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Chapter 41: Beitang Ying Intentions

Beitang Ying was resting in her tent as she took out the Rainbow Saint Pill to admire. This was her trophy from the hands of the so called righteous celestial clan. With this Rainbow Saint Pill, she could easily breakthrough to the Monarch level. Indeed, this was a most precious divine pill. No wonder it could even be called a ‘Saint Pill’. It would be centuries before she could even use this Rainbow Saint Pill.

“No,” she thought. “I may even end up losing this divine pill to the peaked golden celestials and peaked supremacies that wants a breakthrough. Even though I am now the Sacred Lord of the Scarlet Heretic Sect but I have lost the protection of my brother forever. Even that Duan Yizong is not trustworthy at all. The way he is making eye contacts with that Demoness Ye Jing already tell me that he just another petty fellow.”

Earlier today she had visited the camp of the Holy Citadel City to make some troubles. She was also interested to know what the duel was about. When she saw that the prize for losing was this Rainbow Saint Pill, she had changed her mind and decided to take it for herself.

But that was not the main reason why she had seized this pill. It was because she was expecting someone tonight…

“Ye Jing, whether Yun Xinghe believes you, it doesn’t matter to me at all. The shadow of doubt has already been planted in his heart…Hehehe…I don’t know why that golden mask maiden wants to frame you. Two can play the same game and I am just playing along as well. It seems that you have made plenty of enemies already.” muses Beitang Ying.

“As for Young Master Yun and the Celestial Sword Clan…”

She knew that Young Master Yun Xinghe and the powerful Celestial Sword Clan would not just let it pass so easily. But she did not care. After all, the Celestial Sword Clan had always viewed the Scarlet Heretic Sect as its main enemy and there were plenty of enmities between the two clans.

It was just that Young Master Yun Xinghe was foolish enough to trust her because he could not trust his Uncle Yun Chen either.

Nuer Mountains was really crowded in recent days. More than two hundred thousand celestial practitioners from all over the celestial realm had already arrived. That included the ten thousand protégés of the Scarlet Heretic Sect and its twelve hall masters.

Even if Grandmaster Yun Zongheng will bring his entire forces to her camp, she would not fear him. But there was only one person that she feared the most and that person would soon arrive in no time…

A shadow was cast into the tent as an ominous voice said oppressively, “It seems that you have been expecting me…”

Beitang Ying looked up and saw that an enthralling golden mask maiden had walked inside the tent, “I guess that all my guards are all killed by you?”

The golden mask maiden hummed coldly, “You call those guards? They are not even fit to be a watchdog.”

Beitang Ying had already picked up her sword, “I have already guessed that you will come tonight for this Rainbow Saint Pill.”

“Hehehe,” the golden mask maiden scoffed coldly. “You shouldn’t have taken this pill in the first place.”

Beitang Ying said coolly, “If I am not wrong then you must be the Golden Mask Devil Goddess, am I right?”


“Because only the Golden Mask Devil Goddess can make a proud man like Celestial Yun Chen kneel before him,” Beitang Ying said slowly.

The golden mask maiden mocked, “Since you are expecting me, why you didn’t put better guards around? For example, your twelve hall masters?”

Beitang Ying asked unemotionally, “Do you feel that it is too easy so that is why you are feeling a little uneasy?”

The golden mask maiden laughed softly, “That’s right. I have even walked three big rounds around this camp just to be sure that there are no tricks that are coming from you.”

Beitang Ying hummed coldly, “Tricks? Even if I have the heaven defying boldness, I will not dare to offend the Devil Goddess.”

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess said extremely coldly as she lifted her fingers, “But you already have! I have always been vengeful for my enemies. Say your goodbye…”

Beitang Ying had slowly knelt down before her, her eyes were cold and her body was stiffed. “I know that you are not that Demoness Ye Jing. You are the true Devil Goddess. In this world, you’re the strongest. I beg you to take me as your disciple.”

Without lowering her fingers, the Golden Mask Devil Goddess said. “Oh? The most powerful leader of the dark celestial clan will actually kneel down before me? This is really interesting.”

Beitang Ying said slowly, “Because only you are worthy of my respect. Only you can help me to avenge my brother’s death and bring the Scarlet Heretic Sect to greatness. As my master, naturally you will also be the new Sacred Lord of the Scarlet Heretic Sect. We have thirty thousand protégés for you to take charge of and all the resources of the entire clan for you to use for your lofty ambitions.”

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess laughed softly, “This sounds good to me. All the resources of the entire clan for me to use at will. This sounds like what I used to have two centuries ago. There is no one that does not fear me.”

Suddenly her voice was cold and the oppressing aura that she had released was suffocating, “Sorry I can’t help you avenge your brother because he is stupid and foolish. There are four places that one shouldn’t meddle freely even if you think that you are the most powerful person around. The Tranquil City is naturally one of them. As for the other three, they are naturally the three consecrated places of the celestial realm. Therefore you have made a mistake in kneeling before me.”

All of a sudden the Golden Mask Devil Goddess had flicker her fingers and before Beitang Ying could evade the attack, her left shoulder had been struck by a flicker of piercing light and a crackling sound could be heard!

Beitang Ying was shocked as she raised her divine sword just in time to parry the second finger flicker that was aimed for her head, “You…you’re crazy! You don’t want a chance to be the most powerful lord of the celestial realm?…”

Before she could finish, the Golden Mask Devil Goddess had changed her finger stance to a palm force and sent her flying backward with a tremendous crash!

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess laughed, “Child, you are not fit to kneel before me, much less become a disciple of mine. Yun Chen is worthy but you? If I am not careful then I may die in your hands anytime.”

This time Beitang Ying dared not afford to be careless as she could sense the strong killing intent that was from the Devil Goddess; she mustered all her martial force as she hastily got up from the ground…

But in that next instant the Devil Goddess was already upon her as a dozen heavy blows had forcibly struck her on her chest and head, instantly shattering her golden body and cracked her skull!

These oppressing attacks were simply too swift and too irresistible to even defend!

Beitang Ying stared in blank air, not believing what had happening. It was as though her martial protection was like paper in front of the oppressing blows as she fell onto the ground again…

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess hummed coldly as she bended over the semi-conscious Beitang Ying, “You have thought too lowly of me. That is your first mistake. I don’t need your clan resources. I have plenty of wealth in the banks of the Tranquil City. You cannot imagine the wealth that I’ve amassed over the years. Two, your entire sect is too filthy for a noble lady like me. I detest your sect impure dual cultivation arts. Even if the Celestial Liege did not finish off your brother, I will kill him sooner or later. Three, I let you know a little secret of mine…”

She bended low and whispered almost incoherently, “The Celestial Liege is my uncle…won’t I be guilty of disrespecting my elder if I were to help you avenge for your brother?”

When Beitang Ying heard her, her eyes were staring with disbelief and shock. She wanted to scream but her mouth was foaming blood, she wanted to move but she was immobilized. Even though the Devil Goddess was speaking softly, she was like the goddess of death and in the next instant, she would take her life away. Therefore she was also trembling nonstop with a great fear of her!

“Four, you dare to play a trick on me and even try to seduce me with unimpressive temptations. You are really trying my patience!…”

Beitang Ying stammered out with her last breath, “Before…I die, can I…have a look at your face?”

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess hummed coldly as she crushed Beitang Ying’s heart with her fingers, “You are not fit to see my face.”

She then muttered, “They should be here any minute now…”

True enough, the twelve hall masters of the Scarlet Heretic Clan had rushed into the tent with hundreds of protégés!

“What is happening?”

“She has killed our Sacred Lord?!”

“Who are you?!”

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess hummed coldly, “Good, you’re all finally here. Today I am going to purge your impure dual celestial arts from the face of the celestial realm…”

All twelve of the hall masters were all at the Supremacy level but when this golden mask maiden began to speak, the oppressing aura that belongs to her was so overwhelming that they were all trembling and felt as though their movements were restrained!

One of the twelve hall masters suddenly stammered aloud, “It is her…I recognize her mask…this is the Golden Mask Devil Goddess!”

Another of the twelve hall master had completely turned white, “I remember her voice…it is really her…she is not dead yet…she has returned…”

One of the twelve hall masters immediately turned around to flee but the Golden Mask Devil Goddess had suddenly flashed past him with the Crimson Fury which belonged to Beitang Ying and a brilliant flash of light had slashed him awkwardly onto the ground!

In the next instant tens of protégés were sent flying backward, landing dead or seriously wounded by her multiple sword bursts that were flying in all directions!

She said coldly into the hearts of all the onlookers, “I only want the lives of the twelve hall masters. The rest of you, if you value your dear life, flee as far as possible…”

One of the twelve hall masters forced out his voice, “Brothers! She is only one and we are many…” Before he could finish, he was dead as his throat was pierced by the brilliant halo of the Crimson Fury!

“What!?…she has divine harmonized with the divine sword that belongs to our Sacred Lord…that’s impossible…”

One of the twelve hall masters hastily shouted, “What are you all waiting for? Hurry and attack her together!

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess cold commanding voice could be heard echoing in everyone’s heart, “He is right. So what are you all waiting for?”

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