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Chapter 40: Sly upon Sly

Now that Beitang Ying had the attention of everyone, she said with a faint smile. “If someone schemes in the broad daylight then sooner or later, their schemes will be uncovered. Yesterday while I am taking a little stroll in the mountains, I happen to overhear an interesting conversation between the Holy Consort and Celestial Yun Chen. It seems that the Holy Consort is asking Celestial Yun Chen here to lose the duel today. How interesting. And oh yes, I even saw the Celestial Yun Chen kneeling in front of her.”

Celestial Yun Chen turned ashen as he immediately shouted, “Rubbish! What rubbish are you talking about?”

Saintess Yuqing was smiling. It was because she had already detected the presence of someone in the vicinity after she had told Yun Chen to lose the duel on purpose. The main reason why she had asked Yun Chen to lose the duel was just to take back her Rainbow Saint Pill from him later.

So that intruder that she had sensed was this Beitang Ying. It seemed that this Beitang Ying was really good in her stealth for she had failed to detect her presence initially. The instant that she had detected her presence, she purposely whispered in a low voice, “Ye Jing, you are so smart…”

She had purposely made it audible enough for the intruder to pick up!

To her, it did not matter if her conspiracy with Yun Chen was found out so long as no one suspected that the Golden Mask Devil Goddess and Fan Yuqing was the same person. That was why she had framed Ye Jing…

Ye Jing was looking at Beitang Ying with a perplexed look, “I really don’t know what you are talking about. I am not even on talking terms with Celestial Yun Chen. It is highly improbable that I can ask him to do anything.”

Even Celestial Yun Chen was humming coldly, “If you think that you can sow distrust between Young Master Yun and I, then you are greatly mistaken. No one will believe in you.”

Beitang Ying looked coldly at Young Master Yun Xinghe, “You don’t believe me?”

Young Master Yun Xinghe hesitated, “This is indeed hard to believe. It is only your side of the story.” But secretly, growing doubts had been formed in his heart…

Beitang Ying looked at Saintess Yuqing, “This is the bride that everyone is fighting for? She is indeed a beautiful goddess. So is Celestial Yun Chen taking your place to fight someone from the Divine Sovereign Clan?”

Elder Zhou Hai said coldly, “Indeed. And his opponent is me!”

Beitang Ying had overheard much of the conversations within the tent with her sharp ears before she barged in and she was just making sure that she had heard correctly.

She smiled, “Then that’s easy. Let me take the place of Celestial Yun Chen to fight for the Celestial Sword Clan against this elder here.”

Elder Zhou Hai said coldly, “This elder name here is Zhou Hai!”

Beitang Ying looked at Yun Xinghe with a cold smile, “So what do you think? If you trust your Uncle Yun Chen, then you may only lose but if you are willing to place your trust in me then I can promise you a victory. What do you say?”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi immediately said, “This is a duel between two righteous celestial clans. When did it become the business of the dark heretic celestial clan to interfere? Moreover you have slandered the good name of the Holy Consort. Who knows what your true intentions are?”

Beitang Ying smiled coldly, “If Demoness Ye Jing wants the Celestial Sword Clan to lose then all the more I want the Celestial Sword Clan to win this duel. Or are you afraid of me?”

Beitang Ying was indeed a formidable fighter and there were very few people in the celestial realm that would dare to provoke her. Moreover with the demise of Monarch Beitang Ze, she had taken his place as the new Sacred Lord of the Scarlet Heretic Sect.

Young Master Yun Xinghe knew that Beitang Ying was an Intermediate Stage Supremacy and that she possessed the Crimson Fury, a high grade earth-step divine sword. Elder Zhou Hai was an Intermediate Golden Celestial which was her equivalent but he had only a high grade earth-step precious sword.

If Beitang Ying was willing to fight on his side then his victory was almost ensured…

Young Master Yun Xinghe smiled, “I don’t doubt my Uncle Yun Chen or the Holy Consort. So what if we were to lose? We will still get a nice reward for it. However since the Sacred Lord is here today and has the interest to fight then I should at least accommodate you a little and allow you to fight Elder Zhou Hai. What do you think?”

Celestial Yun Chen tried to protest, “But she…”

Young Master Yun Xinghe said coolly, “Let her try. I have complete trust in you Uncle Yun Chen. But since she is already here, we should at least allow her to vent a little. Moreover, I have faith that the powerful Sacred Lord of the Scarlet Heretic Sect will not disappoint her clan either.”

Beitang Ying was known for her haughtiness. Therefore he knew that she would fight using all her best. As for his Uncle Yun Chen, he was beginning to doubt his loyalty!

Beitang Ying smiled coldly as she displayed her Crimson Fury Divine Sword, “Young Master Yun is indeed a smart man.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi angrily said, “You are asking a dark celestial to fight in your stead? This is simply too ridiculous!”

But Elder Zhou Hai had already displayed his formidable martial aura and his entire body had turned golden and shrouded him in a burst of golden animus, “Young Master Yuan, please step aside! I won’t disappoint you!”

When Saintess Yuqing saw the formidable aura that was being displayed by Elder Zhou Hai, she could not help muttering. “The Divine Sovereign Force is indeed impressive. From the look of it, this Elder Zhou Hai has already mastered to the 7th rank!”

Beitang Ying dare not be careless as she quickly displayed her crimson aura to overcome the overwhelming suppression aura that had come from the Divine Sovereign Aura!

Elder Zhou Hai laughed as he charged forward with his sword, “Good, good. I’ve always wanted to test the divine skills of the Scarlet Heretic Sect!”

Beitang Ying did not hesitate either and had lifted her sword at the same time, “I will like to see the trash skills of the Divine Sovereign Clan!”

When they had clashed, the shockwaves of their sword strikes were deafening and everyone could feel that the air was heating up furiously by their martial energies.

As Ye Jing lifted her divine sword to destroy the stray martial force that had come too near to her, she could not help muttering, “Will they destroy the tent?”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, Li’Er, Elder Yuan Xiao and Chu Yunfeng had hurriedly moved further away for they could hardly maintain their steady steps…

Xiaofang was staring with astonishment at the sword stances and strokes that were being displayed by Elder Zhou Hai and Beitang Ying. To him, he was just watching the most impressive fight of his life and he was watching with excited eyes.

All of a sudden, Beitang Ying found an opening and swung her divine sword against the oppressing aura of the Divine Sovereign Force but it seemed to have absorbed most of her martial power and what was left was unable to harm Elder Zhou Hai.

Elder Zhou Hai laughed aloud, “So what if I don’t have a divine sword in my hands?”

Beitang Ying hummed coldly as she raised her palm with her left hand, “Do you dare to receive the might of my martial power then?”

Elder Zhou Hai laughed jovially as he raised his palm, “Who is afraid?”

There was a thunderous clap that exploded all their martial forces outward, causing a double deafening shockwave that rippled throughout the tent and all of a sudden Beitang Ying shadowy form was seen flying backward!

Elder Zhou Hai was delighted, “My martial power is also stronger than you!”

Beitang Ying looked haggard as she picked herself up weakly, “I must admit that you are stronger than I. Therefore you have won the duel.”

Young Master Yun Xinghe was shocked as he exclaimed loudly, “The duel is over just like that? You can’t just give up like this!”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was also startled, “She concedes defeat? That’s impossible. Surely she should have some secret martial skills that she has yet to use?”

Even Elder Zhou Hai was stunned, “Uh?! I am just warming up…”

Ye Jing was also stunned as she thought, “Where the blood…”

Beitang Ying said weakly, “What so surprising about it? It isn’t a life and death duel. Since Elder Zhou Hai has the superior martial skills, so naturally I have to concede. Am I not right to say so?”

She turned to look at Saintess Yuqing, “Why are you staring at me like this? You should be declaring the result of this duel outcome, am I right?”

Saintess Yuqing looked intently at Beitang Ying before she said gently, “Beitang Ying has conceded. Therefore Young Master Yuan side has won.”

Beitang Ying smiled as she reached out her hand, “And where is my reward?”

Saintess Yuqing gently dropped the Rainbow Saint Pill into her hand…

Young Master Yun Xinghe was startled, “You can’t take this Rainbow Saint Pill. This belongs to me! This is clan property…”

But Beitang Ying had already gleefully left the tent!

Almost everyone said at the same time, “She had purposely lost the duel…”

Saintess Yuqing was trembling lightly as she thought hatefully, “This Beitang Ying has appeared out of the blue and has taken my Rainbow Saint Pill. This is so unbelievable and unforgiving.”

When Ye Jing noticed the chaotic fluctuations that were came from Saintess Yuqing, she almost wanted to burst out laughing. She could almost guess what had happened. Somehow, Saintess Yuqing had sought the help of Celestial Yun Chen to lose this duel and then when he did, the Rainbow Saint Pill would be returned back into her hands again.

But somehow the most unbelievable thing had happened right before the Saintess Yuqing’s eyes and that her precious Rainbow Saint Pill was ‘taken’ away by Beitang Ying.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was patting Elder Zhou Hai as he said excitingly, “Elder Zhou, I will definitely ask my father to reward handsomely. And thank you so much for giving me such a good bride! Hahaha.”

Elder Zhou Hai was jovial, “Young Master Yuan, congrats on getting yourself such a heavenly goddess. You are really making me so envious!”

Elder Yuan Xiao and Elder Jin Lei were also laughing jovially together. After all, their side had won and deserved a celebration.

The expression that was on Young Master Yun Xinghe was extremely bitter as he said coldly, “Let’s go!”

Celestial Yun Chen replied solemnly, “Yes…”

When Young Master Yuan Chengzhi saw that Young Master Yun Xinghe had left the tent, he rubbed against his palms and said elatedly to Saintess Yuqing, “Uh…so when will our big day be?”

Saintess Yuqing said with a faint smile, “Naturally as fast as possible. You may announce it on the day of the Golden Clans Congregation, in front of all the attending celestial clans.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi laughed delightfully, “That is my original intention as well. Then the day of the Golden Clans Congregation will also be our wedding day?”

Saintess Yuqing nodded slowly, “That’s right.”

Then she smiled enthrallingly, “You ought to start preparing the betrothal gifts now. After all, I am a ‘Saintess’ and your betrothal gifts should fit a ‘Saintess’.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi smiled broadly, “I will see to it now. I won’t disappoint your saintess. It will be grand, I can assure you…”

Ye Jing was deep in her thoughts and she got an ominous feeling. She suddenly had a scary thought, “What if she decides to run away and won’t the Holy Citadel City be intertwined into it?”

Saintess Yuqing was all smiles, “It’s my great honor to be with such a great man like Young Master Yuan. I should call you Chengzhi in the future and you can simply address me as Yuqing. What do you say about this?”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was laughing jovially all the way, “It’s good. Yuqing then…my dear Yuqing…dearest Yuqing…”

Beneath the smiles of Saintess Yuqing, she was actually still cursing Beitang Ying loudly in her heart, “Since you have dared to cross me, I make sure I return ten times the payment to you…”

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