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Chapter 60: Gong Nanyan Dilemma

Gong Nanyan did not sleep well for the entire night. It was not because she was still upset with Young Master Fang for his antics but because his light snoring had kept her sleepless for the whole night.

Although there were two doors that had separated them but she was after all a super exponent of the golden celestial level. Her hearings had always been exceptional and she could pick up a pin dropping even in a snowstorm.

But to her now, this was a complete nightmare as though someone was sleeping next to her.

She was always someone who had treasured her beauty sleep a lot. She could not imagine this life of hers would go on for the next couple of months…

Even before daybreak, she had woke up hastily to the outer sanctum to look for the ‘warm milk’.

She had dropped by to the common kitchen, much to the shock of the protégés that were inside. It was because among the five protégé disciples, she had the most unfriendly disposition to anyone.

She had no friends whatever so in the Lofty Snow Palace nor did she care for any friends. Even Wan’Er had failed to break through her icy disposition.

“Fourth elder protégé sister!!”

Gong Nanyan scanned the kitchen quietly before saying icily, “I want this morning breakfast to be sent to my room and warm milk as well.”

One of the dozen protégés stammered, “Warm milk? Where can we find warm milk? Is it cow milk or goat milk?”

Gong Nanyan slowly looked up to the ceiling before saying, “I don’t care where you find the warm milk. By any means, I want the warm milk to be delivered to my room.”

Another protégé picked up the courage to plead panicky, “It is almost impossible to find milk at this time of the year…”

Gong Nanyan happened to see a mother dog with her puppies at the corner of the kitchen. Slowly she raised her fingers and said, “Isn’t that your milk?”

“Huh?! Is it fit for consumption?”

Gong Nanyan said icily as she left, “Get it done and send it to my room every morning.”

All the protégés were startled…

“Fourth elder protégé sister really got weird…taste…”

“Alas, we just get it done then. We can’t go against a direct disciple orders. If we do, we will be severely punished…”

When Xiaofang got up and walked out of his room, his breakfast and warm milk was already prepared for him in the dining room.

Gong Nanyan was quietly meditating in the dining room and as soon as Xiaofang had entered, she said coldly to him. “After you have taken your meal, we have to pay the Palace Mistress a visit. Don’t forget.”

“Maiden Nanyan, thank you…” Xiaofang was touched as he began to eat. After taking a gulp of the warm milk, he praised loudly. “This milk is the most delightful milk that I ever drink. Everything here is good, even the food…”

Xiaofang suddenly asked, “Have you tried this milk already? There more than enough for me here. Why don’t you try?”


Gong Nanyan said slowly, “I don’t like milk…”

“Oh? What a pity.”

While Xiaofang was having his meal, Gong Nanyan asked. “You are a golden celestial? What is your current cultivation level?”

Xiaofang answered, “I’ve just managed to reach the intermediate stage of the golden celestial level. What about you?”

Gong Nanyan hummed coldly, “You are a stage higher than me.”

Then she got up and said, “Why don’t we compare against our internal strength to see who is stronger?”

There were many factors in determining the profound strength of the celestial practitioners; purity of the inner core, superior cultivation arts and the depth of the celestial practice. Even though she was one stage below him, she did not believe that her profound strength would lose to him.

Who knows if he had actually relied on miracle herbs to overcome his celestial levels? That would certainly affect his profound strength.

Xiaofang was interested to know as well, so he said. “Alright then. How about we use 70% of our strength.”

Gong Nanyan nodded as she raised her palm, “70% then.”



In the in next instant there was a thunderous thunderclap as their palms impacted against each other.

Gong Nanyan was shocked that she was sent flying back as she took nine steps backward. Every step was like a 10% disparity. They had a 90% power disparity? Did he use 100% of his martial strength instead in order to impress her?

Xiaofang was startled as he thought, “Did I use too much of my strength?” He had only used 50% of his martial strength. After he had reached the Earth Divinity, his martial strength had actually doubled. Moreover he was at a higher stage than her so he intentionally used less strength.

Gong Nanyan’s heart was pacing as she tried to calm down her erratic energies. Lucky this was only a spar and not a real fight. After a while she said coldly, “Not bad. But I didn’t use my full strength. To think that a third rate celestial clan such as the Sky Sword Pavilion can produce a celestial expert such as you. It is no wonder that our Palace Mistress thinks so highly of you.”

Even though she was unwilling to admit it, he was indeed a lot stronger than her. She was not too shameless as not to admit a fact.

But she was not about to admit defeat so fast so she said gleefully, “I was only 170 years old when I’ve become a golden celestial. What about you?” She was one of the youngest celestial to have attained as a golden celestial. This was something she was extremely proud of.

“Oh, I’m 17 this year. I just attained as a golden celestial not long ago actually.”


“You are such a liar.” Gong Nanyan said unhappily. Whatever left of her good impression of him was totally gone now.

She said coldly, “Let’s go and see the Palace Mistress now.”

Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng was reclining on a couch when Gong Nanyan and Xiaofang had entered her personal room. There was also Wan’Er who was standing next to her.

Xiaofang gulped when he saw her long white silky legs spreading in front of him…

Xuan Danfeng smiled when she saw them, “Disperse with the formalities. Xiaofang, how is your first day in the Lofty Snow Palace? Do you feel uncomfortable or you have any further requests?”

Xiaofang answered politely, “I’m perfectly fine. The food here is awesome, especially the warm milk.”

Xuan Danfeng looked curiously at Gong Nanyan as she raised her eyebrows lightly, “Warm milk? You manage to find warm milk for Xiaofang?”

Gong Nanyan answered indifferently, “I got lucky.”

Xuan Danfeng nodded. The attention was soon on Xiaofang as she chuckled softly as she touched her thigh lightly, “Xiaofang, please come over here to take a look.”

Xiaofang quietly walked to her…

“I need your help to help me massage my thigh. You may have treated me previously but the sudden pain won’t go away. Sometimes I get a sudden pain several times a day, sometimes once every few days. Take last night for example, the pain is so sudden…”

Xiaofang said quietly as he started to massage her thigh, “Let me check…”

Not only Gong Nanyan was shocked when Xiaofang was massaging their Palace Mistress but Wan’Er was also shocked…

From Gong Nanyan perspective, it was even more shocking. That was because she could see the flimsy robe of her Palace Mistress from where she was standing but she could also see the pink panties that she was wearing. Moreover this Young Master Fang was standing so near to her that he surely got a better view than her…

Xiaofang earnestly began to feel the smooth and silky leg of Xuan Danfeng, examining carefully as he said, “I can’t find anything wrong at the moment. I may need more time to find the cause.”

Xuan Danfeng whispered to Xiaofang, “It feels so comfortable when you are touching me. Really.”

Xiaofang was flustered as he immediately let go of his hands from her thigh.

Gong Nanyan wanted to cry out that this Young Master Fang was nothing but a rascal that was just molesting their Palace Mistress…

Xuan Danfeng said quietly, “Xiaofang, don’t stop. The minute you let go of your hands, the pain has suddenly returned.”

Xiaofang hastily asked, “Where is the pain?”

“Here and there…move higher up my thigh please…”

Wan’Er and Gong Nanyan were too stunned. The longer that they watched, they were terribly convinced that this Young Master Fang was a badass physician. He did not have any medical toolbox and performed no diagnosis, nothing at all!

After a while later, Gong Nanyan had noticed that their Palace Mistress was spreading her legs and exposing herself too openly, she felt that she had to stop this Young Master Fang from outraging the modesty of their Palace Mistress so she said coldly. “Young Master Fang!! I’ve never seen this type of treatment before. Are you a fake physician?”

Xiaofang smiled weakly when he was being confronted, “Actually I am not really a physician…”

Gong Nanyan immediately said aloud, “Protégé mistress, did you hear what he had just said? He is a fake!”

Xuan Danfeng lit a curvy smile, “I know that he is not a real physician. But he is someone with the healing focus ability. He has almost completely healed me of my old injuries. Did you not notice that my leg is much better now?”

It was only now that Gong Nanyan and Wan’Er had noticed that there were no more swollen areas on their Palace Mistress thigh…

Wan’Er gasped, “It is really true…”

Gong Nanyan was also delighted for her protégé mistress as she stared at Xiaofang with disbelief, “He has the healing focus ability? This is a long lost healing ability…”

Wan’Er was muttering, “Healing focus ability…”

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “Even my martial level is back to my former levels now. It is all thanks to Young Master Fang here.”

But she was soon solemn, “Do not let anyone outside of this room knows of his special ability. Understand?”

Gong Nanyan and Wan’Er were still overwhelmed by the revelation of Xiaofang’s bloodline that they were stammering, “Yes, yes…”

Xuan Danfeng laughed softly as she turned to look at Xiaofang, “I promise you that other than the two of them, your secret will be safe in my hands. Alright?”

Xiaofang thanks her politely, “Alright…”

Xuan Danfeng gave a devious smile, “Shall we continue the therapy?”

Xiaofang stared at her thighs and up there as he gulped, “Alright…”

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