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Chapter 73: Daughter of the Heavens

It had been several days after the battle at the Heavenly Fragrance Mountains.

Ye Jing and her group were now inside a desolate cave near the Drifting Cloud Peaks and the Moon Demon Forest. Even further north were the impassable mountains of the Black Borderless Mountains.

The Drifting Cloud Peaks were an autonomous region separated from the Nine Celestial Fraternity and were also populated by hundreds of celestial clans. To most, it was simply known as the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.

Right now, Ye Jing was inhaling quietly as Li’Er, Chu Yunfeng, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady were looking at her with anxiety.

It was because Ye Jing was about to attempt for a breakthrough to the Sacred Saint level!

Ye Jing was still not unable to calm down because this was her first life and death tribulation that she had to overcome. She knew that she had to calm her heart down first or it would be fatal for her. The chance for a successful breakthrough was only 1% to 4%, according to the knowledge that she had.

There were certain rules to be followed when undergoing a breakthrough.

One, the heart must first be calmed.

Two, never attempt a breakthrough when you are injured especially when suffering from internal injuries.

Three, find a quiet place with high purity of spiritual force.

Four, obtain a divine sword, the higher grade the better to act as a soul link to bolster up the cultivator elixir inner sea. There was a higher chance if the cultivator was able to divine harmonize with the divine sword.

Five, prepare as many high grade soul jewels for emergency uses.

Six, ready as many celestial treasures as possible that can aid your chances.

Seven, pray for the blessing of the heavens.

Ye Jing had taken out the Rainbow Saint Pill, Nightingale Divine Pearl, Candlelight Soul Stone and numerous celestial treasures but the most important treasures were still the Rainbow Saint Pill and the Nightingale Divine Pearl. Both these treasures would be able to double or triple the odds for her.

She smiled bitterly as she held the Rainbow Saint Pill, “Ye Jing, have you made up your mind already to make the attempt?”

The Confession Lady gently caught her by the wrist, “Jing’Er, you are like my own daughter to me. Your Godmother does not think that you should make the attempt now. I can sense the stirring of your heart. You need to be at peace first. Moreover you have not really recovered from your internal injuries yet. We can wait a day or two.”

Ye Jing sighed softly, “Maybe it is just that the burden of being the Heaveness’ successor is too heavy for me. I don’t even know if what I am doing can really prevent the deadly Dark Divine Descendant from happening…”

There was a suddenly sadness in her alluring eyes, “Also, I have been thinking of Xiaofang and Fan Yuqing.”

The Confession Lady said gently, “Tell me. Maybe this will help your heart to calm down?”

Ye Jing’s eyes sparkled as she recalled the first time that she had met Xiaofang. They had met by chance in the mountains when she was returning home after a five years absence. That was a fateful day and many things had since happened.

If she had not met Xiaofang and his mother the Celestial Yuehua, maybe she would still be an ordinary Immortal Celestial now. In a way Celestial Yuehua had totally changed her destiny. It was not wrong to say if she had not met her, she would lose her position as Holy Consort to her Uncle Baitian or she may even be engaged to Young Master Yuan Chengzhi. Or even worse, she may even be a slave of the Devil Isle now…

That day, she had taken a few glances at Young Master Yuan Chengzhi while she was at the Five Cloud Peaks. He may be an arrogant young master when she had first met him but he had since lost his arrogant air when she had last seen him. He even looked a little dejected. Maybe he could not handle being rejected by Fan Yuqing and being made a laughing stock by everyone. Minus off his arrogance, he was just the typical young master that she may get engage in the future and this was actually not a terrible vice. Moreover he was a dashing young man and he had a bright future.

In fact, if she had not met Celestial Yuehua, her celestial level would still be struck at the initial Immortal Celestial level for a long time because she had screwed up her own spiritual inner core. Even when in the future Young Master Yuan Chengzhi had advanced to a golden celestial, she would still be at the initial Immortal Celestial level. She had basically lost all her potential in her hasty bid to fight for the position of the Holy Consort.

But now she had actually given it up…

Ye Jing lit a slow smile, “Nothing. It is just that I have fond memories of Xiaofang. If this is to be my last moment, I want to be thinking of him. I wonder how he is now. I hope that he is having fun and he will be able to find someone that he can love in the future.”

When Li’Er heard her, she was particularly emotional as she muttered. “Protégé mistress…” It was because that day when Xiaofang had proposed his fondness for Ye Jing and rejected the Saintess Yuqing, Ye Jing had also rejected him on the spot. Now her protégé mistress was wishing for Xiaofang to be well and hope that he could find someone that he could love in the future. She knew very well that her protégé mistress had a special fondness for Xiaofang…

Ye Jing smiled quietly, “I am also thinking about Fan Yuqing or should I call her Fan Yuqin?”

The Confession Lady said gently, “It is only a name. You may call her whatever you prefer.”

Ye Jing nodded as she hesitated for a while, “I am just wondering about her background. It seems that she is familiar with many of you. May I know why? Also her martial arts are too phenomenon and she had even attained to the Heavens Divinity. This is something that seems impossible.”

The Confession Lady took a glance at the Celestial Liege who gave an approving nod. If they did not put Ye Jing questions to rest then she knew that her heart would not be able to calm down. These distractions would hinder her breakthrough and even kill her later.

Sighing softly, she waved her profound aura around them so that Chu Yunfeng and Li’Er would not be able to hear them before she said gently, “Indeed she has a most unique background. You must not let anyone knows about it…”

Ye Jing was startled that her godmother would actually create a soundless buffer with her martial aura. What was so unusual about Fan Yuqing’s background that it had to be kept a secret? She quietly nodded in response…

The Confession Lady whispered cautiously, “Do you know there are hierarchies to the immortals too?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I have heard. Don’t tell me both her parents are great god and goddess.”

The Confession Lady said, “Female immortals are ranked in the hierarchy of Fairies, Sagess, Goddess and Great Goddess. Male Immortals are ranked in the hierarchy of Immortal, Immortal Sage, Superior Immortal and Great God. But actually, there is a hierarchy that is above the immortals.”

Ye Jing was startled, “Huh? There is a higher hierarchy than the immortals?”

The Confession Lady nodded, “Only two people have ever reached that hierarchy and they reigned as Divine Beings. They are the Great Goddess Fantian and the Great God Pangu. Indeed, they are the greatest of all the immortals. They are the divine of the most divines.”

Ye Jing was stunned. It was because the Great Goddess Fantian and the Great God Pangu were the two gods of creations. Legends had it that the Great God Pangu was the one that had partitioned the Mundane, Celestial and the Immortal Realms into the Three Known Realms. They were also said to be first to have ascended to the Great Beyond Realm.

“Fan Yuqing is their only daughter.” The Confession Lady slowly said. “When she was born, she was already a half-divine celestial. She didn’t actually attain the Heavens Divinity. She was born with it, inheriting the gifts of the heavens and the earth. In fact, her success rate to ascend to the immortal realm is a 100% chance due to her attainment of the Heavens Divinity.”

The Confession Lady continued, “That is why I am surprised when you have managed to breakthrough to the Earth Divinity. That is actually no small feat that can be accomplished by anyone. Most sacred saints won’t be able to breakthrough to the Earth Divinity at all. Honestly speaking, even that Han Shaodong and Xiao Shuai had just barely attained the Earth Divinity. If you are talking about the Heavens Divinity then they are definitely a million miles away from attaining it. Even for my husband and I, we are still far from it. Only a few great goddesses and great gods in the immortal realm have ever attained the Heavens Divinity and they are few.”

Thinking back, Ye Jing was suddenly smiling bitterly when Fan Yuqing had so casually said that she was at the Heavens Divinity and had unlocked 99 accupoints out of the 72 accupoints to attain the Heavens Divinity. She had not realized how impossible it was to even unblock the 72 necessary accupoints to attain the Heavens Divinity and Fan Yuqing was already so far ahead. No wonder she was able to unblock their accupoints to the Earth Divinity after they spent several weeks under her martial guidance.

Ye Jing muttered, “She is truly the daughter of the heavens…”

The Confession Lady sighed softly, “Her birthright is too good and she is too lonely. We don’t know what happens to her all these years. When I saw the disappointment that is in her eyes, I knew that she must have regarded you as a good sister and friend.”

Ye Jing was startled as she stared blankly, “She treats me as a good sister and friend?”

The Confession Lady nodded lightly as she gave a quick smile, “That’s right. If not, why did you think that she will give you this Rainbow Saint Pill? Given her stubborn character, she will surely fight than give way to anyone. The only other person that I have seen her softened her stance is her only sister Yi Si.”

She tenderly grasped Ye Jing’s hands and said gently, “I think that she sees her Sister Yi Si in you. Remember that you are also our Niece Yi Si only successor.”

The Confession Lady sighed softly, “Jing’Er, Yuqin is too lonely in this world. Do you think that you can help her in any way you can? Because I can tell that only you can understand her.”

Ye Jing muttered weakly, “She is more complicated than me…”

Suddenly her heart had calmed down after she had heard all this. She put on a faint smile, “Thank you Godmother. I am ready for my breakthrough.”

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