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Chapter 76: Next Destination

Ye Jing and her group were on the road again. This time they were heading toward the Drifting Cloud Peaks.

Ye Jing asked Li’Er, “Have you finished compiling the list?”

Li’Er smiled and nodded delightfully, “Yes!”

The list was actually a compilation of the items and damage that they had done to the various celestial clans. Ye Jing had Li’Er compiled the list so that in the future she would be able to return the celestial treasures to the clans.

As for consumable treasures like divine pills and soul jewels, Ye Jing was planning to replace it with an equivalent value as compensation in the future. After all, she did find some useful treasures in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. But the consumable treasures were the least of her priorities because she may perish anytime and she considered it as a justifiable compensation for saving the lives of the celestials from the Dark Divine Descendant.

Li’Er asked curiously, “So where are we going next?”

Ye Jing said as she thought for a moment, “According to the Celestial Treasures List that is provided by the Tranquil City, there is a small celestial clan by the name of Willow Winds Manor in this vicinity. It is a third rate celestial clan under the sphere of influence of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa.”

Li’Er replied with a curious look, “I have heard of this clan before. They are a bunch of weak scholars. What treasures do they have?”

Ye Jing nodded, “In the Celestial Treasures List, the Willow Winds Manor had an unfathomable celestial painting that can give the practitioner an insight of their cultivation strength. I am curious to see this painting. This time, we just pay them a polite visit instead of plundering them.”

Li’Er was surprised, “We…we are not attacking them?”

Even Chu Yunfeng was surprised as he stole a glance at Li’Er.

“Indeed. Like you say, they are a bunch of weak scholars. They do not even meddle in the affairs of the celestial realm at all. I actually have a tremendous respect for these scholars.”  Ye Jing explained as she inhaled softly.

Ye Jing suddenly turned to the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady, “I am thinking of going to the Willow Winds Manor for a visit. After that I will like to go beyond the Drifting Cloud Peaks, into the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. Is that alright?”

The Confession Lady was startled, “Jing’Er, you are thinking of leaving the Nine Celestial Fraternity? The Tranquil City does not have a list of treasures for the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. That place is too inaccessible and may even be hostile to us.”

Ye Jing smiled gently, “It is only for a while. I am thinking of plundering the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.”

When Ye Jing had said that, everyone was startled and was looking at one another…

Ye Jing explained, “The Divine Descendant affects the entire Black Borderless Continent. If we only mess up the Nine Celestial Fraternity then I am afraid that we may only be causing a small ripple. So I am thinking of causing an upheaval in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity too.”

The Celestial Liege roared with laughter, “This may be a good idea. I am curious about the other side as well. We shall go there then.”

Ye Jing gave a faint smile, “I have a hunch that we may find something important there. I don’t know why but lately I have a lot of hunches.”

The Confession Lady was smiling, “That is because of your Crisis Divinity. When a practitioner has attained the Crisis Divinity, certain perceptions like danger sense and even vision can suddenly descend. Everyone will experience something different pertaining to their cultivation enlightenment. So your hunch may be telling you something.”

Ye Jing was a little surprised, “So this is actually a wondrous feeling. I have thought that these lingering thoughts are something bad.”

The Confession Lady smiled, “Not at all.” Then she said, “Actually I am curious about this celestial painting that belongs to the Willow Winds Manor. It has a beautiful name too. The name of this celestial painting is the Lofty Wind Mountains. It is said to be painted by the master painter of the Willow Winds Manor just before he had ascended to the immortal realm. It is said that no two persons will see the same things on the painting.”

Ye Jing was an admirer of the arts too but she had never heard of anything like this, “We won’t see the same thing? This is truly astonishing. No wonder it is called a celestial painting. I really want to have a look.”

The Confession Lady nodded as she held Ye Jing’s arm, “That is not all. If we are lucky, we may even gain cultivation insights from the painting. I had heard that this master painter is a talented genius of the arts and his state of divinities far surpassed anyone during his time. Even today, I am afraid that there are not many people that can match his attainment.”

As the Confession Lady and Ye Jing walked in front, Chu Yunfeng was whispering to Li’Er. “I am afraid I am just a boorish fellow that have no appreciation of the arts. What is so great about a painting…”

Li’Er was giggling, “You only know how to cultivate with the sword…”

Ye Jing had overheard them. She turned her head to them with a smile, “If you are so free now, why don’t you hurry up with a plan for us to sneak into the Willow Winds Manor. This celestial painting is their greatest treasure and they surely will not allow any strangers to simply come in and look at it.”

Chu Yunfeng was smiling bitterly, “Then I am afraid that this is even harder than appreciating a painting. At least for the appreciation, I can still fake my interest. But thinking on how to sneak in, this is going to kill my brain.”

Li’Er was giggling softly, “If you can think of an idea then I may consider marrying you in the future.”

Chu Yunfeng was laughing loudly, “Now that is motivation for me. Then I will surely think of a good idea…”

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