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Chapter 64: Xiaofang guilt

Xiaofang was massaging Xuan Danfeng while Gong Nanyan and Shi Wan’Er stood quietly by the side when Xuan Danfeng suddenly said, “Xiaofang, you seem to be distracted today? I feel that your fingers are particularly weak today.”

Xiaofang smiled weakly, “Maybe it is the milk. It is not as nice as yesterday.”

When Gong Nanyan heard him, she sighed softly…

Xuan Danfeng chuckled softly, “So what do you think of Nanyan? Is she taking care of you well enough?”

Xiaofang was suddenly flustered and stammered, “Yes, yes…”

Gong Nanyan was secretly flushing at the side…

Xuan Danfeng suddenly rose and winked at him, “By placing you with her, this means that I’ve trusted you a lot. Do you get me? So don’t you dare to bully her or try anything funny on her, alright?” As she spoke, she had secretly exchanged glances with Gong Nanyan…

Xiaofang suddenly turned ashen as he said weakly, “I dare not…”

Xuan Danfeng chucked softly, “That is good to hear. But if I found out that you have been taking advantage of her then there will be severe consequences. I won’t allow my protégé disciples to be bullied.”

Xiaofang was suddenly awkward because he had already taken advantage of Gong Nanyan…

Wan’Er upon seeing the awkward expression that was on Xiaofang immediately said, “If Young Master Fang does not mind, you can come to my abode…”

Gong Nanyan interrupted politely, “Sister Wan’Er, since protégé mistress has already given me the task of taking care of Young Master Fang, there is no need for anyone to help.”

Wan’Er was a little startled. She had thought that Gong Nanyan would be appreciative of her offer but instead she had refused her. Moreover she was actually speaking in a polite and normal manner now.

What was going on?

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “I may have been thinking too much. Maybe they are too excited to sleep and have been exchanging pointers throughout the night. Xiaofang, am I right?”

Xiaofang stammered, “I guess so…”

Xuan Danfeng laughed lightly, “You are all dismissed. That will be enough for today. I’m going to the principal practice chamber now. Thank you Xiaofang.”

Gong Nanyan, Wan’Er and Xiaofang politely gave a hand bow as they left.

When they were at the hallway, a young maiden in white suddenly greeted them. “Fourth protégé sister, fifth protégé sister. Li Shixi pays my respect to you.” She also gave a hand bow to Xiaofang, “Greeting to Young Master Fang.”

Xiaofang and Gong Nanyan recognized her immediately. She was the young maiden that had passed her sword to Xiaofang yesterday.

It seemed that she had been quietly waiting for them because she did not hurry away when she saw them.

Gong Nanyan asked curiously, “You are waiting for us?”

Li Shixi took a glance at Xiaofang and said respectfully, “I am just wondering if Young Master Fang is willing to give me some pointers.”

Xiaofang immediately replied, “Yes, sure…”

Gong Nanyan interrupted swiftly, “You can ask Protégé Sister Wan’Er here. He isn’t free.”

She pulled Xiaofang by his hand and they swiftly walked out of sight, leaving Li Shixi and Wan’Er to be stupefied at the hallway…

They could not believe their eyes. Their usual icy and forbidden fourth protege sister would actually take someone hand in such an unsightly manner.

When they were back to their abode, Gong Nanyan said to Xiaofang. “From this day onward, I will impart to you our superior martial arts. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. There is no need to go to the practice chamber and be an eye sore anyway.”

Xiaofang was startled, “You are willing to teach me? Will you get punished?”

Gong Nanyan flashed him a glance as she said gently, “After what has happened to us last night, do you think that I will care for such meaningless rules now?”

Xiaofang sighed softly, “I…I’m sorry…”

Gong Nanyan lowered her glances, “It isn’t your fault. I’m willing. There is no way for me to repay you anyway…but…”

She looked up and said firmly, “I want you to sleep in my room from now on.”

Xiaofang protested, “This won’t do…”

Gong Nanyan cut him short, “The guest room isn’t a comfortable place to sleep or meditate. The chill there is not comfortable even for me.”

Xiaofang said, “Actually I feel alright. Really. I’ve a strong constitution…”

Gong Nanyan said coolly, “If you don’t then I will tell my protégé mistress what you did to me.”


Xiaofang awkwardly nodded, “But there is no other bed…”

Gong Nanyan said shyly, “We will sleep together of course. I can’t have you sleeping on the floor.”

Xiaofang was truly startled, “We…what?!”

Gong Nanyan sighed softly as she held his hands, “Young Master Fang, we are already at this point of no return. Why are you still treating me like this?”

Her protégé mistress had told her that if she wanted to catch hold of Xiaofang, then she had to take the initiative. After all, he was only 17 and mentally he was still a child so as long as she was willing to be forceful with him then he may not be able to resist her.

“If you don’t then I will go to my protégé mistress and tell her everything,” Gong Nanyan said quietly.

Xiaofang hesitated for a while before he said, “I already have someone that I love…”

Gong Nanyan said shyly, “This isn’t an issue at all. I don’t need a status or any recognition.”


Gong Nanyan looked at Xiaofang intently and her gazes were like a hot furnace that could melt the hearts of any men, “I want to experience being a wife to someone even if it is only for a short while. You are the one that have renewed my hope in life. After all, we only got less than six months…”

Xiaofang was jolted as he sighed, “Six months…right…”

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