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Chapter 59: Lofty Snow Palace

The Lofty Snow Palace was located on the tallest peak of the Ice Cloud Mountains. Other than snowy landscape, there was nothing much to see in the vicinity. It was indeed a cold and harsh place.

Xiaofang did not expect that in such a place, there would be tens of thousands of cultivators. Along the way, he could see hundreds of protégés of the Lofty Snow Palace that were meditating in the snow.

When he had finally arrived at the Lofty Snow Palace itself, thousands of protégés were greeting the expedition party excitingly. But they were curious why their Palace Mistress had returned so soon.

Xuan Danfeng immediately ushered Xiaofang to the audience hall as she summoned all her direct protégé disciples.

“This is Young Master Fang. He is from the Sky Sword Pavilion. Please offer him your guidance when he is here.” She casually introduced Xiaofang to everyone. “This is Xu Wenping, my second male protégé disciple. This is Yu Degang, my third male protégé disciple and this is Gong Nanyan, my fourth female protégé disciple.”

Xiaofang saw that Xu Wenping, Yu Degang and Gong Nanyan were all golden celestials. He politely made a hand bow and said, “Greetings to all here!”

Xu Wenping, Yu Degang and Gong Nanyan all made an unimpressed hand bow as they said indifferently, “Greeting to Young Master Fang.”

As long as Xiaofang was not from any of the patriarch clans, they were not interested in his celestial background. Even if he was then it had to depend on his clan ranking. After all, the Lofty Snow Palace was at the top echelon of the middle ranked patriarch clans.

Xu Wenping secretly whispered to Song Feixian and Shi Wan’Er, “What is going on? I thought that you are all supposed to be in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth? Why are you back so soon? And who is this Young Master Fang anyway? I’ve heard that the Sky Sword Pavilion is but a third tier celestial clan. Why should our Palace Mistress even be bothered with such a small fry?”

Xuan Danfeng smiled as she said, “Young Master Fang will be staying with us for a few months. During this period, he will also be my personal physician.”

Yu Degang was startled as he quickly asked, “Palace Mistress, are you unwell? Is that the reason why you are back so soon?” Then he looked at Xiaofang with a fierce stare, “Pardon me for saying this. Is this Young Master Fang even trustworthy of being your physician?”

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “It is just that I have a relapse of my old injuries. He is actually a miracle physician and in the entire celestial realm, you can’t find another physician like him.”

She paused to ponder before saying, “Feixian and Wenping, I want you to double up the martial training of our protégés. In six month time, we will be leading ten thousands of our protégés to the Unmoving Mountains.”

Wenping was startled as he asked, “The Unmoving Mountains? Isn’t that the base of the Ancient Ascension Sect? Are we doing battle with them?”

Xuan Danfeng replied coolly, “We are joining forces with the Ancient Ascension Sect to do battle with the Devil Isle.”

Wenping and Degang were shocked, “The Devil Isle? Isn’t this just a mythical place? The so call consecrated place of the celestial realm doesn’t really exist…”

Xuan Danfeng said with utmost seriousness, “The Devil isle does exist and they had even disrupted the Golden Clans Congregation. Be prepared for the worst. Almost all the celestial clans will be making their way to the Unmoving Mountains in the coming months to lend their assistance to the Ancient Ascension Sect. That will include the dark celestial clans as well.”

Wenping and Degang stared at each other in disbelief. The Ancient Ascension Sect was actually mobilizing the entire might of the celestial realm against the Devil Isle? Was it a little overkill?

Song Feixian solemnly said, “Protégé brothers, you got to believe this. The Devil Isle had almost defeated the entire congregation of celestial clans at the Nuer Mountains. We are lucky to be back.”

Wenping was startled, “What?!”

Wan’Er nodded quietly her tears started to brim, “We are even at their servitude for a month…”

Even Gong Nanyan who was expressionless all this while was suddenly looking at Wan’Er and Feixian with a perplexed look.

Wenping stammered, “How did this happen?”

Feixian said slowly, “I tell you later after we have received our Palace Mistress instructions.”

Xuan Danfeng was smiling weakly, “To tell you the truth, I did not believe it at first. Dozens of golden celestials and sacred saints were killed or wounded during the battle with the Devil Isle. Many of the smaller celestial clans even had their lineages wipe out as well…”

To the smaller celestial clans, having their golden celestials killed was a massive irreplaceable loss.

“If I tell you that this was all done by only two old freaks from the Devil Isle, will you believe me?”


“By only two old freaks?!”

Xuan Danfeng said sternly, “Therefore be prepared for the worst. The next battle will determine the fate of the celestial realm.”

Wenping stammered for words, “This…this is…just not possible…”

“Gong Nanyan.” Xuan Danfeng called out her name.

Gong Nanyan looked up with her icy countenances as she gestured with her fingers to receive the instructions of her Palace Mistress.

“Gong Nanyan,” Xuan Danfeng called out again. “I want you to show Young Master Fang around the palace and you will be his guardian during his entire stay here. Please ensure that his needs are being taken care of and he feels welcome here.”

Gong Nanyan seemed to frown lightly and there was an irritating look in her eyes, “I will.”

Wan’Er quickly said after noting Gong Nanyan displeasure look, “Palace Mistress, let me do it instead…”

Xuan Danfeng interrupted sharply, “No, I want Gong Nanyan to do the job.”

Gong Nanyan hummed softly as she stomped her foot lightly. This apparently was not lost on everyone, including Xuan Danfeng and Xiaofang.

Xiaofang thought, “It appears that she doesn’t seem to like me very much…”

Xuan Danfeng knew that this disciple of hers was too icy and lofty. That was why she had purposely asked her to take care of Xiaofang. If she had tasked Wan’Er to take care of Xiaofang, there was a possibility that Wan’Er may succumb to Xiaofang’s charms…

She said casually, “You are all dismissed. Gong Nanyan, don’t forget to bring Young Master Fang to see me in the morning for my therapy.”

Gong Nanyan shot Xiaofang with an icy look, “Follow me.”

Xiaofang did not dare to talk to her. He merely nodded and hastily followed after her.

After a while, he could not resist asking her. “Where are we going first?”

Gong Nanyan looked up before glancing downward as though she was unaware that someone was talking to her. She slowly said, “To the common hall where you will have your daily meals. The food here probably won’t suit your tastes since we only have ‘grass’ here.”

Xiaofang smiled as he continued to look around curiously, “That is alright. Now that I am a golden celestial, I can just meditate without food. The spiritual force here is really awesome. I feel that I can suck it into my inner core all day long. Maybe I can even achieve a breakthrough here. It is no wonder that the Lofty Snow Palace is a middle tier realm.”


This man had dared to taint his despicable aura with the superior spiritual aura here? This was really too infuriating for Gong Nanyan and she said coldly, “The spiritual force here is naturally superior to that of a third rate and second rate celestial clan. But I will strongly advise you against absorbing too much of the spiritual force here. It is because we are all negative bodies here and the cold spiritual force is more suitable to us than you. Judging from your aura, your attribute should be a positive type. This makes you ill-suitable to cultivate here. Moreover without our Icy Calmness Heart Intricacy to fight the bitter cold, you will soon find this place to be too cold for you to stay for long.”

Xiaofang asked politely, “Alas! Can you share with me your Icy Calmness Heart Intricacy?”

Gong Nanyan nearly spurt blood. Was he dense? He could not tell that she was being sarcastic? She replied coldly, “No, I can’t. It can only be taught to the protégés of the Lofty Snow Palace. You are merely an outsider.”

“Oh I see.” Xiaofang did not seem to mind. That was actually the common rule of the clans to teach only their secret skills to only their clan protégés.

This Young Master Fang was really too haughty. Did he not know that the individual clan skills cannot be taught to any outsiders?!

Gong Nanyan impression of this Young Master Fang had immediately hit rock bottom. She felt it was a terrible chore to deal with such a person.

“Little Protégé Sister Nanyan…” It was Song Feixian calling out to her.

Gong Nanyan merely nodded.

Song Feixian knew that Gong Nanyan was always like this so she did not really mind. She laughed softly as she said, “Our Palace Mistress reminds you to take care of Young Master Fang here. Surely you are not thinking of letting him take his meals at the common hall?”

Given Gong Nanyan disposition, she knew that she was precisely going to let Xiaofang had his meal at the common hall. “He is after all, an honorable guest at the Lofty Snow Palace. So Palace Mistress wants you to bring his daily meals to him to his room so that he can eat at his leisure.”


She was to bring his meal to him every day? She was a protégé disciple of the Lofty Snow Palace and not a serving maid…

“Oh yes,” Feixian said. “Get Young Master Fang warm milk for his morning meal. He likes his milk warm, remember that.”

Xiaofang said delightfully, “Yes, I like my milk warm.”

Gong Nanyan’s face began to darken as she asked slowly, “Where can I find milk for him?”

Feixian smiled, “I don’t know either. You have to find out yourself. Make it fast so that Young Master Fang can have his warm milk tomorrow morning.”

Gong Nanyan hummed coldly as she stared at Xiaofang icily. This stupid Young Master Fang was behaving like he was a kid. He actually wanted warm milk every day?!

Feixian continued indifferently, “Nanyan, please impart to him our Icy Calmness Heart Intricacy. We don’t want him to fall sick here, do we?”


Gong Nanyan immediately protested, “This is our clan’s secret heart intricacy…”

But Feixian interrupted coolly, “This is our Palace Mistress’ wishes.”

Gong Nanyan began to tremble lightly as she stomped her foot, “Alright then. Anything else?”

Feixian nodded, “Two more things. To make it convenient for him to meet our Palace Mistress in the morning, he will sleep in your room.”

This time Gong Nanyan actually had a reaction as her icy countenance broke as she said panicky, “This won’t be convenient for me. He is man…”

But Feixian waved her protests away, “Your quarter is in the inner sanctum and is nearest to our Palace Mistress. Moreover there are four of us in the inner sanctum with you. You can always shout for help if Young Master Fang decides to do anything funny to you.”

Gong Nanyan really could not believe what she was hearing from her eldest protégé sister, “When that happens, it will already be too late!”

Xiaofang immediately said, “Don’t worry Maiden Nanyan, I promise I won’t do anything funny.”

Gong Nanyan stared coldly at Xiaofang, “Your promise doesn’t count!”

Feixian said firmly, “Our Palace Mistress had already decided. Just endure for a while until Young Master Fang departs.”

Endure for a little while? Gong Nanyan’s lips were now trembling. She had never lost her cool before and today she suddenly found herself losing her cool so many times…

Feixian continued with a smile, “Show him our practice rooms. If there is any place that Young Master Fang wants to visit, don’t stop him.”

“Huh?!” Gong Nanyan asked with a jest, “Even the forbidden grounds?!”

Feixian replied nonchalantly, “Even the forbidden grounds.”

Gong Nanyan was startled…

Was this Young Master Fang just an honorable guest? His permission level was like the Palace Mistress herself. Not even direct protégé disciples were allowed into the forbidden grounds!

Xiaofang said thoughtfully, “Don’t worry. I won’t enter the forbidden grounds. This will be too disrespectful.”

Feixian smiled and praised him, “Young Master Fang is indeed a sensible hero.”

Gong Nanyan slowly said, “Elder protégé sister…don’t you think that…”

Feixian swiftly interrupted her, “Just make sure Young Master Fang feels welcome here. That will be your task. Since it is getting late now, why don’t you show Young Master Fang your room first?”

Then she smiled at Xiaofang before leaving, “Enjoy yourself.”

Gong Nanyan was stunned. Did her eldest protégé sister just tell this Young Master Fang to enjoy himself…in her room?”

Xiaofang smiled, “Maiden Nanyan, where is your room?”

Gong Nanyan trembled lightly as she said, “This way…”

What was going on? This special treatment for a lowly third rate celestial clan was unthinkable.

Xiaofang said politely, “I’m sorry for troubling you. I feel really appreciated for your hospitality.”

Gong Nanyan said icily, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you first. If you try anything funny, that will be the end of your manhood. So you better be wiser or else. You may have plenty of experiences outside but your party will end here.”

Xiaofang was thinking, “Does she mean if I touch her then she will cut off my manhood?” So he said hastily, “Don’t worry I am a gentleman.”

Gong Nanyan hummed coldly, “You better be.”

Soon they had reached Gong Nanyan room.

Her room was not what Xiaofang had expected. Her abode actually had an outer court and an inner court. And her room was partitioned into several rooms. There were the living room, dining room, guest room, personal room and a drying room.

Gong Nanyan said sternly, “Stay in your guest room and do not enter my personal room.”

Xiaofang nodded as he looked around curiously. It was spacious and clean.

He had just walked into the drying room and he was suddenly startled as he caught sight of the rows of lingerie that had come into his view.

He stared at the lingerie for some time before he regained his composure slowly. He suddenly remembered that due to the snow, his clothing in his bundle was somewhat damp. So he quickly opened his bundle to take out his clothing.

Just as he was clearing her lingerie to make room for his own clothing, Gong Nanyan had walked into the drying room with a horrified look as she stammered, “You are stealing my lingerie? You are such a pervert…”

Xiaofang immediately protested weakly, “This is a misunderstanding. This is not what you have seen. I’m just taking my clothing to dry…”

“And what is in your hands?”

“Your lingerie…”


“I’m clearing space for my own clothing…”

“Right, pervert…”

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