not fare well against his golden body.

Once a celestial practitioner attained the golden body, the stamina loss would be halved of the Immortal Celestial level. Moreover the golden body would also make a celestial practitioner invulnerable to most weapons and grants accelerate healing.

Young Master Yun Xinghe smiled, “That’s a good idea.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi stammered, “I…”

Saintess Yuqing smiled, “We have to make this duel fairer. At the same time I don’t want our two young masters to come to blow and have any injuries. Why don’t we let your elders take your place to fight?”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was suddenly relieved and he was smiling, “That’s a good idea. I am all for it.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe said, “I am all for it too…”

As he said that, he secretly shot a look at Celestial Yun Chen as though he was saying, “Uncle Yun Chen, this concerns my future. Do not disappoint me!”

Saintess Yuqing pointed at Celestial Yun Chen, “That would be you taking the place for Young Master Yun and…”

She took a look at Young Master Yuan Chengzhi who had three elders with him…

“Not you,” she pointed at Yuan Xiao before looking intently at Elder Zhou Hai and Elder Jin Lei. “Which one of you will be the challenger?”

When Yuan Xiao heard this heavenly goddess said to him that he was not qualified, he was greatly ashamed that he had not cultivated to the level of a golden celestial that he hung his head low…

Elder Zhou Hai laughed nervously, “This old man will like to test the skills of the Celestial Sword Clan as well as to show off my own martial skills in front of this beautiful saintess today!”

Celestial Yun Chen was nervous but it was totally for a different reason. Throughout the appearance of the Saintess Yuqing, he had stolen many glances at her.

No matter how he looked at her, her voice and aura were totally different from the Golden Mask Devil Goddess. Yet they had shared the same heart stopping enthralling figure…

The voice of the Golden Mask Devil Goddess was deep and commanding. In her presence, there was always an oppressing aura that was hard to shake off. But this Saintess Yuqing here radiated an amicable and soothing aura.

He thought, “If this Saintess Yuqing isn’t the Devil Goddess then how did she know that there is a duel today?”

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess had said to him yesterday, “Yun Chen, tomorrow there will be a duel. The reason why I tell you in advance is because you will be the one that will be fighting…”

She chuckled softly before continuing, “Nothing much except that I will like you to lose.”

Back then Celestial Yun Chen had thought, “Why did the Devil Goddess wants me to lose a duel?”

But now he had realized that the Devil Goddess had wanted Young Master Yun Xinghe to lose and to let Young Master Yuan Chengzhi to win…

Saintess Yuqing smiled wryly, “I am taking my younger sister place to be married off while the two of you will be fighting for your young masters. This will be a most interesting duel and a fair one.  No matter what is the result of the duel, I hope that both clans will continue to be the best of friends and continues to support each other, alright?”

Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Yuan Chengzhi immediately nodded their approval but secretly in their hearts they wanted to kill each other and screwed each other as much as possible.

Saintess Yuqing laughed softly as she took out a multi-colored pill, “This High Priestess of the Heavenly Temple also declares that the loser of this duel will get this Rainbow Saint Pill as a reward.”

All of a sudden the jaws of all the onlookers almost dropped to the ground and there was stunned silence as everyone stared at the Rainbow Saint Pill with a covetous look!

Even Ye Jing was so stunned that she cursed her silently, “I thought that she says she has nothing left…yet she still got such a divine pill with her?! Why didn’t she gives it to me when I saved her life?!”

The Rainbow Saint Pill had an incalculable value because this divine pill was capable of propelling a peaked golden celestial into overcoming the barrier to attain as a Sacred Saint!

Only 4 out of 100 golden celestials could hope to become a Sacred Saint and this divine pill could increase the odds tremendously!

It was said that there were only nine of these legendary divine pills around. Most were consumed, hidden or lost throughout the centuries. These legendary divine pills were said to be bestowed by the Goddess Isa to the celestial realm as her great favor to worthy celestials.

Ye Jing of course did not know the origins of the Rainbow Saint Pill because her celestial history was truly an epic fail. If she had known who the Goddess Isa was, she would surely remember that the Goddess Isa was also the true ruler of the Tranquil City.

Celestial Yun Chen, Elder Zhou Hai, Elder Jin Lei, Elder Yuan Xiao, Young Master Yun Xinghe, Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, Elder Chu Yunfeng, Li’Er and Ye Jing were all staring at the Rainbow Saint Pill. Just this legendary pill alone was worth more than the entire treasures of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth…

Only Xiaofang was unmoved. It was because he grew up in the mountains and had no idea what kind of a divine pill that was. But even if he had known, he would also be unmoved.

Saintess Yuqing lifted the Rainbow Saint Pill high up for everyone to appraise as she declared endearingly, “This shall be my gift to the loser.”

Elder Zhou Hai muttered, “Such a precious gift to the loser is unheard of. The loser may well be the winner…”

But secretly he knew that being the winner was still the best option. It was because the winner will be able to get High Priestess of the Heavenly Temple herself. Goodness knows how many heavenly secrets she got. Moreover, she may have other saint treasures as well.

Of course this was just an assumption that the treasures that she got could rival the Rainbow Saint Pill in the first place…

The reason why he had said it loud was to try to shift the mindset of his opponent into making a wrong choice. Before the duel had started, the psychology battle had already started!

Saintess Yuqing laughed jovially, “That may be true. Since I am already a Saintess, this divine pill is of no use to me. By donating out this divine pill, this will keep everyone happy, am I right?”

Young Master Yun Xinghe and Young Master Yuan Chengzhi said almost at the same time, “Right, right…”

Celestial Yun Chen was thinking, “No wonder the Devil Goddess wants me to lose? Is it because she already known of this in advance?”

Saintess Yuqing smiled as she looked at Ye Jing, “This is a token of appreciation from my Sister Jing as well. I hope that everyone remembers that.”

“We will…” Young Master Yun Xinghe hastily said.

“Definitely…” replied Young Master Yuan Chengzhi with utmost firmness.

Saintess Yuqing smiled, “Then let the duel begins.”

Elder Zhou Hai and Celestial Yun Chen gave a bow with their hands as they slowly drawn out their swords…

Li’Er whispered to Chu Yunfeng, “Who do you think will win?”

Chu Yunfeng whispered, “The Celestial Sword Clan is renowned for its excellent swordplay while the Divine Sovereign Clan is famed for its martial forces. It is really difficult to say. Elder Zhou Hai is definitely more experienced while Celestial Yun Chen has more latent potential…”

At first Ye Jing was disinterested in the duel result because the result was not her real concern anyway. But she was really interested who would get the Rainbow Saint Pill…

“Hold it!” An attractive purple eye maiden had suddenly barged in as she flung two protégés out of the way when she had entered the tent!

Ye Jing was startled when she saw her, “Beitang Ying! How dare you barge into my camp just like this!”

When Beitang Ying saw Saintess Yuqing as she entered into the tent, she was startled as well for she had never seen anyone as beautiful as her. It was so surreal and as though she had just stepped into a picturesque scene. She was even more shocked when she saw the Rainbow Saint Pill that was being held by Saintess Yuqing…

She thought, “Isn’t this the Rainbow Saint Pill?”

She had seen it in the celestial alchemy canon in the past so there was no mistaking it…

The tens of protégés that were trying to stop Beitang Ying were stunned when they saw Saintess Yuqing and forgot that they were trying to stop Beitang Ying.

Beitang Ying quickly regained her composure and pointed her sword at Ye Jing, “This duel is a fraud! Young Master Yun, will you be interested in hearing some juicy details?”

Young Master Yun Xinghe frowned unhappily, “Beitang Ying, you dare to barge into the camps of the righteous celestial clan on your own. Are you courting your own death? I know that you blame the Holy Consort for your brother’s demise but there is a limit to my tolerance.”

Beitang Ying smiled coldly, “Do you think the likes of you can even stop me? I go wherever I like to go. Maybe you may change your mind and reward me later after I tell you this. Your uncle here, I am afraid that he is in cahoots with this Demoness Ye Jing to cheat you. So the result of this duel has already been predetermined.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe stared coldly at Celestial Yun Chen, “Uncle, is that true?”

Celestial Yun Chen had an ugly expression on his face as he said solemnly, “Of course not.”

Beitang Ying smiled as she looked at Ye Jing mockingly, “Demoness Ye Jing, you didn’t think that your scheme will be unraveled by me, am I right?”

Ye Jing smiled faintly as she thought miserably, “Why is it that every time I have met her, I will surely have a terrible headache. She is really my nemesis…”

Saintess Yuqing took a secret glance at Ye Jing before she smiled at the intruder, “You are Beitang Ying? What proof do you have? I must say I am shock by your sudden intrusion. What do you mean by this duel is a fraud? It is not a terrible nice thing to say.”

Beitang Ying smiled mysterious as she looked at everyone, “Luckily I have stopped the duel in a nick of time…”

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