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Chapter 53: The Martial Pinnacle Art

The cave was huge in the interior and had several winding passages.

Ye Jing said to them as soon as her divine sense picked up signs of dangers, “Be careful. The passage to the left are full of desolate beasts…I can sense them…”

Fan Yuqing immediately said, “Good, then we shall go to the passage on the left.”

“……” everyone else.

“Although it may be foolhardy but the killing intent isn’t strong. Therefore it is not as dangerous as it seems. Usually where there are desolate beasts, there are treasures. Moreover, the route is usually safe from devious traps which are even more deadly.”  Fan Yuqing explained with a wry smile.

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “If Sister Saintess Yuqing says so then we shall go then.”

Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue nodded their approval while Xiaofang did not say anything as usual as they followed Fan Yuqing to the passage on the left.

It was not before long that they chanced upon the desolate beasts. It was the Wolfen Beasts which closely resemble wolves but was much larger and more primitive with long and sharp fangs.

There were dozens of them, mostly between the fifth and sixth rank. Any devious beasts that were above the fifth rank were considered to be dangerous and moreover there were so many of these devious Wolfen Beasts in the passage!

Without warning, Fan Yuqing, Xuan Danfeng, Ye Jing and Feng Minyue had flashed forward and had attacked the dozens of Wolfen Beasts, sowing through them in a rampage!

Xiaofang was startled. He had just readied his sword in a combat stance when they had suddenly charged forward and the Wolfen Beasts were killed or wounded left and right, leaving no opponents for him to fight…

He muttered to himself, “They are four scary big sisters…”

It just took them only a while to send the Wolfen Beasts fleeing in all directions!

They were simply too terrifying for the Wolfen Beasts!

Fan Yuqing gently withdrawn her martial stances and said, “The fur of these Wolfen Beasts are quite valuable and can make excellent fur coat that is impervious to fire and cold.”

Xuan Danfeng nodded and she was already collecting their fur on the spot.

Ye Jing was smiling weakly, “I am going to walk further in to take a breather first. The blood stench here is too heavy.”

Feng Minyue said quietly, “Let me go with you.”

Xiaofang had also hopped next to them to follow them while leaving Fan Yuqing and Xuan Danfeng to make the full use of the available loot.

Ye Jing, Feng Minyue and Xiaofang soon found a brightly lit cavern that were lit by many crystals at the end of the passage and decided to wait for Fan Yuqing and Xuan Danfeng while they explored the cavern for a little while.

The cavern was huge and there were many confusing passages. There were many traces that were left by the Wolfen Beasts and other devious beasts.

Feng Minyue had quickly explored the cavern and said gently as she pointed upward, “I have found a concealed passage above this cavern that is untouched by the devious beasts. It is hidden by some stalagmites at the top.”

Ye Jing muttered, “You really have a good eye in discerning it. I can’t even see it.”

Xiaofang was impressed as well, “That hidden passage isn’t obvious. Most people won’t take care to look at it. Moreover there were many shadows here.”

“What are you discussing?” Xuan Danfeng smiled as she walked into the cavern with Fan Yuqing.

Xiaofang said casually, “Senior Feng found a concealed passage. We are discussing about it now.”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled softly, “Well, that’s good. Why don’t we take a look?”

Fan Yuqing nodded as well but her eyes were sweeping around the cavern. This was her habit. Until she had scanned an alien area with her senses, she would not feel secure even though it may have already been cleared of dangers by the others.

She too smiled as she walked around, “Hmph. Where is that concealed passage?”

Even she had missed the concealed passage at the first scan.

Feng Minyue quickly smiled and said gently, “Let me show you!…”

They were soon in the concealed passage and after walking for an hour, they felt a little lost as this passage had too many openings. So they just took the nearest turn or any logical turns.

After a while they spotted a rusty golden door on the passage wall.

Ye Jing was startled, “Someone will actually place a door here?”

Fan Yuqing said, “Not someone but the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. This is really a significant find. We…may in luck this time.”

Xuan Danfeng had an excited look as well, “There are doors all over the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. They are hard to find but trust me, finding a door means the same as finding a great treasure and the significant is not small. There are bronze doors, silver doors and gold doors. This is actually a golden door!”

Ye Jing gasped softly, “So gold doors are the highest tier door that we can find? And we have actually found one!”

Xuan Danfeng was smiling jovially, “That’s right. So what are we waiting for then? Watch me, sisters!”

She proceeded to knock her hand against the door and suddenly it became a swirling dull mirror and Xuan Danfeng had walked through to it…

Ye Jing was startled. This gold door was unlike any doors that she had seen. Not wishing to think too hard, she simply followed after Xuan Danfeng through the swirling dull mirror.

They had popped up in a spacious stone chamber and saw that there were many characters on the walls of this stone chamber.

They were soon joined by Xiaofang, Fan Yuqing and Feng Minyue.

Ye Jing asked as she pointed at the characters on the walls, “What is this?”

Xuan Danfeng broke into a warm smile, “Sisters, I think we may have found a profound martial art here!”

She quietly walked to the extreme right of the wall and read aloud, “The Martial Pinnacle Art.”

Even Feng Minyue had walked quietly to the walls as she began to silently recite the lines of characters slowly. Soon she was trembling and gasping, “All the intricate lines here are the profound principles of the various martial arts…”

Ye Jing and Xiaofang were also examining the walls closely and after they had read the first line, they began to study the lines diligently!

It was because the martial principles on the walls were really too enticing. They had never heard or seen anything so profound before. The wall that that Ye Jing and Xiaofang had stumbled upon related the principles of martial arts to the cultivation levels of the practitioner. They had already known some of the principles but their knowledge was incomplete.

For example it was well known that in an actual fight, the level of martial strength was not a significant factor in determining how formidable a fighter was. Experience, techniques, martial abilities, condition, confidence and willpower all play a decisive part. The Martial Pinnacle Art actually classified the various conditions into two main classifications, Martial Pinnacle and Cultivation Pinnacle.

In the Martial Pinnacle, fighters are classified by their profound strength as exponents, the ability to drawn upon their vital internal energies (internal strength) from their inner cores to channel it into profound strength (martial power). The tiers of the exponents are divided from 20 years to 120 years of cumulated internal strength. A super exponent usually will have 60 years or more internal strength.

For the Cultivation Pinnacle, the higher the cultivation level is, the higher is the condition, confidence and willpower of the fighter. It is because cultivation level is the state of divinity which can be measured. The higher the cultivation level, the stronger the cultivator’s internal energies will be.

But whether it is via the Martial Pinnacle or the Cultivation Pinnacle, it is stated clearly that the origin of strength is the vital internal energies from the inner core of the fighter.

This was actually a known principle in the celestial realm. That was why in order to advance in the celestial level, the celestial clans also practiced various internal martial arts to increase their vital energies while cultivating their celestial levels at the same time.

The Mundane Celestial Practice that Ye Jing and Xiaofang were practicing focus entirely on improving the vital internal energies of the practitioner to advance the state of divinity as the mundane realm was poor in spiritual force.

For the celestials in the celestial realm, instead of focusing on vital internal energies, they had focused on harvesting the external spiritual force into their inner core and converted it as their vital internal energies or celestial energies.

But the output was always the same. Whether it was celestial energies or internal energies, these internal profound energies was the source of all martial strength!

And this source had come from the inner core (dantian) of the practitioner.

The worst thing that could happen to a practitioner was to cripple their inner core, preventing them from utilizing any strength since the inner core was the source of all ‘strength’.

Ye Jing and Xiaofang were secretly practicing two types of profound strength in their inner core now so they were particular interested in these theories now.

While everyone was looking at the Martial Pinnacle Art for inspirations for their cultivation breakthrough, only Fan Yuqing was unmoved and she was meditating quietly in a corner.

This was not lost on the others and very soon, Ye Jing asked. “Sister Saintess Yuqing, why aren’t you checking the walls? You are missing some good stuff. I know that you’re a peaked sacred saint and these martial theories are of no use to you but there is no harm in broadening your knowledge.”

Fan Yuqing said with her eyes closed, “No need sister as I’ve seen the Martial Pinnacle Art a dozen times already. It is indeed beneficial and will be helpful for everyone’s advancement. But for me, I’ve already grasped 60% of it and that is good enough for me.”

Not only was Ye Jing startled, even Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue were startled as they said at almost the same time. “What?! You’ve already seen it?”

Feng Minyue said gently, “I wonder if Sister Saintess Yuqing may be kind enough to enlighten on some of the profound knowledge here?”

Fan Yuqing said casually, “Which part do you need enlighten on?”

Feng Minyue said slowly, “The golden celestial meridians…”

Fan Yuqing explained casually, “There are 360 accupoints in our body but only 108 accupoints are visible. Most practitioners will be able to open 8 to 12 of their profound channels in order to cultivate. But if the lucky practitioner is able to open 36 of their accupoints then they would have attained the Earth Divinity and they would be able to double their profound strength. Most golden celestials and sacred saints are at the Earth Divinity. But if the practitioner were to open all 72 of their main accupoints, they have already reached the Heaven Divinity and they will be able to open their ‘Heavenly Eyes’ and become one with the heavens. Opening all the 108 accupoints is a half-step to being an immortal already.”

She smiled, “The golden celestial meridians refer to the crucial accupoints that are required to be opened so that it will lead to a chain reaction into opening the other accupoints. Got it?”

Feng Minyue smiled, “May I ask sister saintess how many accupoints have you opened?”

Fan Yuqing answered indifferently, “99.”

Everyone was shocked!

Feng Minyue had only opened 24 of her accupoints and that was already considered to be quite a feat in the celestial realm…

Even Xuan Danfeng who was a saintess had only managed to open 18 of her accupoints…

Ye Jing and Xiaofang were lucky to have opened 12 of their accupoints…

But Fan Yuqing merely said 99 and they were now all blown away…

Suddenly, it was not only Feng Minyue but Xuan Danfeng that was also asking her questions on cultivations, “May sister saintess explain the eight cultivations and martial origins of the inscriptions of the Martial Pinnacle Art?”

Fan Yuqing sighed softly as she opened her eyes to explain, “The eight cultivations and martial origins refer to the…”

She went on to explain the different cultivation methods that were being used and the principles of martial origins…

When everyone had heard her, their jaws dropped and they were dumbfounded by her knowledge. Even Ye Jing and Xiaofang were asking her questions outside the Martial Pinnacle Art and she answered every single question of theirs like an expert.

After several hours of listening to her profound teachings, Ye Jing simply said. “Ahhh Sister Saintess Yuqing, why don’t you become my celestial teacher and imparts to me your profound knowledge?”

Even Xuan Danfeng was saying, “My Sister Saintess Yuqing, are you willing to accept a disciple?”

Feng Minyue was smiling, “If sister saintess is willing to be my celestial teacher as well…”

Fan Yuqing totally ignored their pleadings as she returned to her mediation, “No, I am not interested. Go figure out the wall yourself.”

Xiaofang stammered, “This will take…years…without your guidance…”

Ye Jing said weakly, “Sister Yuqing…please…”

But Fan Yuqing totally ignored them as she shut her eyes close.

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