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Chapter 52: Xuan Danfeng

They had left the plateau and after several days, they had crossed several mountains. As they were not in a hurry, they all took slow stroll along whatever mountain paths that they could find.

Xuan Danfeng and Fan Yuqing seemed to be searching for something in the mountains and they were leading the party through the mountains in a slow pace.

Finally Ye Jing asked with a smile, “Are we searching for something? It doesn’t take an effort for us to cross these mountains to the other side if we want to.”

Xuan Danfeng laughed softly, “Surely but if we take the wrong turn then it will be troublesome to turn back and we will even exhaust our strength for nothing. So it is better to move slowly while looking carefully at the mountains that were around us…”

Fan Yuqing suddenly said, “Look at that green mountain over there. Do you guys see an entrance below the mist there?”

Her eyes were indeed sharp. It took Ye Jing and Xiaofang a little while to spot an entrance in the mountains. It was just a black spot but it was unmistakable that there was a cave.

Feng Minyue was also nodding and she said, “From the mountains layout, this look like the Xuan Yin Trigram Formation. Maybe there is something in that cave there.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “I bet there will be something. So let’s go and check it out.”

When they got closer to the green mountain, they were a little dismay to find out that there was a gigantic Tyrant Behemoth that was roaming near the cave. From the size of this Tyrant Behemoth, it was an 8th rank desolate monster.

Ye Jing and Xiaofang looked at each as they recalled they had previously fought one before. They did not exactly kill it as it had fallen to its death instead from the great heights.

Xuan Danfeng muttered, “This is going to be tough, even for me.”

Feng Minyue said slowly, “We can turn back while we are still able to…”

Everyone was suddenly gasping for Fan Yuqing had already flashed down the mountain to confront the Tyrant Behemoth!

She had flashed right in front of the Tyrant Behemoth and had delivered a stunning thunderous palm blow on its head!

This immediately caused the Tyrant Behemoth to bemoan loudly and it turned into a raging beast in the next instant as it lashed out at Fan Yuqing who evaded one attack after another. Every time she had evaded an attack, she would strike the head of the Tyrant Behemoth with a thunderous impact with a forceful blow with her palm!

When she had struck the Tyrant Behemoth five times, there was a crushing sound from the head of the Tyrant Behemoth as it collapsed into a corpse onto the ground…

All in all, all these only happened in five blinks of an eye, stunning everyone…

Ye Jing as gasping as she looked at her divine sword and then at Fan Yuqing’s killing hand, “She has actually killed that thing with her bare hands…”

Xiaofang, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng had rushed forward to help but by the time they had arrived, the Tyrant Behemoth was already dead.

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly, “Sister Saintess Yuqing, even without a divine sword in your hands, you can still kill this monster with your martial strength. I am really impressed. This Tyrant Behemoth did not even have the chance to use its most powerful lightning power on you.”

Xiaofang knew how hard the head of the Behemoth Tyrant was. Even with an immortal sword, it was not possible to crash its skull…

He could not resist asking, “How did you do that. Even if you have the martial strength of two sacred saints, you can’t possible do it.”

Fan Yuqing simply smiled, “It is the same principle as when you thrust a sword into the ground. While your martial strength can only pushes the sword this deep but it is another matter when you keep applying your martial strength on it.”

When everyone had heard her, they finally got what she had meant; she had struck the Behemoth Tyrant on its head five times in a row in order to crash its skull…

She did not need a divine sword. She only needed to strike with precision to create a momentum weakness with the Tyrant Behemoth to create an opening for a decisive victory.

When she had attacked the Tyrant Behemoth, she had already known what to do and how to make her move. Just based on that and how she had attacked without hesitation, it already revealed to everyone that this Saintess Yuqing was an extremely experienced exponent.

Xiaofang was unable to calm the agitation in his thoughts when he had heard her and he felt as though his comprehension had suddenly gone up another level. Every word of hers was golden to his ears and he was absorbing it hungrily…

Xuan Danfeng was thinking, “Is she really from the Heavenly Temple? Even for a peaked sacred saint to kill such an 8th rank Tyrant Behemoth will require considerable efforts and it probably will even end up in a disaster. But she had simply dashed forward to remove it as a threat without even co-coordinating with us. She is really so confidence of herself?”

This type of confidence was not built by simply fighting one or two formidable Tyrant Behemoth but through countless battles with these monsters…

Feng Minyue was watching Fan Yuqing with idolized looks while Ye Jing was lost for words…

Fan Yuqing smiled sweetly, “What are we waiting for? Let’s go into the cave now.”

All of a sudden Xuan Danfeng had a soft cry as she bended over but she quickly smiled as she stood upright again, “Why are you all looking at me like this? I’m alright?”

Ye Jing asked, “Are you sure you are alright? Why did you suddenly cry out like that?”

It was because even though she said that she was alright but her steps had suddenly become slow and she was even limping slightly.

Xuan Danfeng was flustered, “This is just my old injuries that I’ve sustained a century ago on my thigh. It gives me some pain sometimes. I’ll alright, really. Just now when I jump down from my mountains, my old injuries have suddenly decided to relapse again.”

Ye Jing smiled as she helped her to sit down, “Xiaofang, come and take a look at her. He is a miraculous physician.”

Xuan Danfeng said weakly, “My leg condition is really hopeless. Throughout the years I have seen many physicians…”

Ye Jing helped her to lift up her long skirt for Xiaofang to examine, “Oh mine, it is swollen. You still say you are alright?”

Xiaofang was staring at Xuan Danfeng long porcelain white leg. Her leg was really beautiful and snowy except for a patch of swollen on her right thigh.

When Fan Yuqing saw her leg, she said coolly. “That is not alright. It is almost incurable.”

Ye Jing smiled sarcastically, “Xiaofang, what are you waiting for? It’s not like you never seen beautiful legs before.”

Xiaofang woke up from his stupor and he quickly bended over to examine Xuan Danfeng thigh…

Xuan Danfeng was a little startled for she had never been touched by a man before in this manner. She had an invisible flush and her body began to tremble. The reason why no one could see her flushes was because she was really snowy white due to long periods of cultivating in the snow.

The protégés of the Lofty Snow Palace actually cultivated their profound arts in the snowy mountains and they were also renowned for their number one lightless skill in the celestial realm, the Floating Snowfall. However since she got injured, it had impaired her lightless skill considerably.

Xiaofang said, “Although your meridians aren’t really affected but due to this injury, you may find it difficult sometimes to move your vital energies upward. This will affect your lightless skill and even the foundation of your martial strength. The blood in your thigh has coalesced badly in your veins…”

Xuan Danfeng lowered her sorrowful glances. She truly knew of her condition well and knew that not even a miracle physician with the healing focus could be able to help her.

She sighed softly, “Even though I have a golden body and have regeneration abilities. But the cold cultivation arts that I’ve been practicing really messed up my injuries and caused it to get even worse over time. When I’ve realized the seriousness of my leg injuries, it is already too late for me to seek treatment.”

Xiaofang suddenly said as he rubbed against her thigh, “I can try to use the extreme positive energies of the Fire Deviant Fungus that is within me to expel the coalesced blood…” When he had said that, a globe of positive aura had already enveloped around Xiaofang’s hands as he massaged her thigh gently.

To the startled expressions of Xuan Danfeng and all the others, barely five minutes had passed, the coalesced blood was cleansed clean and Xuan Danfeng’s thigh was snowy white again.

Xiaofang smiled as he wiped away the beads of perspiration from his forehead, “This isn’t so tough after all.”

What did he mean by this isn’t so tough after all?

Xuan Danfeng was in total shock and could not believe her eyes!

Did he even know how many methods that she had tried in the past but to no avail?

She was staring at Xiaofang and was trembling with joy as she covered her mouth with her hands. She had never expected that the grievous injuries that she had sustained would one day be cured and it was by a random young man that she had met…

She lowered her eyes as she said gently, “Xiaofang…Young Hero Xiaofang…thank you. I am really in your debt. This saintess here swears with my life here that as long as I live, I will grant you any requests that you seek as long as it is within my power to grant. Not only I but the entire Lofty Snow Palace will be honor bounded to grant you my special favors.”

Xiaofang said awkwardly, “This is nothing really. I did what I can.”

Xuan Danfeng said with great indignity, “This is not ‘nothing’. This is something that this saintess here will always be gratitude to you. Thank you Xiaofang…”

No one could imagine her pains and sufferings because of her thigh injuries for the past century. Not only did her cultivation advancement have slowed down, her martial skills had also actually degenerated.

“As a saintess and Palace Mistress of the Lofty Snow Palace, I will never forget this day.” Xuan Danfeng said with great resolve to Xiaofang.

Fan Yuqing interrupted with a smile, “Since Sister Danfeng is already alright, let’s us explore the cave then.”

She had walked into the cave and was followed by Feng Minyue.

Ye Jing lifted Xuan Danfeng to get up as she smiled, “I told you Xiaofang will be able to help you.”

Xuan Danfeng whispered gently, “Sister Jing, thank you so much. Without you…I…I…I did not forget about you. If you have not asked Xiaofang to help me then I am afraid that I will be limped forever.”

Ye Jing smiled gently, “We are sisters, remember. So let’s not dwell too much on this.”

Xiaofang said casually, “Yup! It is just a small matter only! Let’s go in now.”

Because Ye Jing and Xiaofang were light hearted and sincere in helping Xuan Danfeng, their Mind Dual Cultivation were advanced to the fifth rank unconsciously.

When Xiaofang had entered the cave, Xuan Danfeng had suddenly grabbed Ye Jing’s hand gently and asked shyly, “Does he have a sweetheart?”

It caught Ye Jing by a sudden surprise that she stammered slowly, “No…nope…”

Xuan Danfeng was delighted and it was shown in her eyes, “Oh, that’s good!”

Ye Jing was about to faint on the spot as she cursed Xiaofang silently, “First it is Fan Yuqing and now it is Xuan Danfeng. These two leftover saintess are really too much and don’t even spare any thoughts for a junior like me…”

More importantly, how does she tell these two saintess that she and Xiaofang is actually an item so that they can actually shoo off?

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