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Chapter 44: The Devil Isle

Fan Yuqing mused to herself, “Yuqing, by marrying Yuan Chengzhi, you will have repaid this great favor to Ye Jing and Xiaofang. I am someone that will repay goodness with goodness and evil with evil. Ye Jing, you just don’t know me well enough. From now on, Fan Yuqing is dead and the Devil Goddess will take over.”

No one had ever seen her without her golden mask because she had purposely intended for her true identity to be her pure ego. All the badass things that she had committed were under the name of the Devil Goddess. Her true identity was extremely precious to her and today, she would use her true identity to repay Ye Jing…

Now she had no way to return to her good nature self.

Her plan was actually simple. Fan Yuqing would marry Yuan Chengzhi and on their grand occasion, Yuqing would be snatched and killed by the ‘Devil Goddess’. This will cause Yuan Chengzhi to lose his bride forever and from this day onward, the Golden Mask Devil Goddess will be her new identity.

“I am back to my pitiful and alone self again. Do you know that in this world, no one will pity you?” she said silently as she lowered her glances.

The silhouette of her mother burned brightly in her memories as she said to her five year old self, “Do you know that in this world, no one will pity you. You can only depend on yourself.”

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Young Master Yun Xinghe who had suddenly shouted drunkenly, “Saintess Yuqing is my bride! She is not going to marry anyone else especially Yuan Chengzhi!”

Throughout the congregation, Yun Xinghe had been drinking himself silly. Finally when he had heard the wedding proclamation of the Saintess Yuqing, he had totally lost his cool and he was now ranting from the bottom of his heart.

Grandmaster Yun Zongheng immediately slapped him hard and ordered his protégés, “Get this rascal behind and don’t let him be an eye sore!”

He turned to say to Grandmaster Yuan Tianba, “I apologize for my son’s rudeness!”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was thrilled secretly. Yun Xinghe had embarrassed himself in public and this would only cause the reputation of the Celestial Sword Clan to go downhill. Pretending that he was magnanimous, he smiled broadly. “Don’t put that into heart. It is normal for young people to be bothered with the matter of the hearts.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was waving his fan with a grin. He too, was gloating that Yun Xinghe had degenerated himself in this manner. It seemed that this blow to him was really heavy.

When Ye Jing saw that Yun Xinghe had been reduced into this state, she was a little sad. After all, they were now somewhat acquainted with each other and had spent many weeks on the road together.

All of a sudden Grandmaster Yun Tianba expressions had suddenly changed as he stared at the scene in front of him and the thousands of shocked celestials were also looking at the same direction; the dark celestials had gathered in their thousands all across the plateau and leading them was a monstrous Sword Centipede, literally a 9th rank devious beast!

“If you want to host a wedding, why didn’t you invite us?” A thunderous shout echoed throughout the vicinity. The bearer of the shout had come from one of the two old men that were walking in front of the Sword Centipede.

As everyone strained their eyes to identify these two old men, most have a blank expression on their faces. However they could spot the banners of the Ancient Ascension Sect in the ranks of the dark celestial clans and they were shocked!

The old man on the left had a short white beard while the one on the right had a long grey beard. Both had golden eyes but none of the celestials could actually identify them at all.

“Did the Ancient Ascension Sect join with the dark celestial clans? Why are they in their ranks?”

Ye Jing sharp golden eyes could pick up the protégés of the Ancient Ascension Sect and they were looking haggard as though they had just been in a fight. Where were all the elders and leaders of the Ancient Ascension Sect?

The short beard old man was roaring with malicious laughter, “Who is getting married? Why aren’t we invited? If that is the case then we may as well snatch the bride. Hahaha.”

The longer beard old man laughed out loud as well and his martial voice could be heard clearly by everyone.

These two old men really had profound martial power and judging from their martial shouts, they were definitely at the Sacred Saint levels.

Xiaofang whispered quickly to Ye Jing, “Jing’Er, these two old men are dangerous. I can feel their killing intent even from here.”

Ye Jing nodded slowly. Her divine sense had already picked up their killing intents. She joked, “I think that Sword Centipede looks more dangerous. If we are not careful, we will be ripped apart by its multiple sword legs. I really don’t want to go near that thing.”

Yu’Er was shrieking with great alarm when she saw the giant sword centipede monster. Let us run, let us run!

Ye Jing smiled weakly to Yu’Er, “You can’t even fly now. How do we run…”

At this moment, Grandmaster Yuan Tianba shouted powerfully. “So the dark celestial clans have finally decided that they no longer want to play second fiddle to us and want to seize the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth for themselves. Do you think that we are afraid of you? If you want a battle then I, Yuan Tianba will definitely grant you a battle that you will never forget and will regret!”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba words seemed to have a calming effect and instantly the thousands of panicky celestials were calmed and began to laugh. They had more than a hundred thousand top exponents and more than a hundred super exponents that were at least the golden celestials level, so why should they be afraid of a mere 9th rank devious beast?

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba smirked coldly, “And what do the dark celestial clans want? Surely you don’t come here to for the fun of it. And who are you?”

The short beard old man laughed jovially, his malicious voice resonates clearly throughout the mountains.  “Yuan Tianba, Yuan Tianba. I am Xiao Shuai and this is my brother Han Shaodong here. Together we are known as the Twin Malicious Devils of the Devil Isle. We are of course here to subjugate you as servants of our master in the Devil Isle.”

The entire congregation immediately broke into noisy pandemonium!

“Devil Isle?!”

“Isn’t this one of the three consecrated places of the celestial realm?”

“The legendary Devil Isle actually exists?”

Even Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was slightly disturbed and his eyes were flinching!

Xiao Shuai the short beard old man clapped his hands in an explosion gesture. Immediately a golden celestial and two crimson celestials came into view. From all appearances, they were injured and walked with unsteadied steps.

But everyone was gasping. It was because many in the congregation had recognized that the golden celestial in front of them was the Ascension Master Tie Nansen, the Thousands Lord of the Thousands Fragments Sect Duan Yizong and the Divine Mistress Qi Meixue of the Divine Moon Manor!

Ascension Master Tie Nansen said weakly, “Today is the greatest humiliation of the Ancient Ascension Sect. Firstly I like to apologize to all the heroes of the celestial realm. The Ancient Ascension Sect has submitted to the Devil isle…we are now on the opposing sides now.”

Thousands Lord Duan Yizong said almost immediately with a woeful expression, “The Thousands Fragments Sect has submitted to the Devil Isle as well!”

Divine Mistress Qi Meixue lowered her disheveled countenance, “The Divine Moon Manor has also submitted to the Devil Isle.”

When they had said that, the entire congregation was so startled that everyone was looking at each other for answers…

On a closer look at the dark celestial clans, a majority of them looked extremely tired and were even wounded. It was as though they had experienced a terrible battle!

But how two old men and a single devious beast could have subjugated the powerful Ancient Ascension Sect, the Thousands Fragments Sect, the Divine Moon Manor and hundreds of the dark celestial clans at the same time!?

This was too mind blowing and was almost impossible to believe!

Celestial Sword Clan Grandmaster Yun Zongheng was also stunned. The Ancient Ascension Sect had the most number of golden celestials and they were the number one powerhouse of the righteous celestial clans and they had actually submitted to the Devil Isle who had only two fighters?

The number of golden celestials, sacred saints, supremacies and monarchs from just these three celestial clans were already more than forty. If the demised Scarlet Heretic Sect was included the number of super exponents would be more than fifty!

This was too shocking to everyone that was presented!

Everyone was now talking nonstop and was extremely nervous. It was because a battle was unavoidable today!

“Are they the one that had destroyed the Scarlet Heretic Sect?”

“Even the three major powerhouses of the celestial realm have surrendered to the Devil Isle?! What is going on?”

“I hereby look down on the Ancient Ascension Sect! They are supposed to be the number one righteous celestial clan of the nine patriarch clans and yet they are the first to have surrendered!”

“Did these two senile old men just say that they are here to subjugate us? What a joke. We have Grandmasters Yun and Grandmaster Yuan here, as well as a number of sacred saint exponents on our side. These two senile men are courting their own deaths!”

“Forget about the sacred agreement. The battle between the righteous and heretic celestial clans are unavoidable inevitable. We should take this opportunity to wipe them out of the map!”

While the commotions were going on, Fan Yuqing had quietly said to Li’Er. “Come to me to your Holy Consort side. You should be protecting her. It seems that today is going to be a crazy day.”

Li’Er could only nod as she stared at the chaotic scene. Many of the celestials had already unsheathed their weapons to brace themselves for a battle with the dark celestial clans!

Fan Yuqing was secretly delighted as she thought, “Maybe I can even shift the demise of the Scarlet Heretic Sect to the Devil Isle. They had come at really an opportune time. What’s more, maybe even my groom may be killed today after all he is the young master of the host after all. Or I can even plan for own death in the ensuring confusion…”

She was already planning for her own contingencies!

Xiao Shuai grinned coldly, “The three of them are smart to have submitted to the Devil isle. So are the hundreds of leaders that are behind me. Why don’t we have the Divine Sovereign Clan and the Celestial Sword Clan to take the lead in surrendering to us?”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba laughed jovially, “If you are joking then I will let it pass. If you are willing to leave this place then I will promise that I won’t pursue you. But if you insist on behaving in this outrageous manner then don’t blame me for not being a good host!”

Xiao Shuai laughed as he looked at Han Shandong, “So the answer is a big no then. Very well then we will have to exterminate these ants ourselves.”

Han Shandong stroked his long beard, “Indeed Brother Xiao Shuai. So let’s us join hands then.”

Immediately there were strong killing intent that enveloped the entire vicinity and this killing intent was so frightening that many of the celestials were actually trembling!

No one had ever sensed such terrifying killing intent in their lives before!

Xiaofang was also trembling, “They really mean to kill anyone that opposes them…”

Ye Jing was thinking, “They are from the Devil Isle? Didn’t my Ancestress Ye say if I can get the Heavenly Decree from them then I can have my Fenghuang back? But they really look so formidable…how do I defeat them?”

Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue was looking nervously at Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng and Holy Consort Ye Jing, “I really have an uneasy feeling about this…”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba shouted, “Whoever can get the heads of these two insolent old men shall receive handsome rewards from the Divine Sovereign Clan as well as a share of the loot of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth!”

“Handsome rewards?!”

“Share of the loot of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth?!”

Immediately hundreds of exponents from the congregation began to brandish their swords as they charged at the two old men and the giant sword centipede!

They were like an unstoppable tidal wave once the attacks had attacked!

The hundreds became thousands as the frenzied charge motivated more and more exponents from the various celestial clans to seek glory and blood!

But strangely enough, none of the thousands of exponents from the dark celestial clans made a move as though they were just speculators…

As the thousands of exponents charged into to the two old men, the giant sword centipede began to tower protectively over the two old men and began to use its hundreds of sword legs to attack the attackers, sending many into demise almost immediately.

The sword legs of a 9th rank devious was stronger than most precious swords and could even pierce through even the protective martial aura of any celestial practitioner that had not attained as a golden celestial. Needless to say, it soon turned into a bloodbath as hundreds of exponents were killed in just a few instant!

As for the dozens of exponents that were able to approach the two old men, they were immediately cut down by the sword energies of Xiao Shuai and the powerful martial palm force of Han Shandong! And this included five golden celestial exponents!

These two men and the giant sword centipede were not just waiting to be attacked, in fact, they were moving forward slowly, creating a long line of bloodbath that was now creating a panicky scene among the thousands of exponents from the hundreds of celestial clans!

Ten of thousands of exponents had charged into the two old men and the giant sword centipede and thousands were killed or wounded in just a short while. When everyone witnessed such a scene, they were scared out of their wits and began a general retreat in the next instant, tramping over the many wounded that were lying helplessly on the ground!

“This Sword Centipede is too formidable!…”

“Over a dozen golden celestials lie dead now…”

“Why aren’t the super exponents of the patriarch celestial clans helping yet?”

“They are only using us as a canon folder to test the strength of these two old men…”

“We can’t even injure that Sword Centipede in the first place. That is a 9th rank devious monster! Moreover all the golden celestials are fighting the two old men and not the Sword Centipede…”

The attacks had suddenly become a chaotic retreat that blamed the patriarch clans for their losses!

As thousands of exponents withdrawn from the fighting, thousands more were retreating!

No wonder the exponents from the dark celestial clans were standing their ground. What they were facing was what they had faced earlier!

There was simply no need for them to be involved. These two men and the Sword Centipede were more than enough to take care of the small fries. It did not matter what were the numbers. As long as they could not field a single sacred saint to combat them, it did not even matter how many golden celestials were sent to their deaths for they were fighting two peaked sacred saint monsters!

Xiao Shuai laughed as he picked sword after sword from the fallen and sent them flying in all direction, instantly killing or splitting dozens into halves as the flying swords totally ignored the weak martial strength of the defenders!

The attackers were horrified by the killing power of Xiao Shuai and they had found out that they had now become the defenders…

Han Shandong had just crashed the skull of a peaked golden celestial and threw him up to feed the Sword Centipede, “This is for your nourishment.”

Xiaofang was looking at his sword when he had seen the flying sword of that old man that was called Xiao Shuai as he thought, “His flying sword technique is exactly the same as mine but his is more refined and powerful. He is…really from the Devil isle…”

Xiao Shuai laughed jovially, “If the righteous celestial clans have a death wish then we shall gladly grant it to you. But isn’t it the time for the patriarch clans to send forth their champions to duel with us instead of sending ants to fight with us?”

Hundreds of celestial leaders were suddenly looking at Grandmaster Yuan Tianba for a respond…

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was suddenly looking solemn but he said bravely, “That is right. There is no need to involve the innocents. The leaders of the righteous celestial clans will battle with you directly instead.”

Xiao Shuai laughed jovially, “You have chosen a smart choice. Naturally I will be more merciful then. After all, I don’t want to lose any of my newly acquired slaves.”

He was immediately sweeping his glance lustfully at Fan Yuqing, Ye Jing, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng and they could even feel his glances piercing into their hearts!

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