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Chapter 75: Villainess Saintess Yuqing

It was the dead of the night and a group of masked people had gathered in the mountain forests. There were three men and three women in the group.

There were six of them and they were looking at each other nervously. It was because they had no clues to the identities of the others presented and were even suspicious of one another. As a matter of fact, they were even afraid that their identities may be leaked and this would cause their reputations to be ruined.

But they all had a common agenda and they were all waiting for someone important to turn up.

They did not need to wait for long and a beautiful alluring figure with a golden mask had suddenly walked into the clearing. She was none other than the Golden Mask Devil Goddess.

At her approach, everyone began to kneel on the ground as they pay their obeisance to her. Her mesmerizing voice soon descended all everyone, “You have all arrived. Good.”

The aura of the Devil Goddess had suddenly become terrifying as she said, “I am sure that all of you may be aware of what is happening lately in the celestial fraternity. A certain villainess by the name of Ye Jing has claimed that she is the Goddess Envoy of the Goddess Palace, has been plundering the celestial realm and causing a great deal of upheavals.”

She hummed coldly, “Some of you here have been with me for centuries. Have the celestial fraternity been so soft lately that they can’t remember the name of the Golden Mask Devil Goddess? Therefore I am commanding all of you to help spread my name throughout the entire celestial realm. We are going to create more mayhem than that Ye Jing. Is that understood?”

One of the masked men in the corner was stammering, “Are we going to challenge the celestial clans one by one or we will go in a group?”

The Devil Goddess seemed to be laughing behind her mask, “You! You are as dense as always despite following me for the past two centuries. Given your strength, you will probably be killed halfway before you can even state your demands. Getting some meaningful treasures are out of questions for some of you here. You just need to go and terrorize some weaker celestials and state that you are a follower of the Devil Goddess.”

The same masked man seemed to be thankful and quickly replied, “Yes, yes. I know what to do now.”

The other five were also all acknowledging at the same time.

The Devil Goddess glanced over at everyone before saying, “Some of you here will be doing just that but for some of you here, I want you to follow me as we go and create some real troubles.”

Then her voice became cold and stern, “You can all remove your masks now. It is because the six of you are the ones that I trust the most and I want the six of you to get to know one another.”

Almost at the same time everyone seemed to be panicky.

The same masked man that was stammering earlier began to ask again, “Do we really have to do this? It is not that I don’t trust the Devil Goddess but the people here I don’t know if they are worthy of my trust or not.”

The Devil Goddess threw a pebble and it exploded loudly near his foot, “One more word and I will kill you instantly.”

“Yes, yes. I dare not…”

The Devil Goddess hummed coldly, “On a count of three, I want everyone to remove your masks at the same time.”




Everyone had slowly removed their masks and they were all looking one another cautiously…

There were flabbergasting gasps from everyone as they saw the identities of the others in that instance…

A peerless goddess was among the group and everyone had immediately recognized her as the Saintess Yuqing who stirred the hearts of everyone at the Nuer Mountains.

Then there was also Dark Supremacy Beitang Ying. Everyone had thought that she was killed by the Devil Goddess…

There was also Celestial Yun Chen from the Celestial Sword Clan…

Elder Zhou Hai from the Divine Sovereign Clan…

Elder Lin Wucheng from the Ancient Ascension Sect and he was the one that was asking the questions earlier. They had never expected that he was actually an Intermediate Sacred Saint and elder of the most powerful Ancient Ascension Sect…

The most surprising one was Dark Monarch and Divine Mistress Qi Meixue. Everyone had thought that she had followed Han Shaodong and Xiao Shuai when they had left?

Beitang Ying had suspected that Fan Yuqing was actually the Devil Goddess but suddenly she had discovered that she had it all wrong. The saintess aura of the Devil Goddess was unmistakable and she had also recognized her voice…

Elder Zhou Hai was looking at Fan Yuqing and he was smiling, “I have never expected that a peaked saintess like the Saintess Yuqing will also be under the Devil Goddess.” Then he took a glance at Beitang Ying and Qi Meixue as he smiled, “We have three of the most beautiful beauties of the celestial realm in our group. I am so lucky.”

Fan Yuqing smiled faintly, “Celestial Zhou Hai is so humorous.”

Then he looked at the Devil Goddess with a grin, “I have always wondered what our Devil Goddess looks like…”

It was obvious that the Devil Goddess had heard him as she turned her head away as soon as he had mentioned her. The Devil Goddess did not bother to reply because she had no intention of revealing her true self.

Celestial Yun Chen was also secretly startled. Like Beitang Ying, he had also suspected that Fan Yuqing may be the Devil Goddess. It seemed that he had deducted wrongly…

The deep mesmerizing voice of the Devil Goddess was soon saying, “Meixue, I want you to continue keeping tab on the Devil Isle. Your sacrifice won’t be in vain. I will personally avenge for your humiliation. You can go now.”

Qi Meixue inhaled softly, “Thank you….”

In the next instant, she had disappeared from view.

The Devil Goddess pointed at Fan Yuqing and Beitang Ying, “From now on, the two of you will follow me.”

Then she waved her hands at Celestial Yun Chen, Celestial Zhou Hai and Saint Lin Wucheng, “Go back now and don’t forget my tasks.”

Fan Yuqing lifted her alluring eyes and smiled warmly at Beitang Ying, “I have heard that you are dead. This is such a surprise to me. What is even more surprising is that we are serving the same mistress. I will need your guidance in the future.”

Beitang Ying smiled weakly, “I am but a lowly supremacy. I hope the Saintess Yuqing will give me more guidance instead.”

Fan Yuqing smiled gently, “I will and hope that we can get along well together from now on.”

This was all actually an elaborate setup that was created by Fan Yuqing.

The Devil Goddess now was of course Feng Minyue that was disguising as her. She knew that Beitang Ying and Yun Chen may have suspected who she was. Therefore she had arranged for the Devil Goddess and her to appear at the same time to keep her real identity a secret.

Fan Yuqing had mused to herself, “Ye Jing, I will stop you. I won’t allow you to be their pitiful scapegoat. Do you know what you are doing?”

When she had heard that Ye Jing was a Goddess Envoy, she had already suspected that Ye Jing was trying to stop the Divine Descendant and that the Goddess Palace had recruited her into their cause. After all, she had accidentally overheard the goddesses talking about it some two hundred years ago in the Heavenly Temple.

They had made mention of the dreadful Dark Divine Descendant that was due to happen soon and they were discussing possible candidates to be their champion. That was the first time that she had heard of the Dark Divine Descendant and the name of Feng Minyue. Feng Minyue had attracted their attentions because she had managed to climb up to the 652th level of the heavenly steps.

It was at that moment that she had decided to quietly slip away from the Heavenly Temple and to take on her new identity of the Golden Mask Devil Goddess.

As the daughter of the heavens, she had always been sheltered. She longed to do something that could measure up to the standards of her divine parents. Therefore she had decided to be that deplorable ‘villainess’ that would turn the celestial realm upside down. But of course she was going to use her own methods and not abide by any rules.

But before she could set her full plan in motion, she was defeated by the Celestial Yuehua and had almost died in the most ridiculous way. When she thought of this, she was smiling bitterly that her arrogance had almost killed her. If not for Ye Jing and Xiaofang, she would still be in that desolate valley and would eventually die.

“Ye Jing, you are not the only villainess for I, Fan Yuqing will outdo you. It is because you are too soft. Do you think that you can stop the Divine Descendant using your soft approach? Since you are unable to do a proper job then I will take over from you.”

That day after Ye Jing had left the Heavenly Fragrance Mountains, Feng Minyue had told her with a surprise look that there were actually no dead casualties…

They had done further investigations with the nearby celestial clans. Suddenly the number of dead and wounded was all huge exaggerations. When they pressed them for the number of actual dead causalities, none of the celestial clans were able to provide a number…

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