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Chapter 80: Wedding and Funeral

Ye Jing had immediately stormed out of the inner chamber and said to Old Wang the old steward, “Please take me to see your Master Teacher.”

Old Wang appeared to be in a dilemma, “Master Teacher is unwell and he needs some quiet time…”

Ye Jing stared at him as she raised her alluring voice to a higher pitch, “I say now. If you want to save his life then take me to him now.”

Old Wang exchanged a glance with the two protégés that were next to him before he sighed, “Alright then. The two of you stay here. I will take Maiden Shen Zhen to see our Master Teacher.”

Then he said to Ye Jing, “Please follow me.”

Very soon, they had reached the inner courts and Old Wang said politely. “Master Teacher is inside. I will stay here. If there is anything that you need of me then…”

But before he could finish what he was trying to say, Ye Jing had already flashed inside. Her movements left Old Wang with utter disbelief…

Ye Jing had swiftly entered the residence of Dongfang Jun. There was no one in sight. She quickly found him in one of the rooms by kicking it open.

The room was filled with heavy scents of herbs. Dongfang Jun was lying on a bed and he was startled to see Ye Jing. He stammered weakly as he held a blood soak handkerchief on his hand, “Maiden Shen Zhen? Why…are you?”

Ye Jing bit her lips as she asked softly, “What exactly has happened to you? You are ill, aren’t you?”

Dongfang Jun was startled, “How did you know? Did Old Wang tell you?”

Ye Jing sheepishly said, “When you have suddenly left the inner chamber, you don’t look alright to me.”

Dongfang Jun muttered, “Don’t worry. I just need a little rest.”

Ye Jing pointed at his blood soaked handkerchief, “You call this alright? You are dying, am I right?”

Dongfang Jun was stunned, “How…did you know…” Then he lowered his head to say in deject, “It seems that Maiden Shen Zhen is not only a good appraiser in the art of painting but you are also a well versed master physician.”

Ye Jing had tenderly slipped her fingers on his pulse as she examined anxiously, “Your vital signs are extremely weak…”

Dongfang Jun weakly said, “I should have died a long time ago. I have used the precious herbs that are found in the Moon Demon Forest to prolong my life. To think that before I pass on, I will actually meet a maiden that is as talented as you, I am really happy.”

Ye Jing said with watery eyes, “I am not talented at all. I am just lucky to possess a high cultivation. In fact, my talents in the arts are more inferior than you think.”

Dongfang Jun said weakly, “If you do not possess any insight in the artistic arts, even if you have a high cultivation level, it is still pointless.”

Ye Jing said gently, “Whatever. Hold on. You won’t die. I have a friend who has the healing focus ability. He can treat you…”

Dongfang Jun shook his head weakly, “I am not a golden celestial. My organs do not have any regeneration ability. I am just a lowly third level celestial practitioner. Even if your friend has the mystical healing focus ability, he cannot save me from my present condition.”

Ye Jing actually burst into tears, “You won’t die. Please hold on. What will happen to your clan if you have met with a mishap? What will they do without you? They all adore you.”

When she had first entered the castle and the gates of the Willow Winds Manor, her divine sense had instantly picked up all the friendly and amicable emotions that the people here had for Dongfang Jun.

She asked gently, “What actually happen to you? How did you get into this mess?”

Dongfang Jun said weakly, “It all start with an internal injury that I got from a battle with the devious beasts. Before I could fully recuperate, I was in one battle after another. Then it got worse…”

Ye Jing nodded gently and she fully understood. He was like a fireman that was rushing to put out fire in many places. There was simply no time for him to rest or not to be anxious. To the people of the Willows Winds Manor, their Master Teacher was like their personal hero…

No wonder Old Wang appeared to be so worried when he saw him. It was because Old Wang may be the only person that fully understood his condition.

Ye Jing replied slowly as her eyes watered, “I have many miracle herbs. Maybe it will be of use to you…”

Dongfang Jun shook his head sadly, “It is no use. I have already reached my limits and my body is no longer able to take it. Have you heard of the Nirvana Rejuvenation Pill?”

Ye Jing slowly nodded. The Nirvana Rejuvenation Pill was a rare divine pill that that could sustain a person’s life but the negative effect was that it would also burn up the person’s vital life.

She gasped, “Don’t tell me you have taken that?”

Dongfang Jun nodded, “This is the only way for me to survive until now…”

Ye Jing rebuked him gently, “If you recuperate well then this shouldn’t have happened at all…”

Dongfang Jun smiled bitterly, “Then many more people would suffer in my place…”

Ye Jing stared at him blankly. Such a good man and he was now dying before her very eyes…

Dongfang Jun smiled weakly, “You don’t need to be sad. I am lucky to meet such a fine maiden like you before the end of my life. Not many people can actually decipher that celestial painting. When you actually deciphered it, I was so happy.”

Ye Jing shook her head, “I am not a fine lady. I am not as good as you think I am.”

Dongfang Jun shook his head, “No, you are not. You are the finest maiden from the bottom of my heart.”

Ye Jing took a pitiful look at him before asking tenderly, “Is there anything that I can do for you before you…”

Dongfang Jun smiled before he sighed deeply, “It is only wistful thought. I dare not say it.”

Ye Jing slapped him lightly as she frowned lightly, “Don’t keep it in your heart. Tell me please. If it is within my power to accomplish it, I will surely help you to complete your wishes.”

Dongfang Jun sighed heavily, “I wonder if Maiden Shen Zhen is willing to be my consort. Even if it is only for a day then I will be happy.”

Ye Jing was completely stunned…

Slowly she said, “I’m sorry. I already have someone that I like. Although we are not yet married but our hearts are one.”

Dongfang Jun began to sigh deeply with disappointment but he was saying sincerely, “I’m not asking for us to become real man and wife. If you can help me to take over the Willow Winds Manor and be the keeper of the Lofty Wind Mountains painting, I would be glad. That is my last wish. As a dying man with impaired abilities, how can I even bring happiness to you?”

What he was saying was that he was incapable of performing in bed…

Ye Jing muttered, “Not real man and wife? But I am just passing by and I may leave eventually…”

Dongfang Jun smiled weakly, “That’s right. As long as your name is married to the Dongfang Clan then I won’t be afraid that it may fall into the hands of the other celestial clans.”

Ye Jing smiled bitterly, “You can simply find one among your protégés…”

Dongfang Jun smiled a little before saying, “Actually before I have met you, I do have this intention but now I’ve changed my mind. You will be the best person to take over the Willow Winds Manor.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly as she shook her head, “I don’t even think that I have the qualification to run a celestial clan and moreover, I am but a stranger here. No one will welcome me…”

Dongfang Jun suddenly took her hand, giving her a shock but she did not refused the hand. “Maiden Shen Zhen, you are wrong. It seems that my folks here really like you. Moreover, my great ancestor last words were that the Lofty Wind Mountains be given to the one that can appreciate its true content. You are the one…”

Then he was coughing, “I know that it is unfair for you to become a widow so fast. I know that you are someone with aspirations and will never consider staying at this backwater place. But a celestial life is long. Someday when you are tired, you may consider retiring to this place. This will be your home…”

Just as Ye Jing was about to refuse him again, he was coughing violently. In her panic, she cried out. “You will be alright. Surely you will be alright…I will marry you…”

No sooner that she had said that, she had regretted it. She was just trying to give him a new lease of life. It was because she knew that only by doing so, would it give him the new will to live. She would try to prolong his life as long as possible.

Dongfang Jun said with great sentiment as he could not believe it, “Thank you…”

Ye Jing was smiling bitterly. She was thinking, “I have not yet married Xiaofang yet and I am going to marry another man…Ye Jing, what mess are you getting into this time round…”

The next day, they were promptly married in front of all the protégés of the Willow Winds Manor. The names of the groom and bride were Dongfang Jun and Shen Zhen. Ye Jing did not use her real name as she did not want anyone to know who she was. Moreover, whether her alias Shen Zhen got married or not, it was none of Ye Jing’s business.

The Celestial Liege, the Confession Lady, Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng were all equally surprised by this sudden decision.

They could somewhat understand that Ye Jing was just trying to prolong Dongfang Jun’s life so that he could live longer.

Just as everyone was happily pouring well wishes for their Master Teacher Dongfang Jun and were delighted that he had married such a peerless beauty, Dongfang Jun suddenly announced to everyone that he was reaching the end of his life and that all matters of the clan would be handed over to his new consort the Lady Consort Shen Zhen.

Everyone was stunned…

Luo Bihua, the young female protégé that Ye Jing had met when she had first stepped into the residence of the Willow Wind Manor burst out in tears as she cried out, “This isn’t true. This isn’t supposed to be happening. Master Teacher, please tell us this isn’t true…”

But Dongfang Jun solemnly nodded.

Old Wang the old steward took a deep sigh as he said to everyone that was presented, “It is true. Master Teacher already knows that he doesn’t have much time left.”

Dongfang Jun smiled weakly as he said gently, “Please help me to extend your warm welcome to my Lady Consort Shen Zhen.” Then he smiled, “It is very difficult to persuade her to marry a dying man like me. Lucky I still have some charms leftover in me….”

Even though he was trying to make light of the situation but none was smiling or laughing at his jokes. Indeed, everyone had a gloom over their faces and they were all thinking what life would be without their Master Teacher.

Dongfang Jun continued with a smile, “I can’t even give her a proper betrothal gift…alas…this is most unfitting. We can only do with a simple wedding.”

Ye Jing was teary as she tenderly held Dongfang Jun by his arm, “It is alright. I will always remember the poem that you have dedicated to me…”

Dongfang Jun managed to live past a week and passed away two weeks later. Perhaps his will to live was strengthened by Ye Jing. Until Dongfang Jun’s passing, he did not know Ye Jing real name or her cultivation level.

For two weeks, Ye Jing was Shen Zhen as she dutifully took care of his daily needs and was his dedicated consort.

Dongfang Jun’s funeral was simple and the Lady Consort Shen Zhen took care of it. She gave a eulogy in honor of Dongfang Jun’s lifetime achievements and accomplishments. But halfway through, she was soaking with tears and could not continue. Therefore Old Wang continued halfway through it.

Perhaps if she had not met Xiaofang, the person that she would really fall in love would be Dongfang Jun. On the other hand as the head of a patriarch clan, she would never get a chance to meet someone like Dongfang Jun.

A messenger had delivered a scroll to the Heavenly Fragrance Villa that a certain Lady Consort Shen Zhen had taken over as the new Master Teacher of the Willow Winds Manor. But the news was put aside as something trivial. The affairs of the third rate celestial clans were too trivial compared to the threat of the Goddess Palace and the Devil isle.

Celestial Su Shanyue, junior protégé sister and elder of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa who had battled Ye Jing previously simply said to her messenger, “Follow the usual protocols. Inform the Mystic Realm Clan to send a congratulation note on behalf of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa to the new Master Teacher and a eulogy to the previous Master Teacher.”

She did not even bother to open up the scroll to check the names of the old and new Master Teacher. It was because their names were too trivial for her to remember. Instead she hurriedly asked another protégé, “It is weird that Ye Jing has suddenly disappeared. I want to know whether she is still within our domain or she is elsewhere. Why is that we have no news at all?”

The protégé sheepishly said, “Maybe the Saintess Yuqing had badly injured her and she had died or she may have fled to the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.”

Celestial Su Shanyue frowned coldly, “I wish she has really gone to the Desolate Celestial Fraternity but no one can easily make a trip there. Moreover, the Goddess Palace won’t be bothered with that place. So don’t be lazy and quickly find out. Our Heavenly Fragrance Princess wants to know her whereabouts.”

“Yes, yes. I will send more female protégés to comb the vicinity as scouts.” the female protégé answered with a tired expression. It was because they had totally lost Ye Jing’s tracks. There were thousands of unexplored desolate mountains and anyone could easily disappear without a trace. It was really difficult to find anyone if they really did not want to be found out. Ye Jing had suddenly gone quiet and there were no other reports from the various celestial clans recently.

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