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Chapter 70: Extorting Gong Nanyan

It had only been three months and the transformation of Gong Nanyan, the icy beauty of the Lofty Snow Palace was startling.

She was now polite and had an amicable feel around her.

By now, everyone knew that there was a Young Master Fang who was staying in her abode and speculated that this may be the cause of her sudden transformation.

Where in the past she was someone to be avoided, now everyone was fondly greeting their Fourth Protégé Sister with affections.

Gong Nanyan was walking down the hallway in the inner sanctum and was on the way to her abode when she chanced upon her Third Protégé Brother Yu Degang. She gave a polite nod as she walked past him when suddenly Yu Degang flew next to her and said with some hesitation, “Little protégé sister, may we have a word each other?”

She nodded lightly as she looked curiously at him, “Is there anything that you want to say?” They had seldom talked with each other in the past and this was actually the first time that Yu Degang had approached her for a talk. If it was in the past, she would simply walk away or pretended that she had not heard him.

Yu Degang sighed deeply as he said with a shaken voice, “Junior Sister, I’m anxious for you. You must be careful of that Young Master Fang. These young masters are usually spoil brats and they are playboys. Do you know how many women Young Master Fang had bedded in the past? I fear that he is just playing you. Also I saw him flirting with the female protégés the other day…”

Gong Nanyan smiled with no hint of any negative emotions, “Senior Brother, you are overthinking. Xiaofang, he…he is really nice to me.”

Yu Degang had a bitter face as he said, “You can’t be serious about this because he isn’t serious about you. Junior sister, let me speak to our protégé mistress. He is too dangerous to remain in your abode. Who knows what he will do to you…”

There was a flash of displeasure in her eyes as Gong Nanyan said coldly, “This is my affair and have nothing to do with anyone. Moreover, he is a true gentleman as well.”

That was a blatant lie and she was surprised that she could say it out without flushing. For the past three months they had been intimately sleeping together and she had been enjoying his touches. There was not a single day that she did not desire him.

Yu Degang frowned, “I feel that he has an ulterior motive here. He may have set his sights on our clan secret martial arts. Junior Sister, I hope that you do not leak any of our clan profound arts to him or else you will be a great sinner to our clan!”

Just as he was about to tell her more, Gong Nanyan had suddenly walked off without saying a word.

“This…Junior Sister…” He was suddenly overcome with jealousy for Young Master Fang. Ever since Gong Nanyan had a change of personality, she was becoming more and more attractive. Even Yu Degang himself was feeling that only he was a most matching fit for her.

A petite protégé had suddenly run up to him to say with a smile, “Senior protégé brother, I have found out what you have tasked me to check. The clan leader of the Sky Sword Pavilion only has two daughters and no sons. I did a further check too but no one in the Sky Sword Pavilion has heard of a Young Master Fang.”

Yu Degang was suddenly delighted as he gave a big grin, “Tell no one about this. You can go now.”

The petite protégé humbly lit a faint smile, “I hope that senior protégé brother will keep a good lookout for me in the future.”

Yu Degang smiled as he gave the petite protégé a pat, “You can come to my room tonight for my special favors.”

The petite protégé was delighted as she flushed shyly, “Thank you…”

He was delighted as he watched the petite protégé disappeared from the hallway, “So this Young Master Fang is an impostor. This is good news to me.”

Gong Nanyan was irritated by Yu Degang defamation of Xiaofang and the reasons why she had walked away all of a sudden was that she could sense that Yu Degang did not like Xiaofang. Therefore there was no need to continue with the conversation.

But as soon as she had returned to her abode, her mood was light again.

Her beautiful countenance was looking gently at Xiaofang who was practicing swordplay in the outer court when she had arrived. She immediately went up to him with a soft embrace to his back as she asked softly, “Are you tired? Do you want to take a rest?”

Xiaofang let out a deep breath as his eyes met her, “I am not tired…”

As he said that, Gong Nanyan had moved in front of him and kissed him gently on his lips.

They were soon exchanging passionate kisses while holding each other tightly. Xiaofang hands were upon her slim waist and he was gently caressing her lower and lower…

All of a sudden Xuan Danfeng had suddenly entered the outer court yard and gasped softly.

Gong Nanyan and Xiaofang were also gasping with alarm as they quickly let go of each other panicky.

There was a deep flush on Gong Nanyan as she quickly said softly while she looked at the ground shyly, “Greeting to protégé mistress…”

As for Xiaofang, he had turned ashen. It was because of the dire warnings that Xuan Danfeng had given to him three months ago.

She had said to him back then, “If I found out that you have been taking advantage of her then there will be severe consequences. I won’t allow my protégé disciples to be bullied. By placing you with her, this means that I’ve trusted you a lot. Do you get me? So don’t you dare to bully her or try anything funny…”

Suddenly her words began to echo in his head like a lightning bolt and causing him to be fearful…

Xuan Danfeng was equally startled and she was flustered. This was broad daylight and they were actually hugging each other so intimately. This was not something that she had not known but in fact, she had discreetly encouraged it. But it was a pretense that she had to continue on.

Like a great actress, a quick thinking Xuan Danfeng gasped aloud. “Why is it so dusty here? Oh my eyes hurt. Nanyan, you should spend more time cleaning the courtyard and not to let it get too dusty…”

Gong Nanyan was lightly startled for she did not expect her protégé mistress to come out with such a lame excuse but she quickly caught on the act and replied, “I will later…”

Xuan Danfeng walked past them and said with some urgency in her beautiful voice, “Come inside. I have got something urgent to tell the both of you.”

Gong Nanyan nodded as she stole a glance at the flustered Xiaofang…

Xiaofang was astonished. Did the Palace Mistress really not see what they were doing earlier? Or was she only suppressing her anger until they were inside? He had an extremely complicated feeling in his heart…

As they went inside, Xuan Danfeng heaved a heavy sigh. “Close the door and sit down with me.”

Gong Nanyan closed the door and sat down next to Xiaofang. The two of them were looking at the table really shyly and did not know what to expect. They did not dare to look at Xuan Danfeng in her face at all…

Even though their affair was something her protégé mistress had already known but Gong Nanyan knew that this open display of affections outside the personal room was really too outrageous. She thought silently, “This is really all my fault. I shouldn’t have kissed Xiaofang just now…”

Xuan Danfeng actually had a more important matter to say and was not thinking of the incident earlier. She said solemnly, “Xiaofang, do you know that the Holy Citadel City had been destroyed and disbanded one month ago?”

Xiaofang murmured with a startled expression. His body was suddenly shuddering as he suddenly rose up, “What happens? Is the Holy Consort alright? Is…she…alright…”

Xuan Danfeng looked at him intently as she observed him silently, “It seems that he really did not know. No wonder Ye Jing is willing to put him here. Ye Jing, what are you doing…”

But she quickly said, “Xiaofang, don’t worry. Sister Ye Jing, she is alright. I have heard that the destroyer of the Holy Citadel City is none other than Ye Jing herself.”

“Huh?!” Xiaofang was taken aback. “Why should she do that? It is unthinkable…”

Xuan Danfeng nodded as she interrupted with a heavy sigh, “Yes, this is really unthinkable. When I have received the news, I was equally shocked. I am still shocked. I was even in tears earlier. That is why my eyes are a little swollen just now and the dust so easily got into my eyes.”

That was convenient excuse that she had just created for the incident earlier.

Gong Nanyan was secretly glad. It seemed that her protégé mistress was helping her to cover it up.

Xiaofang was somewhat glad that Xuan Danfeng did not see what they were doing earlier but he was now anxious for Ye Jing so he asked panicky, “Where is she now, do you know?”

Xuan Danfeng shook her head, “It is not just the Holy Citadel City that is destroyed by Ye Jing but several dozens of celestial clans as well.”

Gong Nanyan and Xiaofang were stunned. Ye Jing had destroyed dozens of celestial clans?! This was unthinkable and an impossible feat for Ye Jing to do alone…

Xuan Danfeng smiled bitterly, “I know that it is really hard to believe but it is the truth. Anyone that has seen her before cannot forget her easily. She didn’t even bother to mask her identity. What I have heard is that she got help from her two followers and both of them are sacred saints. She now claims to be the Goddess Envoy from the Goddess Palace and everywhere she goes, she has been taking and plundering the celestial clans’ inheritance. What she did is not different from what a dark celestial clan is doing.”

She inhaled with a heavy heart, “In fact, she is now the number one public enemy in the celestial realm. Whether the clans are righteous or heretic, no celestial clans are spared from her plundering.”

Xiaofang was completely stunned as he listened. This was not the Ye Jing that he had known. The Ye Jing that he had known was soft hearted and often lazy. How did Ye Jing become a Goddess Envoy of the Goddess Palace? He knew that Ye Jing had a clue where the Goddess Palace was but he really did not expect her to join the Goddess Palace and even destroyed her own patriarch clan which had thousands of years of history. She had completely disregarded her own ancestors and left behind a shameless legacy that future generations would scorn.

Even Gong Nanyan was shocked. The Goddess Palace was one of the three celestial consecration places and had never intervened in the affairs of the celestial realm. Suddenly the Goddess Palace was on the move and the Goddess Envoy was actually Ye Jing?

Xuan Danfeng sighed heavily, “Xiaofang, I like you to go and find her immediately. Whatever the reasons, you got to stop her from making further mistakes. My scouts told me that she is heading toward the Five Cloud Peaks of the Divine Sovereign Clan. That region is where the Divine Sovereign Clan and the Heavenly Fragrance Villa is located.”

Then she rolled her eyes to Gong Nanyan, “Nanyan, go with Xiaofang.”

Gong Nanyan soft voice was immediately delighted as she answered without hesitation, “Alright…” When she had heard that Xiaofang would be leaving soon, she was immediately saddened and cursed the short time that they had with each other…

Just as Xiaofang was giving a bow with his hands to thank Xuan Danfeng for sharing this piece of important information with him, there was a shout from outside the room. “Junior Sister, this is me.”

It was unmistakable the voice of Yu Degang and he was carrying a mocking laughter, “Is my Junior Sister enjoying an intimate moment inside with Young Master Fang? It is the broad daylight and you are doing such a shameful thing now.”

Then he mocked further with a louder voice, “Young Master Fang, I know that you are a fake. I have checked the Sky Sword Pavilion and there is no Young Master Fang in the clan. Hehehe, I don’t know how you manage to convince my protégé mistress likewise.”

He laughed coldly and jovially for a while, “Junior Sister, why are you keeping so quiet? This is so unlike you. I know that you are inside. If it was the past you, you would have already dashed out of your room to confront me. Are you panicky now or are you caught in a state of undress? Do you want my help to help you to put on your clothing?”

“If you think that is all that I know then you must be mistaken. I even know that you have been secretly imparting our clan profound arts to him. No wonder there is no need for him to come to the practice chamber anymore.”

Gong Nanyan could not resist asking from behind the door, “So what do you want?”

Yu Degang laughed heartily, “So what do I want? If Junior Sister is willing to sleep with me for three days then I can help you to cover your deeds with Young Master Fang. I can assure you that our protégé mistress won’t even know…”

Before he could finish, the doors were forced open by the wind force that was generated by a display of Xuan Danfeng’s right hand and at the same time she was saying coldly, “How dare you threaten your junior sister with such lewd remarks. Have you no respect for your protégé mistress? Now tell me, what the clan punishment for sexually harassing your fellow protégé is?”

Yu Degang had completely turned pale when he saw that it was his protégé mistress when the doors were suddenly forced open. He panicky knelt down and banged his head loudly on the ground, “Protégé mistress, please forgive me…”

He was actually trembling with great fear…

Xuan Danfeng hummed coldly as she lashed out her furies, “Forgive you? Dream on! You dare to threaten your junior sister to sleep with you? What next? You want to sleep with your protégé mistress next? Do you think that I do not know that you have been abusing your position as protégé brother and have been sleeping with the female protégés? Who your junior sister likes to sleep with is her own affair. This has nothing to do with you.”

Gong Nanyan was suddenly looking very flushed while Xiaofang was feeling awkward as he imagined what Xuan Danfeng would do to him if she had found out about his deed with Gong Nanyan…

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