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Chapter 57: Ridiculous Request

Xuan Danfeng was smiling to Xiaofang, “I’m so happy that you are visiting my Lofty Snow Palace. Rest assures that you will be our most honorable guest and you will surely have an unforgettable visit.”

Xiaofang smiled weakly, “Then I thank Palace Mistress Xuan for your hospitality first.”

He sighed softly. Ye Jing, Chu Yunfeng and Li’Er had already left for the Tranquil City at the first sign of dawn.

Ye Jing remind him before she had left, “Silly. It will only be for a short while. Moreover I got an important mission for you. The Lofty Snow Palace is a middle tier patriarch clan and therefore you got to learn their sword arts by hook or by crook…Don’t look at me like this. I am not asking you to be a spy…it is also not stealing…it is learning…you just need to go and turn on some of your charms…I’m not asking you to seduce anyone either…it is your responsibility as elder to do so…but never tell anyone that it is I who has taught you to do so when you are caught…”

Xuan Danfeng had promptly turned to the two maidens that were with her as his thoughts were being interrupted, “This is Shi Wan’Er and this is Song Feixian, both are my direct protégé disciples.”

Song Feixian obviously was a golden celestial as she had golden eyes, immediately greeted with a smile. “Young Hero Dugu, Song Feixian pays my humble respects to you.”

Shi Wan’Er greeted at almost the same time with a gentle smile, “Shi Wan’Er pays my humble respects to Young Hero Dugu.”

Xuan Danfeng waved a gesture to make an introduction, “I have five direct protégé disciples. Feixian is my number one disciple and she has followed me for three centuries while Wan’Er is my last disciple and she has followed me for less than a hundred years. The two of them are my capable disciples and I’m truly proud of them.”

Then she made a quick introduction, “These seven are my clan elders and those on the right are the masters of the Lofty Snow Palace.”

Xuan Danfeng had brought 3000 of her protégés to the Golden Clans Congregation and most of them were the elites of the Lofty Snow Palace. So she just introduced to Xiaofang some of the more important protégés of her clan to him.

Song Feixian and Shi Wan’Er were staring at Xiaofang intently…

It was because he looked really young and was now a golden celestial. They had remembered that he was not even a golden celestial when he had battled Xiao Shuai the first time round.

But the most important reason why they were staring intently at him was because they wanted to remember who he was because this was someone who possessed an immortal sword and his destiny was like the son of the heavens.

Xuan Danfeng laughed softly, “Feixian, if I did not know that you are going to marry your second protégé brother soon then I will surely think that you will be interested in him. And you Wan’Er…”

Shi Wan’Er immediately apologized with a flushed countenance, “I…I’m sorry. It is just that Elder Dugu Fang looks really young and he is already so impressive…”

She could not find words and she was honest in her appraisal of Xiaofang when her protégé mistress had suddenly called out her name.

Xuan Danfeng waved her fingers lightly, “Well, that isn’t wrong. He is only 17 this year.”


“He is…only 17?!”

Song Feixian, Shi Wan’Er and all the dozens of listeners who had gathered were stunned. He was only 17 and he was already a golden celestial cultivator?

Wan‘Er was almost brimming with tears. She had worked hard on her cultivation every day and she was afraid of making even a slightest cultivation mistake. Becoming a golden celestial was her ultimate goal and she had dreamed of it every day…

Xuan Danfeng smiled deviously, “So please take care of him and make sure that he feels welcome while he is staying with us. After all, the entire fate of the celestial realm may lie with him.”

Feixian and Wan’Er immediately stammered as they bowed with their hands again to Xiaofang, “Yes! Yes protégé mistress! We will make sure that Elder Dugu Fang is given the best welcome.”

Xiaofang was feeling awkward so he bowed with his hands again, “Maidens, you are too polite…”

If they had discovered that Ye Jing had given him a mission to steal the sword arts of the Lofty Snow Palace, he began to wonder if he would get killed immediately…

Xuan Danfeng suddenly become solemn and said, “Listen all of you. I don’t want anyone of you to leak to anyone else who Xiaofang is. He will use the alias of Young Master Fang while he stays with us. Do not mention any of his feats in the Nuer Mountains. Is that understood?”

“Yes Palace Mistress!!!” Immediately all the elders and masters of the Lofty Snow Palace answered all at once.

“It seems so hype here today…” Feng Minyue had just come into view with four of her female protégés.

Xuan Danfeng laughed softly, “I wonder who it is. So it is our Sister Saintess Minyue here.”

Wan’Er, Feixian and Feng Minyue’s protégés immediately gave a hand bow when they saw each other.

Some of the protégés of the Lofty Snow Palace were actually gasping, “She is the Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue? She is indeed worthy of being the number one beauty in the celestial realm…”

“Her grace and demeanor is so splendid…”

Feng Minyue took a glance at Xiaofang before she smiled gently, “Sister Saintess Xuan is teasing your sister again. I’ve just attained as a saintess and there are many areas that I am still lacking. I will still need your guidance.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “I am afraid that Sister Saintess Minyue is going to surpass me in the future and actually does not need my guidance.”

What she had said was the truth. Her cultivation progression had slowed down due to her injuries. Moreover Feng Minyue had become a saintess at a younger age than her. Therefore it was not wrong to say so that she had a higher potential.

During their one month of adventure together, they had actually become close to each other. If it was in the past, their pleasantries were actually filled with subtle mockeries. But it was no longer the case now.

Feng Minyue said gently, “I am here to bid you goodbye. I will be returning to my clan. Sister Saintess Yuqing will be leaving with me. She asks me to bid you and Xiaofang goodbye.”

Xiaofang asked curiously, “Did she say when we can see her again?”

Feng Minyue smiled gently as she looked at Xiaofang, “She says she does not want to see ‘that’ heartless fellow again.”

Xiaofang countenance changed almost immediately as he murmured, “Heartless…fellow…”

Feng Minyue whispered, “But she also says that once she had thought of the three things that she wants you to do for her, she will come to look for you. Therefore even if you want to escape, you can’t.”

Xiaofang was startled as he thought, “She even tells Feng Minyue about our secret agreement?”

Just as he was about to reply to Feng Minyue, the banners of the Celestial Sword Clan, the Ancient Ascension Sect and Divine Sovereign Clan came into view hastily. More than a hundred people were seen coming their way.

Xiaofang had immediately recognized that it was Grandmaster Yun Zongheng, Grandmaster Yuan Tianba and the Ascension Master Tie Nansen that were leading the group as they shouted hastily, “Young Hero Fang, please don’t go yet!”

Xuan Danfeng raised her eyebrows as she said unhappily, “What? Don’t tell me that the three of you are trying to vie for him?”

Ascension Master Tie Nansen said politely, “We still have no chance to thank young hero and you are leaving so soon.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled coldly, “I’m sure that you didn’t come here to tell us that. Hurry and tell us your business.”

The protégés of the Lofty Snow Palace were a little shocked that their Palace Mistress was actually so rude to the Ascension Master Tie Nansen who were an intermediate sacred saint.

But the Ascension Master Tie Nansen did not seem to mind as he quickly said, “It is like this. This morning we have all received a sudden letter from the Devil Isle that they will come to the Unmoving Mountains in six month time for a showdown with the righteous celestial clans. As you know, the Unmoving Mountains is where the Ancient Ascension Sect is situated and if the Ancient Ascension Sect were to fall then it will be disastrous for the rest of the righteous celestial clans in the celestial realm.”

He paused to look at Xuan Danfeng, Feng Minyue and Xiaofang, “So we hope that the three of you will be able to come with your forces to the Ancient Ascension Sect to deal with Devil Isle when the time comes.”

Xuan Danfeng sighed softly, “I’m sure you want Xiaofang to come more than anyone of us.”

The Ascension Master Tie Nansen smiled weakly, “We need all the saints and saintess fighters that we can muster in order to deal with this crisis. To be honest, we need Saintess Yuqing and Xiaofang to be our champions. This isn’t about the fate of just the Ancient Ascension Sect but the entire celestial realm.”

Xuan Danfeng nodded, “Actually I do understand and will surely come. It is just that I don’t really believe that the Devil isle will actually dare to storm the Unmoving Mountains given how heavily fortified it is. I’m sure there are quite a few sacred saints from the Ancient Ascension Sect that will end their seclusion to defend the clan. I’m actually quite weak.”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba sighed, “We are also quite weak. Given we got just six months, I plan to break to the sacred saint level to fight the Devil isle with all I’ve got.”

Grandmaster Yun Zongheng was also sighing, “Same here as well. I really don’t want to be their slaves again. For the past 1 month, I’ve enough of the humiliation.”

Xuan Danfeng quietly bowed with her hand gestures as a respect. It was because she knew that Grandmaster Yuan Tianba and Grandmaster Yun Zongheng were both peaked golden celestials who had purposely delayed breaking through to the sacred saint level. As a golden celestial they had long lives and as clan leaders, they had all the powers that they could wield over their protégés. So it was unnecessary for them to risk the life and death tribulation for a breakthrough to the sacred saint level. So much risk yet for a minute increase in power was not worth the risk…

Feng Minyue was lucky to have a breakthrough to the sacred saint level. Unlike Grandmaster Yun Zongheng and Grandmaster Tianba, she was from the bottom three patriarch clans. If she could breakthrough then there was a hope for the continuation of her clan’s survival. If she fails then she could simply pass on the mantle of responsibility to her successor. The cultivation arts of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa treated life and death as mere passing without any serious consequences.

But at her most crucial period of breakthrough from a golden celestial to a sacred saint, she had suddenly feared death. She had a premonition that she would surely fail unless she did something and that was when she had heard that the Saintess Yuqing had a Rainbow Saint Pill in her hands…

Therefore Feng Minyue totally understood why Yuan Tianba and Yun Zongheng had chosen not to breakthrough earlier. But now it was different. They too, were fighting for their clans’ survival now. She raised her hands to bow respectfully, “Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue will be at the Ancient Ascension Sect in six month time too.”

Xiaofang said politely, “I will be there to lend my puny assistance.”

The Ascension Master Tie Nansen was touched as he gave a half bow respectfully, “Thank you all…may the ancestors of the Ancient Ascension Sect bless you and grant you their special favors…”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba and Grandmaster Yun Zongheng were also giving a half bow silently as an appreciation of their gratefulness.

Xuan Danfeng solemnly said, “We are all in the same boat anyway. It is not as though I want to be their slave too. Naturally we will fight together. I’m just afraid that my clan strength is insufficient and we will only be embarrassing ourselves.”

The Ascension Master Tie Nansen immediately said, “Not at all, not at all.”

Then he turned to Xiaofang and said, “We have tried to find your Holy Consort Ye but she has already left the vicinity. It is a good thing that you are still around. May Young Hero Fang please relay the same message to her and please invite Saintess Yuqing to come as well?”

Xiaofang answered politely, “The Holy Consort has already departed this morning. The reason why I am still here is because I am going to pay a visit to the Lofty Snow Palace.”

The Ascension Master Tie Nansen was startled, “You are going to the Lofty Snow Palace? If Young Hero Fang, you are not in a hurry to go back to the Holy Citadel City then why not pay a visit to the Ancient Ascension Sect? We have the best cultivation resources for your needs…”

Xuan Danfeng was really afraid that Xiaofang may just leave with Tie Nansen, so she quickly interrupted. “Hey, hey! Xiaofang, he is visiting the Lofty Snow Palace to find a treatment for my injuries. So he really can’t go with you.”

She had spent considerable efforts to persuade Ye Jing to let Xiaofang come with her. So she was not about to give him up so easily!

Ye Jing had asked, “So what is the benefit if Xiaofang goes with you to your place for a while?”

She had answered, “I can show him my clan secret cultivation arts and swordplay…and more…”

Ye Jing had pondered for a while before replying with a devious smile, “This sounds good. But don’t make it so obvious. I want him to have…a little fun…”

Although she could not grasp what Ye Jing’s idea of a fun was but she was immediately glad that she had agreed to let Xiaofang comes with her.

The Ascension Master Tie Nansen looked a little disappointed but he did not forced the issue, “Oh I see. Then forget about it…”

Then he said, “I will get my fastest scout to intercept Holy Consort Ye and Saintess Yuqing then and invite them to the Unmoving Mountains.”

Feng Minyue suddenly said quietly, “I’m afraid that my Sister Saintess Yuqing is not with the Holy Citadel City.”

The Ascension Master Tie Nansen was startled, “Then where she is? We need to look for her…”

Feng Minyue said coolly as she glanced at Xiaofang, “She says she doesn’t want to be involved in the fight with the Devil isle because there is absolutely no benefit for her to do so.”

The Ascension Master Tie Nansen, Grandmaster Yun Zongheng and Grandmaster Yuan Tianba were shocked, “No benefit?!”

The Ascension Master Tie Nansen quickly said anxiously, “Please let her know that the Ancient Ascension Sect will provide her with any celestial resources that she may require if she can come to help us.”

Feng Minyue smiled faintly, “A peaked saintess like her does not need any celestial resources. Even if you can take out an immortal sword for her, she may not even be interested.”

The Ascension Master Tie Nansen stammered, “We…we can even help her to ascend as an immortal…she is free to use the ascension platform that is unique to my clan…her odds of ascension will greatly be increased if she uses it…”

Feng Minyue shook her head, “That is not what she wants either. She is feeling hurt when our Young Hero Xiaofang here rejects her in public, causing her great distress and humiliation. Therefore she is thinking of entering seclusion for a long time.”

The Ascension Master Tie Nansen felt like tearing his hair and he immediately shook Xiaofang, “Hero Fang then you got to marry the Saintess Yuqing. For the sake of the celestial realm…”

Xiaofang was startled as he stammered, “No, I can’t…”

Even Grandmaster Yuan Tianba had suddenly joined in to plead, “Young Hero Fang, you know that we have already cancelled my son engagement with her. Now she has nothing to do with my son. If you don’t marry Saintess Yuqing then we are all doomed…”

Grandmaster Yun Zongheng was lamenting as he grabbed Xiaofang too, “This concerns the fate of the entire celestial realm. For the sake of all of us, you have to tell Saintess Yuqing you love her and you are willing to take her as your consort. As a worthy man, you are allowed to take more consorts in the future. So don’t limit yourself…”

Xiaofang was too stunned for words as he looked at Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue for help but they were all pretending that they did not hear…

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