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Chapter 82: The Mystic Realm Clan

A big sized man with a short beard was sitting in his throne and there were four beautiful maidens in flimsy lingerie that were serving all his whims. He was none other than the Mystic Lord Yue Haotian of the Mystic Realm Clan. He was an intermediate golden celestial and he wielded considerable power and influence over tens of celestial clans in the nearby vicinity.

He had many reasons to be proud of his achievements. He was a golden celestial and he had a son who was one as well. There was also his second son Young Master Yue Renzhong who was now a peaked immortal celestial.

If nothing goes wrong in the future then the Mystic Realm Clan would soon have three golden celestials in the future. With three golden celestials, the Mystic Realm Clan would exceed the two golden celestials that the Heavenly Fragrance Villa currently had.

He even had high hopes of the Mystic Realm Clan replacing the Heavenly Fragrance Villa as the patriarch clan in the future and made all the arrogant wenches of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa begging him for his special favors. If the Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue or Celestial Su Shanyue perished in the trials of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth then this possibility would even come sooner than later.

When he had heard that the Heavenly Fragrance Princess and her junior sister Su Shanyue had returned from the Nuer Mountains unscathed plus Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue had already attained as a saintess, he was really shocked and disappointed. This pushed back his plans for several years more.

But he was soon gloating that the troubles did not end. It seemed that the main reason why Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue had returned so soon was that the trials at the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth were prematurely ended by the Devil Isle.

Another bigger storm awaited the Heavenly Fragrance Villa at the Unmoving Mountains, base of the Ancient Ascension Sect in two months. This time the Heavenly Fragrance Villa had specifically requested for the celestial experts in its entire domain to join up with her forces.

Naturally the Mystic Realm Clan would not disobey such a direct order from its overlord. But they would only send a token force.

There was also the Goddess Palace that was wrecking the celestial fraternity lately and had even paid a visit to the Heavenly Fragrance Villa just a month ago.

The more troubles that the Heavenly Fragrance Villa got, the easier it was for the Mystic Realm Clan to fish for advantages.

Now he was raising his toast to his firstborn son, Young Master Yue Renjie who was now a half-step golden celestial. “In a few more months, the fortunes of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa may be drastically changed and this will be our best opportunity.”

Young Master Yue Renjie was smiling too, “We have just concluded a secret alliance with the Divine Dream Monarchy. Should we wish to replace the Heavenly Fragrance Villa then they will secretly send their fighters to support us.”

Like the Lofty Snow Palace, the Divine Dream Monarchy was a middle tier patriarch clan and was more powerful than the Heavenly Fragrance Villa. The domain that it controlled was twice as vast as the Heavenly Fragrance Villa.

All of a sudden a protégé rushed into the hall and greeted hastily, “Mystic Lord, we…got some trouble…it is urgent…”

Mystic Lord Yue Haotian frowned angrily, “Can’t you see that I am in a deep discussion with my son here? What can be so urgent? If it is something trivial then I will send you to the Punishment Halls to receive your due punishments.”

The protégé broke into a cold sweat and panicky said, “The Goddess Palace is here…we try to stop them but they are too strong for us to handle. We need more fighters…”

Mystic Lord Yue Haotian had turned paled as he stammered out, “What?! Why didn’t you tell me sooner…quickly…sound the alarm and dispatch all the masters to stop them…”

“No need for that. It is because we are already here.” A beautiful voice floated from outside the hall and in a few moments later, Ye Jing, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady had entered the hall.

Even though Ye Jing was wearing a veil, it was difficult to conceal her peerless beauty as she walked into the hall. Her air was also imposing and there was a deep mystery around her.

Young Master Yue Renjie had also turned pale, “Where are all the guards?”

Ye Jing replied indifferently, “They are all dead.”

Seeing the intimidating aura of the two sacred saints that were behind Ye Jing, Mystic Lord Yue Haotian began to stammer, “What do you want? I can give you…”

Ye Jing had already slain the protégé that was delivering the report to his clan leader as she said softly, “If you want to blame then blame yourself for being in this clan.” It was a clean stroke and the protégé had died instantly.

Mystic Lord Yue Haotian was trembling as he unsheathed his sword, “Who are you? What do you want?” He was a golden celestial and he had not known fear for a long time. But the terrifying reputation of the Goddess Palace was so widespread that he was fearful now.

Ye Jing coldly replied, “I am the Goddess Envoy Ye Jin and I’ve come to exterminate your clan.”

Mystic Lord Yue Haotian stammered, “Why don’t we sit down to have a little chat first? In fact, I promise you that the rewards will be far greater. In fact, we are willing to be a subordinate of the Goddess Envoy.”

Then he pointed at a protégé, “Go and ask the treasury master to bring out all our best treasures here. Now!”

The frightened protégé immediately obeyed and hastily left the hall in another direction.

Ye Jing pointed at the four frightened maidens that were at the throne room, “Leave here now.”

Mystic Lord Yue Haotian yelled at them, “Leave. Didn’t you hear the Goddess Envoy?”

The four frightened maidens began to exit the hall hastily.

Mystic Lord Yue Haotian smiled weakly as he said, “Goddess Envoy of the Goddess Palace, later when I have brought out my clan treasures, I am sure that you will be satisfied…”

Ye Jing hummed coldly behind her veil as she said indifferently, “Your elders and the other fighters should almost be here by now.”

Indeed a few moments after she had said that, dozens of protégés had entered the hall from the various entrances and were surrounding them.

Mystic Lord Yue Haotian was laughing jovially now, “I have heard that the real Goddess Envoy Ye Jing is a ravishing beauty. Naturally you look like a beauty as well. However, she is a golden celestial and you are not. I don’t know who the three of you are or why you are claiming to be from the Goddess Palace but you are obviously trying to fish for benefits. Unfortunately, I am the king of the fishers.”

Even Young Master Yue Renjie was smiling broadly as he looked lecherous at Ye Jing and the Confession Lady, “You are really courageous to be here. I will definitely give you a warm welcome, in my bed chamber of course.”

With one glance Ye Jing had already taken note of the cultivation levels of the newly arrival fighters. There were many immortal celestials and enlighten celestials among them. It was no wonder that the Mystic Lord Yue Haotian and Young Master Yue Renjie were looking so cocky now.

Even if one was a peaked golden celestial, it was difficult to contest against so many celestial experts. There was no one in the world that had inexhaustible strength.

Ye Jing muttered a quiet prayer to Dongfang Jun, “Although we are not really man and wife but I won’t allow your clan to be bullied like a trash…”

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