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Chapter 69: Path of No Return

As Ye Jing, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady continued their way away from the Five Cloud Peaks, a man, a woman and a divine phoenix were waiting ahead of them.

They were none other than Chu Yunfeng and Li’Er. The phoenix was of course Yu’Er, Ye Jing’s spiritual contract beast.

Li’Er immediately gasped, “Protégé mistress, are you well? You seem to be injured? How is the trip?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I’m alright. I have got what I have wanted from the Divine Sovereign Clan.”

When Ye Jing told her mother, the Lady Consort Ye, Chu Yunfeng and Li’Er that she wanted to destroy the Holy Citadel City, they were initially quite shocked.

Ye Jing had said, “In the future I will have a lot of enemies. If they cannot extract their vengeance against me then they will surely look for my clan of origin. It is better that I pretend to destroy it myself out of madness than let the others destroy it. From now on, you are all free to go.”

The Lady Consort Ye had tried in vain to persuade Ye Jing to reconsider carefully but in the end Ye Jing was adamant in carrying out her plans.

When she had visited the Holy Citadel City, the Lady Consort Ye had actually adopted Hua Ni’Er and Hua Xie’Er as her daughters because she had actually liked them so much. So Ye Jing found a place for them in the Tranquil City where they would be safe.

As for Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng, they insist on following her even though they knew that it was dangerous.

“Do you know that should you decide to follow me, in the future you will all be despised and hunted by everyone? The destiny that I have chosen is cruel indeed, even more so for my followers.”

But Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng laughed it off and could not be persuaded.

Even when she had told them that she would fight all the super exponents of the celestial realm, they were adamant in following her. Failing to persuade them, she finally relented.

Ye Jing smiled gently as she looked at everyone, “Thank you…”

Li’Er asked curiously, “So where are we going next now?”

Ye Jing smiled faintly, “We are going to pay a visit to the Heavenly Fragrance Villa and pay my Sister Saintess Feng Minyue a visit. They have two treasures that I want to obtain, the Heavenly Celestium Silk and the Dispersing Fragrance Pill. The Dispersing Fragrance Pill is particular useful to me and in the entire celestial realm, it is one of a kind.”

Suddenly Ye Jing had coughed out blood, causing panic from Li’Er and the Confession Lady as they surrounded her with concern looks.

“I’m alright. After I’ve taken some blood pills, my vitality will be replenished. So do not worry.”

The Confession Lady was sighing softly. It was because Ye Jing constitution was weak and she had forced herself too hard.

In just three short months, Ye Jing had forced herself to the upper tier of the golden celestial level. Not only that, she had also overcome the Traverse Divinity and was now at the late stage of the Seventh Sense Divinity. She just need one little step to become a saintess and attain the Crisis Divinity.

However this little step was an impassable barrier for most of the celestials. She had to overcome the life and death tribulation of the sacred saint level first in order to become a saintess. At the same time, there was another life and death tribulation if she wants to achieve a breakthrough to the Crisis Divinity.

That was why she would need all the celestial heritance that she could find and obtain in order to breakthrough as fast as possible. That was because her aim was not just the sacred saint level but she had to be a peaked sacred saint as soon as possible and ascend as an immortal in order to avert her fate of death.

Ye Jing tried to force a smile, “After we screw up these celestial clans, won’t the Devil Isle be hopping mad?”

The Confession Lady said indifferently, “It is their fault for making a premature attack on the celestial clans. That is why the Goddess Palace got six months to make our moves. Well, we can still got another three months to do so. Unless we screw up ourselves, they can’t stop us.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Don’t worry. I will make sure that all the patriarch clans will be arriving at the Unmoving Mountains in three month time.”

Then she turned her head around so that no one could see her tears as she said silently to herself, “Xiaofang, where are you? Are you having fun now? I hope you are. Our Little Fenghuang is fine, don’t worry. Do you know that I am suffering now? I’m dying. I am sorry that I can’t keep our promise to be together. Let’s hope that Danfeng or Yuqing will be able to take care of you in the future…by now, you should have already received news that I’ve turned into a horrible and despicable villainess…”

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