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Chapter 46: Five vs. One

Xiaofang was already in his combat stance as he faced Xiao Shuai cautiously when Ye Jing had suddenly flashed next to him with her divine sword, astonishing all the onlookers including Xiao Shuai with her startling swiftness movement.

“Did you see that?…”

“She can actually traverse so quickly in just a few quick steps…”

“That divine sword that is in her hand, it is a superior grade heaven-step divine sword…”

“Xiaofang, I will fight alongside with you.” Ye Jing said as she landed gently after flashing next to him.

Xiaofang was startled, “Jing’Er, you…”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “You didn’t think that you are the only one that wants to get back our Little Fenghuang, don’t you?”

Then she smiled alluringly at Xiao Shuai, “How about the two of us fight you together? Are you game enough?”

Xiao Shuai smiled coldly, “The more the merrier. It seems that I may have evaluated the Holy Consort wrongly. Your lightness and swiftness skills are at the epitome level. I am only glad that my trophy has decided to deliver herself to me.”

Immediately there was a rainbow halo that was around Ye Jing’s divine sword, further startling the onlookers!

“She has actually divine harmonized with her divine sword as well…”

“Isn’t the Holy Citadel City the weakest patriarch clan? They actually have such celestial experts…”

“That Xiao Shuai isn’t even afraid of taking the two of them together…”

Xiao Shuai was smiling, “So what are you waiting for?”


It was Saintess Fan Yuqing as she appeared next to Ye Jing and Xiaofang with a faint smile, “I can’t have the two of you have all the fun.”

She turned to smile enthralling at Xiao Shuai, “Did you just say the more the merrier? May I join in the duel? Saintess Fan Yuqing pays my respect to senior!”

Xiao Shuai was roaring with laughter, “Of course I do not mind. But don’t say I don’t warn you first. Even if you are the most beautiful goddess in the entire realm, I will be equally ruthless. Where is your sword?”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “I have no sword.”

That was a lie. She had stolen Beitang Ying’s divine sword but it was really not a good idea to take out the divine sword so she lied. Moreover, her fingers and palm skills were actually more superior to her sword skills.

Ye Jing whispered to Fan Yuqing, “Why are you here? Didn’t you just surrender?”

Fan Yuqing whispered back, “Didn’t you surrender as well? Listen up. This old man is a master swordsman. Don’t get too close to him if you value your own life…”

Xiaofang looked at Fan Yuqing at the same time and muttered, “Why did you…”

But their whisperings were suddenly interrupted by the Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue who had also appeared next to them with her sword, “Do you mind if I join as well?”

Fan Yuqing looked at her, “You’re courting your own death.”

Feng Minyue smiled, “If you are dead then I won’t be able to obtain the Rainbow Saint Pill. Then isn’t that as good as dead?”

She turned to ask Xiao Shuai, “Did you just say the more the merrier?”

Xiao Shuai was smiling, “As long as it is a beauty then I don’t mind.”

“What about me then?” It was the Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng. She too had flashed into the middle of the congregation. “Am I considered a beauty?”

Xiao Shuai was looking lustfully at them, “I have the four most beautiful maidens in the celestial realm competing to fight against me. What a surprise, what a surprise.”

Then he turned to Han Shaodong and said, “Brother Han, after I’ve defeated them then they are my trophies. Remember our agreement!”

Han Shaodong coldly said, “You are truly lucky today. I have nothing left to say!”

Ye Jing was truly startled that even Xuan Danfeng had decided to join them in the duel. So she whispered to her, “Aren’t you afraid of death?”

Xuan Danfeng smiled but said firmly, “My sisters are all fighting against this demon here. If I don’t fight for my chance with all of you today, I can imagine my humiliating fate later.”

Ye Jing was smiling weakly, “Sisters indeed…”

Fan Yuqing whispered, “It is too late to back off now. Don’t get too close to this old freak. Did you see his belt? That is his foldable waist sword and his sword scabbard actually contains three thin swords…”

Xiao Shuai was secretly alarmed that this Fan Yuqing could actually spot his secret swords and he reminded himself to keep a close watch on her. There were two saintess opponents among the five, Saintess Yuqing and Saintess Danfeng. The two of them were the most dangerous among the four maidens. As for Dugu fang, the fact that he had an immortal sword in his hand made him the most dangerous.

But he was not in the least worry at all. Soon he would be able to take the immortal sword as his own as well as having four heavenly maidens as his trophies, leaving nothing to Han Shaodong. When he had thought of that, he was secretly delighted.

It was because he and Han Shaodong had an agreement to split the battle trophies accordingly to their deserved fights. Now that someone was willing to give him an immortal sword and these four heavenly maidens had decided to battle against him, naturally they were his battle trophies now and he would not need to share with Han Shaodong later.

Everyone in the congregation was in an uproar as they saw the sight of four heavenly maidens grouping up together against Xiao Shuai.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was panicky for the safety of Fan Yuqing who was going to be his bride but he lacked the courage to join in the battle…

Xiao Shuai was smiling, “Interesting. What shall I do with an immortal sword and three divine swords after the battle has ended?”

Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue were both clan leaders of their respective clans and both clans were also the patriarch clans of the righteous celestial clans. All the patriarch clans had at least one divine sword in their possessions and that was usually their clan heritage divine swords.

Ye Jing laughed softly as she secretly glanced at Xiaofang, “Maybe you won’t win…”

But when she had said that, she had already flashed next to Xiao Shuai to deliver an attack which was expectedly blocked by Xiao Shuai. But instead of being knocked backward, Ye Jing used the rebound force to lift herself upward as she exploded several sword bursts onto Xiao Shuai!

Xiao Shuai was secretly startled as he dispersed her sword bursts, “Her swiftness movement skills are indeed incredible.”

This was actually Ye Jing opening move that was meant for Xiaofang to ready his sword stance to attack Xiao Shuai.

Indeed Xiaofang did not disappointed Ye Jing at all and he had mustered all his martial power into a powerful momentum strike that was aimed straight for Xiao Shuai…

When Xiaofang swung his sword, the air around him exploded thunderously and multiple blinding after glows could be seen along its path of traction.

When Xiao Shuai raised his sword to block the attack, the impact was so great that the ground beneath them had sunk and exploded outward, sending earthen pebbles to fly in all directions!

Xiao Shuai was lifted from the ground and he had tumbled ten steps from where he was!

While Xiao Shuai was not injured, he was startled by the might of the immortal sword that had forced him back like a tidal wave as he thought, “Is he only a low level cultivator? His martial strength is in the sacred saint league!”

When he had just touched the ground, Xuan Danfeng, Feng Minyue and Fan Yuqing were not slow either and they had quickly encircled Xiao Shuai from all sides and in the next instant, they had displayed their clan most epitome techniques!

Xuan Danfeng had displayed her Soaring Ice Phoenix swordplay and the Fallen Snowflakes swordart while Feng Minyue had displayed the Fragrance Heaven Sword Stances.

At the same time, Fan Yuqing was behind Xiao Shuai as she raised her fingers to stab him but he seemed to have eyes on his back as he simply swung his sword in a reverse direction to block her attacks. This immediately caused her fingers to come into contact with his martial power charged sword and she was sent flying backward.

Instantly Xiao Shuai had counterattacked by drawing the thin sword one after  another that was in his scabbard into a flying sword technique against Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng, instantly breaking their sword attacks in a flash.

Feng Minyue reacted quickly by raising her sword in a defensive posture but the martial force of the flying sword was so great that she was sent flying dozens of feet away and she had ended landing flat on the ground.

Xuan Danfeng had caught the flying sword with her divine sword but the martial force of the flying sword was so great that she was forced to slide tens of feet backward before she could steady herself. When she tried to muster her martial strength again, she coughed out a bout of blood as she dropped to her knees.

A third flying sword was drawn out from Xiao Shuai scabbard and was aimed at Ye Jing but the flying sword seemed to pass harmlessly through her by a hairline and Ye Jing was flashing her sword at him in the next instant.

Xiao Shuai stepped hurriedly back because he had realized by now that Ye Jing’s divine sword seemed to be capable of draining his martial power. Her divine sword was an extreme negative sword that could dissipate energies around its wielder, making sword energies and martial forces to lose its effectiveness around her.

All of a sudden the air exploded again as Xiaofang had displayed the Flying Sword Technique and his flying sword was like a lightning vortex that was suddenly upon Xiao Shuai!

Xiao Shuai did not dare to be careless as he raised his sword and scabbard to absorb the explosive charge of the immortal flying sword. There was a furious thunderous explosion upon impact and Xiao Shuai was pushed tens of feet backward before he yelled with all his martial force as he deflected the immortal flying sword aside!

Suddenly Xiao Shuai had coughed out blood and his sword had disintegrated!

Fan Yuqing did not give him any respite; she was immediately upon him with a flying palm strike as she flashed toward him.

There was a thunderous explosive impact as Xiao Shuai had reacted just in time to receive her palm strike with his palm. Both were sent flying off at the same time, coughing out blood at the same time!

Actually Xiao Shuai was equally formidable with his sword and unarmed martial skills. So when he was sent flying back by Fan Yuqing, he was totally caught by surprise as he thought, “Her profound strength is actually at the peaked sacred saint level? I have misjudged her. Moreover she has the martial power that exceeds the sacred saint level. I must quickly dispatch of these fries before she can recover…”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly as she collapsed on the ground. Earlier when she had used her finger stance to attack Xiao Shuai, she had purposely used only a fraction of her martial power to deceive him. But when she had changed her finger stance to a palm stance, she had displayed her entire martial power with the Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill. She had thought that her Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill was invincible but today she had met her match…

She silently said, “I have done my best. Now it is all yours now…”

Xiaofang had dash forward at Xiao Shuai with his spare divine sword but Xiao Shuai had suddenly drawn out his a foldable sword from his waist, “Kid, are you thinking that I am now weaponless? No wonder you are so strong and quick. You have reached the Traverse Divinity? Unfortunately you are still far from able to defeat me. If you have at least reached the Seventh Sense Divinity, you will be able to recall your immortal sword. But you won’t have a second chance now…”

When he had said that, he had suddenly struck through Xiaofang’s defenses with his left hand and sending Xiaofang to cough out blood as he fly through the air!

Ye Jing was horrified, “Xiaofang…”

She flashed and caught hold of him, “Xiaofang, are you alright?…”

Xiaofang said weakly before he lost consciousness, “I…I’m sorry…I am still not strong enough…”

Ye Jing said quietly, “It is alright. You’ve done your very best. Leave it to me.”

She walked in front of Xiao Shuai and her eyes were watery, “You are indeed formidable.”

Xiao Shuai smiled, “It seems that you are the only one that is left now. I must say that the result surprises me. But if you surrender to me, I will make sure that I will grant you my special favors as my consort.”

It was true that he was a little surprised because Ye Jing seemed to be the weakest among the five but she had evaded every single of his attack and had slashed him continuously. It was as though she could predict his moves…

Ye Jing hummed coldly as she waved her sword, “You don’t seem to be as formidable as earlier.”

Xiao Shuai laughed coldly, “That is because some of you are much more formidable than I’ve expected. But now there is just only you. I can sense your fear. Why don’t you just surrender like what you did earlier? If not, what are you waiting for?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Yes I am really afraid of you. So why don’t you attack me? I know that you are waiting for me to attack you while you react accordingly. In this way, you are able to replenish your martial strength faster than me while I will exhaust my martial strength faster. So I am staying put and will wait for you to make your move first.”

Xiao Shuai smiled coldly as he thought, “This lass is smart enough to know my stratagem. However it is still pointless because in terms of martial level I am still her superior.”

Ye Jing waved her sword as she danced further away from Xiao Shuai, “If you don’t make your move then I will take it that you have lost…”

It looked almost comical and the thousands of onlookers were thinking that Ye Jing was making a fool out of Xiao Shuai on purpose.

The truth was that Ye Jing was purposely buying some time for Fan Yuqing and Xuan Danfeng who needed a little more time to make their recovery. With her divine sense ability, she could sense that Fan Yuqing had already normalized her breathing and that her profound strength was rapidly recovering. As for Xuan Danfeng, she had just stabilized her condition and was now regulating her vital energies.

Xiao Shuai was upon Ye Jing in an instant as he displayed dozens of strokes in a blink of eye, “You didn’t think that an old man like me will be able to move this swiftly?”

But to his surprise, all his strokes were quietly evaded by Ye Jing as though she knew the directions of his sword strokes!

The thousands of onlookers were startled that Ye Jing seemed to be able to move like a phantom as she narrowly evaded one attack after another with impossible agility that was so unbelievable that it defied logic. She was not just dodging but was making one attack after another.

Xiao Shuai and Ye Jing were both moving like phantoms as they battled each other, executing hundreds of strokes by now.  Xiao Shuai appeared to be the superior fighter; he was attacking more while Ye Jing was evading more.

After another two hundred stokes had passed, Ye Jing was faltering because she had almost exhausted all her internal energies. She cursed herself for being so lazy and not cultivating her profound strength more…

Xiao Shuai quickened his attacks and with a powerful martial sweep, he had knocked Ye Jing down, causing her to crash thunderously onto the ground!

With Ye Jing martial aura dissipated and her golden body shattering under the martial power of Xiao Shuai latest attack, she coughed out blood and was left convulsing on the ground…

Just as Xiao Shuai was smiling over his victory, Fan Yuqing had suddenly got up and she was standing with one foot on the hilt of Xiaofang’s immortal sword.

She bit her finger and let her blood dripped on the immortal sword, “Xiaofang, let me borrow your sword for a little while…”

Suddenly she had seized the immortal sword into her hands, stunning all the onlookers…

Once an immortal sword had been divine harmonized by a celestial practitioner, it was impossible for any others to wield it as the immortal sword would reject all others except for its owner. Even if the owner was dead, it would take a lot of efforts to remove the aura of the previous owner from the immortal sword. This was the same for divine swords as well.

If Xiao Shuai was startled by the earlier act, he was even more startled that Fan Yuqing had raised the immortal sword high up above him in the next instant in a dazzling display of the ‘Heaven and Self as One’, as the entire earthshaking divine power of the immortal sword came crashing down upon him!

The ‘Heaven and Self as One’ sword stance could only be used by super exponents that had reached the peak of their cultivation level, combining their state of divinity with the awakening of the heavens sense with the sword as one to unleash the full potential of the power of their swords.

Even a peaked sacred saint like Xiao Shuai was unable to awaken the heavens sense. In reality, this was a lot more difficult and only a few geniuses were able to enlighten with the heavens sense.

When the sword aura of the Stellar Lights immortal sword came down upon Xiao Shuai, there was a brilliant flare of thunderous explosion that shook the ground so violently that the entire vicinity was actually shaking nonstop as though an earthquake had occurred.

When the dust and debris had cleared, Xiao Shuai was covered with blood and his sword was broken. He muttered weakly, “This…this is impossible…to think that the celestial realm has such a super exponent such as you. Hahaha, now you are suffering from the backlash of handing an immortal sword that is beyond your strength to handle…”

Fan Yuqing was ashen as she coughed out a mouthful of blood, “You are such an old freak. Why don’t you die yet…”

In that attack, the both of them had completely exhausted all their martial power…

Han Shaodong had suddenly made his move toward Fan Yuqing!

It was because he had no intention of making this duel a draw. No matter what happened today, the Devil Isle would only be the victor!

Fan Yuqing could see that Han Shaodong was making a move toward her. Therefore she mustered the last of her reserve strength as she picked up Ye Jing, Xiaofang, Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue as she dashed toward the towering sealed portal of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth…

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba stammered, “Wait! The portal won’t be opened until the constellations are aligned together…”

But when Fan Yuqing was near the sealed portal, she spat her blood onto the portal and suddenly the dark portal began to glow a bluish light and she had passed through the portal. When she had passed through, the portal was returned to its original dark state.

All the onlookers, including Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong were stunned…

It was impossible for the portal to open before the constellations are aligned…

But this Saintess Yuqing was able to cause the portal to open briefly so that she could slip in. Everyone was filled with disbelief and astonishment. She had wielded an immortal sword that had belonged to another, displayed the ultimate sword stance of the ‘Heaven and Self as One’ and entered the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth prematurely…

Noisy commotions broke out almost immediately!

“Is it because Saintess Yuqing is the high priestess of the Heavenly Temple?”

“Did you see that? Saintess Yuqing has fought Xiao Shuai to a draw.”

“Isn’t this a duel between them? Why did that Han Shaodong intervene all of a sudden? That is cheating!!”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba took a look at his son Yuan Chengzhi and whispered solemnly, “Chengzhi, your new bride is not just a normal level sacred saint. Judging from her strength, she is also a peaked sacred saint. When I am gone, please look for her with the ‘Eternal Heavens’ immortal sword. If there is someone that can revive our clan from the Devil Isle then it is going to be her.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was stammering, “Father, we have not lost yet. There are still so many of us. There is only one Han Shaodong that is left. If we all attack him together, surely we will able to win the day!”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was sighing, “It is no use…we have already lost…Do you really think that there are only two of them from the Devil Isle?”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was stunned as he stammered, “There are more of these devils…”

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