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Chapter 71: Heavenly Fragrance Mountains

The endless flower mountains range of the Heavenly Fragrance Mountains left a deep impression on Ye Jing. The seeping white mists of the mountains coupled with the many fragrances of the mountain flowers left her in awe of the beautiful and breathtaking scenery.

Ye Jing murmured, “No wonder this place is called the Heavenly Fragrance Mountains. No wonder that how the Heavenly Fragrance Villa got its clan name. The spiritual force here is also strong. It is not weaker than the Five Cloud Peaks.”

Yu’Er flapped her wings to agree with her but she also shrieked several cries of warnings.

Ye Jing turned around with a fragile smile to her party and said, “Yu’Er says we got company. This is quick. We have just stepped at its perimeter only.”

Chu Yunfeng was smiling to Li’Er, “We are going to meet the ladies of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa soon.”

Li’Er scoffed softly, “If you are not careful, they will slice you into tens of pieces.”

Chu Yunfeng laughed it off, “The number one beauty of the celestial realm, Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue, it is the dreams of men to die under her skirt.”

Li’Er giggled as she gave him a soft kick, “Then why don’t you die now?”

Chu Yunfeng laughed, “Because I haven’t touched her skirt yet so how can I die so soon?”

“Lecherous, good for nothing Chu Yunfeng!” Li’Er rebuked him lightly as she pretended to ignore him.

As usual, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady were standing quietly at the side. It was as though nothing could move them and they continued to admire the scenery quietly.

It was not before long when several hundreds of female protégés dressed in the white and green attire of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa had quickly appeared all around them.

A beautiful lady that was leading the group hurried her steps in front of Ye Jing and flashed her long sword at her, “ May the Holy Consort Ye please turn back. We do not welcome you.”

Although Ye Jing did not know her name but she had recognized this beautiful lady with the golden eyes who was with Feng Minyue at the Nuer Mountains. She lifted her beautiful eyes and said softly, “I am no longer the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City. Today, I am the Goddess Envoy and I am representing the Goddess Palace.”

The beautiful lady said without any emotions, “We know. Our Heavenly Fragrance Princess wants us to tell you that you will always be the Holy Consort Ye that she knows and her dear sister. So please depart from here peacefully!”

There was stillness in Ye Jing’s body when she had heard her. She quietly shook her head with a soft sigh before she lifted her beautiful eyes to say, “I thank my Sister Saintess Minyue for remembering our sisterhood. However, unless she surrenders the Dispersing Fragrance Pill and the Heavenly Celestium Silk to me, I will not leave. In fact, I will lay the Heavenly Fragrance Villa to waste unless my terms are met.”

The beautiful lady shuddered as she took a step back. But she quickly mustered her strength and said coldly, “There are only five of you and we have hundreds here. Are you overestimating yourself and underestimating us? We are already quite polite to you so do not force our hand.”

“I won’t back off.” Ye Jing had already unsheathed her beaming divine sword as she took a step forward. She silently said, “Minyue, I am sorry. I know that you would not forgive me…” She had fond memories of the time that they were together in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth and also when they had fought together against the Devil Isle. Now she felt she was a horrible person and she was now here to take Dispersing Fragrance Pill.

She raised her head and looked towards the beautiful lady, “So what are you waiting for?”

The beautiful lady gritted her teeth and cried out loud, “I, Celestial Su Shanyue will not be polite then! Everyone, display the swords formations!”

Celestial Su Shanyue was an initial stage golden celestial and junior protégé sister of Feng Minyue. At the same time she was also a high ranking elder of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa.

Hundreds of swords were immediately arrayed into dozens of dazzling formations as the female protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa pointed their swords at Ye Jing…

Ye Jing had flown to the first sword formation that was nearest to her that was being formed by Celestial Su Shanyue that had addressed her, “Stay back. I can handle this alone.”

With Celestial Su Shanyue leading this sword formation, the martial aura that was grouped together was greatly enhanced and this propelled Celestial Su Shanyue’s martial aura to the peak of the golden celestial level.

She was startled that Ye Jing had chosen to fight them alone and even more astonished when she had suddenly flown straight into their sword formation with a burst of furious golden aura that clearly marked her as a late stage golden celestial. Was she not just an intermediate golden celestial just three months ago?!

While advancing from the initial stage to intermediate of the celestial level was not difficult, it was by no means easy as the foundation of that celestial level would need time to be solidified. That was why she was still at the initial golden celestial level for over a hundred years. The Intermediate to late stage of the celestial level was like a big realm of divinity to be crossed and it was extremely difficult. But this Ye Jing had moved from the initial level to the late stage of the golden celestial level in only four months?!

This feat was too impossible to be believed but right now Celestial Su Shanyue did not have the time to think too much about this for Ye Jing was diving straight for her with her sword energies imbued sword.

She muttered with a pretty shout, “You are courting your own death…”

Just as she had shouted halfway, a cold piercing sword energy had struck her on her abdomen as the afterimages of Ye Jing suddenly flashed past her sword, crippling her onto the ground in agonizing pain. Her inner core had been struck by Ye Jing!

In that very instant Ye Jing had daringly evaded dozens of sword energies and strikes as she struck down one opponent after another with great agility.

In the space of ten blinks of an eye, more than thirty protégés were left moaning on the ground.

Panicky voices soon overwhelmed among the protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa.

“Move back and focus your sword energies on her!”

The protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa began moving back as they unleashed hundreds of sword energies on Ye Jing.

But Ye Jing casually waved her sword to deflect or dissipate all the sword energies into nothingness. Her heaven-step divine sword had the divine power to attract and lessened the strength of opposing energies around her, making it doubly easy for her to dissipate opposing energies without using much of her internal profound strength.

Moreover she was protected by the aura of the peaked golden celestial level and if she was forced into a desperate situation, she would use the Divine Rejuvenation Force to protect herself.

However there was no need for her to do so as their only golden celestial that was opposing her was now lying on the ground. Against weaker opponents, there was no need for her to go into extremities even though she must say that she was quite impressed by the coordination of the protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa.

While the strength of the practitioners forming the sword formation were important but the coordination between them were equally important for the sword formation to unleash its full power.

Ye Jing thought, “These protégé sisters of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa are all particular close with one another. I can sense from their subtle emotions and distresses whenever I have struck one of them down.”

She pushed away her thoughts and charged into the nearest sword formation. As she charged, the females protégés began to scatter as one of them shouted, “She is coming. Don’t let her come close to us!”

Ye Jing raised her left palm and displayed the Big Dipper Hands as she raised her voice to shout, “Not so easy!”

Immediately eight of the protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa were crushed under the oppressing martial power of the Big Dipper Hands and were moaning on the ground.

Ye Jing flashed through multiple sword formations like a phantom as she slashed through the ranks of the protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa like a seemingly impossible to stop goddess of death.

Within a hundred blinks of an eye, all three hundreds of her opponents were all on the ground. The scene was appalling as distressing cries and moans were everywhere.

Sword energies were much more difficult to use and master. Only a few elite celestials were talented enough to use it. More than half of the celestials that had attained as a golden celestial were actually incapable of traversing to the sword energy level. Therefore it was not wrong to say that these three hundred protégés were the elites of the Sword Energies Heavenly Hall of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa but now all their prides were trampled by Ye Jing who did not even have a single drop of blood on her black satin robe.

Using sword energies on Ye Jing was actually a big mistake as she could sense energies more acutely than anything else. It was even more so now after she had attained the late stage of the Seventh Sense Divinity recently which greatly enhanced her perception all around her.

Ye Jing was undisturbed by the carnage that she had caused. Her alluring eyes had a hint of sorrow as she calmly said, “We will go up to the citadel of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa now.”

Although her voice was soft but it could be heard clearly by everyone, it had an added depressing weight upon the protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa and many of them who could still find their voices broke down into sorrowful cries.

“Ye Jing, you demoness!”

“If I can still able to move, I will kill you…”

“Curse you to the depths of hell, Ye Jing!”

Ye Jing beautiful figure had already vanished in a blink of an eye and did not hear their curses. But even if she did, she was already used to hearing the same venomous curses and this was nothing new to her. This was the path that she had decided and there was no return for her.

Even though Chu Yunfeng was now used to seeing Ye Jing in action, he was still startled nevertheless. It was because Ye Jing had single handedly dispatched one golden celestial and dozens of Immortal Celestials. As a peaked Enlighten Celestial who was aiming to join the elite rank of the Immortal Celestials, he knew that every single one of these Immortal Celestials were formidable fighters and probably the best of their generation.

There were around thirty of them who were at the level of the Immortal Celestial. It seemed that the Heavenly Fragrance Villa had almost sent all their celestial experts to deal with them.

While the Heavenly Fragrance Villa was ranked slightly higher in strength than the Holy Consort City in term of their clan strength but they had far fewer protégés than most of the clans. It was because it was not easy to find so many female celestial protégés in the first place.

Li’Er shook her head sadly as she said silently said, “Protégé mistress is so soft hearted. She wants everyone to hate her and yet she takes care not to kill any of them. It is the same for all the other celestial clans…”

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