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Chapter 68: What a coincidence! 

A group of fatigued celestials numbering three hundreds were making their way up to the Five Cloud Peaks where the Divine Sovereign Clan was situated.

These celestials were from the remnants of the Divine Lights Palace, which was a second rate celestial clan that was closely allied with the Divine Sovereign Clan.

When their clan was attacked by the Ye Jing and was burnt to the ground, they were naturally dismayed. What more, even their most prized celestial treasure the Candlelight Soul Stone was taken by her.

Therefore they had come to the Five Cloud Peaks to look for Grandmaster Yuan Tianba, hoping that he could help the Divine Lights Clan to address their grievances.

Ye Jing had made quite a deep impression three months ago on them. They could not understand why Ye Jing would suddenly destroy her own clan and then turned her back on the rest of the celestial clans that had just proclaimed her to be a heroine.

She even proclaimed that she was the Goddess Envoy from the Goddess Palace and made several demands. At first they had thought that she was only making a joke but it soon turned up that her threats were too real.

As they continued along the mountain paths, they were using strong words to encourage each other.

“Don’t worry. The Divine Sovereign Clan will be able to help us to take back the Candlelight Soul Stone.”

“He will make that Demoness Ye Jing pays dearly for this…”

“This great dishonor that is upon our clan will be avenged ten times over…”

“If we meet that Demoness Ye Jing, I make sure that I bang her ten thousand times and eat her flesh…”

“Even that is still not enough to satisfy my hatred for her…”

“Who is talking about me in broad daylight?” Ye Jing had suddenly appeared in front of them. Behind her were also the man and woman that had destroyed their clan…

Immediately all three hundred protégés of the Divine Light Palace had turned ashen as though they had seen a ghost in front of them.

Ye Jing had just finished the fight with Ancestor Yuan and had just walked down from the Five Cloud Peaks. She was looking pale as her internal injuries were not light.

But she still managed a cold smile, “I wonder who the ones are so it is only the dogs of the Divine Light Palace. Hmph, who wants to bang me ten thousand times and eat my flesh?”

A golden celestial stammered, “Why…why are you here…aren’t you afraid of the Divine Sovereign Clan?!”

Another golden celestial cursed angrily, “To think that you have such a heavenly appearance but your heart is as poisonous as a scorpion!”

The two of them were the only golden celestials in the group and they were the elders of the Divine Light Palace.

Ye Jing had beaten them just a few days ago so naturally she was able to recognize them.

Ye Jing hummed coldly, “What a coincidence. I’ve just made a visit to the Divine Sovereign Clan to make some demands and I’ve just finished my business with them. I have thought that I have disbanded the Divine Light Palace already and why are you here? Do you want to leave behind a leg, a hand or your cripple inner core behind?”

A female protégé had suddenly stepped forward as she raised her long sword and said bitterly, “You can insult us but you cannot humiliate us. The protégés of the Divine Light Palace will rather die than suffer any indignant to the honor of our clan!”

Ye Jing had already unsheathed her long sword, “What is your name? I will give you a fitting death then.”

“Hmph! Then you better remember my name well. I’m Jiang Shufei…”

The first golden celestial had quickly pulled her away, “Shut up. You are not in a position to talk here…”

“But father…”

Ye Jing coldly said, “Too late.”

When she had said that, she had already sent a cold piercing sword energy to fly toward Jiang Shufei with a startling speed…

The first golden celestial immediately used his sword to dissipate the incoming sword energy but Ye Jing had suddenly unleashed a second sword energy in the next instant and the golden celestial was struck with an explosive energy burst on his right shoulder!

This caused the first golden celestial to take three hurried steps back while Jiang Shufei cried out, “Father!…”

Jiang Shufei suddenly kneel down before Ye Jing, “If you spare my father, then I will be your slave.”

Ye Jing looked at her fingernails before she said coldly, “Good. I am in need of some servants anyway. Now scram and don’t let me see you around the Five Cloud Peaks. And remember this. Don’t ever think of reviving the Divine Light Palace.”

The first golden celestial was weeping, “Child, you…don’t have to do this…”

Jiang Shufei sobbed, “My life for the three hundred of us. This is worth it. Find a mountain and hide…”

The first golden celestial was still lamenting loudly even as he was pulled away by the second golden celestial, “My daughter…”

When Jiang Shufei saw that her clan kinsmen had finally departed, she raised her sword all of a sudden to slice her neck but there were five beaming bursts of light from Ye Jing’s fingers that immediately loosened her grip on her sword and her sword was sent flying into the air.

Ye Jing had just displayed the Starlight Fingers, a martial skill that was taught to her by the Fiery Phoenix Goddess.

Jiang Shufei was startled but at the same time she was humming coldly, “I will rather be dead than be humiliated by you.”

Ye Jing simply walked past her as she said casually, “I have changed my mind. You seem to be a useless servant to me and I don’t need your service any longer. Go back to your father.”

In the next instant Ye Jing and her two followers were already out of sight.

Just as Jiang Shufei was still staring at the darkness in confusion, a handsome man had suddenly barged into her and he was asking, “Did you see Ye Jing? I mean a beautiful maiden and behind her are two…”

Jiang Shufei interrupted coldly, “I have seen that Demoness Ye Jing alright. And who are you?”

It was Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and he was chasing after Ye Jing. When he got interrupted, he began to look at this young maiden in front of him and was awestruck by her air of righteousness, “I am…Yuan Chengzhi…and you are?”

Jiang Shufei was startled as she took curious look at him, “You are Young Master Yuan Chengzhi from the Divine Sovereign Clan?”

She quickly regained her composure and averted her eyes, “I’m Jiang Shufei from the Divine Lights Palace…”

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