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Chapter 81: Goodbye Master Teacher

Three weeks after Ye Jing had arrived at the Willow Winds Manor, she had cultivated to the Initial Sacred Saint level. This was sooner than she had expected from the Lofty Wind Mountains celestial painting but it had also to do with the Icy Translucence Jade Bangles that she had obtained. Even her Eternal Blue Lotus that was within her body was blossoming and this was the first time that she felt that she had a success in nurturing the Eternal Blue Lotus.

She was now a full saintess now and was even faster than Feng Minyue. It was because Feng Minyue did not have the benefits of the Lofty Wind Mountains or her Icy Translucence Jade Bangles so she could only cultivate slowly.

Now it was time to leave…

There were only two months left before the meet at the Ancient Ascension Sect. Therefore she intended to head for the Ancient Ascension Sect immediately which was in the middle of the Nine Celestial Fraternity.

So she summoned Old Wang and said to him with a guilty expression, “I am leaving soon…”

Old Wang actually knew that the Lady Consort Shen Zhen would not stay for long. She had made it very clear from the start. In fact, the entire Willow Winds Manor was also in the known. Even though everyone had tried their best efforts to make her stay but this day had finally come.

Old Wang really did not expect that this day would come so fast…

What else could he do except to shake his head in regret?

Ye Jing said gently, “While I am away, may Old Wang and the three inner disciples please keep a watchful look over the clan. I have refined some potent pills that may be of some help and will give you for your safekeeping.”

From Old Wang’s observations in the past three weeks, the Lady Consort Shen Zhen must have some aristocracy background for there was an aristocracy air around her and she spoke like an aristocracy lady too. She was definitely not an autonomous celestial from the mountains. Even her ‘two friends’ Li’Er and Yunfeng were deference to her will. It was as though she was their mistress.

Also she had two godparents who were golden celestials and they were respectful of her wishes. Was it not strange at all?

It seemed to him that the Lady Consort Shen Zhen was able to make her own decisions without any fuss from the rest of her group. If she did not have any considerable background then he would really find it impossible to believe.

But of course, he had kept all his thoughts within his mind.

Ye Jing said gently, “You may inform Luo Bihua, Chen Xian and Wu Liang. I…I am leaving soon…”

Chen Xian and Wu Liang together with Luo Bihua were the three inner disciples of Dongfang Jun. Chen Xian and Wu Liang were the ones that had stood guard outside the inner chamber when Ye Jing was viewing the Lofty Wind Mountains.

At this moment, Wu Liang had suddenly barged into the residence hall as he said breathlessly. “Master Teacher, Old Wang…”

Old Wang frowned, “Where are your manners? Can’t you see that we are in a discussion?”

Ye Jing smiled gently, “Wu Liang, what is the matter? You look fluster.”

Wu Liang was immediately flushing from the looks of his alluring Master Teacher as he quickly made his report, “The Mystic Realm Clan has sent some representatives here…”

Then he angrily said with his fists drawn, “They are hinting that our new Master Teacher should give them a tribute.”

Ye Jing nodded quietly. It was not unusual for a second tier overlord celestial clan to demand a tribute whenever a new leadership had taken place in a third tier celestial clan that was under their influences.

This ‘tribute’ was to ensure the continuous protection of the Mystic Realm Clan and a chance for the new leadership to curry favor with their overlord.

Ye Jing smiled weakly. The Willow Winds Manor was too poor. She was richer than the Willow Winds Manor…

She said indifferently, “Bring them to the audience hall and serve them with refreshments. I will be there shortly. If the tribute is reasonable then there is no reason not to give. That will save us some trouble.”

Wu Liang was still flushed with anger as he said unhappily, “Alright then…”

With a soft sigh, he hurried away.

Ye Jing turned to Old Wang and said, “Old Wang, you may go and speak with the guests first. I will be there shortly. I have some stuff to ask Li’Er and Yunfeng first.”

Old Wang replied as he gave a respectful hand bow, “Alright.”

When Old Wang left the residence hall, Ye Jing turned to ask Li’Er and Yunfeng. “Any clues if this Mystic Realm Clan happens to be at the Nuer Mountains?”

Li’Er answered as she looked thoughtfully, “Usually all the major clans will be dogging the patriarch clans and be at the Nuer Mountains. As there are hundreds of celestial clans presented at the Nuer Mountains, it is quite impossible to know. However, there is a high possibility that they may be there. After all, a second tier celestial clan is already a powerful enough influence.”

Chu Yunfeng replied, “I say it is a 50, 50 chance. A second tier celestial clan of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa isn’t exactly a big clan. They may not have the resources to compete in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. From what I know, they aren’t exactly a renowned clan, even for a second tier celestial clan.”

Ye Jing nodded, “Then I better wear a veil. It is better safe than sorry. The two of you come with me.”

Li’Er was grinning, “Protégé mistress, do you need my help to thrash them up for you?”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “I trust Yunfeng more than you. You need to brush up your martial skills a little. Moreover, let see what they want first.”

Li’Er sighed softly as she stole a glance at the proud Chu Yunfeng who was gloating happily, “Do you think that my former title as Sword Citadel Elder is just a fanciful show?”

When Ye Jing arrived at the audience hall, there were several mocking words that were hurling around. “Where is your new Master Teacher? How dare she keep us waiting like this?”

Old Wang, Wu Liang, Chen Xian and Luo Bihua had an ugly expression when Ye Jing arrived with Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng.

At her arrival, Old Wang, Wu Liang, Chen Xian and Luo Bihua had a sudden delightful expression as they quickly greeted, “Master Teacher!”

Ye Jing took a quick glance at the Mystic Realm Clan delegation and noted their cultivation levels. They consisted of ten men. One was a peaked Immortal Celestial and he appeared to be the leader of the group. Another two were Initial Immortal Celestials and seven others were Master Practitioners.

The audience hall was immediately quiet.

It was because they had suddenly noticed that a beautiful maiden had entered the hall. Although Ye Jing was wearing a thin veil but her beautiful eyes were too sparking and her movements were too graceful. The thin veil could not hide her astonishing beauty and her peerless demeanor.

The men of the Mystic Realm Clan were all thinking, “This peerless maiden is actually the widow of Dongfang Jun? What a waste…” They had all heard that Dongfang Jun had passed away two weeks after he had just got married.

A good looking man that had the peaked Immortal Celestial attainment began to speak, “I am Yue Renzhong, the young master of the Mystic Realm Clan. Today we are here to offer our condolences to the Willow Winds Manor as well as to offer our new congrats to the new Master Teacher.”

Ye Jing replied gently, “I am the new Master Teacher Shen Zhen. Thank you for coming here. In the future, there may be a lot of things that our humble clan may need help with and I hope that the Mystic Realm Clan will look after our interest.”

Yue Renzhong smiled as he let his eyes wandered the curves of her body, “This is for sure.”

He then walked slowly in front of her to give a hand bow respectfully.

As Ye Jing returned a hand bow, Yue Renzhong suddenly grabbed her bosom and had ran his hand on her butt, shocking and startling her. She quickly pushed him away and shouted, “How dare you outrage me…you shameless calf!”

Old Wang, Li’Er, Chu Yunfeng, Wu Liang, Chen Xian and Luo Bihua were all shocked beyond words. This Young Master Yue Renzhong had actually molested their Master Teacher in broad daylight and in front of them!

Yue Renzhong laughed jovially, “The Willow Winds Manor is too poor to offer a reasonable tribute. Why don’t I take your body as payment?”

Ye Jing said coldly, “What if I say no? Are you bullying a poor clan like the Willow Winds Manor?”

Yue Renzhong was laughing nonstop, “So what if we are?”

They had three Immortal Celestials while the Willow Winds Manor only had an Old Wang. Although Old Wang was an intermediate Immortal Celestial but it had taken him a long time for a breakthrough and he was old now. In terms of stamina and energy levels, he was no better than a peaked Enlighten Celestial. Even his martial levels were not high at all. A gifted Intermediate Enlighten Celestial like Li’Er could even defeat him easily.

Yue Renzhong raised his hands wide and suddenly all the protégés of the Mystic Realm Clan had unsheathed their swords, “Do you think that I even hold a small clan like the Willow Winds Manor in my noble eyes? If I want to destroy it today, what can you say? Can your puny clan even dare to offend a major clan like the Mystic Realm Clan?”

Ye Jing was now teething with rage within her. This guy had shamelessly taken advantage of her in front of so many. A murderous intent had suddenly crept into her eyes as she scoffed softly, “Major clan? It is more like a shameless major clan that is without equal.”

Yue Renzhong warned her coldly, “You wench. If you don’t sleep with me today then don’t blame me for being ruthless and violent…”

Ye Jing had suddenly slapped him and displayed her Starlight Divine Finger, sending him to fly off across the audience hall.

This action stunned everyone and for a brief moment, nobody knew how to react…

Yue Renzhong was a peaked Immortal Celestial and he was just a half-step to being a golden celestial. To send him flying off with a stab of the fingers was too exaggerating…

Old Wang, Wu Liang, Chen Xian and Luo Bihua were all stunned. Did their Master Teacher just send a peaked Immortal Celestial who was just half a step to becoming a golden celestial to fly across the hall?!

Li’E and Chu Yunfeng were both grinning, “Serve you right. This is for messing up with a saintess!”

Even Ye Jing was surprised as she thought, “Is he so weak?” She had actually only used thirty percent of her martial strength…

Ye Jing did not know that her martial strength had suddenly increased by 30% when she had attained the Crisis Divinity and another 50% was gained when she had become a sacred saint. Her thirty percent was actually seventy percent before she had become a sacred saint. Moreover the Starlight Divine Fingers was a divine finger skill that could focus and amplify her martial strength plus the fact that Yue Renzhong was not expecting an attack so he was unprepared.

Yue Renzhong coughed out blood as he quickly got up, “You bitch! How dare you suddenly attack me…seize her!”

The two immortal celestials that were with him immediately flashed forward to attack Ye Jing but they were suddenly forced to take several steps back when Chu Yunfeng had suddenly unsheathed his divine sword with a beaming light!

The two immortal celestials were startled. This guy actually had a divine sword. They did not even have a single high grade precious sword…

Old Wang, Wu Liang, Chen Xian and Luo Bihua were rubbing their eyes, not believing that this Brother Yunfeng here would actually have a divine sword. Suddenly their image of him was like a towering mountain…

Chu Yunfeng laughed softly, “Hey, we are all immortal celestials here. Although I am just at the initial level but I believe that we are almost on the equal level. Why don’t we have a match?”

The two immortal celestials were a little startled. According to their information, there was only Old Wang who was an immortal celestial. Although he was an intermediate immortal celestial but he was pathetic weak in his martial levels.

But this guy that had just fended off their attack was strong. He was able to parry them off easily and moreover he had a divine sword in his hand. The advantage of a divine sword was obvious. It would be like fighting against the strength of a peaked immortal celestial or even a half-step golden celestial.

Chu Yunfeng knew what they were thinking. They were martial experts and they could quickly gauged his martial level so he said, “The two of you can attack me together. After all, I have a divine sword in my hand so I have an advantage over you.”

The immortal celestial on the left who looked the more senior of the two began to scorn, “Since you got a death wish then don’t blame me!”

This immortal celestial on the left secretly whispered to the immortal celestial on the right, “If I can get his divine sword, I will give you all I got including my concubines.”

The immortal celestial on the right was immediately delighted.

With the two of them combining their strength, they had the confidence of overcoming their opponent.

The immortal celestial on the left said, “I am…”

But before he could finish, Chu Yunfeng hummed coldly as he interrupted. “There is no need for any introduction. I am not interested to know your names.”

The immortal celestial on the right angrily shouted, “You are too insolent. If I don’t teach u a great lesson then I don’t deserve to be a protégé of the Mystic Realm Clan!”

Chu Yunfeng hummed coldly, “Who cares.”

The two immortal celestials had immediately flashed forward to attack him at the same time!

Who was Chu Yunfeng?

He was someone from a first tier celestial clan. His Eighth and Ninth Forms of the Holy Citadel Swordplay were even more formidable than even Celestial Baitian. In the entire Holy Citadel City, none was equaled to him in terms of swordplay.

He waved his sword as the many afterimages of his sword merged together to deliver a piercing strike at the immortal celestial on the right before he slashed the immortal celestial on the left.

At almost the same time, both immortal celestials of the Mystic Realm Clan gave a loud yell as their blood sputtered from their bodies. With great shock, both of them hastily retreated backward. If they were not immortal celestials, they would have been instantly killed.

Chu Yunfeng growled softly, “I never expect the two of you to be so weak?”

The immortal celestial on the left was looking very pale as he cursed aloud, “You cheater! You actually use a divine sword…”

Against the piercing aura of a divine sword, their puny defensive aura of the immortal celestial level could not offer any defenses.

The immortal celestial on the right was actually starting to get afraid as he shouted to the seven men that were behind him, “What are you all waiting for? Seize all them. The women are yours to handle and the men will be fertilizers for the fields…”

“Tsk, tsk, thank you…”

This touched a strong nerve in Ye Jing’s heart as her eyelashes fluttered with rage. All of a sudden, she had unsheathed her sword with a dazzling flash and had flashed forward.

Before the two immortal celestials and the seven men could even move, they were all cut down by Ye Jing as she walked in front of horrified Yue Renzhong, “Fertilizers you say?”

Everyone including Yue Renzhong was staring at the heaven-step divine sword that was in Ye Jing’s hand. They simply could not believe that there was actually someone who could possibly possess the highest grade divine sword would be in this place. Usually if a person could obtain such a heaven-step divine sword then their background would be most extraordinary…

Moreover the way she had cut down all nine men at the same time, was she really just a celestial that was below a golden celestial level? Or that she practiced a most extraordinary divine martial skill. Her attacking speed and movement were too insane…

Yue Renzhong began to stammer under the oppression of the divine sword that was in Ye Jing’s hand, “Spare me…I don’t want any tribute anymore…if you kill me then you will provoke the ire of the Mystic Realm Clan and you will have no rest…but if you spare me, I can forget what happens today…”

Ye Jing said coldly, “Do you think that I am just a three year old kid? You will probably go back and get more reinforcements so that you can come back to screw me up. So how can I allow that to happen…”

When she had said that, she had cut him down with her divine sword as she said quietly. “Use them as fertilizers for the fields.”

Old Wang, Wu Liang, Chen Xian and Luo Bihua were shocked beyond words. They had not expected that their newly appointed Master Teacher to have such superior martial ability and that the sword that she was always carrying was actually a heaven-step divine sword.

Moreover their new Master Teacher was always gentle and polite to them. When she had suddenly cut down the ten men without any hesitation at all, it just did not fit their image of her!

The truth was Ye Jing was really enraged to the breaking point when her modesty got outraged in public. Still she had wanted to restraint herself but she tripped her cool when they were too hell bent on rampaging the weak Willow Winds Manor.

Old Wang stammered, “This Yue Renzhong is the second young master of the Mystic Realm Clan. Now that he is dead, the Mystic Realm Clan will surely not let us off…if Master Teacher is not leaving then we will have a hope.”

“What? Master Teacher is leaving?!” Wu Liang was stunned as he quickly appeared before Ye Jing.

Even Luo Bihua and Chen Xian had flashed in front of Ye Jing as they kneeled down, “Master Teacher, will you be stay. We really need you…”

Ye Jing was suddenly feeling bad that she had created more troubles even before she had left, “I’m really sorry. I need to leave by today. But I promise you that I will settle this with the Mystic Realm Clan. I can rest assure you that they will not bother you after I am gone…”

Luo Bihua was suddenly crying, “Master Teacher, surely you are not thinking of surrendering to the Mystic Realm Clan? They will surely not let you go….”

When Chen Xian heard that, he was actually banging his head on the floor, “Master Teacher, you really cannot go…they will kill you…”

Even Wu Liang was kneeling down as he begged with tears rolling uncontrollably down his cheeks, “Master Teacher, we begging you not to go. It is too dangerous to go there. At most when they come, we will fight them to the death or won’t allow your honor to be sullied!”

Ye Jing was smiling bitterly as she secretly looked at Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng for help. But the two of them were grinning…

It was because they could guess that if Ye Jing made a trip to the Mystic Realm Clan, it was not to make amends but to demolish them.

At this moment, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady had hurriedly entered the audience hall for they were startled by the cries and they could sense killing intent earlier.

When they saw the scene in the audience hall, they were somewhat startled as they asked at the same time. “What happens?”

Ye Jing quickly sheathed her divine sword and said, “Nothing. Just some stupid troublemakers.”

The Confession Lady Ye Ling was truly startled. It was because she rarely seen Ye Jing so angry before and that this was actually the first time that she had seen her killed someone intentionally. Moreover it was not one but ten persons.

But why all the crying and weeping?

Ye Jing quickly lifted Wu Liang, Chen Xian and Luo Bihua up and said, “I will be alright. I will give them a big gift to settle this blood debt.”

Luo Bihua was still sobbing, “What if they don’t accept?”

Ye Jing gave a faint smile, “Don’t worry. They will surely accept this big gift of mine.”

Luo Bihua had suddenly grabbed Ye Jing and fell into her embrace, “Master Teacher, please take me with you. I want to follow you everywhere you go…”

Ye Jing was really in a tight spot, “The places that I will be going will be too dangerous for you to follow. Do you get me?”

Luo Bihua held her even tighter, “I don’t care. I just want to be with Master Teacher…”

Ever since Dongfang Jun had passed away, Luo Bihua had been particularly close to Ye Jing and Li’Er.

A tear dripped down from Ye Jing as she gently patted Luo Bihua, “Master Teacher Dongfang Jun must be really proud of his disciples. Even I am proud of you…why did he have to leave so soon…”

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