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Chapter 66: The Goddess Envoy

At the Five Cloud Peaks of the Divine Sovereign Clan.

It had been three whole months since the end of the Devil Isle crisis. Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was not happy at all. In fact, he had been depressed ever since.

He was supposed to be engaged to Saintess Yuqing. Not only was the engagement called off but his standing within the Divine Sovereign Clan was now in peril. There was not a day that he did not endure being ridiculed upon.

He had spent yet another restless day today when frenzied messengers were running panicky all over the place.

He was surprised because this was really unusual. Did something bad happen all of a sudden?

He stopped a messenger and asked, “What is going on?? Why the panic?”

The messenger stopped breathlessly, “The…the Holy Citadel City is destroyed overnight…”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was startled, “By who?! Is the Holy Consort alright?”

The messenger bitterly said, “That was nearly a month ago! We have only received news today. We have heard that it is the Goddess Palace…”

Then the messenger said hurriedly, “I need to go now. The elders of the clan are in a state of panic. Pardon me, young master but I got many news errands to run for them…” Then he was off.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi muttered, “The Goddess Palace?!”

Suddenly another messenger had ran to him, “Young master, you’re wanted at the audience hall now. It seems that the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City has arrived…”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi heaved a soft sigh of relief, “She is safe…”

Then he hurried to the audience hall.

In the audience hall, Grandmaster Yuan Tianba, Elder Yuan Xiao, Elder Zhou Hai, Elder Jin Lei and many of the elders were already there. Even his brother Young Master Yuan Chenggong was also in the audience hall.

Standing in the middle of the audience was a heavenly maiden that was dressed in black satin and robe. She was none other than Ye Jing. Young Master Yuan Chengzhi had recognized her peerless allure immediately. Standing next to her was a man and a woman. They had deep piercing golden eyes and their cultivation levels were not low.

He arrived just in time to hear Grandmaster Yuan Tianba shaking his head with great sadness, “Alas! I didn’t expect the Holy Citadel City to meet with such a terrible fate. This is so regrettable. It is good that Holy Consort Ye has managed to escape the disaster. I promise you that we will help you to restore your clan and give you whatever aid that you will require against the Goddess Palace. May I ask what feud has the Goddess Palace has with the Holy Citadel City?”

All the elders and senior masters of the Divine Sovereign Clan were now muttering among themselves. Like the Devil Isle, the Goddess Palace was said to be one of the three celestial consecrated places and had never intervened in the affairs of the celestial realm in the past. Why was the Holy Citadel City destroyed by the Goddess Palace all of a sudden?

This occurred at the most inconvenient time when the entire celestial realm was still unnerved by the Devil Isle.

Ye Jing looked up with a cold smile as she said slowly, “In the future you can just address me as Celestial Ye Jing. I am no longer the Holy Consort.”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba said gravely, “That won’t do. You are after all a patriarch leader of one of the nine leading celestial clans. We will surely help you to restore your celestial clan for you. In the meantime if Holy Consort Ye doesn’t mind at all, you are more than welcome to stay here…”

Ye Jing interrupted sharply as her beautiful golden eyes stared coldly at everyone, “This Celestial Ye Jing here has nothing to do with the Holy Citadel City. In fact, I am the one that have destroyed the Holy Citadel City and wiped it off the map…”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba quickly said, “This is not something to joke about. It is not your fault. We will help you for sure and hopefully help you resolve the vendetta with the Goddess Palace…”

Ye Jing hummed coldly as she walked in a small circle before saying, “You’ve totally misunderstood me. I, Celestial Ye Jing is now the Goddess Envoy from the Goddess Palace. I have destroyed the Holy Citadel City because it is just an insignificant clan that is of no use to me. From now onward, I am the Goddess Envoy. I am here to demand for reparations from the Divine Sovereign Clan.”

Everyone was startled and buzzing with shock, “What is going on?”

“She is the Goddess Envoy of the Goddess Palace?”

“She destroys her own clan? This is madness…”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was smiling bitterly, “I hope that you know what you are talking about. There are only the three of you here while you are facing the entire might of the Divine Sovereign Clan here.”

Ye Jing totally ignored him as she said icily, “For breaking off the engagement with me so that Young Master Yuan Chengzhi could marry Saintess Yuqing, do you think that the Divine Sovereign Clan at least owes me some reparations?”

Elder Zhou Hai suddenly said, “Maiden Ye Jing, there is no need to pretend that you are a Goddess Envoy or any representative from the Goddess Palace. If you have any difficulties, please say so. We are grateful for your aid during the Golden Clans Congregations. If it is within our power to do so, just say so and we will help you.”

Even Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was saying, “Maiden Ye Jing, why don’t you stay here with us for the time being? We can talk over this…”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba waved them to be quiet as he solemnly said, “So what do you want?”

Ye Jing smiled wryly as she looked intently at everyone, “I want the Nightingale Divine Pearl, the Sovereign Aura Vessel and 1000 high grade soul jewels.”

When everyone had heard Ye Jing, they were stunned. She was asking for the sky!

The Nightingale Divine Pearl was a saint treasure pearl that could increase the chance of a breakthrough for the cultivator. Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was currently using it to achieve for a breakthrough to the Sacred Saint level.

The Sovereign Aura Vessel was an inheritance artifact that was left behind by the founder of the Divine Sovereign Clan. It had the added effect of nurturing pills and enhancing its effect.

As for 1000 high grade soul jewels, 1000 gold coins was equivalent to just one high grade soul jewel. Even though the Divine Sovereign Clan was rich but it was not that rich.

She was asking for the sky, literally!

Whatever good impression that Ye Jing had with the Divine Sovereign Clan was suddenly gone now and the elders of the Divine Sovereign Clan were all flushed with anger.

Ye Jing did not seem to be affected by their hostile stares as she continued casually, “Look at you and me. After such a long time, you are still a peaked golden celestial. Only now you are attempting for a breakthrough to a Sacred Saint? Isn’t that too late already? If you are not careful then your star may fall from the heavens. What about me? I’m a peaked golden celestial now. If you have given your Nightingale Divine Pearl to me, you may be grateful to me for saving your life and helping me to become a Sacred Saint instead.”

Elder Zhou Hai shouted angrily, “Ye Jing! You are too insolent! Apologize to our grandmaster now!”

But Ye Jing continued to say casually, “As for your Sovereign Aura Vessel, why don’t I help you to take care of it instead? In my hands, it will be in good hands. After all, it is better to surrender to me rather than the Devil Isle. What do everyone think of my good proposal?”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba roared with laughter as he shouted angrily, “Maiden Ye Jing, do you know that you don’t look like a villainess at all. I have been giving leeway to you because of your contribution against the Devil Isle. But now you are here to exhort us? Do you think that the Divine Sovereign Clan is a clan that you can trample as and when? Do you want to me to force my hands on you?”

Ye Jing hummed coldly, “Why don’t you try? A trash clan like yours should be honored to let me trample.”

All of a sudden a messenger entered hurriedly into the audience hall and said to the Grandmaster Yuan Tianba, “Grandmaster, clan leader Wu Jiebian urgently seeks an audience with you. He says, he says…”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba said angrily, “Why can’t you wait? Can’t you see that we are having a heated discussion here?”

The messenger took a terrify look at Ye Jing before he blurted out, “He…says that…his clan the Divine Lights Palace had been wiped out by Ye Jing…at the same time, three second rate celestial clans and seven third rate celestial clans in our domain vicinity had also been completely annihilated by the Goddess Envoy Ye Jing!”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, Young Master Yuan Chenggong, Elder Yuan Xiao, Elder Zhou Hai and all the others could not believe their ears. This Ye Jing had already wiped out so many clans on her way to the Divine Sovereign Clan?

Ye Jing lifted her head to smile coldly, “Well then, what do you say now? Will you accede to my demands?”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba had unsheathed his divine sword as he muttered weakly, “Call Ancestor Yuan here. Now!”

The messenger quickly departed…

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba called out sternly, “Prepare the sword formation and don’t let them leave! Get her!”

Elder Zhou Hai shouted as he unsheathed his sword, “Lass, what you did is truly unrighteous and unforgivable! Let me exchange some pointers with you first!”

The sword energies of Elder Zhou Hai were beaming like stellar light as he executed his strokes point blank at Ye Jing.

Sword energies were extremely lethal at point blank and could tear apart even the strongest metals.

Ye Jing had also unsheathed her divine sword as she slashed her sword forward and a burst of sword energies could be seen exploding from the back of Elder Zhou Hai, sending him flying backward in the next instant!

Everyone was startled that Ye Jing could even defeat Elder Zhou Hai now and in such an effortless manner…

As for Elder Zhou Hai’s sword energies, it exploded furiously in front of Ye Jing, missing her completely.

All the onlookers were shocked that Ye Jing could evade Elder Zhou Hai’s sword energies attacks at point blank and escaped unscathed. She had even counter attack with a sword energy of her own.

Compared to three months ago, this Ye Jing was like a changed person and she was even more formidable than the last time they had seen her!

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba suddenly shouted, “What are you all waiting for? Take her down!”

Immediately, eight of the elders combined their auras into one formidable imposing aura as they charged forward at the same time with their swords.

The imposing aura of eight golden celestial celestials forming a sword formation array at the same time could oppress any golden celestials and rendered the lone defender helpless. The elders of the Divine Sovereign Clan were at least confident of this.

Before Ye Jing could shake off their oppressing aura, their swords would be at her throat!

But they did not expect that the man behind Ye Jing would make a sudden move and with two raised palms, his martial power had exploded over them in a thunderous outburst and in the next instant, all the elders had coughed out blood and the sword formation array was in shambles.

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba had turned ashen immediately. It was because the man that had just made his move was a sacred saint and judging from his martial power, he was also a peaked sacred saint!

Where did Ye Jing find such a monster? No wonder she had dared to come to the Divine Sovereign Clan to make her demand!

At the same time all the elders were all thrown back by the mysterious man, the woman behind Ye Jing had also made her move as she sent dozens of darts flying all across the hall and numerous protégés of the Divine Sovereign Clan were all moaning on the ground in pain.

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was further taken aback and he almost got a heart attack. It was because when this beautiful woman had made her sudden attack, her martial aura was suddenly revealed to approach the peaked sacred saint level as well.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and Young Master Yuan Chenggong were both stunned and suddenly they found out Ye Jing’s imposing aura were enveloping them and filling them with fear…

Ye Jing quietly said, “Thank you Uncle Huan and Aunt Ling.”

Uncle Huan was actually the Celestial Liege while Aunt Ling was the Confession Lady Ye Ling. The two of them were actually the Great Saints of the Goddess Palace and the Tranquil City.

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba had never seen these two peaked sacred saints before but he had suddenly known fear. He was stammering with fear, “Who…are you…”

The Celestial Liege smiled coldly, “This you don’t have to know. You only need to know that we are experts from the Goddess Palace.”

All of a sudden the audience hall was resonating loudly, “Who dares to mess with the Divine Sovereign Clan? Who is the one that dares to bully my descendants?!”

A ruddy face old man with a long beard had walked into the audience hall.

“Ancestor Yuan!” All the elders and protégés were immediately jolted as they greeted loudly.

Immediately the oppressing aura that was on Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, Young Master Yuan Chenggong and all the others were broken by this ruddy face old fellow.

Judging from the formidable aura that was continuously emanating from this Ancestor Yuan, Ye Jing knew that he was a peaked sacred saint. Moreover this intimidating aura that was around him was none other than the formidable Divine Sovereign Force and he had already attained to the peaked level.

Ancestor Yuan looked intently at Ye Jing, “So you are the one that wants to take our Nightingale Divine Pearl and the Sovereign Aura Vessel?”

Ye Jing smiled coldly, “That’s right. You must be their Ancestor Yuan.”

Ancestor Yuan replied equally coldly, “Then you must be sick of living to make such a demand.”

Ye Jing chuckled softly, “Actually I am really sick of living and that is why I am here. I ask again, do you or do you not want to accede to my demands?”

Ancestor Yuan lifted his right hand and a sword materialized in his hand…

Even Ye Jing was taken aback. It was because the sword that was in his hand was a high grade earth-step immortal sword!

Ancestor Yuan hummed coldly, “What do you think?”

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