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Chapter 77: Dongfang Jun

A young handsome celestial who looked more like a scholar was clumsily fighting a Terror Beast. Although this Terror Beast was just a fourth rank devious beast but it was more than what this scholar could handle.

The scholar was soon flung with a tremendous impact against the walls of the cliffs as he cried out in pain.

Behind him was a group of ten villagers that consisted of women and children. They were gasping with fright and anxiety for this scholar. It was because they had been gathering in the mountains when the Terror Beast had suddenly ambushed their only swordsman, killing him instantly. If it was not for the sudden appearance of this young celestial scholar then they would have all been killed by this Terror Beast.

The scholar was buying them time to run but they had run into a dead end instead…

As the scholar tried to recover from his daze after getting slammed into the hard cliff, he lost his sword to the Terror Beast next attack. With nothing left to fend off the Terror Beast, he displayed his precious fan and imbued his martial force through it to deliver a strong thrust that temporary repulsed the monster.

This attack had taken all his strength as he fell with a knee onto the ground. He inhaled breathlessly, “Great God Pangu, to think that my star will fall on this day. I hope the heavens will allow my soul to join you…”

Just as he was about to resign himself to his fate, an extremely peerless maiden in black had quietly descended in front of him and he could see her long white legs and heels. He was startled as he voiced to himself, “Did a goddess just descend from the immortal realm?”

The cliff that was next to him was over 30m in height. Even a high level celestial cultivator could not have made a jump from above but this maiden had just descended from above without exuding any aura to alleviate her fall. If she was not a goddess then who was she?

When he had looked into her eyes, he was a little disappointed that it was not golden but a deep gray. Maybe she was not really a goddess after all…

Just as he was about to warn her to be careful, the peerless maiden in black had picked up his sword and threw it at the Terror Beast, instantly impaling it against the cliff walls and killing it.

The peerless maiden giggled softly as a small red bird landed on her shoulder, “Did you see that Yu’Er? I am so strong now.”

Yu’Er shrieked, agreeing totally as she flapped her wings happily.

The young handsome celestial was startled. This peerless maiden martial level was really too unfathomable. But he did not forget to give thanks and he quickly said respectfully, “I thank celestial maiden for your aid. May I know your name and clan of origin so that I will remember this debt in my heart?”

Then thinking that he may be rude, he quickly bowed with his hands. “I am Dongfang Jun…”

At the same time the crowd behind them was all rejoicing tearfully and was hugging one another when they saw that they were now safe.

This peerless maiden was of course Ye Jing. When she had seen the fight between the Terror Beast and a celestial young man, she had immediately intervened by jumping off the cliff. Her lightless skill far surpassed any, including the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady. Therefore she need not need to display her profound aura to cushion her fall.

Ye Jing gave a faint smile as she interrupted him gently, “This is nothing really. I am just passing through the mountains and happen to witness the attack. I am Shen Zhen. As for my clan of origin, I am afraid there isn’t one as I am an autonomous celestial practitioner. I am actually traveling with my companions and they will be here shortly.”

She was actually flushing under his handsome gaze as she thought, “What a good looking man…”

While making an introduction of herself, Ye Jing had appraised him and gauged that he was an Intermediate Enlighten Celestial.  His celestial foundation was actually quite strong and pure. It was even possible for him to defeat the Terror Beast on his own. Unfortunately, his martial foundation was another different story altogether.

With a strong celestial foundation, one could withstand attacks and there were even extra opportunities for a counter-attack. It was because when experts fought with each other, any opening may be fatal. But for this celestial young man here, even if his celestial foundation was strong, there was only so much damage that he could take and given that his martial foundation was quite weak, there was literally no chance for him to counter attack.

Li’Er was now an Intermediate Enlighten Celestial but even if she was just an Initial Enlighten Celestial, she could still defeat this fourth rank devious beast with ease.

Ye Jing smiled at him, “You should be worrying for yourself first. How are your injuries? Did you break any bones when you…erm…crashed against the cliff? That is such a mean loud just now.”

Dongfang Jun inhaled a soft sigh as he put up a brave front. But it was obvious that his injuries were not light. But he said palely, “My injuries are nothing to worry about.”

Then he quickly tried to distract the topic from him as he asked, “I wonder where maiden is going? This is the Drifting Cloud Peaks, the most northern reach of the Nine Celestial Fraternity and we don’t have many celestial visiting this part.”

Ye Jing sighed softly, “I am actually paying the Willow Winds Manor a visit. But I kinda of lost now. The populace here is mostly non-cultivators and they don’t even have a clue where the Willow Winds Manor is. It seems that the domain of the Willow Winds Manor is actually bigger than I’ve initially thought.”

Then she suddenly cheered up as she thought of something, “Aren’t you a celestial? Do you have any clue where the Willow Winds Manor is?”

Dongfang Jun was suddenly delighted as he gave a broad smile, “I am actually from the Willow Winds Manor. Maybe I can even show you the way.”

Ye Jing was thrilled as she took out a map, “Where is it? Can you point it to me?”

Dongfang Jun smiled, “Why don’t I be your guide and lead Maiden Shen Zhen to the Willow Winds Manor? May I know why you are going there?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “There is no need to bother you. Actually I just have some personal business with the sect leader. I will be grateful if you just show me the way.”

Dongfang Jun probed, “Personal business? You actually know the sect leader?”

Ye Jing chuckled softly, “Not really. I just have a personal request to ask of him.”

Dongfang Jun asked curiously, “What is it?”

Ye Jing began to frown with displeasure. Even though this Dongfang Jun had been polite and respectful but he was asking too many questions for her liking. So she said, “It is my personal business. I don’t need to tell you right?”

Dongfang Jun was smiling weakly, “True enough but if you don’t tell me then how do I help you?”

Ye Jing gave a cute grin, “No need. You just mind your own business…”

Dongfang Jun quickly said, “I think maiden may have got me wrong. I mean I’m the sect leader of the Willow Winds Manor. If you don’t tell me what is your personal request then how do I help you?”

Ye Jing suddenly got a jolt as she stared blankly at him, “What?! You…are the…sect leader himself?”

Dongfang Jun gave an equal adorable grin, “That’s right. I’m Dongfang Jun the sect leader and protégé master of the Willow Winds Manor.”

Ye Jing was stunned. This weak celestial scholar was actually the sect leader of the Willow Winds Manor?!

His attainment was actually quite low.

Come to think of that, when she was about to succeed the Holy Consort position, she was also an Enlighten Celestial. She had forced her attainment through the level of the Immortal Celestial by popping divine pills because she was afraid that she may be too weak to handle her Uncle Baitian. Unfortunately, this had the dire consequence of damaging her celestial foundation…

Moreover the Willow Winds Manor was only a third rate celestial clan which was the lowest tier of the celestial clans so this actually made sense.

Actually Ye Jing had not found an excuse to visit the Willow Winds Manor to look at their precious celestial painting so when she found herself looking at the sect leader himself now, she was a little at a loss of words.

Dongfang Jun laughed softly, “At first I’ve thought that you actually know me. That’s why I am a little surprise. Is there any particular reason why you want to look for me?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly as she slowly said, “Actually I have heard that the Willow Winds Manor has a celestial painting that is titled the ‘Lofty Wind Mountains’. I am wondering if I may have a look at this precious artwork…”

She wanted to spin more lies but she could not think of any for now…

But Dongfang Jun laughed softly, “This is only a small matter. For saving my life, this is but a small obligation. I am thinking how I should repay this debt of yours. This is a golden opportunity for me.”

Ye Jing was startled, “Really? You will let me have a look?”

Dongfang Jun was smiling, “Naturally I will. But we have to return to the Willow Winds Manor first. It is more than a hundred miles away.”

Ye Jing nodded happily as she gave a hand bow, “Thank you!”

Then she asked curiously, “May I know why a sect leader of your status is in this desolate place? And where are your protégés and guards?”

Dongfang Jun replied with an awkward smile, “Many of my protégés are all over the place to help the many villages and towns in the vicinity to combat the devious beasts. We are a little short of hands at the moment so I have personally come to this part. More than half of my protégés are currently still recuperating…”

Ye Jing was also smiling weakly. It was because she could understand their pains perfectly. For a weak celestial clan like the Willow Winds Manor, the strength of their protégés was not great in the first place. Once they got any injuries, it was the same as a normal mortal and would require months or even years to recover from a major injury. Moreover the spiritual veins of their mountains were not strong and that attracted constant attacks from the devious beasts that were below the misty mountains.

At this moment, Li’Er, Chu Yunfeng, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady had just arrived at the scene.

The Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady could jump down from the cliff using their profound aura but they had chosen not to and instead followed the lead of Chu Yunfeng.

Dongfang Jun asked, “They are…” He was really startled to see that there were two who were golden celestials in the group.

Ye Jing smiled as she turned around to introduce, “This is my Godfather Huan and this is my Godmother Ye. As for these two here, they are my friends, Li’Er and Yunfeng here.”

Dongfang Jun quickly bowed with his hands respectfully, “Dongfang Jun pays my respects to my seniors and fellow celestial practitioners.”

Li’Er chuckled, “What a handsome man and refined man. Li’Er is pleased to meet you.”

Chu Yunfeng frowned lightly. He was a little jealous. To be honest, this scholarly young man by the name of Dongfang Jun was really handsome and he had a noble air as well.

Dongfang Jun weakly remarked to Ye Jing, “Maiden Shen Zhen, your group looks really strong. No wonder you dare to venture to this part.”

Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng were looking at each other with a startled look. Maiden Shen Zhen? But it made sense for Ye Jing to hide her identity.

Chu Yunfeng said aloud, “Since this Brother Dongfang is fine now, we should be on our way now.” He was eager to leave because he did not like any man to be close to his Li’Er…

Ye Jing smiled as she looked at her group, “Actually we are going with Dongfang Jun. He is actually the sect leader of the Willow Winds Manor and he has promised to let me view the ‘Lofty Wind Mountains’.”

“What!!” Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng were both astonished that this scholarly young man was actually the sect leader of the Willow Winds Manor…

Even the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady took a subtle and surprise look at each other, unable to believe that it was actually true. This Dongfang Jun looked a little young and his cultivation was a little too low.

Ye Jing turned to Dongfang Jun, “Is it alright for my group to view it together?”

Dongfang Jun patted his chest loudly as he smiled, “No problem at all! Please come with me. Along the way, we can also chat. If you don’t mind, I have many things to ask about the happenings in the Nine Celestial Fraternity.”

Ye Jing replied politely, “Feel free to ask. If I know, I will surely answer you.”

As Dongfang Jun led the way, Ye Jing winked at her group as though she was saying, “See, this is easy.”

Chu Yunfeng really did not know whether to laugh or cry. In the past few days, he had nearly cracked his brain trying to think of the many ways to get into the Willow Winds Manor but all of his ideas were all rejected with the same comments, “They’re not going to let you view the celestial painting just like that or you cannot use force. We need to be subtle.”

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