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Chapter 74: Saintess Ye Jing

Ye Jing was now ready for her sacred saint breakthrough. She knew that her foundation as peaked golden celestial was shaky even though she was assured by the Heaveness and Ancestress Ye that it would not affect her progression to the Sacred Saint level in the future.

The reason why she knew that her foundation was shaky was because her internal injuries were not recovering as the normal pace of a peaked golden celestial expert.

The greatest strength of the golden celestial level was its accelerated healing, energy recovery, regeneration, aura strength, enhanced levitation feats and formidable defenses. Ye Jing knew that she had barely spent any time cultivating the benefits of these feats and instead she focused purely on enhancing her spiritual boundaries and divine state so that she could attain the sacred saint level as soon as possible.

Ye Jing took small nip of the Rainbow Saint Pill and immediately she could sense a surge of spiritual force that was expanding within her spiritual inner core. The surge of spiritual force was even purer than the high grade soul jewels and other celestial treasures that she had placed around her as spiritual array.

She thought, “It is no wonder that this Rainbow Saint Pill has such a legendary reputation and it is no wonder why Feng Minyue covets after it despite having the Dispersing Fragrance Pill.”

Both divine pills actually had their own different unique properties and cannot be compared based on a single purpose. The Rainbow Saint Pill was capable of temporary expanding the spiritual boundaries of the celestial level for the practitioner while the Dispersing Fragrance Pill was able to enhance and disperse the spiritual strength of the cultivator into more effective profound strength by ensuring that the entire body of the practitioner would get all the benefits.

It was not wrong to say that the Dispersing Fragrance Pill could tremendously improve the tempering of the body and also the five senses of the practitioner. If Ye Jing were to consume it then her swiftness skills, her eyesight, her finger strength, lightless display, perceptions, hearings etc. would all improve. It could effective makes her a better fighter.

With her divine sword on her lap and her left hand holding the Nightingale Divine Pearl, she slowly closed her eyes.

She willed her mind to be clear of distractions using the Emptiness Translucence and her mind was soon like the reflection of a crystal clear lake. As an added precaution, she recited the Tranquil Spirits to slowly remove any tiny ripples that were appearing in this crystal clear lake. A small ripple would become a bigger ripple if she was not able to rectify it in time.

Slowly she began to imagine that this crystal clear lake was her spiritual inner core. Her spiritual inner core was her elixir sea that cumulated all her spiritual and vital life energies. It was the source of her inner strength and now she was emptying all of it into a great diaspora of profound energies as she burnt all of it as she released her all her aura.

The entire crystal clear lake was now boiling as it sought to expand beyond its heavenly boundaries. If the lake were to explode then Ye Jing would be dead. Therefore Ye Jing sought to control its rate of expansion with the Divine Rejuvenation Force.

This Divine Rejuvenation Force was really an epitome divine martial power art that was able to subtly tap the opponents’ released profound energies to be used as its own martial force. When used for a breakthrough, it was equally beneficial for Ye Jing as she was able to use the Divine Rejuvenation Force to quickly absorb any outburst from the lake and redistributed the excess energies.

Ye Jing was not a power practitioner so her level of mastery was lower than Han Shaodong but her cultivation level of the Divine Rejuvenation Force coupled with the enlightened teachings of the Fiery Phoenix Goddess was higher than Han Shaodong. She was able to use the Divine Rejuvenation Force in more ways than Han Shaodong could possibly think of.

Finally she had stabilized her elixir sea within her inner core…

She could feel the limits of her spiritual boundary now…

Now it was the time for the final life and death tribulation breakthrough of the sacred saint level…

Good luck, Ye Jing muttered to herself…

Everyone was looking with great anxiety at the meditating Ye Jing.

They could all see the intense aura that was being released by Ye Jing as a golden halo surrounded her. Every minute that had passed was an agony to them. They knew that Ye Jing had to quickly stabilize her spiritual elixir sea or else it would explode and killed her.

This was a life and death tribulation that Ye Jing was attempting. It was either a success or a failure for this attempt. Failure would mean death and success would mean that Ye Jing would overcome the life and death tribulation to become a Sacred Saint.

After some time, there was an intense surge of pure spiritual force that exuded from Ye Jing and the cave was soon filed with multiple warm bright lights. The sight of this heavenly spiritual force was an indication that Ye Jing had overcome her life and death tribulation and that she had succeeded in her breakthrough into a Saintess!

Chu Yunfeng could feel the heartwarming spiritual force that was coursing through him. All of a sudden his own spiritual boundary had burst and he had been elevated to an Immortal Celestial…

Chu Yunfeng was overjoyed as he gasped. His aura had been auto triggered and began to burn fiercely into an animus around him, “Li’Er, did you see it? Haha! I am an Immortal Celestial now…”

Li’Er chuckled jovially, “What so surprising about it? You are already a peaked Enlighten Celestial and you are only a few short years to become an Immortal Celestial anyway.”

Chu Yunfeng gave a broad grin as he asked, “What about you then?”

Li’Er gave a beautiful smile, “I am an intermediate Enlighten Celestial now. It is all thanks to protégé mistress that I am able to absorb some of her spiritual force.”

Ye Jing was still quietly mediating in front of them. She was not able to hear Chu Yunfeng and Li’Er conversation as the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady had used their profound aura to create a soundless barrier around her so that she would not have any outside disturbances.

All of a sudden the golden halo around Ye Jing began to flash brilliantly for a while before disappearing into a burst of rainbow flashes.

The Lady Confession Lady and the Celestial Liege were both startled by this phenomenon. The Lady Confession gasped with disbelief, “This is the attainment of the Crisis Divinity. She has actually overcome the life and death tribulation of the Crisis Divinity at the same time…”

The Celestial Liege was blinking his eyes in astonishment, “The life and death tribulation of the Crisis Divinity is actually tougher than the life and death tribulation of the Sacred Saint Divinity…I don’t believe…”

It was because unlike the other Divinities where it was possible to attempt for a breakthrough when a practitioner divinity boundary was peaked, the Crisis Divinity could only be encountered in a life threatening crisis. Among all the Divinities, the Crisis Divinity was the deadliest with the highest kill rates among all the heavenly tribulations.

It could only mean that Ye Jing had met all the heavenly conditions for the Crisis Divinity to be triggered. However her life and death tribulation for the Crisis Divinity was a little too tame. It was because the usual life and death tribulation for the Crisis Divinity was the five element crisis, like fire and lightning.

Chu Yunfeng smiled weakly as he asked the Celestial Liege, “Great Saint, pardon me for my ignorant. May I ask what this Crisis Divinity is?”

The Celestial Liege laughed jovially, “It is actually a celestial practice of the lower realm.”

Chu Yunfeng was startled, “Can the celestial practice of the lower realm be of any use to us?” Then he quickly said, “It is not that I am looking down on the cultivation methods of the lower realm I have heard that the cultivation methods of the lower realm are only useful for transmigrating to our realm. It is the same as our celestial practice. We cultivate to transmigrate to a much higher realm. Please correct me if I’m wrong.”

The Celestial Liege smiled, “No, you are not wrong. But the lower realm cultivation method has its own profound advantages.”

Li’Er could not resist asking, “It seems that we have not seen anyone transmigrating from the lower realm for a long time. If not, I would surely ask them for their cultivation methods.”

The Celestial Liege replied, “The way to the lower realm had been sealed a long time ago. No one can ascend from there anymore to the celestial realm.”

Li’Er looked a little disappointed, “I am curious to know what the lower realm looks like. It seems that it is no longer possible now.”

The Celestial Liege lit a slow smile as he seemed to look into somewhere distantly, “Unlike the celestial realm where there are only mountains and mists, the lower realm has vast oceans of water and beautiful lakes…”

All of a sudden, Ye Jing was lifted from the ground by the immerse spiritual force that was exuding from her. She floated for a while before landing gently on the ground…

The minute that she had landed on the ground, all of her spiritual force had been drained away to form the new spiritual boundary of her initial sacred saint level. She extended her perception into her empty elixir sea and began to marvel at her new state of divinity. Her divine sense and perception were widely broadened and she had also unblocked eight more accupoints in her body. Her body had also become lighter and she felt more alert as though her mental energies were unlimited.

Ye Jing was now a half-step Saintess now and she was gasping in astonishment. The difference between a golden celestial and a sacred saint was too great. It was like the heavens and the earth, incomparable…

She felt that even if she was fighting two of her peaked golden celestial self, she would still be able to thrash two of her old self comfortably.

Slowly she opened her eyes and the first thing that she said was, “I am so hungry for spiritual force now…I feel so empty inside of me…” That was because all of her spiritual sea had been completely drained to recreate into the new spiritual boundary.

Li’Er was the first to jump in and said happily, “Congrats to protégé mistress for attaining as a Saintess now. Your Li’Er has also attained as an Intermediate Enlighten Celestial. It is all thanks to you…”

But all of a sudden she was gasping in shock, “Protégé mistress, your golden eyes are gone!…”

Even Chu Yunfeng was panicky when he noticed that Ye Jing’s golden eyes had turned gray in color, “Did something goes wrong somewhere?”

Even Ye Jing was shocked, “Did I screw up somewhere?!”

The Confession Lady chuckled softly before explaining, “Jing’Er, don’t worry. It is actually a big success. Moreover you have also just overcome the Crisis Divinity and your second life and death tribulation. When your eyes turn gray, this is the characteristics of the achieving the Crisis Divinity and there is nothing to worry about. This is the phenomenon of the darkness before the light. Your golden eyes will be restored once you have attained to the Ascend Divinity.”

Ye Jing slowly heaved a soft sigh of relief, “I have thought that I may have screwed up on something.” Then she asked bewilderingly, “And did you just say that I have attained to the Crisis Divinity?”

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