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Chapter 72: Broken Sisterhood

When Ye Jing reached the heaven gate of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa, hundreds more of the protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa had lined up and they were looking at her with great hostility. However they made no attempt to stop or talk to her as she made her way up the terrace steps.

The Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady were walking leisurely far behind her. She did not slow down her steps for them but instead, she had quickened her steps.

If this was a nasty confrontation between sisters then she would rather it to be done sooner than later.

As for Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng, they had quietly stay out of sight as Ye Jing had made it clear to them that she did not want them to be involved in her battles. They had also understood that they would only distract her and may even hinder her.

Ye Jing moved with astonishing speed past the welcoming platform where hundreds of protégés awaited with their swords.

She came to a halt when she saw the Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue slowly descending down from the steps of the terrace in front of her. Accompanying her was a peerless beauty and she was none other than Fan Yuqing.

Ye Jing was slightly startled to see Fan Yuqing with Feng Minyue. She had thought that she had gone off on her own. After all, it was Feng Minyue that had told her that.

Ye Jing stopped in her tracks as she laughed bitterly, “Greetings my sisters.”

Feng Minyue involuntarily trembled as she said with a heavy heart, “Since you are able to make it up here then I surmise that my Junior Protégé Sister Shanyue and the elites of my clan have already fallen under your hands.”

Fan Yuqing quietly appraised Ye Jing before she said slowly as disbelief surged onto her eyes, “You’ve come alone?”

Ye Jing hummed coldly, “I’ve come with two others. They are a little slow.”

Feng Minyue said coldly, “If you have not come then we can still be sisters. But you have actually massacred all my protégés. This is something that I can never forgive you. Envoy of the Goddess Palace, what do you actually want from us? Am I wrong to address you as such?”

Ye Jing did not reply immediately. Instead she was thinking of the time that they were trapped in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. At first they were not particular close with one another but they had soon become close sisters. They had pleaded with Fan Yuqing to explain the mysteries of the Martial Pinnacle Art to them and finally she had relented. Through Fan Yuqing, they had also found the courage to fight the Devil Isle…

So if there was any person that she was not willing to fight in the entire world then it had to be Fan Yuqing.

There was a disturbing look that was on the three of them as they looked at one another silently. It was as though Ye Jing was telling them, “Sisters, I’m sorry.” and they were pleading, “Sister Jing please let us what’s wrong.”

Finally Ye Jing inhaled softly, “As long as you are willing to give me the Dispersing Fragrance Pill and the Heavenly Celestium Silk then I will depart from here peacefully. If not, don’t blame me later when I have burnt down your Heavenly Fragrance Villa.”

She knew that she had sounded forced. She was facing two formidable saintess and their martial strength was above her.

Feng Minyue shuddered as she responded with a weak voice, “Do you know what you are asking for? The Dispersing Fragrance Pill and the Heavenly Celestium Silk are two of our clan most precious inheritance. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to adhere to your demands.”

Ye Jing nodded with her regretful eyes as she unsheathed her sword, “Then there is nothing for us to talk about. We can only fight.”

Fan Yuqing had suddenly stepped in front of Feng Minyue as she said coldly, “Ye Jing, if you dare to take a step forward then we are no longer sisters. Stop this madness at once and quickly get a hold of your senses. Do you want to fight two saintess at the same time? You should know how strong I am. Don’t let me repeat myself.”

Ye Jing inhaled deeply as she said bitterly, “Sister Yuqing, Sister Minyue, forgive me. This may be the last time that we will be addressing one another as sisters. I will not back down and you will not accede to my demands. So draw your swords and we fight it out.”

Fan Yuqing was trembling, “Ye Jing, you are a fool! Have you forgotten that you still have your Xiaofang? What up with you that you are attacking the various clans and taking their celestial treasures? Do you have a death wish?”

Ye Jing smiled bitterly, “Then you can have Xiaofang. Isn’t that good? You should be happy once I’m gone.”

Fan Yuqing beautiful face was filled with helplessness as she said coldly, “Have you forgotten that he had already rejected my advances in front of everyone and he had already chosen you as the love of his life?”

Ye Jing responded coldly, “It is meaningless for us to talk about this now.”

Fan Yuqing nodded, “Indeed…”

When she had said that, she had already flashed next to Ye Jing and had immediately raised her fingers for a strike.

Ye Jing immediately raised her sword to parry the sudden attack and she was forced to take six steps back.

At the same time Feng Minyue had also lifted her sword and unleashed multiple burst of sword energies at Ye Jing who evaded her attacks with startling agility.

Ye Jing was smiling bitterly to herself, “It seems that my strength is still below that of a sacred saint. No, it is because Fan Yuqing is a peaked sacred saint and that she has already attained the Heaven Divinity. Even if she is my level, her martial power is still above me.”

Fan Yuqing hummed coldly as she chased after Ye Jing, “Now you know that you are being outclassed by me?”

Ye Jing had flashed continuously, displaying her most epitome display of her swiftness movement skills. Ever since she had attained the peak of the Traverse Divinity, her swiftness movement skills had progressed to an even greater heights.

Therefore, she was surprised that Fan Yuqing could still follow her movements at ease as she thought, “Don’t tell me that she is also an agility practitioner?”

All of a sudden this small distraction gave Fan Yuqing the opening that she needed as she flashed a powerful thunderous palm force into Ye Jing’s body, sending her to cough out a bout of blood as she was sent flying through the air.

While in mid-air, Ye Jing immediately flipped onto the ground and displayed the Divine Rejuvenation Force as she slashed headlong with Fan Yuqing again.

Fan Yuqing took three steps back as she gasped, “The Divine Rejuvenation Force? Where did you learn it from?”

Ye Jing displayed several attacking strokes upon Fan Yuqing, clasping her injuries with her off hand at the same time while responding coldly, “Naturally it is from the Goddess Palace. Is this the best that you can do to me?”

Fan Yuqing hummed coldly, “Then you are forcing me to get serious…”

Immediately Fan Yuqing fingers became a phantom of darkness as she displayed her Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill.

Ye Jing fingers became a silhouette of bright light as she displayed the Starlight Fingers…

There were dozens of dark and bright flashes as they flashed next to each other and in less than three blinks of an eye, Ye Jing was struck seven times and she had crumbled to her knees.

If it was not for her Divine Rejuvenation Force, given Fan Yuqing’s martial strength, she would have been instantly killed on the spot after receiving seven continuous blows from the Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill.

Fan Yuqing coolly said as she stood next to her, “Although the Divine Rejuvenation Force is formidable but it is not invincible. Compared to Han Shaodong, you are still lacking in martial power. Ye Jing, be prepared to receive your due punishment. I’m going to cripple your elixir inner core now…”

Ye Jing face was really pale as she looked fearfully at Fan Yuqing. All of a sudden she had a flashback of herself floating into a black coffin. Was Fan Yuqing her real nemesis?

“Please hold it!” It was the voice of the Celestial Liege and in that instant he had intercepted Fan Yuqing and had knocked her back!

There was a tiny twitch on Fan Yuqing’s peerless countenance as she gasped softly, “It is you? Uncle Huan?”

Feng Minyue who had actually stopped fighting for a while earlier was startled when she noted Fan Yuqing’s expressions.

The Celestial Liege was trembling, “Niece Yuqin, we have finally found you…”

Fan Yuqin was her real name. Fan Yuqing was the name that she was using now.

The Confession Lady had actually flashed next to her and embraced her tightly, “Yuqin. My Little Yuqin, where have you been? We have thought that we have lost you forever. Why didn’t you look for us? We are so worried for you.”

Fan Yuqing was trembling and there were tears in her eyes, “Aunt Ling…”

Even Ye Jing was stunned. She really did not know that Fan Yuqing was related to the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady. All of a sudden she got a jolt. She had suddenly remembered that the Great Saintess Ye aka the Confession Lady had briefly mentioned to her that her Celestial Teacher Yi Si was her little niece. And that Fan Yuqing had mentioned that Yi Si was her half-sister…

Fan Yuqing was trembling with stunned gaze, “I did many, many bad things in the past and got my just retributions…”

The Confession Lady sighed lightly, “It is all over now so don’t think too much about the past. Little Yuqin, how have you been all these years? Are you married to anyone or taken a liking to anyone? I really want to know…

There was a painful reflection that was on Fan Yuqing as she shook her head, refusing to answer her.

The Confession Lady sighed softly, “I guess that it is probably not easy for you…”

Fan Yuqing really did not want to bring up the painful past that she had experienced. It was because she had screwed up in almost everything that she did in recent years. She had gone from the haughty noble lady to a state of wretched existence. And the person that she took a liking had even rejected her in public. What more, he was even the son of her most hated enemy the Celestial Yuehua who had caused her to experience a fate that was worse than death…

“Do you know what she has done?” Fan Yuqing pointed at Ye Jing.

The Confession Lady gave a gently nod, “We know. We are together.”

Upon learning that they were actually working hand in hand, Fan Yuqing was somewhat startled. “Then you are also from the Goddess Palace?”

The Confession Lady nodded slowly, “Yes, we are all from the Goddess Palace. Therefore if you don’t want to fight us then you got to accede to our requests.”

Fan Yuqing took a step back as she pushed the Confession Lady away from her, “What is going on. I’ve thought that the two of you will never do anything like this…”

The Confession Lady sighed, “We have our own reasons for doing so. Ye Jing is now representing the Goddess Palace to fight the Devil Isle. Child, come with us.”

Fan Yuqing took another step back as she said heartbreakingly, “What for? My parents are no longer around now. Even my sister had ascended to the heavens. I am just an abandoned child that no one wants. Leave me alone.”

She suppressed her emotions before raising her alluring eyes to meet the Confession Lady and Ye Jing, “We are not going to surrender the inheritance of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa to you but I’m not going to fight with you either.”

She then materialized a Rainbow Divine Pill to her hand and said coldly, “Consider this to be my personal loss. If she wants a breakthrough to the Sacred Saint level then my Rainbow Divine Pill will be more useful than the Dispersing Fragrance Pill. Don’t give me any bullshit about taking it all or else stuff. This is the biggest leeway that I can give now.”

Ye Jing was startled as she gasped softly, “You have another Rainbow Divine Pill? I’ve thought that you have already given one to Feng Minyue?”

Fan Yuqing lit a slow smile, “If I have just one then I won’t use it as a gambit. So you want to take it or not?”

Ye Jing slowly said, “I will take it.”

Fan Yuqing hummed coldly as she released the Rainbow Saint Pill and let it flew into Ye Jing’s fingers.  “From on now, we are no longer sisters.”

Ye Jing trembled lightly as she gazed intently at Fan Yuqing and Feng Minyue, “Well then, farewell Saintess Yuqing, Saintess Minyue.”

Then she had turned her back away and walked off without once looking back.

The Confession Lady said gently, “Child, come visit us at the Tranquil City when this storm has blown off. We will always welcome you. And…thank you.”

The Celestial Liege sighed softly before he turned away with the Confession Lady…

Fan Yuqing was trembling inside her, “Why Ye Jing? Why did you go down the crook path that I have picked two centuries ago as the Golden Mask Devil Goddess? At least I have concealed my identity but you? You will never know any peace in the future. Is that what you really want? Why are you so eager to become a saintess and to fight the Devil Isle?”

Feng Minyue had quietly stood next to Fan Yuqing and looking at her tenderly. “Sister Saintess Yuqing, thank you. If it isn’t for you today, I won’t be able to protect my clan inheritance. I just feel so pity for you that you have to give up your precious treasure in order to protect mine. I really have no way to repay you…”

Fan Yuqing did not respond for her mind was in a distant place…

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