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Chapter 62: Gong Nanyan Pleads

Now that they were back at their abode after a long day at the practice chambers, Gong Nanyan said to Xiaofang. “You are quite a showoff today, aren’t you? You have humiliated both my third protégé brother Yu Degang and the swordplay of the Lofty Snow Palace today. I am just curious how did you manage to break our Lofty Snow Swordplay so easily?”

She paused briefly to look at him curiously, “It is as though you have already known what is forthcoming.”

Xiaofang replied awkwardly, “I didn’t do it intentional. I have been sparring with your Palace Mistress for a month previously so I am quite familiar with some of the Lofty Snow Swordplay.”

Gong Nanyan asked curiously, “Why should our Palace Mistress spar with you?”

Xiaofang replied politely, “We have found a profound martial art that is called the Martial Pinnacle Art in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. Your Palace Mistress is using me to improvise some of her sword techniques via the Martial Pinnacle Art.”

Gong Nanyan said coldly, “I hope what you have said is the truth.”

Then she looked the other way before saying, “You look like you are here to steal our Lofty Snow Swordplay.”

Xiaofang was smiling bitterly and he did not answer her. It was because that was actually his mission…

“But do you know that the Lofty Snow Swordplay isn’t our strongest swordplay?”

“It isn’t? There is a more formidable swordplay?”

Gong Nanyan looked at the ground as she nodded lightly, “That’s right. Have you heard of the Lofty Empyrean Sword Energies?”

Xiaofang shook his head as he said, “No, I haven’t.” He had never even seen or heard of it before.”

Gong Nanyan explained, “Naturally you have not. That is because we don’t usually display the Lofty Empyrean Sword Energies unless we have no other choices.”

Xiaofang asked curiously, “Then why are you telling me this?”

Gong Nanyan coolly said, “Just in case if you are killed by my third protégé brother in the future then at least you know the sword energy technique that has killed you.”


Xiaofang looked at the back of this icy beauty before he said, “When you talk to the others, you don’t have a habit of looking at them?”

“It is rude to be staring at the other so usually I don’t look at them.”

Xiaofang was rendered wordless as he said weakly, “This…this…I think it is considered impolite not to look at each other…when talking together…”

Gong Nanyan waved her fingers as she walked away, “I don’t mind that you stare at me while you are talking to me.”


Just as Xiaofang was about to enter the guest room, Gong Nanyan called out to him. “Young Master Fang, can you come to my room?”

Xiaofang was really startled, “Why did she asks me to come into her room? Didn’t she say that she will cut my manhood if I enter her room only yesterday?”

But out of curiosity, he entered her room.

Gong Nanyan was sitting quietly in the middle of her room and there were two cups of wines on the table. “Please be seated.”

Xiaofang took a step cautiously into the room as he looked around him. Her room had a pleasant fragrance and her bed had pink curtains hanging.

He asked as he quietly sat down, “Yes?”

Gong Nanyan seemed to hesitate for a while before she said, “You really have the healing focus ability?”

Xiaofang nodded slowly.

Gong Nanyan seemed to know that he had nodded without looking at him as she said slowly, “I may need your help in a matter. I am unwell…”

Xiaofang was startled as he said, “Show me your wrist…”

Gong Nanyan quietly did as she was told.

After a while Xiaofang said, “This…this…”

Gong Nanyan said slowly, “I may have forced my cultivation to the golden celestial level but my inner core is irreversible impaired. Lately in recent years, I have been experiencing some chest pains. Only a practitioner with the healing focus ability is able to alleviate me of my ailments.”

Xiaofang nodded slowly, “Several of your energy veins are blocked. That is why you are experiencing pain.”

Gong Nanyan said quietly, “It is unfair for you to expend your life energies for a stranger and this will impair your own cultivation progression as well. I don’t have much money or soul jewels to give you a fair trade either. I am only asking you to alleviate my chest pains so that I can at least cultivate normally. I wonder if you are able to aid me…”

She bit her trembling lips because she knew that she had been rude to this Young Master Fang in the past two days and she was not surprised at all even if he decided to reject to help her.

Xiaofang said solemnly, “Indeed I can help you clear your blocked energy channels. But if you continue with your cultivation practice, I am afraid that your energy channels will be blocked again in no time…”

Gong Nanyan said icily as she looked up, “It doesn’t matter. As long as I can make some progress in my cultivation…”

All of a sudden she was startled when Xiaofang popped his head in front of her and grinned, “On account of your delicious milk, I can try if I am able to help.”


Xiaofang was suddenly stammering, “But…”

Gong Nanyan turned to look at him, “But what? You are a man. Why are you so washy all of a sudden?”

Xiaofang had turned around all of a sudden and he was looking guilty, “Actually come to think of that, I may not be able to help you…I’m sorry…”

Gong Nanyan had suddenly quickened her steps and closed the door before Xiaofang could make his way out.

She lowered her glance as she slowly loosened her belt to strip in front of Xiaofang…

Xiaofang was shocked, “This is…”

Gong Nanyan said in a low voice, “I know why you are hesitating. What? Have you never seen a naked woman before? I have thought that you are an experienced worldly young master?”

Xiaofang quietly helped her to put on her robe back as he sighed, “Alas, Maiden Nanyan…why are you putting me in a spot like this…”

Gong Nanyan said quietly, “I know that I am detestable and even shameless in your eyes…”

Xiaofang shook his head, “No, you are not. You are like a beautiful fairy. I know that you must have your reasons why you are so haughty.”

Gong Nanyan said slowly as she leaned against the door, “The moment that I have started cultivating the Lofty Snow Cultivation Arts, it means that I will no longer have the ability to bear a child in the future. It is because our bodies will be irreversible harmed by the strong cold negative energies of our cultivation art. I am just an emotionless celestial practitioner now.”

Then she smiled bitterly, “I used to be my protégé mistress favorite disciple. But ever since my cultivation is impaired, Wan’Er and Feixian have taken my place…I just want to be my protégé mistress favorite disciple again…am I wrong to wish for that to happen?”

Xiaofang said quietly with a soft sigh, “Maiden Nanyan, may you go to your bed so that I can take a closer look?”

Gong Nanyan nodded slowly…

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