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Chapter 83: Ye Jing Innermost Heart

Li’Er and Chu Yunfeng were waiting in the mountains for Ye Jing, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady to be back from the Mystic Realm Clan.

But this time Luo Bihua was also accompanying them. It was because she had pleaded with Ye Jing and Li’Er to take her along and her resolve was absolute.

Even when Ye Jing told her that she was not a good person and that they were being hunted by countless enemies, Luo Bihua still insisted on following her.

Although Ye Jing could simply shake her off but in the end, she had relented. It was because in the past few weeks she had been particularly close to her.

Luo Bihua was now looking very anxious as she muttered, “Will Master Teacher be safe? I hope that the Mystic Realm Clan will be merciful to Master Teacher…”

With a soft sigh Li’Er said to Luo Bihua, “Little Sister Bihua, you don’t need to be so anxious. My protégé mistress will be alright.”

Luo Bihua asked curiously, “Protégé mistress?”

Li’Er nodded, “Actually there is something that I want to tell you. We are waiting to tell you after we have left the Willow Winds Manor. Your Master Teacher is actually my protégé mistress. I’m her direct disciple while Brother Yunfeng here is a protégé of her clan. Well, her ex-clan actually. Mm, even Shen Zhen is not her real name. Do you get what I mean?”

Luo Bihua shook her head lightly, “Big Sister Li’Er, I don’t really care. Master Teacher will always be my Master Teacher. No matter who she is, I will want to follow her. I thank you for telling me all these. Then she is my protégé mistress as well for I am the direct disciple of the Master Teacher too.”

Li’Er was smiling weakly, “We are telling you because we trust you. Have you heard of the Holy Citadel City and the name of Ye Jing?”

Li’Er nodded, “I have heard of the Holy Citadel City. It is one of the nine patriarch clans. As for Ye Jing, I have never heard of this name before.”

Li’Er nodded as she stole a glance at Chu Yunfeng. The Willow Winds Manor was a small celestial clan and it was not easy for them to have access to the news that was beyond its influence. So it was not a surprise that Bihua did not know who Ye Jing was.

Chu Yunfeng laughed as he patted Luo Bihua on her shoulder, “Ye Jing is of course your Master Teacher real name. As for her illustrious background, she used to be the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City.”

Luo Bihua was startled as she immediately stammered, “Holy Consort…isn’t that the clan leader of the…Holy Citadel City?” She really had not expected that her Master Teacher to be one of the clan leader of the nine major patriarch clans of the Nine Celestial Fraternity…

Chu Yunfeng nodded, “But the Holy Citadel City no longer exists. So it is meaningless to mention it anymore. Like your Big Sister Li’Er here, we are her followers. Where she goes, we will go. We are kinda of useless to her. Haha.”

Luo Bihua said in a soft flustering voice, “Brother Yunfeng must be joking with me. You are like a big hero in my heart. That day when you have drawn out your divine sword and beaten off the two scum immortal celestials, I am really very impressed by your bravado and your swordplay.”

Chu Yunfeng began to scratch his head in embarrassment as he laughed, “Hoho, I didn’t know that I am so impressive.”

Luo Bihua lowered her glances to say shyly, “If possible, I wish to follow Brother Yunfeng forever.”

Li’Er was startled when she had heard that as she thought, “Could it be that Little Sister has…”

Chu Yunfeng was smiling awkwardly as he stole a glance at Li’Er who remained indifferent, “Honestly, my sword skills are actually nothing and my attainment is quite low…”

Luo Bihua shook her head and there was sorrow in her eyes, “How could Brother Yunfeng’s attainment be low? Only when a celestial manages to cultivate as an immortal celestial will they stop aging and live a thousand years. To me and many others, this is but a dream. Brother Yunfeng will always be dashing and young…while I…”

She was only an intermediate master practitioner. Although she was only 15 and is still young but unless she could attain as an enlighten celestial, she would eventually grow old. The majority of the celestials could only dream of attaining as an enlighten celestial. Attaining as an enlighten celestial would slow down their aging by thirty times but it was not easy to reach. Half of the enlighten celestials could only reach it when they were middle age or old age.

Now that Luo Bihua had known that Chu Yunfeng and Li’Er were actually from the patriarch clans, how could she not be sad? The cultivation methods of the patriarch clans were naturally superior to that of the second and third tier celestial clans.

Li’Er was an intermediate enlighten celestial and was very young. She was in fact only 18 and had become an enlighten celestial when she was 16. She was picked from the best of the best protégés by the Lady Consort Ye to be a direct disciple of the Holy Consort.

When Li’Er first became the direct disciple of the Holy Consort, she was really delighted, thinking that she may be able to learn more of the superior martial arts and cultivation arts of the Holy Citadel City. It turned up that her new protégé mistress martial level was actually bottom line and in some ways was even lower than her. Therefore there were no pointers that could be gained by her.

But when her protégé mistress fought against the Tyrant Behemoth and the fighters of the Devil Isle, she was truly shocked at her martial feats that she thought that this was something that she was not able to reach in her entire lifetime.

Li’Er gave Luo Bihua a warm hug, “Little Sister, trust me. I will impart to you the best cultivation methods to become an enlighten celestial. Your potential actually isn’t bad. In no time, you will be an enlighten celestial. In fact, my protégé mistress has tasked me to give you all the special guidance that can elevate your cultivation level.”

Luo Bihua asked softly, “Is that true?”

Li’Er smiled as she took out several bamboo slips, “Naturally it is true. However protégé mistress doesn’t want you to address her as protégé mistress. You may continue to address her as Master Teacher. This is all for you.”

Luo Bihua took the bamboo slips delightfully as she regained her usual innocent, “Big Sister, thank you!”

Then she asked curiously, “Master Teacher is really so formidable. I wonder what her age is and cultivation level?”

Li’Er casually said, “22, coming to 23. Saintess level.”

When Luo Bihua heard it, she dropped her bamboo slips on the ground in shock as she gasped softly. It was because she had thought that her Master Teacher was at the immortal celestial level and was probably a few centuries old.

She began to stammer, “But…but she doesn’t have golden eyes…”

Li’Er laughed softly, “It has to do with the cultivation method that she is practicing. When we first saw her gray eyes, we are equally shocked. We thought that she had suffered a loss in her cultivation level.”

Luo Bihua was trembling nonstop and was beaming with excitement. Her Master Teacher was actually a Saintess! She actually got to meet one of the legendary saint figures…

She began to wonder what kind of a monster talent her Master Teacher was. A 22 year old Saintess was inconceivable to her. Moreover, she had a heaven-step divine sword too. This caused her adulation for her Master Teacher to soar to the heavens…

She was so excited was she that she forgot to ask about the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady.

Chu Yunfeng suddenly asked Li’Er, “You know. I have never seen our Holy Consort…erm…I mean…mistress so upset before. She had actually put them down to the sword. What I mean is, sure the Mystic Realm Clan is really insolent but our mistress has put up with even bigger insults in the past.”

Li’Er smiled gently as she whispered, “Although they had only just met, that Dongfang Jun has occupied a part of her heart. She only did it to protect what is left of the Willows Winds Manor and for his legacy. It is not just for her honor but the honor of Dongfang Jun that is at stake. You won’t understand.”

Chu Yunfeng was left pondering while Luo Bihua happily said, “I can tell that Master Teacher Shen really loves Master Teacher Dongfang in her heart. You can see it from her eyes!”

Li’Er smiled gently but did not say anything. Silently she mused, “Your Master Teacher also has her Xiaofang in her heart too.”

It was just then that Ye Jing, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady had suddenly appeared in their view.

Ye Jing was smiling as she walked hastily to Li’Er, Chu Yunfeng and Luo Bihua, “It is done. I’ve finished sending them a big gift and they won’t disturb the Willow Winds Manor for a long time.”

Chu Yunfeng was startled that they would be back so fast so he asked curiously, “So quick? The Mystic Realm Clan is a second tier celestial clan and they have numerous fighters.”

Ye Jing smiled deviously, “Too weak for me.”

Then she said aloud, “We’re going to pay a visit to the Divine Dream Monarchy next.”

Li’Er asked, “This isn’t in our original plan?”

Ye Jing nodded as her alluring eyes flashed rapidly at everyone, “True but I am going to there to settle some things first. This won’t take long.”

It was because just before the demise of Mystic Lord Yue Haotian, he had threatened Ye Jing with the power influence of the Divine Dream Monarchy. So she knew that the Divine Dream Monarchy was working closely with the Mystic Realm Clan to plot against the Heavenly Fragrance Villa. Therefore, she was now planning to kick the Divine Dream Monarchy for Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue’s sake.

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